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Jeisa Chiminazzo Hot for La Perla Lingerie of the Day

Jeisa Chiminazzo is some major model who started prostituting herself for fashion when she was 13….because something all these Flordia Sex Offenders haven’t learned is that if you tell a girl you’re recruiting her as a model…instead of just taking pics of her won’t get arrested…in some double standard shit…when both are equally creepy as fuck…

Either way, she’s not 13 anymore….she’s from Brazil, she’s 27, she’s been in SI, she’s walked for Victoria’s Secret…and now she’s the tits and ass for La Perla….a lingerie company that’s a little sexier than it’s evil corporate counterpart…or at least sexier in their catalog shots…and she’s perfect…

I would totally sing her love songs outside her bedroom window to make her know I care…if I knew where her bedroom window was…but more importantly…if I wasn’t lazy as fuck….no girl is good enough to get me off this here couch….Here are the pics…

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