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Katy Perry for Vogue China of the Day


The latest in Katy Perry news is that she’s still an overrated, talentless con artist who has won with her brain washing music, that just gets into all our heads for no reason other than scientific formulas created by the record label to encourage consumption…

She’s also recently reportedly single from John Mayer, a dude girls locally have told me was into ass eating before ass eating was cool, when ass eating was something that would throw off a girl when you asked her to do it after a show, ever those they’d still do it, because he was famous and chose them to go backstage with him, that’s what fans are supposed to do…

Well, like all recently single girls, she’s on a mission to get revenge and I guess, doing obscure market Vogue, with your big tits, even though you can do all markets of VOgue, you’re Katy Perry….

I guess what I’m trying to say is that she’s half naked and doesn’t look nearly as fat as she does in person…

Here’s the video…


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Katy Perry’s Tits Look Like Celine Dion on the Cover of Vogue Japan of the Day


I don’t know if it has to do with me being Canadian, but I am going to assume that it is, because I’ve looked at this Katy Perry in Vogue Japan picture and all I see is Celine Dion…

I am wondering if Celine Dion’s face is just imprinted on my brain, as she’s the only one that Canada like brainwashing us with…you know our own hero…

Kind of like the way the media brainwashes me with Katy Perry songs, because I guess they get a good kickback to promote it, and make it pop on a mainstream level….otherwise no one would listen to her shitty songs, and she’d never be on the cover of Vogue Japan….and I’d never know all the lyrics to every single Katy Perry song, none of which I’ve actively listened to on my own…kind of scary really….what else are they programming us with…and why am I not doing anything about it..is it because I am distracted by her tits….I am distracted by her tits…did you see her tits…Katy Perry has tits.


If you don’t like that – and you shouldn’t – here’s Katy Promoting a Perfume..


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Katy Perry Business Tits of the Day


Katy Perry is a massive business…

Some would argue that she’s a massive scam…

But I would argue that 90 percent of business and success is a scam….it is usually shitty product you don’t need, shitty service you don’t need, shitty messaging, that just communicates to the retards of the world who buy into it, and a lot of times, shitty business practices….

I’ve never met a billionaire who wasn’t willing to rape and pillage to become a billionaire…I am talking walk the fine line of morally sound and evil for profit…the kind of Kick em while they are down to get a profit….

Now I don’t think Katy Perry is an evil corporate genius, I think she’s probably got a team of evil people she employs…to make her less of the Kissed a Girl one hit wonder and more the Madonna level of “Katy Perry is Still Around”..

I don’t know what other boss moves she’s done, or what she’s invested in, financed, and help create to get her on Forbes, I just know her music sucks…people like it…radios play it and it has given her the freedom to achieve anything she wants…with lecherous people who just want a part of her…

I also know…she’s got tits….that make this shoot for FORBES hard to take seriously, even if her bank balance is fucking serious…

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Katy Perry’s Belly on a Yacht Party of the Day

Katy Perry is having a yacht party on the Zaliv III that you can see pics of HERE where I guess she’s celebrating her pregnancy, because based on the look of her jumping off the tail end of this boat that is probably costing someone 200,000 dollars a week for this party, all I see is her gut….which may be hot to some of you into the whole ready to drop porn, or those of you into fucking fat chicks because they come with Yacht parties, and the truth is, Katy Perry’s not all that bad…she doesn’t offend me..she’s just trying to have a good time and made herself famous as fuck to do it…she could have, and I would argue should have been a one hit wonder with I Kissed a Girl…yet she has sustained and that’s more than I can say for most people…especially when she isn’t even that good….

Here’s the dramatic showing off her yacht video…

A video posted by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

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Katy Perry Chunky in a Jumper of the Day

I have seen countless girls in jumpers that are at least one size too small for them….the ill fitting romper, that is actually the right fitting romper, because anytime clothing is jacked in a vagina, I’m happy enough to stare…as weird as it may look…because #cameltoe….

