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Lookin’ Good Kaley Cuoco in the Leather Pants of the Day


I like to shit on girls…it’s a fetish….but not actual shitting because I am the kind of person, despite being disgusting, I like to pretend that people, all people don’t shit. I try to avoid shit conversations, or walking in bathrooms after people shit, it disgusts me….even when it gets on my dick during anal….I am anti shit….

But here’s Kaley Cuoco looking like shit…even though I don’t the mangled faced 35 year olds who look like clowns…I don’t like this aging process, melting faced – but making 100 million dollars in the next few years…

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Kaley Cuoco’s in Women’s Health Magazine of the Day

The Women’s Health UK magazine did a feature on Kaley Cuoco – the girl who killed John Ritter with her sex appeal from her first TV show….before working a 100 million dollar deal to close out her Modern Family show…money that she’s used to get a nose job and a boob job – that she’s in a Women’s Health magazine bragging and saying how they have made her life better….so these young girls reading up on their favorite “hot chick in the nerd show – because her hotness is accessible and nerd friendly”…who are already watching the Kardashians rebuild their faces and bodies…saving up for their first face injections…need that extra push to want to go under the knife…to look as good as they can on social media …because when you read up on Women’s Health the takeaway you want isn’t health, fitness, diet tips…it’s how to buy beauty….dumb cunt…isn’t even that hot.

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Kaley Cuoco’s Weird Fetish Picture of the Day


Kaley Cuoco posted this picture of her showing off her fake tits all bent over in some fetish gear….but for some reason, all I see is that midget David from Roseanne in some weird fetish gear and it’s creeping me out….

This is the porn generation and the instagram whore generation, I don’t really need to see some old washed up actress cleavage to get excited. I figure no one actually cares about celebs anymore…its more an era of looking at yourself in the mirror…

But that doesn’t mean her cleavage didn’t happen….in what wasn’t any actual sex dungeon behavior, but rather some behind the scenes of their show – that is not only still on TV after all these years, but that they each make over 30 million dollars a year being on…which is absolutely insane to me based on my opinion of their talent alone, but also because I forgot that network TV existed….and I have a hard time believing people watch network television sitcoms and I don’t think they actually do….but the network doesn’t want anyone knowing that so they keep the lie alive for ad dollars….

They probably have these fetish scenes…where the nerds dress up in leather and Kaley Cuoco butt fucks David from Roseanne with her high heel…probably what is done after filming – because it’s the only thing that can go viral or get attention in this porno filled internet run world…this is the BUTT selfie, or the leaked sex tape, of the network TV world…and I guess it’s got a level of comedy if you can appreciate really awkward and uncomfortable things…and just be happy David from Roseanne isn’t wearing himself some assless chaps…because you know that’s what he wanted to wear.

I think this is for their Christmas special….

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Kaley Cuoco Titty Flash of the Day


Kaley Cuoco, the icon to nerds who watch sitcoms everywhere, pulled her tit out on snapchat – because it’s a purchased tit – and like all girls with fake tits – they love showing the shit off like it’s a new car or something…

It’s some vapid materialistic, shamelessness that fuels our society….

I have only met a handful of hookers who hate their fake tits and it is usually after they’ve had them for years and they are falling the fuck apart from every direction….but when any girl first gets the tits, even with all the pain…they fucking LOVE the fake tit…it’s just when the tits and life let them down…that they

But Kaley Cuoco is making 100 million in the next few years, has already made 100 million, I don’t think much can let her down – but the guys who she burns through – or who use her thanks to where she’s at in finance and career…

As long as she pulls out tits, flashing in a Look at me – cuz she’s an actor and they all want you to look at them…I’m down…with everything going on here…and will be well into her old age…where she’ll still be doing the same stunts…unless she dies of an overdose…

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Kaley Cuoco in Some Low Hangig Short of the Day


Kaley Cuoco’s got some low hanging shorts on…for those of us who remember when she was low hanging fruit…

She’s old, so it’s safe to assume that this is the middle aged 100 millionaire version of the Ariel Winter shorts up my ass…

It’s like her way of advertising that at 40 or however old and rich she is…she doesn’t have a bush, she still waxes that shit off, unlike her happily / no ones ever happy, married friends…who just let shit go – because they think it’ll keep their pervert husbands off their backs..or cunts…

But what they don’t realize is that BUSH is king, or QUEEN, and that dudes think they hate it because they watch porn, were brainwashed to think it was gross, but when they see it – and smell it and rub it through their fingers like it was Santa’s Beard…they can’t control their pervert selves…

As an advocator of Bush, these pics offend me…but old fit lady pubic bone is a fetish I’m sure..


