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Jennifer Lawrence Getting Paid Like the Hooker She is of the Day

Very important Jennifer Lawrence was probably paid millions and millions of dollars by Dior to star in their commercial….

A commercial that has been on their YOUTUBE for about a week and that has 13,000 views…

People who vlog about buying a T-Shirt at Walmart, a black size medium T-Shirt….shot on their iPhone 4….have more views that this shit..and it’s Tagged Jennifer Lawrence..an overrated actress, who isn’t that hot, has great tits, but who is a tool in the Hollywood equation to keep budgets high…She’s awkward and annoying and for some reason cosmetic companies have huge budgets to throw at some Hollywood shit, because they are all fame whores….and feel it’s status….but I doubt anyone would buy cosmetics because Jennifer Lawrence said so….but whatever…it happened and I’m just using this post as an excuse to post this pic of her or her body double naked and mid-fuck in a movie called Passnger….

Here are those very important Cosmetic pics…

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Jennifer Lawrence In a One Piece Bathing Suit of the Day


Here’s some Jennifer Lawrence looking like Amy Schumer, all doughy and big-chinned, wearing a one piece bathing suit that has many portholes for her layer of fat to seep out of, because she’s an actress, an overrated, overpaid, boring, average at best looking, actress that the industry has decided is a golden child – worth the investment – for whatever reason – that I call “KEEPING BUDGETS HIGH SO EVERYONE MAKES MORE MONEY”….

I am sure there are weird celebrity obsessed fan boys that will jerk off to this…but if you take the “jennifer lawrence” quotient out of the equation – it’s pretty fucking clear that there’s very little amazing or jerk-off-able here…

I mean sure, if you’re a 45 year old film director, in the industry, dating her, knocking her up, is like an Oscar trophy…I’m talking to you Aronofsky..

But if you’re a normal dude, just looking on, who she wouldn’t give you the time of day if she saw you cuz celebrity women are by default total cunts…you should just stare at this and write a letter to congress, or the boycott all her movies…because she’s won enough, let’s give hotter chicks a chance.

RUMOR is this is one of her new nudes…it was posted 11 days ago…it could be her – but I say it’s too hot to be her…because it is.


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Jennifer Lawrence Doing Media with her Tits of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence is alright…really fucking average looking…really annoyingly awkward and weird…but she makes serious fucking money, is up there as the most hireable actress, cashing the fuck in – with one blockbuster a year and one more serious role to really show the world she’s legit….while being on vacation the rest of her time….masturbating on her pile of money for her iPhone because she likes being on camera and so does her old director creeper boyfriend….that she either leaks or that get hacked…but hasn’t in a while…even though the world needs to see her tits…tits that redefined her from the puppet who hollywood created to keep film budgets high – so everyone can get paid on it….you know handing her out awards and making her a celebrity…while being pretty boring and weird….to tits that were great to look at…and that justify her making 75 million dollars a year…to pretend on screen…so stupid.. it really is just so fucking stupid…but not stupid enough for me to figure that scam out…

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Jennifer Lawrence in Vanity Fair Holiday of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence is so fucking overrated…she’s overpaid, she’s over inflated, she’s over used, she’s overhyped, she’s garbage…I actually can’t stand her….

But she looked good in her nudes. Like really good. It almost validated her as the Hollywood created high paid star who keeps getting nominated for Oscars because it is part of the scam to keep budgets as high as possible so everyone get seriously fucking paid….

She’s dating Darren Aronofsky, because he was the director on a movie she’s in, and I guess she likes to fuck the boss, or maybe she’s the actual boss on the movie and he’s just the creeper who tries to fuck everyone but may stick with this one because she’s not some extra or groupie trying to get hollywood – she is hollywood and hollywood is a status thing and she’s a big deal…but most importantly she’s got great tits…

Here’s the video…of her answering a bunch of questions – where she doesn’t look hot….

