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Jayde Nicole Upskirt of the Day

Jayde Nicole is the poor man’s SARA JEAN UNDERWOOD …..she’s some broken home Canadian with a single mother who probably had many boyfriends and the insight to tell her untalented daughter to get some fake tits and get in Playboy when she’s still young enough to have a shot….which is what she did….moving to LA only to be known for being in Playboy and maybe the last season of The Hills that was the last season of The Hills for a reason we call “no one watched the shit”…..leaving her on the mean streets trying to find her place as someone we’ve all seen naked and no longer care about…so she did the logical thing and flashed her panties….boring….possibly a step in the wrong direction since we’ve all seen her cunt…or can google to see her cunt ….but she’s doing the best her retard self can….

On a side note, I have seen her in person and she’s not hot. True fucking story….


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Jayde Nicole and Some Other Trash at Some Event I Wasn’t Invited to of the Day

Not sure what this event is….but it sure attracts the classy bitches..like Jayde Nicole, some white trash trailer park slut raised in a single parent home with a mother who I assume worked in a diner or a strip club, and who encouraged her baby to spend her credit card money on some fake tits to take to Playboy cuz it is her only hope of not being a washed up whore, you know since college isn’t an option for her kind…at least that’s how I think it played out…

I’ve seen her in person at least once, you know Canada connection and all, we are likely related, and she’s not hot in person…making me wonder why I wasted 45 seconds of my day writing this….Somethings will remain unknown…never quite making sense..here are the pics

Some Bitch named Izabella St James with Fake Looking Tits…because they are probably fake tits…cuz bitch is some playboy trash that “dated” Heffner in what I call shitty geriatric porn marketing that does nothing for a brand but disgust the public….

Some Bitch named Heather Tom, who is from some Soap Opera fame no one cares about cuz it is real low level….since Soap Operas are the porn of daytime TV, and I thought was in a See Through Shirt, But Was Really Just Rocking a Crusty Titty Pimple….

Good Times…

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Jayde Nicole in a Bikini on the Beach of the Day

There is really nothing interesting about Jayde Nicole. I’ve been next to her in person once, cuz she is from Canada, and she’s the kind of girl you probably wouldn’t look twice at. Seriously. All her half naked, staged paparazzi and Playboy pics, may make you think otherwise, but there’s really nothing to her…

The only redeeming personality trait she’s got, and I assume we can than her whore mother who worked at a diner for this, is that at 18 she got implants and decided she’d get naked in Playboy, while other girls were applying for college, giving her a first mover competitive advantage, cuz it usually takes 4 years of college to realize that shit “I wish I did Playboy when I was younger” cuz Playboy loves 18 year olds fresh out of High School. It’s a fetish and it worked for her.

So here she is on the beach in some staged bikini pics, showing off her trashy “Respect” tattoo she got when she realized she didn’t respect her pussy and either did her pimping whore mother, so she got that to overcompensate to make us think she’s anything but I whore.

Either way, bikini pics are fun.

TO See the rest of the pics

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Jayde Nicole’s See Through Dress of the Day

I hate Jayde Nicole. I have seen her in person…she’s this little troll of a pussy and is as uninteresting as you’d expect…if you weren’t blinded by the fact that she is a bitch from Playboy, a stamp of approval your closet case ass needs to determine if pussy is hot….and the truth is that I am surprised she’s even wearing a dress or panties in this picture, since Playboy was her peak and now that her brush with fame is over, thanks to the cancellation of The Hills, a show she managed to fuck her way onto because Hef knows a lot of people…where she pretended to date Brody Jenner, who I am sure was never really dating her…because he was all kinds of girls…but we all knew that shit was all staged…and I should stop bringing it up and let it die the death it deserves….

I just want to point out the one good thing about Jayde Nicole and her white trash upbringing….and that’s that girl knew at a young age, which is the right age, to get naked to get as far ahead as she can, and without that whore logic, she’d probably be stripping or waiting tables, something I am sure she will end up doing eventually, unless she gets an old rich husband, but at least she’ll have these memories…

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Jayde Nicole Out in her Panties of the Day

Jayde Nicole is some white trash bitch from Canada who never had a dad, but did have a whore mother who taught her the importance of fake tits at a young age to get you into Playboy, as that will lead to a lot more opportunity than fake tits at an older age that just makes you decent money at the local stripclub, doing the same thing only with a much less upside….She took her youth and trash upbrigning, got naked, got in Playboy then fucked her way onto The Hills hoping it would get her in the mainstream…but that gravy train ended and now she’s back to her old half naked strategy, out in public in her underwear and despite hating her, I’m hoping her trendsetting hits my local streets, cuz girls in underwear in public, whether they are bullshit humans or not, is always amazing, even if it is an obvious cry to stay relevant.

