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Kim and Khloe Kardashian Ass Show for Some Magazine of the Day


Kim Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian compared their broken down faces that have been rebuilt with shitty face fillers – so that they are a living and breathing instagram filter….while more importantly they also compare their lipo suction stomachs and fake asses because that’s just what these low life trashy girls who make a lot of fucking money thanks to being rich, connected, well followed while the industry throws money at them – because they like to chase followers – rather than chase good content – as the world – is all a bunch of whores – and the Kardashians are just the product of that world – the figureheads that more girls imitate rather than lynch like the witches they are…..Garbage fucking people….this is not hot….but middle aged girls playing “hot” instagram hooker…they are fucking muppets…muppets that should be killed off but who are instead worth ruining thanksgiving over.

There are only two pics out now – but there will be more – thanks fame whores for using fame whores to market bullshit – and perpetuate this hell we live…


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Kim Kardashian Naked from her New Book of the Day


Kim Kardashian is naked…obviously…all part of her master plan of getting robbed, or staging a robbery, that she fake sues companies she is probably an investor in, to have another story to make it seem real, while her monster sister goes on Ellen to discuss her struggle, and Kanye cancels his tour because he needs family time…when everyone knows if anyone was that close to the garbage human show off…consuming pig, who flaunts and brags and people watch like she matters, feeding her twisted, genetically modified, inhuman looking body…that’s totally freakish and abnormal….a body she loves getting totally naked and showing off…because that’s the kind of attention seeker she is…like a fucking retard in the park hitting rocks together…her strategy simplistic…but thanks to it’s simplistic nature fucking works..even I’m posting these like I care…when I look at it see nothing hot, erotic, impressive, worth discussing…it’s just a worthless throwaway of a person..but I’m still putting it up…in confusion about her shape…uninterested in her nipples…but still putting it up…I’m part of the problem…but this one is the source of the problem…

Kim Kardashian nude selfie, who gives a fuck…let’s see less Kim Kardashian…and not from liposuction I mean plug the hole, even if it’s always filled, just end the leaking that is this toxic shit on society..


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Kim Kardashian Nipples Pre-Robbery of the Day


I hate when people tell me about their dreams…both their hopes and aspirations as well as the visions that come to them when they are sleeping….so I feel terrible saying this, but not really, because I know that no one is reading this site, but more importantly, it’s my site and I’ll do what I want, not to mention that when it comes to Kim Kardashian, like so many people come to Kim Kardashian….she is totally uninspiring…

That said, the fact that she’s a media machine, getting robbed at Gun Point, by people who weren’t smart enough to kill her, because it was an inside job…was a massive diversion from the story of the Pentagon hiring a UK PR Firm for 500 million dollars…to make fake Terrorist videos…what?! Totally….reality TV is not just for KIM K…it’s for international policy…that’s why they love and allow the internet….to control all of you cunts…

Either way, my dream was not representative of my hope for Kim K’s death…it was me trying to coordinate an interview between her and Larry King, like I was some low level media person booking shit for old as fuck vampires to talk to terrible as fuck humans…

Now that’s not the point of this post, it’s to say that this bitch has infiltrated my mind, my subconcious…and there’s not way that there isn’t any EVIL involved in this…it is pure fucking evil and part of me wishes I wasn’t a lazy person…with more psychotic tendancies because if I was – I would make it my life work to convince one of you to off her….and not just her…the entire fucking family…

Now here are her nipples in a see through shirt as she does….at the show she went to before getting “robbed”…in her AirBNB…as part as a terrible ad campaign…..

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Kim Kardashian Exhibitionist of the Day

Kim Kardashian is a plastic surgery monster. She’s also clearly horny as fuck as she goes into her sexual peak. An exhibitionist who jerks off to the idea of people jerking off to her. A pussy that is never satiated because she’s got nothing better to do with her time by stick things like Kanye inside her…

She’s fucking weird looking, but is also a fucking cancer on society, not because she started out in porn, I use her as a case study every time I try convincing a girl to fuck on camera for me, I do a power point presentation and print up PDFs on the shit…showing the trajectory of her career that still makes more money than ever…all based on one sex tape and some clever marketing in a shameless whore self promotional tour that’s lasted a LONG time…

So Horny whore. Porn Star who won because she only did one movie. Reality TV monster with the most beat up looking clown face and more interesting diaper lookin’ ass that I can’t understand why anyone, even black guys would buy into it…or more interestingly that strippers and low level sluts everywhere emulate with their own ass implants, but I guess in the 90s…Pam Anderson had the same impact on white girls…not talented, but huge clown tits and blonde hair on every pile of trash at every stripclub ever…meaning nothing really changes…it’s just the 90s trash was better than this pile of shit colored shit…pushing 40…

I mean society…find new idols or icons or people to celebrate…stop being so fucking lazy…

That said, here’s Kim showing her nipples…multiple times in multiple outfits…because that’s what rich moms of two do – when they want to be talked about…because remember…she’s the one who called the paparazzi on herself..and this is all part of her weird marketing strategy that obviously worked out well for her…


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Kim Kardashian Still Naked of the Day



Why does everyone look like Kim Kardashian? Why does everyone think this is attractive now? The fat pig with tons of plastic surgery…who wasn’t hot to being with…

It’s insane that this creature, that is barely human creature…is a trendsetter…

But I guess it’s just representative..

