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Kat Von D’s See Through Catsuit of the Day

Remember when Kat Von D was into Nazi porn fetishes like she was Sandra Bullock….well now she’s into walking around in tight black see through outfits without underwear on that you can make out ass tattoos in…but you can’t make out aryan white power pussy…despite being engaged to a Jewish DJ, throwing away that whole angle….

But based on her sex appeal, she might as well should be a nazi. I’m not into her at all because tattoos are disgusting even though everyone has them now…but I’m posting it anyway..because see through must always be celebrated.


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Kat Von D’s a Dude in Leather Shorts of the Day

I’ve always found it confusing when people have said to me that Kat Von D is hot….these pictures of her in leather shorts makes it that much more confusing….something that could have been potentially so hot on the right girl…is just a fucking disaster…thank god they cancelled her show.

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Celebrating Kat Von D’s Show Getting Cancelled of the Day

Smut peddlers TLC cancelled LA Ink….thank god….

Michelle Bombshell McGee II – is what I call Kat Von D..the manly voiced, over tattooed cuz her dad probably didn’t hug her enough as a child, or maybe he hugged her too much, either way looking damaged as fuck….you know because her new show LA INK relied heavily on Jesse James of Sandra Bullock Nazi Fetish cheating fame, much like Michelle Bombshell’s celebrity….cuz the second the cause of the A-List scandal left the equation…TLC pulled the shit….

Coincidentally, I watched the show at my friend’s house yesterday, for the very first time and questioned why the fuck it was on TV, cuz it was really fucking garbage, and she is really fucking irritating in her controlling cunt who thinks she’s important way…and I can only assume TLC is either reading my mind or following me with cameras for a new show…cuz last week they canned Kate Plus 8 another show I accidentally watched and wanted to see die…only for it to die the next day….Those baby story motherfuckers are onto me….

Here’s to people who don’t deserve to be famous, but have a TV show thanks to all the digital channels needing programming, getting canned like their gutter, sloppy, manly voiced asses deserve….

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Kat Von D Shoes Off Her Slummy Body of the Day

I don’t really like slummy pussy, it’s really not my favorite kind of pussy, but since I pretty much like all pussy, I figured I shouldn’t desciminate a bitch showing off her shitty body just because she looks like the bathroom wall of a truck stop to advertise that her daddy didn’t hug her enough growing up, so she trying to fill the void….

Sure she pretty much turned herself into what looks like a notepad after a boring class or meeting, filled with irrelevant doodles and words you would never frame and put on your wall. But since I’ve had my fair share of slummy pussy cuz slummy pussy is usually the easiest pussy to pay to fuck, so I’m used to this kind of mess since slummy pussy always comes with a little more than you really want, whether it’s rashes, smells or ghetto tattoos,…

So here’s Kat Von D showin’ of her beer belly and ugly tats you probably like cuz you have no taste.

Pics via Fame

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Kat Von D See Thru Shirt of the Day

I don’t know if Kat Von D is still relevant, or if she ever was relevant, but I do know she’s at some event in a see through shirt, showing off her little tits in a bra and she looks worse than ever. I guess aging doesn’t work out for everyone, not that it matters considering she ruined herself with tattoos while trying to fill whatever void it was she was filling everytime she went under the tattoo gun.

I know all you people are probably crazy about tattooed chicks, I just hate tattoos in general, mainly because over the past 10 years, it went from Rock and Roll and Biker which was cool, to Gino Chachi Vegas Trash which is not cool.

Either way, here’s some see thru pics…

Pics via Fame

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Kat Von D is Dirty Lookin’ of the Day

If you are into ugly girls and scat porn, because the two kind of go hand in hand, since it’s rare to find a hot chick willing to eat shit for a bit of money, they usually prefer doing regular porn, or even regular jobs, and it takes a real special fucking person to fuck with poo, then you’ll love these picture of Kat Von D, cuz her body looks like she’s been rolling in feces the last few years, or at least long enough for the shit to stain, and she’s a pretty ugly girl, even when she tries to dress all fancy-like in her sexy black silky lingerie lookin slip….an outfit she may want to let some dude pay her to shit on while she’s wearing it, you know to bring this post full circle.

