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The Kylie and Kendall and Kim Instagram Photoshoot of the Day


Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner have put out their pictures from the Kylie 19 despite having the ass of a 45 year old mom and a face of a 50 year old stripper all thanks to stupid plastic surgery procedures her garbage family has made industry standard, and that girls everywhere are getting done, despite looking like fucking clowns…all cheap and indistinguishable from trashy porn chicks while being fucking near billionaires….because they make fucking money.

I saw an ad the other day saying Kylie was an Entrepreneur and trendsetter, and the sick thing is that she is, young girls follow her and think she’s got something magical to offer, when really she’s just a shameless whore..

These pics are instagram perfect, this what all those pics look like, all the same poses, and setting, and soulless fucking drivel that doesn’t fucking matter, but that dudes will go “i’d fuck that”..and chicks say “I want to be what dudes want to fuck”..

It’s just spoiled, disgusting, humans…and they should be exterminated, but instead 22 year old media buyers still throw money at them – because they still push fucking product better than even the most eager Avon lady…

Fuck this garbage family…and I know you would, for the right price, the mom would let you…

Here are the booty centered pics…cuz they know what works for the family as a whole…I’m talking to you BRUCE

MAYBE you’re more into Kim’s Huge Ridiculous clown ass in Mexico for her Hired Paparazzi…

Oh Kim did an instagram shoot also…

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.26.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.27.39 PM

Kim also wore a white bathing suit – looking terrifying..

Kim K in a See Through Shirt..


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Kendall Jenner Cameltoe of the Day


Kendall Jenner’s recently been seen dating a black rapper like her sisters…

She’s the skinny one who looked white and not orange, ethnic and jacked up with surgeries like her Dad….

The one who tricked people into thinking she’s a model, when she’s really just average looking, but still better to be average and skinny, than a mutant like the rest of her fame whore kin…

I guess these bikini pics display how that dating a black rapper thing is working out for her…as her pussy is exploding in her bathing suit…


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Kendall Jenner – No Bra – Cuz Bras are Lame of the Day


At least one person emailed me these pictures of Kendall Jenner is a see through enough dress, not wearing a bra, rocking some nipples, because she’s a girl and that’s how tits work…

Which means at least one person gives a fuck about Kendall Jenner and thinks she’s hot and follows her every move / publicity stunt….

Despite having seen her tits, or her publicly doing media discussing how she doesn’t want to wear a bra anymore – because little tits don’t need a bra – especially not in this hipster era of no one wearing bras…

This isn’t a Social Justice play – or innovative – it’s not even exciting – but at least one person liked it enough to send it into me…and I always encourage emails – it makes me think I still exist on the internet…when we all know I don’t….all thanks to people like Kendall and her gang of money making con artists and their scam brands buy into – acting like she is the face or representation of a generation – instead of just some rich kid from a slutty family with no morals or values..

The only thing good about this is that it encourages vapid young and dumb girls to follow her lead – which are tits I haven’t seen yet but am glad to see in the park and on the street everywhere…

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Kendall Jenner’s Garbage Bikini Selfie of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 1.47.11 PM

Kendall Jenner is garbage, like her dad’s dick that he’s announced he is chopping off for his gender reassignment surgery – he’s committed to getting done in September – because he’s tired of being called a fair weather tranny, or a cross dresser and wants the real female experience, where his dick is slit into some kind of orifice, where his dick head is made into a clit that still shoots loads since they don’t remove the prostate – making his woman experience very different than any female I’ve experienced, but close enough, a parody of a woman maybe…but let him play make-belief while everyone buys into his nonsense, gives him support, because that’s politically correct to not mock trannies – even when they are cut from a terrible, the worst, family cloth…..but making fun of their vapid, barely hot – but skinny “model” daughter who can push product….is ok….

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Kendall Jenner Top Hat Titties in Sheer Shirt for Love Magazine of the Day


Earlier in the week I had to question society – or maybe my search habbits that are being tracked by facebook – because with everything going on in the world – the top story on FB trending stories for me was that Kendall Jenner accepts her breasts for what they are and doesn’t want to or need to wear a bra…because she’s a feminist or some shit….because anyone who leaves their house will know that no girls under 25 wear bras – which is exactly why it shouldn’t have been a trending story people actually spoke about – but it was because they Kardashians need to be a tool by the illuminati to distract and dumb down America. It’s the only thing that makes sense. Their power, the interest people have in them, despite everyone hating them – makes zero sense to me…are we that bored as a people, are our lives that unfulfilled, I mean I know mine is – as I sit here writing about Kendall in a top hat like a magician in a Diaper at a kids party or bachelor party before sucking off the guests – which would a more accurate depiction of her skillset…but instead…fashion magazines are publishing this shit…because it’s high concept “art” or low concept softcore titty fetish porn….

She is the hottest of the Kardashians….and I will look at any tits…which would make me part of the problem if people actually still came to this amazingly insightful and well written sites…

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Kendall Jenner’s See Through Shirt of the Day

Kendoll Jenner, that’s what I call her, Ken Doll because bitch is a puppet with no genitals used to sell product and not through sex tapes like her fat whore sister. She’s the one to target the whites people, positioned as a model or a supermodel as she likes to be called, it feels good on her spoiled brat useless rich kid ego…makes her feel like she’s not playing make belief…and that she’s not just being handed money and jobs because of her social reach…decided to wear a see through shirt.