There’s nothing new and exciting…who else is there to idolize, there’s no one in the media or in movies that inspires or stimulates…which clearly opened up a window of opportunity for garbage like this to move in and steal eyeballs and ad dollars…because there are just no huge stars anymore, not in acting…leaving us with this..

People have always been into the mainstream, into what other people are into, trying to fit in or whatever, that’s really what it comes down to…people have always wanted to emulate what is popular…..and this is what’s popular…because it’s just there, easy to access and easy to digest..

I guess the good thing about her – is the shamelessness and the willingness to get naked inspires a whole lot of other girls to get naked…because if she was a classy, dressed, fat chick with no plastic surgery…there’d be no leader, no mom, who gets paid for all these sluts to look up to…or aspire to…

I can’t believe I said there’s a good thing about Kim Kardashian….because everything about her is so fucking evil…bootleg…garbage…no matter how celebrated it is…

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Kim Kardashian Porn for her Book of the Day


Kim Kardashian is a shameless pornographer – who is too old and too rich to be staring in her shameless pornography – but I guess her ego and the demand of the people – coupled with her need to be talked about and relevant – forces her and her overly plastic – even disgusting and unfortunately for the state of humanity – influential ass and tits to show off her ass and tits….

I don’t think anything makes any sense about this monster, why people care about her, why they follow her, why she exists as a personality…but I’m not about to solve the fucking proplem that is this family and the moron society we live in that aspire to be her…

I just stare at the tits….

These are for her new book, the fact she’s got a book is ridiculous..fame whore from every angle!!

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Kim Kardashian Nipples of the Day


Kim Kardashian is a gutter pig, but she’s rich and fuck and more interestingly shameless as fuck. It’s like they make 100s of millions of dollars a year, and this haggard plastic surgery ridden pig…who is some shade of shit color…still walks around with her tits out like some gutter street hooker…more importantly…she’s married to a very rich and famous rapper…and she still plays this gutter street hooker…not to mention she was raised as an LA rich gig…yet she still plays the street hooker…because she knows her audience is black men and the women who want to fuck them…which is everyone…

The funny thing about these demon, is that if the price is right, she’ll do it. She’ll promote skinny teas or protein powders like the den mother instagram hooker…without even thinking twice…she’s got a compelled and engaged audience who are locked the fuck in…and her social media team needs to be financed and paid for so bring in the shameless ads. We live in a world where people like ads….it makes zero sense to me…but what makes less than zero sense to me is that she’s so influential…kids are getting her plastic surgery procedures and are looking like this…it’s fucked….but tits are tits…and we can’t hate anyone showing tits..even if we all collectively she should be taken out back and shot like the old cow she is….

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Kim Kardashian See Thru Weirdness of th Day


It’s unfortunate that the biggest news of the day – both figuratively and literally – is Kim Kardashian shamelessly walking around virtually topless for the paparazzi…in New York…where it is legal to go actually topless…in what we can assume is not her attempt to de-sexualize breasts – but rather her attempt to show off her tits as hard as she can – and obviously as she can – knowing very well that people will look, brands will still work with her, hell she was penetrated by black cock and turned it into a billion dollar empire..a little tit in an era where tit is acceptable is just going to help support her whore case…

It just amazes me that at 35, as a mom of 2, girl is still fucking doing this nonsense. She has all the money in the world and has no need to be doing this, but instead wants you to still think she’s hot, thanks to all her creepy plastic surgery…it’s a family thing…they get the family pass…or the family discount…but really it’s just fucking odd..

Kim Kardashian Nude Poster Giveaway Weirdness – because bitch is a porn slut…




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Kim K’s Wtf Body and Her Terrible Clan of the Day


Kim Kardashian and her nips are fucking shameless, disgusting, weirdly shaped thanks to all her surgery, old, a mom, vile…fat sucked out of stomach, injected into her ass, creating a new and horrible unnatural look for women everywhere to feel insecure about and think to themselves that this is what dudes want…when no dude that I’v met anywhere wants this gutter porn look on anything…maybe black dudes, pitching it the “urban market”….because urban market is what the rich white Jewish kids follow…this shit isn’t good, it’s offensive, trash, and should be taken out back and shot, but instead bitch gets paid…thanks to Social Media…and you perverts…the worst…I know you all know this already…but like you…I still look at the tits…knowing I’ve seen dick enter her…we are so close…like old friends….

