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Irina Shayk “Pre Sunset” Post “Lottery Ticket” Bikini Pic of the Day

Irina Shayk is Russian, so that means she’s disciplined, and knows her objectives and the tasks needed to reach those objectives.

Whether it’s getting out of Russia and making herself famous….getting campaigns and cashing in as a top model cuz she’s hot…

Or knowing to lock in the A-Lister Brad Cooper – by getting knocked up by him – knowing it’ll keep on paying….in perpetuity. She was 31 it was time…

Clever Russian…

She also knows how to pose…her body to hide the damage of the baby weight, or maybe their is no Baby weight…Russians are crazy….with their gold medal wins and nuclear warfare and etc….

I’m still a fan, even though her vagina is broken, despite being a gold winner….

Maybe you’re more into Serena WIlliams Pregnancy announcement…with dot com Billionaire Reddit dude…

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Irina Shayk’s Dressed Like a Man for Vogue Russia of the Day

IRINA SHAYK AND BRAD COOPER WERE ON THE BEACH IN MALIBU ….but the highlight picture is her picking her pregnant ass that I can assume is bothering her fat pregnant soon to be destroyed body….maybe because she’s actually eating food now, she can let loose and fatten up…or maybe it’s hemorrhoids…or a bad wipe…it could be that he just fucks her ass because it reminds him of his gay years…and they don’t want the dick to pound against little baby retirement plan’s head…WHO KNOWS….

What I do know is that I don’t have a pregnancy fetish, I find it vile, disgusting, not human even if it is the basis and foundation of humanity….not all moms are unfuckable after the pregnancy, their pussies get sewn back together so not necessarily as easy to fist as you’d want when fucking a mom…but they are still moms, with kids, burdens Irina’s staff will handle..

She was one of the hottest, plastic surgery ridden Russians…making it in America through sex work…high end sex work…and who knows where she will go from here…other than the bank…

Here she is in some Vogue Russia shoot dressed like a dude for you closet cases…

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Irina Shayk’s Fashion Campaign of the Day


I was talking to someone about Irina Shayk last night…

She wasn’t a Russian hooker, but she could have been, because she was a Russian stripper and the conversation wasn’t really exciting, I try not to talk about models or Russian hookers or Russian celebrities or Russian model hookers who fuck celebrities in my everyday life…it just comes up when I’m getting lap dances sometimes…

Where I say shit like “you’re tits are so good, you’re so hot, if I was a celebrity or rich I’d buy you and make you my Russian wife, but conditional to you letting me fuck other girls without too much crazy spy behavior, because Russians can go either way…always psychotic and cold…but either crazy jealous and will Hispanic style chop your dick off…or they let you do whatever you want so long as you make them babies and by babies I mean give them money for designer clothes – they love that shit”….

Who knows what Irina Shayk is, but she’s fucking fantastic looking, the pregnancy probably a sign of how good she fucks her celebrities, or entrapment, either way…she’s set for life…and all it took was being in a bikini on the internet…and a beard to the most famous dude in the world…who pretends he’s not gay…

Point being, these pics and most pics to come from her will likely be garbage…it’s a mom thing..so get used to it…but she happened, she exists, and we like her…

Here she is vogue…

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Irina Shayk Pregnant Crotch Shot and Tit in S Moda of the Day


At pretty much 50 years old, I wish I could google my mom and find pictures of her on the internet in lingerie while pregnant with me….to jerk off to…

Not because my mom was a Russian hooker who is hot as fuck, she was more of down on her luck, AIDS ridden Mexican hooker in a border town…but she was still my mom…and in being my mom….seeing those big titties she didn’t breast feed me with, but who I remember breast feeding American business men with Lactation fetishes with….today, all these years later…would feel like home..

So not only will Irina Shayk’s kid be richer, better looking, more successful than me….he will also get to fuck everyone and anyone he wants while in the Hollywood house as his parents are on vacation back in Russia…ASSUMING he lives to 16 – and the world doesn’t explode because of RUSSIA…but he will also be able to jerk off to his mom long after she’s dead…thanks to all the whore content this whore has put out in her attempt to get famous and land a rich client she can calL baby dadd and husband like all whores dream of…

This is her pregnancy shoot for you pregnancy before pregnancy looks bad fetishists…

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Irina Shayk in Vogue Brazil of the Day


Irina Shayk is a wonderful creature, at least I think she’s a wonderful creature, and I’ll assume other people think she’s a wonderful creature, mainly people like Brad Cooper, because he has all the options of pussy in the world, but chose to knock her up, not that he had much of a choice, these things usually workout with a “hey I’m pregnant”….and dude freaking out before realizing he’s really rich and it’ll be fine, plus the kid will probably have good genetics, nice strong and Russian so why the fuck not…

But I am sure there are rich guys who obsess over the girls, I always position the girls as these hookers who are trying to please their man – to lock him down – through sex and being well behaved…but the reality is that when you’re a professional like Irina Shayk, you can reverse the roles and be a fucking tyrant that men try to please like a bunch of fucking groupies…

So the only whoring is that they only go for rich guys since they like money…the whole getting knocked up and being set for life is just a bonus…because dudes are usually the bigger emotional freaks when girls tell them they are leaving…because in every break-up I’ve seen, the dudes are the ones in bed crying and the girls are the ones out getting revenge sex with all their friends…because girls, especially Russians have no soul…they just ride off survival instinct..

