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Gay Hipster Fight in LA of the Day

This is hysterical.

I could really go off about hipsters, but the truth is that I leave my house every once in a while and no that hipsters don’t exist anymore, they are just mainstream…I’m talking every motherfucker in the world under 25 is a hipster bisexual and it is boring……and sure some hipster girls are alright looking, and I like that they don’t wear bras, but the size of their obvious ironic hipster bush and the smell it gives off throws me off….

This American Apparel generation of idiots is boring, obvious and don’t really keep me too interested, even if they slut out on the regular and don’t mind showing nipple…when they aren’t too busy looking at themselves in the mirror trying to be authentic….

So seeing them turn on themselves is amazing.. Faux Fag in skinny jeans and deep V neck tank tops battling flannel shirt and stupid haircuts is hilarious…too bad they didn’t cut each other up…but the good news is they will probably all die of AIDS in 20 years…


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Ashley Olsen’s Hipster Jog of the Day

I hate hipsters. I thought that shit would have died by now but for some reason it’s just become mainstream even though the idiot hipsters still think they are part of an exclusive group despite being part of the idiot masses. Something I thought was the total opposite of being a hipster so I get confused when I see a huge mass of jaded, cynical, indy people because I used to think “indy” or whatever it is that hipsters stand for besides no washing, pretending to be artists and cooler than fucking cool while dressing like they don’t have a trust fund….and you can partially blame the Olsen Twins and their “Hobo” chic back when they were the fashion icons they were labeled by the media despite lookin’ like Michael Jackson’s love child with a Treasure Troll and here she is taking her cause to another level while jogging and not missin’ a fucking beat from her marriage to leggings and ripped ratty flannel. What a fucking joke.

Pics via Fame

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Kanye’s Lesbian Hipster Girlfriend Dressed Like a Clown of the Day

If you’re wondering why Kanye’s dating some lesbian hipster, it’s because she’s got a haircut he can deal with as long as he fucks her from behind and she answers to the name, Jeff.

Here are some pictures of Amber Rose, Kanye’s Girlfriend, and her Ex-Girlfriend…Doing Some PG Dyking Out

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Mishca Barton is a Hipster Slut in FHM of the Day

Here’s an over glorified American Apparel model, also known as Mischa Barton, hanging onto her career as hard as she can cause her management or PR people dropped her and she needs to survive by taking off her clothes…the way I like it.

What I don’t like is this fucking hipster trash, it’s taking over the mainstream, it is everywhere I fucking look, from Lady Gaga to fucking Sharon Stone. There are so many insecure fuckers, trying to be on top of the latest fashion craze or music craze all while sucking up to each other and reassuring each other that being as annoying and outrageous as possible will help people forget that 2 years ago they were listening to Britney Spears and wearing The Gap and Juicy Couture like they were Paris Hilton, because at the time it was the cool thing to do. Fucking shapeshifting assholes.

It is all so fucking contrived, but I guess all it takes is sucking up or sucking off to be make it in the world, so get fucking cracking cause I made the mistake of telling everyone to fuck themselves and I sleep on a shit stained box spring, not a life I’d recommend for anyone.

Bonus that’s not really a bonus, DJ AM’s social climbing record carrying, unattractive whore of a girlfriend is an American Apparel Model because she’s not hot enough to be a real model and here she is leaving some exclusive party he DJed at and she got into because she’s fucking him, when otherwise she’d be drinking pitchers of beer with kids in skinny jeans and flannel shirts as they count their trust fund change to buy some blow or some shit…

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Miley Cyrus and Her Really Ugly Sister are Hipster Poser Trash of the Day

There are a few problems with these pictures of Miley Cyrus and her sister walking down the street.

Firstly, they have secured something I’ve always been saying and that is that Urban Outfitters is some try hard hipster shit, and anything with the name Urban in it is a lie designed for suburban people willing to spend 100 dollars on a shirt they got at some homeless shelter, not that I shop or that I care, but whenever I walk by the shit and shit these tight jean wearing euro-trash in their high tops I get mad and I really don’t know why but little things piss me off.

Secondly, Miley’s sister in her ironic hipster bullshit attitude is wearing a vintage Mickey Mouse shirt, because Mickey Mouse is paying for their shit, because everyone knows that Billy Ray’s got no more money left from Achy Breaky Heart because he used it to buy his wife and fuel his cocaine addiction.

Lastly, take a look at this girls face, she’s an ugly version of an ugly Miley and it’s scaring the fucking shit out of me. The real question is whether she will ever find love lookin’ like the bottom of a homeless man’s rotten shoe. I didn’t know Miley even had a fucking sister and I guess if I was Miley, I’d keep this bitch locked away in the basement and as far from the spotlight as possible too because she’s embarrassing to admit you’re related to and like most retarded siblings, you’d want to protect them from the negative attention they will bring to you and your inflated career.

