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Kendall Jenner See Through Outfit of the Day

Kendall Jenner is a very important model who shows her tits on the internet…and on the runway – because she’s so fucking classy…and luxurious like her gutter porn family and all their disgusting behavior….

What a fucking joke, looking at her walking her model walk you know her dad/mom trained her for when she was a little girl because it was the onlything IT could relate to her on…

SHe’s making this serious face, like she’s all serios…anothing thing she’s worked on and the whole thing…fucking terrible…but you can see her ass cheeks and even some nipple…because everyone shows their nipples…it’s the internet generation…

She’s not even good looking – what is this shit…

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Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid See Through in Paris for Fashion Week of the Day


I know this isn’t about Trump, or the Women’s march…where women everywhere came together and were activists together because I guess it was more fun that doing the dishes, laundry, cooking dinner….

Where husbands everywhere were forced to eat take out, while listening to the women in their life spew some shit about equality…even though that’s got nothing to do with Trump, or the fact he grabs pussy, because clearly all these bitches like money, and having their pussies grabbed, making them seem totally delusional to pretend to be offended by it…but I guess delusion is the way things work….especially when actors, who are the most delusional greety, narcissist pigs, trying to relate to the people…terrible…

So the little pigs who objectify themselves, and know the value of tits, like Bella and Kendall thanks to their dads being well…not Kendalls, being rich guys who fuck hookers who become their moms…continuing to breed “look pretty, hang out with other rich people, enjoy life”…..

So mesh shirts…not telling trump to suck their dicks…as politics are always boring and tits aren’t…is what we should focus on…

Little rich slut…dreams..

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Kendall Jenner’s Nipples of the Day


Kendall Jenner has nipples that she shows off in her dress – because it’s a red carpet event and the red carpet events mean there are countless photographers ready to take her picture and without her nipples exposed…does it even count as her being there…does she even matter….will she get the kind of attention her family wants her to get at the event…

The movie is Oceans 8, it’s the tampon version of Ocean 12, where a bunch of women including Rihanna, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Cate Blanchett try to steal a bunch of tampons or whatever it is girl heist movies are about….maybe it’s stealing a baby because one of them is infertile…or it could just be stealing hearts…but whatever the story is…it’s a terrible fucking idea…and there was no need for the girl’s version of an Oceans movie…when there are all the ideas in the world…so why brand it something people already know…because people are morons and need to be fed things they already know…

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Kendall Jenner’s Keeping Mom Off her Back with Bikini Pics of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.49.38 PM

Kendall Jenner posted her family duties, some kids empty the dishwasher, other’s post erotica – half naked images to their social media…to shut their mom up and participate to the family’s wealth…

Because it’s very possible, doubtful, but possible, that this entitled twat doesn’t actually give a fuck about updated shit to her social media. She may be the rare girl who isn’t obsessed with posting up nonsense, showing off that she’s young, fit and rich….because she’s already there…and social media is dumb…

Meaning…that someone is pushing her “did you post your tits yet”….the same someone who turned Bruce into a bitch, and Kim into a Pornstar she was able to reposition as a whatever the fuck Kim is…

The point is, these Kardashians are easy to hate, but they aren’t masterminds, the mom is…and they are just pawns in her tactics…because posting on social media is fucking annoying and even vapid cunts who love themselves and want to show themselves off to the world…find it annoying to do…but you gotta do it to keep getting paid…so do it…Kendall Does….

The only intersting thing in this, other than the bikini jacked up to her neck, is her hip to waist ratio…she’s skinny, but this looks abnormal…in a good way…like a photoshop accident or something..

I’m into it….I am just not into anything else about this plastic, bullshit trash that reminds me how terrible the world we live in – actually is…

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 2.49.52 PM

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Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Lara Stone for V Magazine of the DAy


Here are the cover girls of the latest issue of V Magazine….The very important Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls and Lara Stone…

It’s some bullshit tattoo scene where you can see the most important model of them all…Kendall Jenner with her panties pulled down for an ass tattoo…because she’s the kind of girl who will let anyone brand her just so long as it gets her paid or a stamp of approval that allows her to really believe she’s an actual model…because she is an actual model….the world has created her and made her one…dreams do come true when the world is a bunch of fucking groupies…who will attach themselves to anything with money….fascinating…

But not as fascinating as the story that one of these models (lara stone) send me legal letters to take down her pics…something I find wonderful…

Update – Lily Aldridge got in on this shit…


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Kendall Jenner Posts Underwear Fetish Pics for Money of the Day


