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Kendall Jenner’s Underage Bikini Photoshoot of the Day

Kendall Jenner did some bikini photoshoot for some shit called Flavor Magazine – even though she’s 12 and shouldn’t be posing in bikinis cuz that is considered jailbait erotica and I think sexualizing a teen should be punishable by death…at least in this case…cuz I hate the Kardashian mother and you know she’s behind the whoring…that luckily isn’t on a hairy little armenian monster this time…but instead on some bitch with athlete genes……cuz in realizing in Canada, you having sex with a teen is encouraged because it is legal….making my whole sexualizing a teen in picture fight hard to believe…since I’ve had sex with 17 year olds when I was 27…..I’m a pervert like that….I even went to her prom…..so if anything that makes me an expert on this shit…and for that reason alone I say KILL OFF THE MOM JENNER she’s gone too far….while you’re probably saying “bring on the sex tape it will help me cum to these pics”….you sick fuck.

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Kendall Jenner Bikini Pictures for the Perverts of the Day

Here is Kendall Jenner doing some jailbait teen erotica…getting in her bikini for the internet like a good little Kardashian sister….screaming for attention like their mom taught them…whoring out hard at a young age…cuz strike while the iron is hot and by iron I mean her teen body….and her family brand name….

She is the star player on the second string, coming in to takeover while the older, hairier, fatter hags before her fade into sloppy whore obscurity …..letting her pick up the loose ends with her tight little body that is far better to look at….especially wheen half naked and riding Donkeys….

There’s something inspiring about teaching a girl the value of hooking, attention seeking, and using their bodies to get ahead….it leads to nothing but normal adults….

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Kendall Jenner Being Whored Out in Her Bikini for Twitter of the Day

A couple of weeks ago there was a scandal that inolvede Hayden Panettiere and some child sex ring, a story that was possibly fake, but that blew over without comment from any of the people who were involved….because let’s face it….the real child whore is this Kendall Jenner bitch…

Truth is that it was probably bullshit, and even if it wasn’t, that shit’s gonna be covered up hard. All the freaks in Hollywood who you know are in Hollywood will kill people off to keep that kind of shit underwraps….unless of course that garbage human is the Kardashian mom, who like all child pimps, encourages her daughters to be whores in sex tapes, bikinis, scandals, or whatever it is cuz shit makes them money, makes them feel relevant, makes them feel important, and probably gets them meals comped at restaurants, amongst other perks of being a loud, obnoxious, useless bunch of trash…..

So you can assume she’s behind her teen daughter putting up pics of herself in a bikini on the internet…something normal parents would try to avoid…for obvious fucking reasons…..reasons that Kris Jenner doesn’t care will stain her kids and leave them drug addicted in a fucking ditch….but thanks to her hard work…with enough money to pull them out into their life of damaged, full of baggage….that just happens to be luxury Louis Vuitton…..the fucked up rich….a breed of their own….that I like to fuck.

Here’s her pic.

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Kendall Jenner’s New Swimwear Photoshoot of the Day

Isn’t this girl 15? More reason to get your creep on? Shouldn’t her mother wait a few years before turning her into a sex object like her sister..or is she scared that after puberty, she’ll fill out like Kim, so get her while she’s tight, win over the crowd, just in case the Jenner genes don’t keep her fit….or is it a timing issue, get in now when the family is still on TV, before the family is forgotten, no time to wait…EXPLOIT EXPLOIT EXPLOIT….

You know, if you were to go to the local high school and try to organize a similar shoot in your basement…they’d probably call the police…but when it is for a corporation no one gets arrested…the world of teen erotica is unjust….

The whole thing is disturbing…unless you’re a real fucking pervert…which conveniently…I am…

So here is a young, hot rendition of Kim Kardashian for the Kardashian/Jenner third round of kids to exploit for personal gain….

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Kendall Jenner’s Bikini Picture for Twitter of the Day

I guess this is step one to nude pics or a sex tape the mom has already scripted – like the rest of her life cuz there’s no way she’ll let her fame die…it makes too much money and feeds too many egos…because the Kardashian’s are garbage…but at least this strain of the disease that is them has longer, thinner, better all american genes…a little more fun to watch than her pig half sisters…

Either way, this is going to lead to a very bad place….sit back and enjoy watching…..