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Kaley Cuoco’s Fake Tits in Some Stage Show of the Day


I understand why people went to live stage shows in the 1940s, because they didn’t have TV, but in this era of internet and social media, I don’t see much of a point for anyone to leave their house at all, let alone to leave the house to see some chick from TV do some stage performance, song and dance, in some slutty outfit, knowing she won’t get naked, when there are options that are far less lame///

Unless that stage show is straight up stripping at a stripclub while I’m drunk and heckling, by girls who don’t want to be on webcam because they don’t realize they’ll make so much more with their nude bodies…you know actually getting naked and not just wearing some silly little shorts…reading some canned script with some called performance that would be embarassing if she didn’t make 100 million a year…

I’m talking vagina in my face for 10 dollars a song…without that – I see no point…

I can’t understand how anyone can sit in an audience, for whatever charity this is, thinking… “this is really enjoyable, acting is so cool, I love how she’s reading canned shit at us, it’s great”…even if they are into Kaley Cuoco….even if the only good thing about it is the fake tits, fit divorced body, and outfit….


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Kaley Cuoco Fake Tits for Cosmo of the Day


I guess Kaley Cuoco offended feminists….so she turned to Cosmo to show off her fake tits, and say:

“Of course I’m a fucking feminist. Look at me. I bleed feminism. I get equal pay to my male costars on a big show, I have my own home, I’m as independent as you could possibly be.”

Because everyone is a fucking feminist now, even though I’m more into the kinds of feminists who get naked on the internet for free, instead of getting paid to get naked on the internet, because they are sexual beings, taking ownership on their sexuality, all in efforts to really just appease their egos and find a fanbase of men to pander to….

Where as Kaley Cuoco is the kind of feminist who I actually respect, because she’s not a crying for attention telling everyone she’s a feminist because just does her fucking thing and makes more money than you, she’ll have over 100,000,000 in the bank at the end of her stint as the hot but accessible girl on Big Bang THeory…she’s more than just a bunch of CHAPTER 1 Women’s Study nonsense…before she dropped out of school to pursue her ART of sending nudes to pervert men to jerk off to….

Which is too bad, cuz I’d rather be staring at Kaley Cuoco’s Asshole right now…


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Kaley Cuoco’s Implants – A Retrospective of the Day


I was going to call this Kaley Cuoco a love story….because it’s not really a retrospective since it was just one event for her fake tits, you know one outing….and it is more of a love story because she’s with Stan Lee, the nerd leader for her nerd fans….

Which makes the implants way more fun especially since she is recently divorced and you can now have her all you want (lol) and she has signed that 100 million dollar contract that will add to her already stupid amount of fucking money, because they pay her a stupid amount of fucking money, because she’s on the biggest show ever playing the hot girl to the nerds – and she’s not even hot….

I think she’s better now that she’s got fake tits…and has been getting fit after cheating on her husband but still…she’s nothing great…just don’t tell the nerds, because to them, she’s a beacon of hope as television is their religion and guiding light….and she’s with your god…Stan Lee


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Kaley Cuoco’s Panties of the Day


Fit as fuck Kaley Cuoco flashed her white panties….

She must be pushing 40. She’s a recently divorced crazy person who is making over 100 million dollars the next 3 years, which is absurd, but I guess TV and celebrity still pays…and you don’t have to be that good….or even that pretty…you just have to be in the right place…know the right people…and fake tits..fake tits help..

She’s been looking more fit than usual, like most divorcees…after being divorced they get fit – and it’s as magical as a mom aged woman with millions flashing her panties..

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Kaley Cuoco’s Divorced 100 Millionare Old Breast Implant but Fit Body in a Sports Bra of the Day


Kaley Cuoco must be pushing 40. She’s a recently divorced crazy person who is making over 100 million dollars the next 3 years, which is absurd, but I guess TV and celebrity still pays…

Seeing her recently divorced ass in a sports bra on some Jimmy Fallon Lip Syncing show he probably doesn’t deserve, but that makes for good viral content and all the networks are trying to figure out how to make things go viral, navigating this internet thing…and she’s looking pretty fit…

She could be fat…she has been fat…but I guess like many 40 year olds who get dumped for younger women, who aren’t even on TV, going to the gym and starving yourself is key to getting back into the game after having given up on yourself and thus your marriage…

But she’s not…and that may not be fascinating or exciting, but it may be to her fans, even though they probably already have these pictures 3D Printed into a butt plug 8 inches up their weirdo nerd asses…you see she plays the babe on the Friends – The Nerd Version…which pretty much paints a nice picture of the guys who probably love her…

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Kaley Cuoco’s Sports Bra on Instagram of the Day


Kaley Cuoco gets paid 100,000,000 dollars over the next 2 years of her stupid fucking show that everyone on airplanes seem to fucking watch….because I guess that mindless sitcom format, FRIENDS or SEINFELD, still speak to the human condition, while I look on amazed as these robotic sheep laugh along with the canned laughter to bad jokes…because it’s easy..