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Jennifer Lawrence Gets Paid by Dior of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence is a bullshit celebrity – who is on the highest paid celebrity list – even though I find her dull – uneventful – barely hot – despite her great tits that were stolen and posted everywhere that finally gave her a little edge in her otherwise vapid, useless, used as a tool to get bigger budget life….you know a sell out before she was even 18…cashing in hard…winning all the awards…designed to bring in attention, talent, fill seats…because HOLLYWOOD knows how dumb people are…and they’ll buy into anything..

Well the Fashion industry follows their lead – and probably paid her 10 million dollars for these garbage pics…

We allow this world to fucking happen – we are all a bunch of idiots…some of us, like Jennifer Lawrence just happen to win at it…I think it’s cuz of her tits…it’s always the tits.

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Jennifer Lawrence on Fat Amy’s Diet of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence is overrated and creepy as fuck…

She’s overpaid yet she complains about it and blames feminism because actors in the game longer than her get paid more….

Not only is she unappreciative of the work she does get, she doesn’t realize that she’s a fucking scam, that she’s just the puppet the execs decided to use to play the “natural talented, brilliant actress” that they can condition, put in good roles and use as a leading lady…there’s a conspiracy behind her success, I don’t know what they hell it is, or why things went right for her, but I know there’s something behind the scenes going on…

While there’s somethings going on in front of the scenes also, and that is that she’s getting fat, those great tits from her sexting look like they are droopy and sad fat chick tits, she looks short and stocky and thick, even dumpy…I’ll blame her friend, and leech trying to use her, Fat Amy Schumer and her diet advice or her proof that body positive movement means you can be fat and still get by….why else would she be this big…as a puppet she’s taking direction from the wrong person….or maybe she’s rebelling…as these people who don’t have an grasp of reality always do when they get too rich an famous and all the roles they want in an industry where most people starve a little, it’s been an all you can eat buffet for this one..and I think it’s showing in her wedding guest dress…garbage…


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Jennifer Lawrence See Through Tits of the DAy

Jennifer Lawrence is the biggest star out there, she books some of the biggest jobs besides Margot Robbie, who I guess is the new Jennifer Lawrence..

She’s annoying, clumsy, awkward and the fact that she’s so celebrated seems like some kind of scam…I just find her totally fucking average…and didn’t even find her attractive until her nude pics were leaked…nude pics a dude went to jail for…nude pics that weren’t worth going to jail for…but nude pics I was down with looking at because they gave J.Law some flavor…a flavor I quickly forgot the next time I saw her in public whining about women’s right from a totally ridiculous uneducated place….and I guess she realizes her worth…or thinks she’s worth more than her worth….but I just think she’s no different than any hooker, she’s just positioned herself better..

I guess she’s trying to relive the glory days of showing the world her tits, because they are great tits, it’s her feminist way of saying “look at me, I’m edgier than my public image, I have flavor, and tits, I am woman, here are tits”…or some nonsense…

She knew the shirt showcased her nipples, she wanted you to see her nipples, because her nipples are probably the most honest feedback she’s ever got…and that feedback was positive because of great tits…not bullshit because she’s a star who shouldn’t trust anyone around her – they are on payroll and out for themselves trying to take advantage of her..

I guess what I am saying is that tits…are the only thing that is honest….and the rest of Jennifer Lawrence, mainly her celebrity remain a question mark.


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Jennifer Lawrence Tits for X-Men of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence looks like she’s been hanging out with Amy Schumer too much – and eating all her Amy Schumer food…Gettin’ Fat!

But fat or not, I think we can all agree that there’s nothing special about Jennifer Lawrence, other than her tits that we’ve already seen, and thus that should make her less relevant because we got what we wanted and she can fade into obscurity…

Instead, she is still booking huge blockbuster movies for the pay day, huge Oscar style character driven movies for the Oscars, and possibly other independent movies for the street cred that she can act…when anyone with a brain knows acting requires little to no talent…and bad acting is just people insecure about being an asshole while reading lines – but once you get past that feeling like an asshole – you become believable…you know because you’re a liar…

It’s safe to say that Jennifer Lawrence is created by the industry, possibly because she’s dumb, not because she’s crafted this career, but because the industry needs young leading ladies to command big days to keep budgets up. They need to overpay a handful of people to make the industry sustainable…and she won that lottery…it doesn’t mean she’s interesting…