It is safe to say that all of Katy Perry’s clothing is ill-fitting because she’s fat, or pregnant…probbaly pregnant…but fat is in, as is tolerance, trannies, and apparently bad music…and I don’t hate her for figuring it out, I just feel sorry for her because she seems sad…but I like sad…it gives me hope that I can get her to sit on my face…

Here’s her face looking pretty…


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Katy Perry 1/16th Nude of the Day


Katy Perry is the face of some fashion brand that you can identify yourself by looking at this picture that they tried to use to break the internet…by having Katy Perry as suggestively nude as possible, because you don’t see any panties or bras…but you only really get a sliver of her skin, the rest of her covered, because they figured out the ultimate why to hide what looks like a pregnancy belly…that is still erotic enough to be talked about but that doesn’t make her 30 year old ass seem slutty or attention seeking, even though the career she chose, pretty much does that for her, with every shitty song she sings.

That said, still naked enough for a pathetic loser like me….who thinks Katy Perry may also be a loser, just a very rich one thanks to mind fucking the world…but that doesn’t make her cool, despite all the attention and the support the leaches around her make her think she has…

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Katy Perry Fashion Model of the Day


Katy Perry makes me sad…I mean she would if I had any emotions other than the ones I try to mask through drinking and eating like some unhappy married wife…since I am pretty much a housewife, with no job, living off my spouse, planning ways to escape this hell..all while barely having a penis…

So let me rephrase, Katy Perry is depressing…just so desperate it for friends and social acceptance that she went out and became a pop star, living out her dream, only to realize it is just as empty and horrible at the top…people are sill assholes and people now don’t just care about her for her tits, but also her money and star power…

I don’t know, she’s probably a really nice girl..who makes some of the worst pop songs imaginable…but still a really nice girl…that people just keep taking for a ride…when she should be the one doing the riding…ideally on my face…with that vagina…because bigger girls have the tighter vaginas…it’s all the fat pushing down on the egg hole like it was a butt plug..

All this to say….I want Katy perry to sit on my face.

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Katy Perry for Wonderland Magazine of the Day


As much as I tease Katy Perry for being fat, not so talented, kind of lame as fuck, with shitty music that pollutes my life….

I still appreciate Katy Perry, not necessarily as an artist, but as someone with some level of draw, or star power, that has sucked in the right people to work with her, has created a great fan bases…and has awesome tits…that have carried her through all the ups and downs that have mainly been ups…

I guess what I am saying is that I like seeing people who aren’t instagram models in pictures…because that shit is getting boring…and it’s nice to see an actual celebrity who actually does something roll through in this self involved world…

So I’m not endorsing Katy Perry, but I would cum in her…given the chance…but that’s not saying much for a guy who last came in a shoe I found in the laundromat bathroom…

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Katy Perry is Blonde of the Day


I hate how hair color is news…

I hate how Katy Perry is news…

I mean she’s fine, but her music is fucking garbage…and her lower body is fucking garbage…and her tits are fucking fantastic…at least in a shirt…and our society loves tits…it makes girls matter…like Katy Perry…who is now blonde…or in a Blonde wig…fascinating..

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Katy Perry’s See Through Shirt of the Day



Katy Perry is chubby little a pop star…with a massive and insane following…all for music that isn’t even that good…but that for some reason gets a lot of airplay and makes no sense to me…

Her dancing is awkward…her talent questionable, but through it all…failed relationship, after Failed relationship…she’s maintained something….something magical…no not her bad skin….but rather her amazing tits..not that they are that amazing out of a bra…but in a bra…those fuckers have volume…

I’ve spent years mocking, laughing, hating on her because her songs pollute my life and I don’t ask them to…..but I don’t care, I mean bitch is rich as fuck, doing what she wants, probably has no real friends…but may not be looking for substance…at least that’s what I would assume because if she was about substance…her content would probably be a little fucking higher concept and a lot less “flashy lights for retards to buy into”…but who cares about that…when you got tits…

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Katy Perry Crotch Shot of the Day


I would assume that this picture of Katy Perry is the best picture taken of her in a long fucking time.

