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Jaime King Topless of the Day


You may not know who Jaime King is…but she was a big enough model in the late 90s or early 2000s, I don’t fucking remember, but I do remember she always showed tits…and I do remember her boyfriend at the time died of a heroin overdose and that’s pretty punk rock…

Apparently she posted this picture on her instagram, I don’t pay attention to instagram – so I can’t confirm or deny it – but like the brilliant reporter I am…digging deep into the depth of the story to mediate it…I’ll post it…just in case it matters….

I am too hungover to bother putting more effort than this in it…

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Jaime King’s Got the Worst Bathing Suit of the Day


Jaime King must be hiding her track marks from when she was a heroin addict with her photographer boyfriend who ended up dying from the heroin…back when she was a model…rockin’ that skinny heroin chic of the late 90s…because she is that old…

She’s also hiding her stomach, because she’s likely got a mangled stomach, probably from c-section scars or just from making babies, as babies destroy a motherfucker’s body..including pussy…and sex appeal and it’s just part of the many reasons you shouldn’t breed..along with kids are ungrateful parasites that mooch off you in every way, that don’t care about you or value you, because you’re expected to be nice to them….

Either way, she’s a terrible actress, totally insincere, but she’s made it work for her…even if you can’t name anything she’s been in, you probably remember her tits in fashion shoots back in the days of internet celebrity nudity gallery sites…that got me into this bullshit in the first place..

She looks so old and beat up…because I guess she is…things end…it happens…nothing is forever…but at least it happened…at least that’s probably what she’s thinking as she’s at the Four Seasons…all rich and fancy…and easily forgotten.


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Jaime King’s In a One Piece of the Day

jk (3)

I call this outfit “I have stretch marks from all the baby making I’ve participated in first hand…just be glad I’m not naked and my vagina isn’t spilling out…pretty much everywhere”….

Her name is Jaime King. She was a model in the 90s, I think…she’s gone onto very important things, like being friends with Taylor Swift….and now she’s taking bikini advice from her…because that’s just how influential Taylor Swift is…

I liked her better when her name was James King and she was on heroin.. at 14…because she tried it on her first modeling job in 1994…when heroin was in…something these lame instagram models will never know….

I guess I’m a purist like that….I am old enough to remember her at 18…and I think there’s something raw and real in a person when living the New York model / party life in that era…something that died when they go Hollywood…

But for a 40 year old…she’s doing ok…as long as she covers the fuck up…

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Jaime King Pregnant Erotica of the Day

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”146074″]

Here’s a “Fashion Film”…that I think is absolute garbage, because I’m a hater, and seeing rich people rent a shitty hotel room, to make a really shit quality video, that looks like it was soaked in piss, because I guess they think that is more fashionable, high concept, hip, raw and real and “Hollyweird”…when really it’s just tansparent two dimensional garbage…

I know you’re fakes….and the only reason I am posting it is because I like Patsy Cline, even when misused in this smut, I think there’s some Serge Gainsbourg too, is this Hipster Amateur Hour?

I am posting it because James King, ex-heroin addict and I guess friend to the hacks who made this bootleg video that isn’t even as good as something I saw in film school in the 90s…is in her lingerie while pregnant…and I like that..

The other idiots involved are: Abbey Lee Kershaw, James Concannon, Jaime King, Ivan Lofstrom, & Juliana Sorelli

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 7.55.44 PM

It’s for clothing line Hollyood Savage Society

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Jaime King’s Pregnancy Pic of the Day


Jaime King is pregnant again, so she posted a picture of her topless and pregnant in underwear with a sunken in mom ass that may not be exciting to me, but I would still bury my face in it, because there’s something exciting about roll playing as the Abortion doctor, especially with a pregnant girl, because it makes it more authentic….

It may also be exciting to you, as there is a reason Ready to Drop porn exists, and there is a reason why Jaime King exists….has fans…even if I have no real idea who she is…but fell like I remember from 10 or 15 years ago, which would make sense because she’s 35, and I only remember girls when they are 20….

I guess, what it comes down to is that she’s not HIV positive from her heroin use at 19, that killed her photographer boyfriend Davide Sorrenti, at the time, before dating Kid Rock…in 2001…only to end up with some Director named Kyle Newman who made an honest enough woman out of her…because if she was HIV positive, she probably wouldn’t be making babies, even though it is not a death sentence and technology allows for no mother to baby transmission…

Not that that has anything to do with a babe, actress and model, ex heroin addict turned mom…posing like this…or maybe it has everything to do with it…either way here are the pics…

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Love Magazine Advent Continues after Christmas of the Day

Love Magazine is onto something.

They realize that if they do an non-religious advent calendar, something that up until fashion got its hands on it was mainly used to anticipate Christmas…

They can inject little video pieces of content to the internet using a variety of “it’ girls…or sisters of “it” girls..and the internet will respond favourably, because the internet likes half naked girls dancing around for any reason, not just Christmas…

I guess this is more of a New Years Advent calendar….because none of it had to do with Christmas, and it felt more like a peep show I used to jerk off in pre interenet porn….

And they are carrying out videos until New Years…and I am all about whatever it is that they are doing…all magazines should do this…and I am sure will after the success of this.