She’s not even appreciative of that GIFT she’s been given, she complains about not getting paid fairly for having a vagina, instead of just taking the fucking money – because no she thinks she’s irreplaceable…

But she is replaceable..they all are…and tits or cleavage or not…stop feeding into this garbage.


xmenap (9)


Here she is tumbling – like a clumsy fucking joker – falling – as she does…

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This is the Number 1 Paid Woman not Person in Hollywood of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence is at some Vice produced show or movie by Gloria Steinem called Woman on Feminism…because Jennifer Lawrence gets the struggle of pay inequality…let her be an ambassador for women everywhere…you unrelatable over casted cunt.

I love that this is the Number 1 Paid Woman in Hollywood, who complains about being the number 1 paid woman in Hollywood, when she feels like she should be paid on par with the 1 paid men in Hollywood and is vocal about that glass ceiling…instead of just taking her own money and producing her own movies that pay everyone the fucking same…

It’s like who fucking cares, just be happy you get work, so much fucking work, endless fucking work, like there are no other female actors out there when clearly there are, many of whom would do her job for fucking free, just for the chance to be in such high profile roles…

Stop fucking whining, you’ve won the fucking lottery, you’re not a fucking feminist ambassador, you’re a rich as fuck delusional puppet…fuck off…

Women and men should get paid the same, but actors should never get paid as much as they do, they are terrible, vapid, vain people who represent the fall of society because of the “Importance” people give them…

What I am saying is her tits are better in her nude selfies that got a guy locked up…because that’s how powerful the tits are…

I’m surprised she’s dressed like a little party slut at a dance club…and not showing off armpit hair like all these get naked for feminism, grow armpit hair for feminism idiots who don’t understand politically theory…they just say it’s their body, their empowered because they love giving it up for free to show the men jerking off to them that naked isn’t a big deal…just be sure to follow on instagram for me…

To see her at this event, average AT best looking CLICK HERE

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Jennifer Lawrence in Harper’s Bazaar of my Birthday Of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence bores me…even when she tries to be interesting, dramatic, or edgy…wearing a blazer with no undershirt like some kind of harlot..cocktease…who is really just some awkward weirdo who happens to have good tits, we’ve all seen the tits, she had leaked pics and dude got arrested for leaking the pics, making her tits some kind of bank heist caliber tit, seeing as she’s the biggest, highest paid star….

But I just don’t get it…I don’t think there’s anything special about her, I don’t believe acting requires real talent and I don’t think her acting is anything revolutionary…but then again, I always watch movies with contempt knowing these overpaid assholes are just fucking lying to me, and for the most part, it’s really the writer who deserves all the credit, since these twats are all interchangeable…they just don’t think that, it gets in the way of their hollywood egos…

I guess what I’m saying is keep trying magazines, and film producers, Jennifer Lawrence peaked with the nudes, and play the victim card like a Kardashian, those nudes are all she should be known for and as responsible casting directors…punished for…

What happened to a bitch getting fired for being sleazy and inappropriate…where are the morality clauses…we know it was a cheap PR stunt…but why does she get off, while we get off for it…and continue to work….why can’t they Hulk Hogan her and ban her from the WWF that is her acting career…because I’ve had enough of her…and I’m ready for fresh new pussy…and seeing as it is my birthday…I should get what I want.

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Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence is so fucking average.

She peaked in her nude pics, and I have a feeling that has less to do with her actual nude body, and more about some awkward, heavily marketed A-Lister getting exposed naked, thanks to some idiot who is going to go to jail for 18 months to 5 years for hacking her shit, I mean her tits were good, but not worth the pay days she gets with her acting…

So even in blue paint for the fetishists / nerds who are so fucking into anything comic book or AVATAR…ready to market the new X-Men because it makes her 10s of millions of dollars she probably thinks she deserves…and that she feels good about because she filters off a percentage of her earning to charity instead of paying taxes on it…


But I guess all these girls in Hollywood, famous, Oscar Winning, cocky and coddled are just the fucking worst..

