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Khloe and Kendall Kardashian in Bikinis of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.35.34 AM

Oh yeah…look at the monster Kardashian looking less and less like her tranny stepdad wants to look…you know big and burly, thanks to fitness plastic surgery, and waist training belts I am sure you can buy if you click one of their social media links, all posing with the young one in a bikini, in a series of photos, that attention whores love….for their instagram….and that I love…for the bikini pics…even if they should be anal sex videos. That’s the caliber of talent this is…

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 11.35.24 AM

Khloe and Kendall Kardashian and their hybrid Kylie…that I assume was created in the lab in the family’s basement next to their on-call plastic surgeon…to help perpetuate their existence…so that they never die off and keep on hitting us from other angles…marketed to new generations…Khloe to men who are into younger Caitlins, you know the kind of dudes who like being pegged by a monster with tits, while Kendall is the “fashion icon”…and “Kylie” is the young Kim, in the hip hop scene….it’s all so calculated…I’m excited for there to be a freak out…murder suicide when the pressure is just too much for one of them to handle…because they have over-used the media…made a lot of money…and it becomes a breeding ground for serious mental health issues…

The funny thing in all this is that you know they think they are the Royal family of the USA….and USA think they are the Royal Family…because they are keeping themselves alive because of you…

I guess I am part of the problem, not that anyone reads this site, but I’m a sucker for selfies that have been photoshopped, because why look at real things, when we can have vapid, fake, garbage…..like this..on their luxury bikini vacations…

Garbage…I owuldn’t even want to fuck…but I want to fuck anything, it doesn’t even need to be alive…..not that they’d fuck me, obviously they wouldn’t fuck me, they think they are royalty and have so much money, because people are drawn to followers, and they will forever be celebrated by dudes wanting to fuck them….

This is so fucking cheesy….but not as cheesy as the secretions that drip out of their played out, banged out, pussies.

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Khloe Kardashian Terrifies Me in Women’s Health of the Day


Monster Kardashian, who isn’t actually a Kardashian, because she looks like her mother’s Ex-Lover and famous murderer OJ Simpson, and/or a Sasquatch…but I guess who is a Kardashian because her Kardashian father didn’t bother questioning his whore wife’s vagina, because she was a whore then and he knew what he got himself into, so might as well just keep up appearances, it was the 80s…and she could pass for Armenian so whatever…

That said, she’s got a TV show coming out, where she pretends to be Oprah, and I guess shes’ been working out/getting plastic surgery, doing media that photoshops her, as part of her attempt to shine , to be the focal point, instead of the basement baby, she looks like, and pretty much was, because it is LA and no one wants an ugly baby…

Here are the cheesy pics..

Fuck the Kardashians.

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Khloe Kardashian’s in Complex of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 11.12.43 AM

Khloe Kardashian, OJ Simpson’s daughter with the evil Kardashian mother…

The one who people would debate is not actually human, before realizing that science discovered that AFRICAN is actually 100 percent Human, while white people are only 95 percent Human and percent neanderthal… interesting stuff…considering this bitch looks 95 percent neanderthal….

But Khloe is still a monster…But we’ll just pretend she’s Armenian and her people survived the genocide to create her….and her sister survived being a pornstar before America’s Sweetheart Ryan Seacrest gave them a TV Show, because he loves pornstar…and apparently Cocaine..because Armenians are so loved in Los Angeles….

She’s on her own hustle, getting her own talk show, because America loves her, and it is only natural that she become Oprah of her generation…because she has the audience, and is the big one…

In doing that, she’s doing media, showing off her plastic surgery that turned her into a hip hop video vixen looking plastic face monster…

Perfect to do a fitness erotic shoot for an “urban” magazine…that once featured me…

I hate to say she looks hot, because she’s a kardashian and I am a firm beleiver they should all be killed off…

Here’s the pics…

But she looks hot…here’s the Video… CLICK HERE

Here’s the video.