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Kat Von D Looks Like a Truck Stop Bathroom Stall of the Day

I don’t really get the appeal of alternative models, the fact that they are alternatives to models, pretty much means they are not hot enough to be models, so they go out and made a full category of their own and to make their below average looks more appealing, they go out and tattoo the shit up and piece the shit up and do other mods that shouldn’t actually be called mods because the only thing that shit modifies is how disgusting and used up a bitch looks, but

Kat Von D isn’t one of those alternative models, she’s just famous for being a tattoo artist who may or may not jack those alternative girls up, who I assume wrote a book and some creepy fan brought out some lingerie to give her at a signing, because he feels like it’s the least he can do since he’s been jerking off to her the last few years and figures she deserve a gift, especially one that provides new fantasies for him, because he can now imagine her in the panties he used to wear while watching her show, before washing and re-packaging them and giving them to her, if you know what I mean and since the only other person at the signing was her dad because she has no fans…it may the whole thing nice and smooth.

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Kat Von D is Inked Up in a Bikini Top of the Day

I am still drunk from my drinking demonstration at a the local bar where I managed to outdo myself as I always do just to prove every single person in my life that I will not amount to nothing and I am not a failure. I am a fuckin’ hero to some people and those people are pretty much me and only when I am too drunk to know better.

On the way home I saw this slammin’ body in a spandex white dress that barely covered her banging ass and a pair of patent leather hooker boots that went up past her knee. I realized she was a street whore, but not one that I had ever been with before but bitch looked too good to be giving 50 dollar blowjobs. When I got closer to her she called me over and told me that she had given me a lap dance about 6 months ago and she remembered me because I gave her my email address to make her internet famous, which is a lie I tell all the strippers to get a free song out of them. She also remembered my firm grip that I had on her nipples, but I won’t get into that.

She ended up quickly going into her story about how she got wasted and let her ex-boyfriend tattoo her face and the club she worked at fired her. She was forced to turn to the street but doesn’t have a pimp and is pretty much workin’ freelance and in the last 3 months she’s developed a serious crack habit and that she needed 20 dollars, I was tempted to save her but figured that she got herself into her own mess and could have been doing so much more with her life, like charging business men 500 dollars to go out to dinner with her like a real escort with a body like that would.

Either way, I don’t think Kat Von D did the face tattoo that ruined my stripper turned street walker’s life, but it looked pretty much as shitty as her tattoos do, the major difference between the 2 is that I’d be willing to fuck my stripper turned street whore without a condom before ever considering fucking this Kat Von D chick, but that’s just because I have a feeling this Kat Von D chick has a cock and I haven’t really moved into that kind of thing yet.

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I am – People Who Attended the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show of the Day


Some dude just dropped a your mom joke on me and I fucking love your mom jokes, not because I find them that inspiring or creative and totally played the fuck out, but because my mom died when I was a kid and I like to reverse the your mom joke on the motherfucker because any normal person feels bad about droppin that shit on me and that is a lot funnier than saying “your mom” or “that’s what your mom said”. So today I told some dude that he’s awesome for hooking me up with something and he said “that’s what your mom said” and I said:

You know my mom? I thought she died when i was 5…I guess she just ran away from us and the priest who ran the orphanage told us she had died because he didn’t want us feeling like we were abandoned. Tell her I say hi and that I expect my birthday and christmas gifts from the last 32 years in cash.

With Love,

Jesus Martinez

Here are pictures of the arrivals of the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, because I know that girls get off on seeing other girls in their lingerie. It’s like some competitive shit that makes them feel sexy and insecure and makes them want to suck their boyfriend’s dick harder than ever all at the same time, in some weird trying to reclaim that they are the most desirable vagina or some shit.

Hayden Panettiere’s Researching for the Day She Graduates Out of Her Midget Training Bra

Stacy Keibler’s Legs Need a Bra of their Own….cuz They Are So Long, They Are Like a Person of Their Own

Eva Longoria is Mexican and Doesn’t Buy Her Underwear in Packs of 6 from Wal Mart

Rachel Leigh Cook’s Cleavage Lookin’ For Support

Lauren Conrad and Audrina Patridge because they are Useless

Kat Von D wearing some Crazy fucking Pants cuz She’s Such an Original and Not Trying Hard at All….

Ana Oritz because She’s Got Some Good Cleavage, But I have No Idea Who She Is…

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