I like to think that she’s practicing showing the world her vagina for when she gives birth to her John Mayer baby in 7 months….as she is rumored to be pregnant….even though they are saying that the John Mayer baby is not a bump but rather just a gunt…

She is a big girl, so I could see how that could happen…but revisiting old penis to make babies…makes sense…

Now, I don’t hate Katy Perry, I think she’s probably just a sad girl with very few real friends, trying to figure it all out, or find some sense of normal, after blowing up to her crazy level …and I’m not just talking about her waistline… I mean rich and famous…

I mean, she’s awkward, quirky and very normal looking when you’re not staring at her rocking tits…who tricked the world into thinking she was important…it’s a crazy storyline that isn’t always filled with happiness…but luckily in this case…it is filled with a crotch shot from her concert…

All this to say, this may not even be Katy Perry…

TO See the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Katy Perry Throwback Thursday Stage Dive of the DAy

I feel a little bad for Katy Perry. Not only is she thick as fuck, we’re talking a very very big girl with a big belly….which is totally unacceptable for her job. She’s also someone who can’t maintain a relationship, who probably goes through life surrounded by people yet feels so alone, because the fun thing about fame is that it alienates you from the world…and that’s why all these crazy people are fucking addicts…but then you realize they are just a bunch of rich as fuck whiners, so let them be miserable in their good fortune…assholes…

But more importantly, I feel bad for the people Katy Perry is jumping up during a 2008 stage dive, because this video just resurfaced, and it is so fucking good, the best throwback thursday ever…in terms of Katy Perry Stage Diving….I mean I am sure there are a lot better ones…

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The Super Bowl Happened For Katy Perry of the Day

I don’t watch sports. I find the whole thing insane. The idea of a laziness that involves spending your day sitting on a couch looking at a bunch of dudes trying to throw a ball over a line, based on stupid rules for no functional purpose, other than just a game….is insane enough of a concept…but then turn it into a billion dollar business and my brain just can’t process it. I mean, it’d be more interesting to spend your day jerking off to girls you sext at least there is some level of activity involved.

What really amazes me, is that people think that they have to watch the Super Bowl, like it is the event of the fucking year, and more importantly, non football fans get in on this bullshit too, and not just because they like free snacks and beer at a friend’s house, but because they get to see Katy Perry Perform:

She even got a tattoo to mark this moment in her career like a tween she pretends to be, despite what her cankles are telling us.

Here’s the highlight of the performance – The Creeper:


And they get to see the fucking ads, which is even more fucking crazy. How owned are we by these evil billion dollar corporations, we don’t just make them rich as fuck, we also anxiously await their marketing messages in their big budget ads, that they can only afford because we’re fucking idiots.

To see the rest of the Super Bowl CLICK HERE



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Katy Perry for ESPN Magazine of the Day

Katy Perry’s getting ready for some Football in this ESPN magazine…

I am more into Katy Perry playing with the deflated basketballs that are her breasts…because they are pretty substantial…like her career that anyone with ears would question how it happened…but that still happened…and the only thing we can handle it is the tits…

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Katy Perry Australia Bikini Party of the Day

I am not thankful for Katy Perry’s scam, but I like that an LA party girl hipster made it as big as she did, all because of positioning.

I am not thankful for her body, I mean she’s kinda dumpy, but I don’t mind her tits, they are big…as these things happen with girls who have cankles…

I am thankful for this GIF that she apparently posted…because well..it’s fun…and there’s nothing wrong with fun…not that I believe in having fun…but I don’t care when other idiots have fun….even if in the back of my mind I hope that fun ends in natural disaster to teach them a lesson in fun…you know since people are the worst….

Happy thanksgiving…I’m going to drink for the next 5- 12 hours….and if I don’t die, I’ll be back because I am obsessive in all the wrong things…

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