This is for VOGUE brazil, pre pregnant, where she was plotting how to get the sperm stuck to her uterus…or possibly early pregnancy where you’d still want to fuck her, knowing she can’t get pregnant, like any of you losers wouldn’t want to get this one pregnant, so that you have proof she let her fuck her..

I think she’s wonderful…likely evil…but wonderful…

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Irina Shayk for a Lingerie Brand for Xmas of the Day

It’s interesting to see in a world where Christmas has been outlawed, at least pre-trump, where Politically correct has taken over so hard that it’s almost racist in and of itself…all this cultural appropriation, and safe space and trigger warnings and sensitivities to nonsense that people feel are actually worth fighting about, including Christmas…since not everyone celebrates Christmas…it’s unfair to shove it down America’s throat….we can call it Holidays, but eventually, the people who doesn’t believe in Holidays will want to be included, and we will call it nothing, even though the Jewish people all monetize off this shit, hell all the commercial Christmas songs were written by one…and all the movies made about Christmas are Jewish produced…and all the products we buy each other are Jewish sold…Chinese made….so if anything the Jewish people created Christmas…so let’s keep calling it Chrismas…

I mean this is nothing new, it’s just interesting to see a blatantly obvious Christmas ad, when USA is so safe space about this shit…while the Italians and their lingerie don’t give a fuck…and I guess either do pregnant with rich and famous sperm russians don’t either…

So here’s some cheesy, but familiar, Holiday underwear…something that I think is nice, because I’m a christmas music listening christmas fan…even if all my Christmas’ have been a fail, depressing, rock in stocking type shit, it’s still a good time that warms my drunken damaged soul…

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Irina Shayk For Love Magazines fucking Sucks of the Day

I guess she doesn’t suck, she takes it on her uterus….

I appreciate Irina Shayk, I like her hot Russian whore hustle, who managed to move away from being a straight up whore, to being knocked up with a celebrities baby at 30 – which is the time all these bitches lose their mind and feel the need to lock in that cum to their uterus – ideally with the right rich guy who’s not too annoying – ALL THESE BITCHES ARE THE SAME…

Now I don’t care that she’s knocked up, I’m not one of those “Oh know that 30 year old hot Russian opportunist is damaged goods now”…she’s always been damaged goods, she just looks good being damaged goods…and it’s possible her stomach will be ravaged and never the same – and it’s possible her pussy will get blown out – but it’s likely already happened in her manipulating men through that pussy….cuz that’s how these women do it…especially russians…THEY ARE DARK….

This is a GHOST parody, where Irina plays Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze remains dead, and I don’t know how they got the right to use the song, but assume IRINA sucked off the Righteous Brothers as getting things out of men is her thing…

I do think Love Magazine’s advent calendar was an interesting thing many many years ago when they first did it, there was a cool, artsy, weird, hot models in videos every day until January 1st, you a massive program for the magazine that barely exists…

But they got greedy, fame whorey, and possibly owned by the Kardashians, where the last 5 years has been Kardashians or Jenners or Hadids or any “it girl” of the time doing the same shit all these other it girls are doing…leaving us with really fucking basic, uninspired videos they can all go “Omg did you see that nonsense”…only it won’t happen because ultimately no one cares but the self involved cunts in the videos – and the people who put it together who think this shit matters or is a big deal – when it’s just lazy and a joke…

That’s all I have to say about a hot as fuck pregnant chick raping clay with her hands from an iconic movie where we all jerked off to Whoopi Goldberg at least once…while trying to determine whether she was a man or not..

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Stella Maxwell, Irina Shayk and Joan Smalls Topless Hugging of the Day

Here’s some jean company’s straight from 1990s photoshoot that reminds me of some 90s mom who was an 80s model – doing some weird family shoot – that you’d see around the trashy rich people’s houses you’d break into for masturbation material…panty thieving it was a 90s thing….I still have fond memories us…

They used super star scammer Stella Maxwell, hot but she’s had work done while seducing rich men – Irina Shayk, and token black chick so no one calls her racist – Joan Smalls….

It’s uninspiring…it’s boring…and they probably paid a ton of fucking money for it….because that’s how companies do it – tax write off… whatever – here it is anyway…

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Irina Shayk is God of the Day


I’ve probably already posted these pics of Irina Shayk, I am so on the ball, first to every photoset but I don’t remember because all this shit is the fucking same, and the only reason Irina Shayk stands out amongst the rest is because she’s relatively perfect to look at, I mean it’s safe to say that as a Russian Import who is dating Brad Cooper the Womanizer celebrity, after dating Ronaldo the superstar homo, which means she knows how to navigate this shit.