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Kendall Jenner’s a Model of the Day

Here is 12 Year old Kendall Jenner, or as I like to call her, the latest kardashian exploit….for the perverts…

Apparently she’s a fashion model or some shit and I’m only posting it because I figure if her family whores her, she might as well be treated like a whore by you, the man masturbating to a teen showing cleavage on the runway like she has any business doing it, other than being born into the porn peddling, bottom feeding trash family that manages to make 100 million a year, because America is Doomed….and this is their second string talent in their creepy overbearing stagemom’s obsession with getting her kids out there money making on TV….because the older trash is getting used up and boring…and at 12 years old…she’s not tainted yet…but give her a few months…

I predict a crash and burn.

TO See the Pictures of Her Modeling…

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Kendall Jenner 15 Year Old in a Bikini Pics of the Day

The latest business strategy for the Kardashians, cuz they know they are losing appeal and their on the decline, is to exploit their youngest girls, who are not quite at sex tape age yet…but they are planting the seeds.

They’ve got the 13 year old one riding Segway scooters with the tightest shorts jacked up her vagina …. and the < a href="http://www.hollywoodtuna.com/?p=58687" target="_blank"> 15 year old one out in her bikini ….cuz like Taylor Momsen and so many sluts before her, and guys are into teen va-jenner, they know that slutty teens make money, get noticed and lead to good things…I mean until they grow up, feel worthless and exploited and kill themselves, cuz unlike Kim, they always had stupid fame and money, so when that disappears, they will only blame themselves, where as I like to think Kim knows she’s on borrowed time, milking it as hard as she can, cuz any rational mind knows how ridiculous the whole thing is, while these girls are all cunty in school being like “my sister is kim kardashian”….and shit…

You know how it is…and if you don’t…it always ends in suicide…thanks to great parenting….you know cuz they teach them about whoring yourself at a young age…and keep all the money you make…like you were a Culkin….who cares.

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Kendall Jenner at the Teen Vogue Event of the DAy

I should probably not be posting these pictures of half sister to the Kardashians and Brody Jenner….not because the Kardashians are a stain on society and I want them all to disappear, making the idea of a new one both disgusting and frightening, but because because she’s 14 years old and I didn’t realize that goin’ into this…she’s got 4 more years of Kim Kardashian to tarnish any wholesomeness she may have had…and we can expect her to follow her older sister’s lead…cuz they all do…but right now…let’s just pretend she still plays with Barbies…cuz 14 is fucking young…it isn’t even legal in Canada anymore….it’s just interesting to place bets on where you think this one is going to end up….I’m thinking fat…you’re probably hoping she’s into anything that involves her half naked and taking 10 dollars a song…

I guess only time will tell…

The real question is whether it is legal for me to post these pictures or not…I think once they go public in Hollywood with TV shows and a modeling career that was controversial cuz she posed half naked, it is…You know once the family sells their souls to the industry, shir is fairgame, but I guess if I wake up with the FBI pointing guns at my head, we’ll know the answer to that…

In the meantime, here’s Kendall Jenner at some Teen Vogue Party she was at with a lot of other young starts for you perverts…

To make this post less creepy, here are some pictures of some of the other sluts of all ages at the Teen Vogue event….

Victoria Justice is a whole lot of hype….

Kelly Osbourne was Better fat…but even then she was still disgusting…just a better kind of disgusting….

Kate Mara hid her cock…

The Cast of The Hills looked like shit….I guess everything has fallen about since their forced retirement…

AJ Michalka looks like white trash…with a bra built into her dress…

Emma Roberts wore the right dress

Miley Cyrus’s sister brought her uglier than Miley Cyrus Miley Cyrus impression…

Zelda Williams, who used to be my friendster friend when she was still in high school and friendster still existed brought her lesbianism….

Brittany Snow Brought her Tits…dressed as Tara Reid

Raven Symone was there on security detail…

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