Either way, with a face like that, she’s pretty much got no choice but to pull that hipster, indy rock, electro, LA, art fag bullshit because for some reason hipster, indy rock, electro, LA, art fag bullshit guys are bisexual and more into a girl for her fake substance than her hot body, or hot face that you can look into without staring at awkwardly while laughing/crying/throwing up….and seem to think asymmetrical faces are as hype as asymmetrical hair….and that’s enough of this post…

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I am – Chloe Sevigny Hiding Her Ugly Face of the Day


I heard that Kids was actually a documentary and Chloe Sevingy really has AIDS or at least looks like she does. I am convinced that all hipsters have AIDS because they all bang the same people since the scene is small and the talent pool is limited and when all fucked up after partying all night, sex is good, even if your friend slammed the same chick 2 nights before, because without your friend, you would have met her or got her back to your place. He was your in.

The reality is that Kids scared the fuck out of a generation of teenagers in the mid-90s. Every girl and guy were rockin’ condoms because the movie made them think AIDS was everywhere and that kinda sucked when I was in a raw doggin mood, but at least I don’t have AIDS because of it. Kids today don’t have that kind of fear instilled in them and they grew up watching porn and unprotected sex is just the way it’s done. No one they knows has AIDS. They have seen their icons like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian (hahaha) banging on tape without condoms and watch all those Hip Hop videos and shit turning them all into loose in the hipped sluts. So my prediction is that this “sexual revolution” where kids are fucking because they have the parts to fuck, without the knowledge to fuck well or fuck smart, is that everyone will have Aids in 10 years and people like Chloe Sevigny will be seen as leaders in the movement since she’s been had the germ since 95…or at least that’s what I heard because this bitch was an original new generation cocaine hipster in the New York fashion scene in the 90s and was banging people like Harmony Korine and Vincent Gallo because she’s so artistic. She was best friends with models and people in bands and useless Bijou Phillips trash and other rich kids on coke who pretend to know what’s up because they are glorified groupies of people who are actually doing things and because they are constantly looking for the next “cool” thing to spend their trust fund money on.

But the point is to say that I guess she deserves some credit for being a good enough actor that people didn’t realize how ugly she was because ugly people scare me and don’t deserve paparazzi following them..but at least she’s coming to terms with shit and boxing out her face so we don’t have to relive the tragedy that childhood car accident did to her face. I actually don’t know if there was actually a childhood accident, but it would only make sense if there was. On a positive side, at least she’s got some nice long legs, dresses like a clown and sucks unprotected dick badly in mainstream movies, because even with AIDS, condom blowjobs just don’t make sense to me. Cuddles.

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I am – I am – Juliette Lewis is a Rabid Hipster Lesbian Performing of the Day


Here are some pictures of Juliette Lewis playing with her band. She looks like some ravaged lesbian ready to bite off any cock that comes her way. I don’t understand what the fuck she’s doing but I can only assume it’s because of drugs.

I have been running this website for a long time and when I first started the internet was almost the wild west. I didn’t get in on it in the 90s like I should of because then maybe I’d have more than 10 readers, but I did get into it before all the mainstream corporations started buying everyone up.

The reason I got into the internet was because I knew going to Hollywood or NYC to launch some kind of career in Entertainment would never happen as a 35 year old, poor mexican. I would get doors slammed in my face because I don’t look the part, my shit’s too racy, my jokes aren’t obvious or that good. I knew that I could reach an audience of people this way. I didn’t want to be censored, I didn’t want to conform and I didn’t really have the money or way to make it happen and I wasn’t that talented to do it any other way. But I do have something to say and I can say it here without being controlled or told what to do and I am not doing it for the money, I am doing it because I have nothing better to do.

In the past few years, mainstream media realized that people were on the computer all day at work and not at home watching TV, they realized that all the eyeballs they had were disappearing because of the internet and they have been finding ways to take it over. Sites are being bought up everyday and eventually all the biggest sites online will be owned by big companies who also own your cable companies, TV channels, magazines, newspapers. It’s all about controlling information and advertising revenue.

It was bound to happen and people with deep pockets can still do what they want, they still have control over policy and it’s in the government’s best interest to shut down people who are saying shit they don’t want said and that’s when shit like DMCA acts come into effect making digital copies of copyright material illegal to post. That’s why I get hit up with emails from lawyers and Cease and Desist orders all the fucking time now, when I never did before. That’s why Perez Hilton is being sued hard and will probably end up losing the fight because the system is in place to work for the big guys and not people like us.

I am not an activist, but in 2 weeks a law is going into effect that puts an end to online radio.

I don’t listen to music often but I do appreciate the freedom someone in their basement has to start up something, play music and get heard, as a free service to us. Without that freedom of speech, we lose our freedom of listening to what we want to listen to and people will never get what they need to hear and we will all become blind drones who believe what the media is telling us paying monthly fees to access corporate controlled online radio.