But I have no choice buy to post this…

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Jennifer Lawrence Being Spanked in the Bahamas of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence Wearing a Bikini in The Bahamas on March 4003

I am still taking in these Jennifer Lawrence pictures of her in a bikini.

Not because she’s amazing in a bikini, but because she’s so fucking average, yet so fucking famous…in one of these deals with the devil that doesn’t really make sense to me, but I guess I’m not a Hollywood producer, or casting director…that found my golden ticket and put all my resources and connections into her….

She’s like one of those apps you find out is a billion dollar app because all these billionaire put money into it and marketed it…even though it’s a shitty fucking app…but the female award winning actor version…makes no sense..

But her nudes were pretty solid, let’s get more of those…



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Jennifer Lawrence in a Bikini of the Day


Jennifer Lawrence decided to finally bring it…you know tap into what she is best known for…getting half naked on the internet…

I know people are distracted by the constant blockbuster movies she’s in, the constant Oscar nominations, the celebrity…the insane delusional commentary about pay equity and the awkward stumbling, scene causing, super famous but perfectly fucking average super star.

Spitting out water with big tits in a bikini is a solid reminder of the glory days of celebrity blogging…back when it mattered…before social Media made it irrelevant…

I don’t give a fuck about Jennifer Lawrence but bikinis are bikinis…and at least it’s not her BFF Amy Schumer…because that would be fucking terrifying….

But not as Terrifying as this being the biggest story of the day…..other than Kim Kardashian who is more famous than Jennifer Lawrence, probably makes more money than Jennifer Lawrence, and is unfortunately less dumpy than Jennifer Lawrence…which annoys me because I expect hotter bodies out of the really fucking famous top tier A Listers…

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 5.22.12 PM


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Jennifer Lawrence Promoting Purses of the Day


I know that Jennifer Lawrence was paid 5 million or more dollars by Dior to promote their shitty sweatshop made purses.

I would argue that Jennifer Lawrence won’t sell 5 million or more dollars of purses for Dior, it’s not like she’s a Kardashian.

I know how this shit works, and it’s a big picture concept to book an Oscar Winner as part of a campaign, so that the big brands with big money have something to spend their money on and the agencies they hire…keep getting that big money..where the execs can get excited because they’ve heard her named thanks to all the press she’s had…as an A-Lister they’ve created….because they need A-Listers to keep budgets high….

This is a big picture play, you know to give a lifestyle to the brand, not focused on campaign driven product like she’s a Dior purse AVON lady, but she’s so fucking average, and I’ll never understand why she’s so celebrated.

I am also the kind of person who doesn’t believe that actors have talent, and that they are just a level of pretentious, arrogant, confident, egotistical, vapid and delusional….where they feel comfortable acting like fools on camera…because it pays them stupid money, makes them stupid rich, gives them a stupidly amazing life, that they can sit on their stupid rich person soapbox and preach their stupid out of touch politics….Garbage…

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Jennifer Lawrence Should Wear Pants of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence  (22)

Jennifer Lawrence is the worst but at least she’s lightened up since the world has seen her asshole in her nude selfies she released in her attempt to come across more interesting than the shell of a personality she has….I guess she’s taking her comedy with fat Amy the use whoever she can to get ahead and the brown guy Aziz she puts inside her even though he’s a pussy and may infact be a lesbian – those Indian bitches are hairy – but you know thick leg and ass cheek with a perv coat happened, it just probably shouldn’t. call me crazy but I like my highest paid celebs to have class and not look like a dumpy college girl rocking her freshman 15-25. This is just a bit too casual Hollywood, what happened to celebs never leaving their compounds on the film studio lot – go back to that since these too much room for me to hate her ass..partially because even I get better ass than this…but becasue I like celebrities who get paid top dollar – to look top dollar.

Sort it out Hollywood. You’re lazy with the no thigh gaps, but an ego that allows you to do whatever you want because “Do You Know Who I am”….I like the sex bruises….they are a nice touch…but still better in pants, even though perverts like us will like anything, and I guess in her defence, nothing she does will be as good as her nudes…no academy award can compare to nude tits intended for dudes to jerk off to her…

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