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Hermione Corfield at the XXX Premiere of the Day

'xXx: The Return of Xander Cage' Film Premiere, London, UK - 10 Jan 2017

I am pretty out of the loop, because I like being out of the loop, despite updating this bullshit everyday, with a focus on tits, I end up coming across random facts I don’t give a fuck about….but for some reason…I didn’t come across the fact that they are making a new XXX movie, because the first one wasn’t shit enough….or that they movie is already premiering….where people like this UK starlet I’ve never heard of – but who I think I like because she’s not a super famous cunt yet…but then again the low level famous people are usually just as cunty….named Hermione Corfield….

I am assuming she’s the “hot chick” in the movie…that Vin Diesel gets fucked up the ass with a strap on by….because I am still a believer that he’s actually a homo….

I just know that Hollywood is out of ideas, maybe because humanity has no fucking attention span or taste, and shitty action movies have always been made, watched, with huge grossing ticket sales…and the novelty of it being a sequel to another movie that made a lot of money…will get it seen…not to mention Vin Diesel loves killing a franchise over and over again…its kinda what his career is based on and the fact is…he’s fucking rich from it…all thanks to morons like you who support this kind of nonsense….while you can just get the same entertainment jerking off to Hermione Corfield’s instagram feed…not because it’s sexy..but because she’s in it…


Nina Dobrev was also there CLICK HERE

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