We will never question wars because they will present the war to us in a way that makes sense and that makes us think is warranted. They will never let us know that the earth is dying from Global Warming and keep selling us SUVs that eat up more gas because gas is a limited resource and in ten years you’ll be paying 50 times what you are paying today and you’ll still pay it because you’ll believe you need it. We will never question whether AIDS was a virus created in labs in the 70s to shut up a loud group of fags who were protesting and causing massive headaches in all communities about gay rights.

I am not a hippie, I have never had a cause, I have never cared enough to protest but I appreciate that I can do what I do even if I am not making money doing it.

So if you don’t want the Internet to turn into bullshit, censored, controlled Television and if you want to save internet Radio so that you can listen to whatever you want to listen to, do your part and click this link SaveNetRadio. This law basically means that they will have to pay royalty fees that are retroactive and will essentially put all internet radio out of business.

If that doesn’t interest you, maybe Juliette Lewis performing does. Cuddles.

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I am – Lohan Arrested For Drinking and Driving And Possession of Cocaine of the Day


So the day has come that Lohan finally got busted for her underage partying antics. I was really convinced that she was just doing this shit to fuck with the media, but in being an immature, irresponsible and insane young girl with too much time on her hands and too much money in her pocket, the reckless cry for help ended in a drunk car accident that she left the scene of, but forgot to take her cocaine with her only to get arrested at the hospital and now she will be facing jail time, even though I am pretty sure it won’t actually come to that because she is famous. Part of me thinks this was staged because her and Paris are on a constant trying to one-up the other….

See if I had an accident while drunk I’d do a few things…the first would be ditching my drugs in the closest sewer. The second would be to take as many allergy pills or prescribed pills as I could and I’d hide out with lots of water and wait until the alcohol wore off before making my way to the hospital where I know I’d get caught.

See Lohan had the chance to go hide out for a few hours before going to the hospital where she was caught, she had time to get rid of her drugs and she had time to take some prescription pills that would allow for her to have a case against being under the influence. I know 10 people who have refused to blow the breathalizer and blamed allergy meds for the accident and shit held up in court. She didn’t do any of that, so that means she staged all this because it gets her more media coverage than Paris….

It is probably going to have detrimental affects on her budding acting career, it’s safe to say she won’t be one of those actors with longevity. She’s on some self-destructive path that makes me think this is what she wants. Maybe she’s tired of all the attention and this is the only way to get out of the job. I remember when I worked at the factory, I would break as many rules as possible to get fired, because I couldn’t bring myself to quitting because I needed the money and I knew quitting was bad for making money, but getting fired meant it wasn’t my fault.

Lohan has enough money to retire and it’s too bad that she is too fucked up and self-absorbed to bother doing something good for society instead of all this shit. I guess no one really cares about a bitch who donates her time and money to sick kid charities or AIDS Charities, people are way more into scandals…..

Either way, I am glad that she didn’t run anyone over, I am glad she didn’t James Dean herself and I am glad she still hasn’t had an fatal overdose because I still want to see video of her giving a blowjob and taking it up the ass.

These pictures are of her leaving whatever bar she was partying at the night of the incident. By the look of it, she looks fucking wrecked…I’ve been driven by people who were probably more fucked than this girl and I have driven while more fucked than this girl and I never got caught. That doesn’t make it ok, so Don’t Drink and Drive.

I am – Not the News So Follow These Links for the Story….

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TMZ Lohan Busted With Coke

TMZ Lohan Arrested with a DUI

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I am – Lohan Drunk at Some Party With Aoki of the Day


I was sent this pictures from someone claiming they were of Lohan wasted Sunday night at LAX where she was drinking right out of the bottle with her lesbian cock Samantha Ronson . I am not 100 percent if these pictures were taken on Sunday night, because I can’t tell the fucking difference between all these Lohan partying pics it’s like it’s her fulltime job and she pretty much looks the same in all of them, which is not naked enough for me.

I used to go out drinking in bars every day of the week, you get caught up in it because you get drunk and drunk is fun and when you wake up the next day destroyed the only cure is to start drinking again. It comes to a point where you only feel normal when there is booze in your system and that can’t be a healthy thing.

I remember not being able to go to the post office or to a coffee shop without having had a drink because it takes the edge off, it took me at least 2 years of trying to pull of menial chores in public sober and I am not getting preachy here, I am just saying that this shit will catch up with Lohan in the next few years and bitch is going to be fucking damaged. She already looks like she’s in her mid 20s which may be a good thing when you get carded at clubs since she is underage, but when she is in her mid 20s she’s going to look 40…and her liver and vagina will be shot….

I’m just saying, I am not the healthiest fuck but if I could change anything about my life it would be that I took up jogging instead of hard drinking, even though it’d be a lot less fun for you assholes….but I’d be so jacked on endorphines, I wouldn’t give a fuck what you people think….

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