Bella Hadid for Decemeber 27

Jaime King for December 28

Lindsay Ellingson for December 29


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Jaime King Ass for Instagram of the Day

I am a little slow to the gate on this one…it happened 5 days ago and according to internet protocol…5 days is the equivalent of 10 years ago…but still not in the realm of “it didn’t happen at all because you can still google it to cross reference it with her latest social media work”…that’s why we are all ADD idiots who focus on useless things like other people’s lives, and making our shitty lives seem more interesting…something I only really like when it involves girls being slutty, or exhibitionists, because anything else is just nonsense I can’t jerk off to…

So Jaime King….star of My Bloody Valentine 3D….who is 35 posted this ass picture, and it’s not that bad…because it is an ass picture…and it doesn’t look 35…because she’s all hollywood, even though she’s barely hollywood, but I remember the name, so there must have been at least 5-10 minutes for her, where she was deep throating producers, as girls in hollywood do, provided the producer has a big enough penis to constitute “deep throating”…when most are probably tiny penises overcompensating with shitty movies and lots of money…not that it matters…what matters is that all girls need to flash their asses…Jaime King is just taking the lead on a movement I endorse…

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Jaime King Breast Feeding Porn of the DAy

They say that breast feeding isn’t erotic…

Breastfeeders are so into breastfeeding that they they make Facebook pages, and protest being allowed to breast feed in public, by going out in public and breast feeding – I guess they feel it is natural, even though there is nothing natural about pregnancy, a motherfucking baby is growing up inside you, how the fuck is that normal….

But I say it is erotic…because every time I see it, I stare inappropriately, sometimes I ask them if I can have a taste, sometimes I get in close and say “mmmmm that’s tasty isn’t little baby”, sometimes I ask them if it feels good, and every single time I get called a creep or a pervert..

Now my argument is, if it wasn’t erotic to pull your tit out, why do I get so into it, and why are you so against my fucking support…

Either way, this Jamie King girl posted this pic of her breast feeding a black baby, and people are excited by it, even though it’s a natural thing, you fucking perverts…

I don’t know who Jamie King is…but she seems ok…inappropriate, but ok…

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Jaime King’s Gross Bikin Baby Bump of the Day

I don’t know who Jamie King is, but I guess I could use google to find out…oh right, she’s some babe model from a long time ago who is now in her 30s and posting pregnant pics of herself in a bikini with hard nipples because like all pregnant chicks thinks the transition her body is going through is some glorious fucking thing the world needs to see when really it should be something done in some bunker somewhere, that no one ever sees happens, making us assume the kid you’re carrying around is adopted, cuz it’s better for your comeback, or more importantly for our impression of your vagina.

This is a fail on so many levels, unless of course you’re one of those lonely freaks into ready to drop porn, knowing a bitch will never let you get her pregnant…and that this is as close as you’ll get to the magic that is child birth pussy ruining.

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Jaime King in a Bikini of the Day

Here is highschool drop out turned heroin addict model with a dead boyfriend turned actor that I hardly remember wanting to fuck a long time ago, but I can’t figure out why, but assume it had to do with being down to fuck anything with a pussy, especially when it is younger and in magazines, photoshopped and hot bodied…..

She’s in a bikini, even though there should be a cut off date, just based on principle, where a bitch shouldn’t be allowed in a bikini, even if she’s not fat and people can still jerk off to her in a bikini, cuz we need to lead by fucking example, as more 35 year olds don’t look like this, so we don’t want them getting any ideas that make them think that they do….or that they can pull it off too…cuz more 35 year olds are moms with mom bodies not ex heroin addict bodies….

But then again, who really cares about what I think….

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Jaime King in a One-Piece of the Day

Here is highschool drop out turned heroin addict model with a dead boyfriend turned actor that I hardly remember wanting to fuck a long time ago, but I can’t figure out why, but assume it had to do with being down to fuck anything with a pussy, especially when it is younger and in magazines, photoshopped and hot bodied…

I guess that as my testosterone levels dropped, so did my eagerness…cuz I can hardly remember this shit, I just know she’s in a one-peice and although forgiving for a 34 year old, still fuckin’ sucks. Don’t get me wrong….it’s a nice throwback to the public pool back in the 80s, before bikinis were really accepted for young girls….actually it’s not…there’s no excuse for this – no matter how sophisticated a bitch thinks this makes her look….when she’s gotta remember where she came from and realizes she’s nothing but ex-heroin addict trash (thanks wikipedia).

All I know is that the ex-heroin addict mom’s a know are doin’ a lot more crackwhorin’ …this bitch needs to get out of this designer bathing suit and into some soiled with piss, blood, feces and AIDS panties…well after some thought…I have come to the conclusion that even if you shared needles and can’t donate blood…it’s better to play up the glam instead of accepting the gutter…

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Alyson Hannigan Grabbin Tit in Video of the Day

Here is some bullshit Funny or Die video, even though I hate Funny or Die, but it’s a lot easier to post than pictures cuz I am lazy.

The video is about a group of almost celebs talking about breast cancer and giving themselves self checks, and the whole thing is fucking boring, even when Alyson Hannigan feels up one of the bitches. You could just press play to find all this boring out for yourself, instead of making me do this recap cuz I am lazy….

The joke is weak as fuck, but I like celebrating tits and saving girls everywhere from having to chop them off, because I am a fucking hero when it comes to tits, so I figure I’ll post it for you to masturbate to.

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