She’s the Hot girl in the show, but not the hottest girl in the world, or even the hottest girl in the world, or even the hottest girl in the room or at the pary, but when she is in a sports bra, or carrying her bank statements around with her, you forget that she is overrated, and crazy and can focus on her fake tits. Which is what matters.

It’s safe to say that I wish the geotag info was posted in this pic, so that I could show up and offer to walk her home and read her a bed time story as I stretch out her 100 million dollar pussy with my fingers…

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Kaley Cuoco is Single of the Day


Apparently, America’s favorite breast implants that killed John Ritter before they were breast implants, at least based on the amount of money she gets paid to play the accessible hot girl in a sitcom based on Friends, but featuring nerds instead of late 90s early 30 year olds in their shitty lives and basic mis adventures…for the simple commoner to grasp…

Well, along with making 100,000,000 dollars the next 5 years, on top of all the money she’s made the last decade of acting in TV shows…she’s also getting a divorce… to some dude she dated from 90 days after being engaged to some other dude….because she’s unstable…

America cares, at least pervert socially awkward dudes who watch Big Bang Theory care, because for some reason, dudes love when the actresses they want to marry who are on their favorite shows, are single…because it gives them hope that they will have a chance, if by some miracle they win the lottery or end up working in Hollywood, where these people who only date their own exist…

I am not one of those dudes, because as a married man, I realize marriage is garbage prison, even when you cheat…it’s like this annoying disease you can’t seem to eliminate, without killing it or yourself…it’s only godo to cash in with…something her next husband will be doing…

That said, I’m more into her selfies..



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Kaley Cuoco’s Tan Lines and Butt Shot of the Day


Kaley Cuoco rockin’ a tan line for Shape Magazine in a behind the scenes photo that doesn’t matter, unless you’re into tan lines..which apparently people are…because I’ve know strippers, so many strippers, through many decades of my life, so that I’ve got a good sense of what they think looks hot enough under the black lights to land a lap dance, and the one constant, other than herpes and the dream a prince charming will come in and save them is tan lines…I guess because it’s like naked but with underwear…without underwear getting in the way…to really accentuate the genital region..with a “I hang out at the beach because I am healthy”…despite it being a “I hang out in a tanning bed in underwear because the place I go is sketchy and I’d hate to put my bare ass on it, which is saying a lot because i’m a stripper and I put my bare ass on everything for 10 dollars a song”…

Only unlike a stripper, Kaley Cuoco is a huge, definitely overrated, but cast on the right show, TV star making 100s of millions of dollars, something that is pretty nuts, until she brings the down to earth, look “I’m just like you” sexts and weird squats, in a not taking herself too seriously, because she doesn’t have to, she’s rich…kind of way..


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Kaley Cuoco’s Gym Face of the Day

kaley (19)

kaley (20)

Kaley Cuoco went to yoga…and it looks like it’s paying off, just not for her face….but who needs a face when you have a 100,000,000 dollar contract for the worst fucking show in the history of TV shows…but that is insanely popular because it is Friend’s with nerds and nerds are relevant now, they land all the pussy..

Even Miranda Kerr, notorious hooker who loves billionaires…is fucking the kid who started Snapchat…he’s he Bieber of tech…and she already fucked Bieber…so whatever…

This is about Kaley Cuoco and her flat stomach..that understands the importance of owning your nude pics..

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Kaley Cuoco, Amy Davidsonm & Lacey Chabert in Bikinis of the Day


I guess the general public like mindless sitcoms…unless Big Bang Theory is actually interesting comedy..I’ve never watched a full episode, but people seem to fucking love it, which makes me assume it isn’t actually good, it is just designed to talk to the masses at a basic levle so that they can trap in fans and make Kaley Cuoco stupid rich, when actual talent is not able to get work…..

I just assumed it was Friends, for the new generation, formulaic and based on nerd shit, and nerds love nerd shit, even the “hot”nerd girl they market as accessible…

Well, she’s been in a bikini…celebrating god knows what…witch a couple of old friends like her co-star on 8 Simple Rules, with the red hair, who was on set when John Ritter died..and Lacey Chabert, another nerd favorite…making this perfect for anyone over 35…because who the fuck are these girls…who cares they are old in bikinis…and there is comedy in that.

Here’s her 8 Simple Ruiles co-star no one remembers milking their friendship…by posting yoga pics…in a bikini…because people love bikinis..

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