I am sure it was an accident, there is no way a whore from a whore family would do something like this on purpose….I mean low level fame for having nipples, not their thing, they are more into doing less than that for attention…..lazy and disgusting and this is the hotter one, even hotter knowing her dad is a chick…perfect for daddy issues….or is it daddy now a mommy issues..

Either way, real subtle. Definitely not on purpose for the paparazzi – ken doll wouldn’t do that shameless shit…impossible.





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Kendall and Kylie in Bikinis of the Day


I didn’t want to post these…or anything Jenner / Kardashian….but I am weak…I don’t even like the way they look – I don’t think they are hot or interesting – yet here I am posting a campaign they are in because they are in bikinis and that is “newsworthy” to me…

What the fuck..but I guess this is all part of their deal with the devil, the spell they’ve put us all under to post their shit, even though we collectively dislike their shit, despite them not really even knowing what their shit is or why it matters because it’s just shit…considering their whole family are vapid and disgusting and we should just ingore them…but they are also media whores navigating the industry so well all while making themselves a lot of fucking money in the easiest way.

There’s really nothing wrong with that..it just seems horrible…and like there is everything wrong with it….but there is something wrong with Kylie’s face…that shit is jacked up and terrifying…

This is some campaign for Top Shop that made them millions…because they have a system that works and tricking brands…..

They aren’t even that hot…it’s average girls playing models…so cheesy, like if you’ve ever been to a tacky rich family’s house and you see their weird family portrait in the family room level of lame – that is actually what brands put money into…weird..


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Kendall Jenner in a Bikini of the Day


I know that Kendall Jenner is rich, I know that she’s just the next generation of “It-Girl” who may or may not do anything substantial, but “It-Girls” have rarely done anything substantial, they are just eaten up and adorned by the media, and the public…controversial because people hate on them…yet not controversial enough to not book jobs…

This is just Paris Hilton, Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Drew Barrymore and a bunch of other girls who at one point in their vapid, rich, and luxurious lives…were in everything, everywhere…always…

But no matter what she does, where she goes, she’ll always remind me of a suburban white trash girl who shops and hangs at the mall…just manufactured in China trash…in fabrics that give rashes and yeast infections…

No matter how many hundreds of millions of dollars they have, or what VIP red carpet they walk….they are last week’s kitchen garbage…relevant because you made them this way…and because the bookers are 23 year old right out of college idiots with no vision…or 50 year olds totally out of touch….”she’s got following…booker the hooker”….

Here she is in a bikini in the South of France…because that’s what the rich, even the TRASHY rich do…

Here she is in see through, ass dress at CANNES…

Here I am…perpetuating this mall brand twat…

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Kendall Jenner for HArper’s Bazaar of the Day


Here’s big media business making insane editorial decisions that I guess is in efforts of staying relevant or current, but that is actually really fucking lazy, and just buying into what is popular and trendy or just trending…the Jenner / Kardashian gang of fucking trash that happens to be rich, shameless and connected enough to monetize each and every one of them thanks to the nature of social media..

It’s one of those “Put Kendall on the Cover, she’ll tag us and our account will grow” strategies that keeps the rich rich and the shitty bloggers like me deep in the mailroom basement…possibly not even in the same building..maybe in an off building in a middle American location or some shit…

I don’t mind looking at a Kendall Kardashian ass, I just don’t believe she’s hot, interesting, or anything worth celebrating or even noticing. I don’t think she’s talented, compelling or even interesting looking…I just know she’s everywhere, and people are feeding into her little rich girl model dreams…making her think she’s revolutionizing something – while I know she’s just destroying the exclusivity and standards of something that should have been impossible for her to buy her way into…but alas – 99 percent of people and companies are just fucking whores…

Apparently – Kendall was out in a see through dress or some shit – I don’t see nipples but here are some of the pics

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Kendall Jenner in her Underwear – Still Exists of the Day


In case you forgot..Kendall Jenner is still Garbage…

I have actually had conversations with dudes who don’t really give a fuck about models, they just care about pussy and they are brain washed into thinking this girl is hot as fuck….they think she’s amazing because they’ve been shown pictures of her over and over again and compared to the alternative, especially in her own family, she’s the ideal one..

Brands like her, she’s a modern day AVON lady, capable of pushing products, and she can pose like an asshole, because ultimately, modeling isn’t a real talent and choosing the right girl for the part – is nonsense…it’s all marketing and about selling product, so use the one with the biggest audience and the most connected, because her and her litter of sisters are each marketing vehicles…modern day family on the block at the top of they pyramid scheme…getting everyone to buy into their lifetime supply of supplements because they are sharks and know how to prey on the idiots

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Kendall Jenner for V Magazine of the Day


Kendall Jenner is being marketed as a TOP MODEL….and is getting jobs TOP MODELS once got, but we can only blame the media for that.