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Jayde Nicole Still Trying to Get Noticed of the Day

I don’t know what the deal with this trash from Canada is. I know she followed her single-mother’s white trash lead to take her titties to Playboy cuz it pays more and leads to more opportunity than stripping, but as long as she does it when she’s freshly turned 18 so that her youth works for her guaranteeing a spot as most whores only get the confidence to get naked for the world after their other plans in money making have fallen apart and they realize that “it’s now or never”….but instead of staying true to being a bitch who gets naked for money, she started dating some idiot, ended up on a shitty reality shot, and now thinks she’s a fucking TV star, when really she isn’t shit…other than a whore meant to get naked who got diverted…

So when I see the useless cunt showing off a little tit, I like to get the message out that she needs to step up her game and flash some cunt, cuz otherwise no one will notice you in a few months…and this post has been my good deed of the day…helping some trash out when no one else bother noticing her or her cleavage cuz it’s irrelevant anymore…

Pics via Fame

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Jayde Nicole Craving Attention of the Day

I don’t keep track of Jayde Nicole, but last I heard she was dumped by her meal ticket and access to “The Hills”, so I can only assume she’ gone back to her roots, and to what actually got her in Hollywood, and that’s Playboy. So you can be expecting more boring staged naked pics of this cunt, because it is all she knows, and when she’s not riding one of her boyfriend’s for a free ride, she’s showing the world her vagina, hoping to land another rich guy to sweep her off her feet. It’s like going to a cattle auction, just the young, used up, money grubbing, self absorbed pussy version.

Here she is craving attention…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Jayde Nicole Is Ugly of the Day

I know you idiots think this bitch is hot because she was in Playboy and won some Cybergirl of the year bullshit, leading her to living in LA and befriending Brody Jenner and ending up on The Hills, but I am telling you, she really isn’t hot. She’s just a slut who had a slut mother who encouraged her to follow her slut dreams and get fake tits to take some slut pictures to send to Playboy who would use her to as one of their slut girls cuz she was only 18 and most 18 year olds haven’t embraced their inner-slut or realized that their life depends on their slut ability cuz the bigger the slut they are the more prosperous their life will be.

Here she is irrelevant at some event and I just had to post this to remind you all that this girl belongs in an Ontario stripclub, dancing for men who rolled in on snowmobiles and not getting pics taken by paparazzi…..She is an example of what is seriously wrong in our world, we don’t treat our sluts like sluts anymore, we instead make them think they are important and that is a huge fucking mistake….but not as huge of a mistake as when Jayde Nicole’s mom didn’t get the abortion cuz she thought this guy was different, that he really loved her and that he’d really stick around….I guess life is all about life lessons….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Jayde Nicole is Trash That’s Made It of the Day

Jayde Nicole is the postergirl for the high school slut from a poor single home who doesn’t really want to become a stripper because she thinks it is beneath her but doesn’t mind getting naked because vagina has been her number one tool to get things she wants whether from teachers, rich older men in the small town they are from, bosses at the Walmart they work at, or drug dealing boyfriends who buy them all the fancy Ed Hardy they want, before realizing that Hollywood is where the real money is, so sticking in her shitty small town in Canada is a stupid strategy to get in a place where she can buy all the tacky shit she always wanted, at all the stores all the tacky Hollywood bitches she envied used to shop, so she takes some nude pics, sends them to Playboy and next thing you know, bitch is on MTV and shopping at Kitson instead of the shitty sex store in her hometown and the whole thing is like a fucking fairytale…a really boring fairytale that I wish ended in gangrape.

Here she is wearing a onsie like she was still that 8 year old in Canada too poor to get new pajamas that fit her…too poor to have a bed, forced to squeeze into a crib and play with old dirty rocks she found in the cemetary she lived next doo to..only a lot cheesier….

Pics via PacificCoastNews
Pics via LFI

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