You gotta appreciate a whore, no matter what her price is, because at least she’s getting paid for what all these other tricks are doing for free..and getting paid is all that matters in this materialistic world, it’s like why not get paid for what you would be doing for free….since it takes a certain kind of hooker to get naked in pictures for social media…like mass mainstream sexting….something so many girls are doing, just not the girls I want to see doing it, because the second a girl posts panties on her social media, or even bikini pics, I see the thirsty, eager cunt she is…and I write her off…and you’d be surprised how many glorious, brilliant, classy, hot women there are out there who don’t buy into the whole get naked on social media…and the reality is, when you get them to bang you, the sex is far more amazing…because they aren’t laying there on their phone tracking likes…

This is a garbage part of our society, but there are still great people who think it’s fucking dumb, and don’t participate….and this Jenner, is a Jenner, she was doomed before she even started, born into it….and getting paid to do it…makes it all the more better….it’s the troll of the century…brands paying girls to sext the world…what….

It’s the low levels that wish they were Kendall that are the fucking problem….either way, let’s help her make that Christmas bonus, delivering that campaign that she probably made well over a million dollars on, even though she woulda done it for free – cuz that’s how thirsty works…

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Kendall Jenner’s Butt Selfie Video for La Perla of the Day

I believe that the only thing interesting about the Jenner’s is that their dad may or may not have chopped off his dick, and even that isn’t that interesting, it is a testament of how crazy their media controlled life is…it’s like how strong is your mental capacity after you’ve been pimped out to the world…at what point do you fucking break….it’s bound to happen.

But until it does, Kendall Jenner remains the uneventful celebrity “model” who gets work because o fher massive social media reach and not because she’s actually hot…she’s ok…skinny…but average really…nothing exciting…even when in underwear videos of her taking BUTT Selfies…

I still think this would be more comedic if it was her father turned second mother, because old weathered trannies have more edge, darkness and demons…while this one remains vapid, and loving life, because she hasn’t crashed and burned yet….

They all crash and burn…it’s just a matter of time….so I anxiously await…and hope that her and her family don’t follow TRUMP’s lead to be the next reality show celebrity president…


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Kendall Jenner is a Real Model with Other Models of the Day


The only thing interesting about the Jenner’s is that their dad chopped off his dick, and even that isn’t that interesting, it’s more a “would you do it for the story” if you had the opportunity to do it situation…

So every time I see Kendall Jenner, I think…”If only she was her father turned mother, then she’d have a hook, or anything more than just a vapid social media audience and a weird career as a model when she’s not a model but rather a social media person..”….

You know, we could have conversations as to whether it’d be gay despite it looking like a girl, provided you know about the chop….or whether it’s only gay when the prostate they don’t remove makes it cum out of its clit…

But rather we have a “why is she in campaigns, she’s so average”…and the ever present reminder that TRUMP is president because of social media…so social media makes dreams come true…just not my dreams…

Other models in this shoot are Isabelli Fontana and some asian..

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Kendall Jenner 21st Birthday Dress of the Day


Kendall Jenner turned 21….which means she probably had her first alcoholic drink as American girls do when they turn 21….because there is no way she’s been railing lines of prescription pills to manage her busy life as one of the leaders in instagram modeling, you know because her instagram modeling went so viral that along with FIT TEAS and other nonsense teeth whitening products she’s paid to promote…like a low level half naked instagram bitch…she’s also in magazines that pretend to be legit but that are just about the followers…like everyone else seems to be in the world…because followers seems to be the dick measuring test to know if you actually exist, if you actually have substance, if you’re actually human….but I’d argue all these plastic, bullshit, followed people…are anything but human…or just the worst qualities of humans…and for that they shouldn’t be celebrating birthdays…they should be having funerals….kill them off…but no one cares enough to kill them off..they are more into just double tapping their bullshit instagram pics…


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Kendall and Gigi for W Magazine of the Day


So….W Magazine is on the search for clickbait, and I guess in that quest to get click in the media and on their social media accounts…they went with people they felt had a strong audience to achieve their hopes and dreams…to satisfy advertiser money…because these famewhores will do any media that comes their way for free….

Their concept was paid for by some brand, or a series of brands…because this is what advertising looks like….and I guess…the top level “artist” idea was to take pics of them with their original, pre-plastic surgery, noses…

They pretended it was “art”…or “social commentary” on the Snapchat filter…by hiring some artists, who don’t realize that artists are a fucking lie and that art doesn’t exist…especially when it’s all for an ad…garbage humans…

Let’s not intellectualize this shit, or buy into their shit, or pretend this is anything but clickbait fodder that isn’t even hot…or compelling…because these idiots are idiots..just looking for likes and follows…and not to do good things, or inspire…or be interesting or next level….

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Kendall Jenner’s Promoting her Underboob Because she’s a Whore of the DAy


These people are such trash….so fucking average yet marketed hard enough to trick all the idiots youth to think she’s iconic…because they are too busy taking selfies to really get invested in or care…it’s more of a double tap on a picture and brands love it…because brands are run by 22 year old marketing chicks who are just as stupid as Kendall Jenner and her fans..making this cyclone of garbage….that should be incinerated but for some reason…never is…..