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Khloe Kardashian Licking Kendall Jenner of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.58.32 PM

It is debatable whether Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are the same species. She’s teh ALF of the family, you know the one who they pretend the mom shat out, when really they found her in a field out back in a broken spaceship they decided to raise her as their own and morph her into as close to a human as they can…because they themselves aren’t human…making this licking her sister in the gym not quite incest fetish…but just weirdness…you know kind of like a Duggar situation where fingers went inside the hole when changing baby Kendall diapers because big Khloe didn’t know better, but the older instagram friendly version…

I guess…they are all just BFFs…as they bullshit America….with their web of lies..including but not limited to Scott Disick cheating on Kourtney with a girl named Chloe who they are slaughtering, even though Scott parties without Kourtney always, and is only with her for the business, but the public can’t help but believe this lie…I guess because they are both dumb, and choose to ignore reality while living in the Kardashian’s scripted truman show reality…

Look at these comments…

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.39.40 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.39.54 PM

Now look at big Khloe’s ass:


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Khloe Kardashian Speaks Wookie of the Day

A video posted by Kylizzle (@kyliejenner) on

I’ve called Khloe Kardashian a sasquatch Kardashian because she was the monster that everyone felt bad for because they packaged her as the funny one…and the funny one is always the one people like…but the funny one is also the one who can’t get by with her looks..until she spends Demi Moore money with the plastic surgeon like she was her sister…probably because they are full time employees..

Either way…nerds call her a wookie, which is a Sasquatch in Star Wars….and here she is speaking wookie…on instagram…because that’s what you do…when your dad is OJ Simpson..

Here are some pics of her and Kylie on the Jet eating Popeyes…

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Khloe Kardashian “Abs” of the Day



Khloe Kardashian posted this picture of her abs, that I am sure have nothing to do with one of the Kardashian apps they are peddling to beautify your instagram pics, so you can be a fame whore crying for attention like some kind of Narcissist just like them…all by making them more money than god..

I heard the mom just closed a 100,000,000 dollar deal, that probably made Seacrest 20 million dollars, but more importantly, that made the Kardashians 80 million dollars…more than the hundreds they already have, because people like you think they are important, when all they are is a pile of garbage rich kids being garbage…it’s fucked…

But not as fucked as me wanting to have sex with the big Kardashian…even though I remember what she looked like before the family doctor went to town her her, rebuilding her, creating this with her…

I just think it is a good reminder that when you are a garbage person with little to offer, focus on looking good, not for health, but because people like things that look good…even if those things are a fucking lie.

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Khloe Kardashian Hits the Gym of the Day


Seeing as her biological father was a professional athlete, before being a ex-wife killer..it would only make sense for the monster Kardashian to channel into her genetic code and hit the gym to try to lower that body fat percentage, but the reality is she’s more into just getting fat transfers, as this hip hop girls on instagram do, to give their asses more fat…while taking it out of their stomachs…it’s a thing that I like to think pigs like Kim Kardashian perpetuated…

The fact is that the monster Kardashian, got her face rebuilt, because the public teasing her for being a monster made her realize she was a monster, and that her millions of dollars she has access to thanks to her sister’s porn career, could be applied to getting work done to make her look like all the other plastic faced girls with fat asses and fake lips…but then again, it could have been free, because based on Kim K, it seems like there is a surgeon on staff…and an operating room in the basement of their mansion…

The truth is she looks better than ever..even though I hate this look…so I guess fake asses, plastic surgery, no panties in leggings, on a monster…make the monster something I’d let sit on my face…it’s like put a fat ass on anything and like a black dude, I’ll try to get up in it….and I’m not sure what that says about me…but I’m sure not very much more than you already know…and that is that I have no standards, I am a pervert and I’ll put my tongue in fucking vile things…

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Khloe Kardashian Has No Pants On for Cosmo of the DAy

Khloe Kardashian has taken Kim’s lead and found a scientist, doctor, or different beautifying techniques to take her not hot everything, in fact bitch was so fucking busted, she was a fucking ogre peopled called the shit-colored Shrek….in a fake it cuz you’ve made it kind of way….I call an optical illusion that took work, but that we know beneath the surface still lives a monster….and I guess Cosmo decided to do the big reveal…like that show Disney used to put out before the realized it was terrible called Extreme Makeover, where they would rebuild beast women and reveal them to their kids, to which their kids would cry no recognizing thing new version of their mother….

All this to say, this can’t be Khloe, but it is Khloe, thanks science and a family of vapid, vain, hairy monster cunts who have mastered the art of getting work done hard….like it was black cock…something they’ve also mastered.


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Khloe Kardashian Goes to the Gym of the Day

I am not thankful for the Kardashians…none of the Kardashians…not the model tween Kardashians…or the monster Gorilla Kardashian who walks the fine like of whether she’s a man or a woman…

I am however thankful for Kim’s sex tape…because it made me 10,000 dollars….

