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Jennifer Lawrence in Shorts of the Day

Everyone was so upset when Jennifer Lawrence had her phone hacked, something we will never know if it was actually staged as part of a massive PR stunt to get everyone to know who Jennifer Lawrence is, because she’s not marketed heavy enough…or to even rebrand her as a girl who takes tit pics, like every fucking girl in the world….all because she’s America’s sweetheart…quirky and cute and funny and winning awards because she’s managed to make herself out to be seen as some kind of talent….when everyone knows acting is 90 percent your marketing and 10 percent your willingness to be an asshole in front of a group of people for a lot of money without thinking you are an asshole…because they’ve pawned you right…

But the reality is, her tit pics were the best she has ever looked. Her tits were awesome and for once, I could see her as something I wanted to fuck, I could understand the hype around her a little bit and I thought she was more fun than I thought she was…because girls everywhere like to fuck, they like guys jerking off to them, and Jennifer Lawrence is not immune to that…she’s right up in there….

I don’t believe she should feel violated. I do believe she should never wear a shirt again…even if the paparazzi pics of her make her look like the dump I thought she was before seeing her tits.

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Jennifer Lawrence “Alleged” Leaked Nudes on Reddit of the Day

Leave it up to Jennifer Lawrence to be annoying and release nudes – when I’m wasted in the gutter on a long weekedn – even though everyday is the weekend.

She’s got good enough tits and the fact she is a narcissist taking nudes of herself makes me dislike her a lot less that I already do… but she’s still the fucking worst, overhyped, garbage Holywood has to offer…with 2 too many oscars…

All this to say, Jennifer Lawrence shouldn’t be mad about these pics, she looks substantially better naked than I’d ever though, in fact she should only be naked from this day on, since clothes ruin her, and naked makes her tolerable…


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Jennifer Lawrence Side Tit of the Day

It is safe to say that this is the best picture that has ever starred Jennifer Lawrence. She really showcases pretty much all her dumpy body has going for her…

I mean at least according to me, according to the industry, her agent, her fans and family and even directors she’s worked with, they’d say she has a lot going for her, with yearly oscar wins and a quirky public image…

But what they seem to forget is that it’s all about the tits…


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Jennifer Lawrence for Marie Claire of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence posed in Marie Claire magazine, showing off some Jennifer Lawrence titty and the riveting question she answered that everyone is so pumped about is that she claims she didn’t fake a fall, and more importantly, she knew she was going to become overexposed and people were going to start hating her, but she just wanted to power through and provide good work, the best work, the Oscar winning work…she brings every time…

The fact is that with any actor, you know everything they are saying is a fucking lie. That’s their job. You know that this bitch is a bitch, has a horrible attitude and is about as down to earth as any spoiled brat. If anything she just knows winning an Oscar is a fucking scam, that she’ll do again….because that’s what she does..

What really matters is that she’s showing some cleavage, really basic cleavage, but still cleavage that is better than no cleavage, and better than me talking about the inner workings of Jennifer Lawrence, because what it comes down to is that her job, money, average looks, are all improved with cleavage…

She’s annoying, but so is everyone….Jennifer Lawrence. I am on your side.

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Jennifer Lawrence Nipples in American Hustle of the Day

I guess this is why she was nominated for an Oscar…you know real transformative role because she had hard nipples in a wife beater, which I guess is pretty fucking major, at least to the world who sees Jennifer Lawrence as some awkward, clumsy, not very hot girl who must be a bad fuck, but who’s mother is probably a good fuck, because that’s got to be how a young J.Law got into Hollywood to begin with.

I am sure by now you’ve seen the movie and the nipples so who cares…but still..nipples!

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Jennifer Lawrence Photobombs Taylor Swift of the Day

Everyone thinks that Jennifer Lawrence is so cute and refreshing.

You know just a young talent doing her thing and not being shy or reserved about it.

Giving a taste of real and wholesome, like that awkward girl in your high school you don’t make fun of and and you don’t even fuck…because she’s just too off and not in a good way, but in a handicapped way…

You know the kind of girl who may make you laugh, but totally makes you feel more sorry for her more than anything…not that that would stop you from fucking her, I am just trying to paint a picture here and that picture is that Jennifer Lawrence is an actor…which makes her a liar, and I think whatever she’s doing here, is just another act that seems to be working…the whole comes off quirky with good intentions, just having fun living her mom’s dream…doing blockbusters for money, art films for awards, she’s been groomed for this shit…

But I think she makes a mockery of the whole industry with every fucking win. It’s like even a retard can pull this out of her ass….or maybe she’s not a retard, but a genius playing on the fact that we are all retards…So seeing her photobomb Taylor Swift, just annoys me….but I see why everyone is passing it around…nothing better to do I guess.

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Jennifer Lawrence does W Magazine of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence generally doesn’t interest me…I don’t find her hot, I don’t like her body, I don’t care that she’s an Oscar winner, because I feel the Oscars, if not staged or owned by the major studios are definitely not really legit, unbiased, or manipulated by how charismatic or friendly the actress is outside of her movie roles.

You know being the cute, funny, not really worrying about looking weird and awkward girl Jennifer Lawrence seems to be….

But these pics for W magazine…are kinda hot…in a Roman Polanski – my wife just got killed, I am polish, you are 14, drink this wine and take these pills and get in the tub kinda way….

She looks good, not that I am impressed in any way, I don’t get impressed, I just don’t mind looking at these…probably cuz they look like they were shot on film and not an instagram filter…

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Jennifer Lawrence vs Butt Plugs of the Day

I know that people are probably posting this Jennifer Lawrence story and giggling amongst themselves in their offices because people have very little going on and butt plugs is such a funny word…and such a naughty toy to prude bitches who don’t like anal play because they’ve never had anal because like the guys and Duck Dynasty, why stick it in the shitter when there is a dripping pussy next store, because I guess we’ve lost our Christianity and use contraceptives and anal isn’t the only full proof option for no babies

I know I would much rather watch Jennifer Lawrence with her butt plugs, that I am sure she didn’t use, because otherwise she wouldn’t be telling this story on Conan, even if she was an anal fiend, unless this is just her way of making fun of the fact that she got busted with anal plugs you know diffusing the story because no one likes admitting they use anal plugs, they but that shit anonymous online…because with every gag gift you give someone in the form of a sex toy…it will always get used at least just once because it is there…

So my assumption is, Jennifer Lawrence is into ass play, has used butt plugs, is joking about it, because let’s face it it’s not a big deal, and now her maid and anyone who finds her dead after a drug overdose knows it was just jokes.

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Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Shitting Herself of the Day

I don’t know how I feel about Jennifer Lawrence…I don’t find her hot, interesting, or fun and exciting, she seems like a lot of fucking work, the kind of girl I would want to avoid if she was doing her irritating song and dance in my house…provided I wasn’t too busy buying shit off ebay with her credit card…ignoring the circus act that is her…

You see, I really hate girls like this…they don’t bring me joy, or happiness, and I don’t find them fun. I find them loud, awkward attention seekers…but for some reason…I can’t hate on her for just being her…not many girls talk about shitting themselves on letterman, I just always thought that was cuz girls didn’t shit…

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