She’s probably intolerable, a whiner, and needy money grubber, who knows how to balance being annoying to get dudes obsessed with pleasing her…rather than just ignoring her calls…and I assume that happens through sex….because as a Russian…we know she’s a professional. She gets the job done…and she has no soul, scruples or ego…she just is a hard communist worker, who can afford to be lazy, but who knew the way to maximize her hotness…

But damn she’s good to stare at…and make you want a Russian pet of your own…even though signing up with the devil, the cold war heir devil…who will make you fucking work for her…even after you buy her…they are just that good…

I guess what I’m saying is that this cold, dark, evil woman…looks so good that she’s my sunshine….in an industry filled with whores who aren’t as engaging as this whore….masterful…

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Irina Shayk is Everything of the Day


I couldn’t leave Lady Gaga as a top post on the site for any longer than it needed to be there, and what better way to pump her down than to post what I would consider the closest thing to perfection, at least in the way she looks, probably the way she fucks, because of how she’s navigated herself to the A List, and most importantly in the way she manipulates to get to the top…all soulless and Russian….I am a fan…it is perfection…terrible, evil probably, deal with the devil, possibly a spy trying to take down America, but the kind of girl you’d let take down America…because she just looks so good…it almost makes me want to get rich on my own and buy a russian of my own…but that takes to much work..so I’ll just look at her tits.

The guy mounting her is a celebrity photographer who sucks up to celebrities to maintain being deemed a celebrity photographer…and who she sucks up to because being shot by him makes her seem more “important”…even though it’s all bullshit all the time motherfuckers…real fucking bullshit…

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Irina Shayk’s Hot Cameltoe Video of the Day

This is from Irina Shayk’s Instagram 6 days ago, but never too late to stare at Irina Shayk’s ass…and her KGB trained pussy tricks…is still one of the hottest models around as far as I’m concerned, but in my defense, I am into soulless Russian poor girls on a mission to take over the fucking world, or at least rich guys…to give themselves a good life filled with all the things they couldn’t get when they were Communist, I’m talking a vault in the basement filled with VHS tapes, Levis Jeans and Nikes….along with all kinds of cash she’s been paid by these so called lovers and boyfriends…on her quest to win at life…alll thanks to looking really fucking good….

This video may be for Vogue..but it’s more about her cameltoe and ass cheeks to me…it always is…from fashion scam ad for a designer to softcore pussy definition porn real fast….

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Irina Shayk and Guinevere van Seenus and Others for W Magazine Military of the Day


W Magazine put out this photoshoot – that includes a bunch of models, most importantly Irina Shayk and in a distant second place Guinevre van Seenus, because Irina Shayk is everything and based on all my low level research – I’ve concluded this Russian knows how to fuck…but we’ll never find out, she’ll just get married, pregnant and taken care of with a great pre-nup, but one thing these girls don’t fuck with is their retirement plan from the rich man they fuck…

So these tits are considered porn on my site, because they are set in an orgy setting, and their are tits…

But big brands love it on W Magazine because it’s mainstream media, this is edgy, it’s pushing the boundary, it’s relevant, it’s social commentary…based on the military…make love not war…or maybe play dead and the enemy won’t kill you…or who the fuck cares how they spin this…all these idiots are sitting at the right table…and I’m sitting in the kitchen jerking off in their Entrees…

Via W Magazines

Via W Magazines

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Irina Shayk See Through of the Day

Irina Shayk make me feel like I’m Brad Cooper being scammed by Russian tits that know how to scam that rich guy to give them the good life their rationed bread line waiting ancestors dreamt of….all that MTV, Levis Jeans and Michael Jackson….all thanks to that KGB pussy and it’s spy tricks…trick that were for once used to get information from high level military people…but is passed onto their youth to get babies and marriage out of A-Listers…

Here are her nipples…nipples that may be soulless but that like most Russians have probably seen some shit….and she’s perfect…

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Irina Shayk for Glamour Russia of the Day


Irina Shayk, our favorite Russian Spy, who may just be a Russian Model, using Russian Spy tactics to set up a solid retirement for herself, by pretending to love the rich A List men she publicly dates, both in public while holding their hands, probably something difficult for a Russian seeing as they have no souls…and through the sex she gives them – that is clearly good enough for them to not escape her….

I mean, her first A-Lister was Ronaldo…and he doesn’t really count since he’s a homo and she was his beard he helped create in exchange for being his beard…but Brad Coooper could fuck anything and chooses her…so she must be special, or she must be a fucking sorcerer who eats and destroys testicles and men making free choices to fuck her and run….by making them come back for more…until they knock her up..

These pics are boring…but she’s pretty much the hottest bitch out there…so boring or not…they are still good..

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Irina Shayk and Sara Sampaio Naked for Mariano Vivanco’s Portraits of Flower book of the Day


Photographer Mariano Vivanco published a book and he’s shot all these famous hooker models naked – so I guess that’s what the book is about – and we love naked hooker models – they are just more important than other hookers sand models….so here’s the queen Russian spy, straight from the KGB training department on how to lure rich guys with her pussy…before her obvious pregnancy to Brad Cooper retirement plan ass…

Irina Shayk….

And Sara Sampaio…cuz she’s skinny and supports being skinny – something I like in a model…even if her tits in her EVIL EMPIRE shoots are lies…

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