It’s up there with the TRUMP situation, that as a Canadian I don’t really have an opinion on, other than the simple fact that America is dumbed down, into social media and don’t know quality or substance, they just know or understand pop culture and commercial mainstream success and like drones follow the leader…

But the media, journalists, people who are educated and supposed to be behind the scenes informing the people are just as PC and retarded as the people digesting the content….

So instead of saying Kendall is a vapid little cunt, with an unmemorable look or face, but she happens to be the better looking skinny one from the horrible marketing machine that is the Kardashians…the shittiest brand in America..that America created and made rich as fuck….

Instead of saying brands only use her for her following, because they know she wants to be a model, and that magazine want to be on her good side so she tags them on instagram….instead of saying she’s a fucking lie…they perpetuate it..

I assume you that you only know what kendall looks like because they’ve showed her to you 40-50 times a day – and not because she’s inspiring or perfect for the shoot or campaign…

It’s exposure I hope leads to her premature death…because this low quality shit must end…

GARBAGE….V Magazine have historically been the biggest suck ups to celebrities to get hits…they are fucking garbage…they can try to make shit seem artistic or high concept – but when you cast a cunt like kendall, a fucking commerical puppet, it’s a fucking ad..



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Kendall Jenner See Through Slut of the Day


It amazes me that in this smut filled world we live in…you know one filled with porn…and trashy celebrated rich kids with sex tapes….with cheating politicians, church leaders and perverts fucking everywhere…..and tech companies that have tricked the public to have no privacy, to be tracked and to push stories and product to the idiots through little retard devices and an interface that presents itself as “fun” or “connecting with friends…..

Allowing people like Kendall Jenner…to exist…

She’s average, you only know her because they’ve push her on us – 40 times a day….and it almost makes that purist, civilized, Jesus loving approach of the 50s seem a lot more decent…

I like storylines that involve the wife burning the roast on TV, not dad becoming a mom after sister got fucked by a black guy…

Where have we all gone wrong…where is America….

Kendall Jenner is garbage…but like Trump…and social media that made her…represents everything AMERICAN…

These pics were sent in by a reader who will remain nameless…something we wish would happen to Kendall – she’s garbage…

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Kendall Jenner Grabs her Tits for Obama of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.30.21 PM

It was the white house correspondents dinner – where Obama did his 30 minute speech that I watched and laughed at some of the jokes CLICK HERE TO WATCH

One of those jokes was on how Kendall Jenner is useless trash and why she had no real business existing or being there, but the who country is a fucking joke, so I guess it all makes sense…and I guess Kendall wanted to drive that point home, with a classy titty grab pic to say “I am a whore you idiot, raised by whores, and I was at your event as a whore, after a whore no longer needs to whore, thanks to her sister doing the actual sexual whoring, while I can focus on just whoring for attention and jobs brands throw at me because I’m social media relevant”…trash…

Turns out other girls were there:

Kelly Rohrbach – from Baywatch 2016 – What?





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Kendall Jenner Bikini Model of the Day


I hate everything Kardashian but I guess we all perpetuate their existence by talking about them…but more importantly, brands keep throwing money at them because they actually push sales, like their trashiest, richest AVON lady knocking at your door via social media…because I guess girls want to be them…

It’s safe to say that Kendall is the hottest one in the litter of these demons…but she’s still overrated and not deserving of any “model” career, but brands are confused and like making sales and executives are lazy and lack innovation..throw money where other people throw money…throw money at something that works…motherfucker is too busy fucking his secretary to bother using his fucking brain…

Here are some bikini pics…because bikini modeling is easy – every bitch on INSTAGRAM will prove that to you…make belief becomes real when you’re rich as fuck and connected.

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Kendall Jenner and her Groupie Park in Handicapped Spots of the Day

Kendall Jenner - Leaving a Yoga Studio in Hollywood (Spandex) - 26032016_007

I am not the kind of person who really cares about policing handicapped parking, but I still never park in handicapped parking, even though it’s convenient as fuck. I am the kind of guy who tries to convince anyone I know with an injury to get a Handicapped parking sign that we can color photocopy and put in all our cars so we will get the VIP parking people who can’t walk due to disease or injury, but more importantly Kendall Jenner and her groupie deserve….

You see, when you’re a self involved spoiled cunt, who thinks she’s too busy in life to waste driving around in circles looking for parking, especially when you’ve hired the paparazzi to come shoot you walk into Yoga because you’re doing a campaign for a fitness brand, and part of the millions, include an instagram pic and being seen by the paparazzi in it…

She could argue that she’s so famous that if she was walking a block or two, or paying the meter, she’d be ransacked…and give her a break, her mother is her pimp and her dad turned himself into her mom…she’s not from a well rounded place.

I would argue, that despite all that is working against her in her life of luxury, she’s a fucking cunt, overrated, not a model, and just a product pushing puppet on some AVON lady level being used by brands to increase sales…and not being used by brands because they think she has anything to offer…

The reality is, she’s the kind of girl who is so into herself, absorbed in her entitlement that she’d probably fight an actual handicapped person to get the spot…

Garbage, and she’s not even hot…and either is her groupie…the Baldwin shadow who follows her everywhere….

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