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Kendall Jenner Braless of the Day


Yesterday, I said that Kendall Jenner, along with being terribly fucking boring, useless, vapid, uninteresting, talentless is also so fucking average looking, that if she was born into any other home, she’d probably be working at Subway and you’d think, that Subway worker is kinda cute, she doesn’t wear bras….

Thanks to positioning, she’s not a Subway worker, but instead Kendall Jenner is a “top” model, at least she’d like you to think that. She’s the lead “influencer’ on social media and worst of all she thinks she’s hot as fuck…

But even without her bra on for the paparazzi…because that’s trendy…Kendall Jenner is so fucking average looking….at least she’s skinny…because if she was fat and doing this…I’d be angry about it…instead I’ll look at her average at best tits…and wonder if her Dad Caitlin sucks dick better than she does…and the answer is probably, he’s got more to prove…

I’m disappointed with the world for letting this happen. It’s not why I drink, but it’s more reason to drink…

Here she is hugging a monster..

A video posted by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on

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Kendall Jenner is So Fucking Average Looking for Allure of the DAy


Kendall Jenner is so fucking average. There’s nothing interesting or compelling about her. There is nothing hot about her. There is nothing sexy about her. But the industry fucking loves her – because she has following…and she only has following because her whore sister got a TV show from her whoring and they family was relentless enough to monetize the fuck out of every single area they could…by keeping this one white for white people…while the other are too busted and fat to be used the same way…and she’s owning it, like her dad owns being her second mom, despite having a dick…something that doesn’t fuck her up or make her want to escape the sex cult she’s part of…because it pays so well…because she’s got no soul, she’s a fucking puppet..

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Kendall Jenner – Braless of the Day

Kendall Jenner was in Vogue Spain doing some weird ballet shit…with a weird edited audio track of her shitting out various bullshit quotes…like talking about how she loved being a kid, running around an exploring, before her father became her mother and she had to grow up pretty fast…catching him in her superhero panties posing in the mirror would rob the innocence of anyone…I mean that or seeing your brown sister in porn…your mom staged…possibly filmed…

But the fact that she thinks she had to grow up real quick, is an interesting concept because anyone who actually had to grow up thanks to hard time, or taking care of themselves would laugh at her delusions…because the Jenners are children and will be children into their 80s…if they don’t kill themselves in some 50 year old rebellion after some botched plastic surgery they can’t make look good like their pig sisters…

It’s hilarious….because she thinks traveling solo, having a mom narcissist who only cares about selling them off is not actually growing up, the money is there, the accountants and lawyers are there, the coddled bullshit..red carpet…celebrated life…being babysat and controlled is not growing up…but let these whores think they have substance, artistic integrity, value…but they are just fucking bullshit…

Bullshit that doesn’t wear bras…which is the trend…and I don’t mind…but I have been next to her and there’s nothing exciting about her. This is all marketing…and it’s not even good marketing…but nipples are nipples…let them shine…

Vogue Spain / Vogue Germany / Vogue whatever the fuck her family owns….

How about her fake lips in some snap bullshit…

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The Kylie and Kendall and Kim Instagram Photoshoot of the Day


Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner have put out their pictures from the Kylie 19 despite having the ass of a 45 year old mom and a face of a 50 year old stripper all thanks to stupid plastic surgery procedures her garbage family has made industry standard, and that girls everywhere are getting done, despite looking like fucking clowns…all cheap and indistinguishable from trashy porn chicks while being fucking near billionaires….because they make fucking money.

I saw an ad the other day saying Kylie was an Entrepreneur and trendsetter, and the sick thing is that she is, young girls follow her and think she’s got something magical to offer, when really she’s just a shameless whore..

These pics are instagram perfect, this what all those pics look like, all the same poses, and setting, and soulless fucking drivel that doesn’t fucking matter, but that dudes will go “i’d fuck that”..and chicks say “I want to be what dudes want to fuck”..

It’s just spoiled, disgusting, humans…and they should be exterminated, but instead 22 year old media buyers still throw money at them – because they still push fucking product better than even the most eager Avon lady…

Fuck this garbage family…and I know you would, for the right price, the mom would let you…

Here are the booty centered pics…cuz they know what works for the family as a whole…I’m talking to you BRUCE

MAYBE you’re more into Kim’s Huge Ridiculous clown ass in Mexico for her Hired Paparazzi…

Oh Kim did an instagram shoot also…

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.26.17 PM

Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 12.27.39 PM

Kim also wore a white bathing suit – looking terrifying..

Kim K in a See Through Shirt..


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