I am also thankful that they dumb down the world and make them think that all it takes to make 100,000,000 dollars a year…is a sex tape…

because I like watching sex tapes…

Here’s a Turkey lookin’ body, on a Turkey looking Turkish bitch, thanks the Armenian Genocide, provided that she’s not O.J’s daughter….going to the gym…because she fucking needs to…. CLICK HERE

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Khloe Kardashian See Through of the Day

Apparently these are Khloe Kardashian’s nipples, which happen to be the same nipples I have zero fucking interest in ever seeing…ever…

I just don’t like the Kardashians, even if they are genius marketers, spinning sex toy into 100s of millions of dollars, because when it comes to America, money overpowers decency or shame all the fucking time…

I don’t like what they do, represent, look like, or they scam they hustle…Not that I care either way…because let’s face it – Khloe nipples aren’t really news and aren’t really hot – no matter how much surgery she gets…they are just kinda there…..but they sucked me in to post them again with their fame whoring….that’s why they win…

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Khloe Kardahian in a Filthy Fucking Panty Flash of the Day

I wasn’t expecting fancy lingerie on Khloe Kardashian, despite being a Kardashian, and whore is in their blood.

I was expecting a dick, something that despite not loving dick on women, you know, not quite a fucking tranny fucker unless there are no other options and I’m dying for a cheap blowjob. You know in an ignorance is bliss and I’m not willing to actually discover whether bitch is a tranny or not. Where I just pretend the wig is real and the stubble is menopause…

A dick, I would have been happier to see than these weird shorts, or spanx, or whatever the fuck she’s got herself harnessed into. They look like they are for medical reasons, even to cover up testicles while giving a cellulite free look….and I just hate smoke and mirrors.

Bitch, you’re disgusting in or out of these shorts, you aren’t fooling anyone into thinking otherwise, and if SPANX are the new DUCT TAPE, just take them off and be your chunky, beast self, dick, balls, cellulite and all….stop the fucking lies you Kardashian demons from hell.


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Khloe Kardashian Nipple For X-Factor of the Day

This is an unfortunate state of affairs….Khloe Kardashian has nipples which imply that she may be able to breast feed the animals she pumps out of her monster uterus….her dad…OJ Simpson would be proud….

Unless she’s not wearing a bra…cuz she’s a dude…as her shoulders would suggest…

And the real issue in all this monster shit…is why the fuck is she hosting prime time TV

There is something wrong with the world…as there is something wrong with this girl’s genetics…as there is something wrong with the fact it turns you on…

She’s a Kardashian (legally) so primetime porn is kinda their thing.

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Khloe Kardashian Proves She’s Part Ape of the Day

I have said that Khloe Kardashian is part primate for a long time, and not because her real dad is OJ Simpson, that’s racist and I don’t fuck with racism. We are all god’s children.

I have been saying it cuz she’s a fucking beast of a woman…massive, hunched over and the kind of girl you’d assume throws her shit at spectators when she’s chronically masturbating at the zoo she lives in….like she’s throwing shit at the Hindu religion by defacing their traditional forehead decals….I am not just saying that cuz she’s married to a black guy, that’s racist and I don’t fuck with racism. We are all god’s children.

But ape or not, Khloe Kardashian eating bananas and kissing the banana tip, is better than being out there killing white people. like her biological father…and that’s all I have to say about that.

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Khloe Kardashian Nipple Slip on Fox & Friends of the Day

I was surprised to see Khloe Kardashian’s nipple slip on Fox & Friends, not because I think she’s a wholesome girl, she’s a Kardashian, I know they are all attention seeking sluts, and not because I expected her to wear a bra, because she looks like a dude and dudes don’t wear bras, that would make them gay….I was surprised to see Khloe Kardashian’s nipple slip on Fox & Friends because I always thought she was wearing a mascot costume and mascot costumes don’t have nipples…

This is really fucking me up…well not really…I just said that for effect.

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Khloe Kardashian’s Window into her Disgusting Tits of the Day

Khloe Kardashian went out in leather pants and a shirt that showed off her tits. Luckily she was smart enough to hire a black chick to wear the exact same outfit to act as a diversion, unless she’s got the Kim Kardashian eagerness to get noticed, in which case she hired the black chick so people would be forced to see her in leather pants and a shirt that showed off her tits, kinda like some bait and switch shit you see at the strip club, where one hot girl sits around while all these busted bitches get on stage,but you stay waiting for that one to go up, only in this case the hot stripper isn’t that hot, she’s just a relief from Khloe Kardashian’s disgusting…

Not that anyone should care…

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