Brands still support porn trash – if it has lots of follows…this world is crazy…

In other garbage Kardashian news…here are more pics of Kylie’s “Daughter of a Tranny” birthday party in Turks and Caicos by their Instagram photographer…Renell Medrano…featuring famewhores who have made it….Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner & Kylie Jenner….but to keep things semi positive…Kendall’s got a good ass…and Bella Hadid’s good too…I guess I just don’t like fucking monsters…except on Halloween or when they are hiding in my closet or under my bed after having sex with them because I can’t stomach looking at them…but tell them it’s the best place for them in case my wife comes home…it usually makes them peace the fuck out…..

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Kim Kardashian Twerking in the Pool of the Day

Kim Kardashian is the fucking worst, and there’s obviously no secret in how she got her notoriety, but I am still fascinated that brands choose to work with her, or that people choose to idolize her, when despite being so fucking rich, a mom of two, she remains trashy as fuck….whether it’s getting naked every chance she gets, or milking her huge fake ass, and thin waist from Lipo that young girls are emulating, along with buying hair products and other shit she is selling like an Armenian market worker…back in Armenia…giving out all the bananas to the Africans rolling through…or some shit…

She’s in her mid 30s, posting ass shaking videos and nipple pics…and instagram doesn’t delete her shit, they need her, she’s their prized hen…and other brands throw millions at her…and it’s irresponsible marketing, and it’s hypocritical marketing, and it’s fucking disgusting to look at all this greed, wealth, consumerism, destruction of intelligent, thinking, analytical minds…replaced with hip hop video glamour models are our role models…

It doesn’t matter how many of us hate this shit, we still see this shit in our everyday…and no matter how confused we are…lazy media buyers are booking these pieces of shit…instead of not funding them…and ending them…which would be nice…

Here’s more of the monster..

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Kim Kardashian Picture of the DAy


Kim Kardashian is the fucking worst, but at the same time it could be argued that she is the best, because she makes the money, she’s the top of the media chain, despite not having a marketable skill, besides being a master of marketing. She just shamelessly promotes herself and people buy into it. She makes fun of herself and people buy into it. People hate on her and still buy into her…all from putting herself out there in a sex tape that she’s made money off of since….decades later….

So seeing her sloppy mom in a tight dress may be vile to some, but people will still jerk off to it, because they are brain washed….and I am all about this pic, even though I truly don’t give a fuck about Kim Kardashian and think she’s the fucking worst…



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Kim Kardashian – Still Whoring of the Day


There’s a recent gossip story that is trending on my facebook – that I didn’t bother looking into – because it involves Kanye / Kim and Taylor Swift – all terrible people – but from what I did see they outted Taylor Swift for lying, because she’s an evil little monster – no one gets as rich as she does without manipulating or slitting some fucking throats – and no one at her age have that kind of money and act like decent people – even though it’s all part of the media manipulation – they are all in this together.

I’ve been calling her a whore forever…but I guess I call everyone whores – because they are whores and I only do content on whores…and one of the leader in whores is Kim Kardashian – who made a massive career as a whore – is a cover on FORBES for the 50 million dollars she made with her video game from being a whore – and she posted nipples from some photoshoot where she wore a MILF shirt – because she’s still whoring – and why not..dudes still want to fuck her – and think she’s hot…even though she’s a monster made by science and I guess by perverts everywhere – it’s weird – but at least she keeps shamelessly gives people what they want…

Here’s the video everyone is talking about – basically exposing Taylor Swift as a liar about his lyrics – because Kanye’s pretty hilarious and I guess Kim is up there with him in ultimate trolls.

Fuck Taylor Swift and her weird group of koolaid rinking weirdos.

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Kim Kardashian Never Fucking Stops…of the Day


Kim Kardashian is the most powerful woman in media – the Oprah of her generation – which is unfortunate seeing as Oprah went to school and worked up the ranks of woman in the media – where as Kim K just put out a sex tape…

The whole world finds her a superficial, vapid, useless, filled up with black cock kind of rich, lazy pig…yet people tune into the show, follow their story, watch the dad die after defedning a murderer – and the step dad become a woman all while the mom spends her days figuring out how to whore out the kids…something we can assume this one will do – because clearly it’s all she knows.

I try to not post their nonsense – yet I always post their nonsese…they are caculated demons from hell that penetrate our brains as black men penetrate them.

The worst – but also the weirdest shaped – how is this a human?

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Kim Kardashian Naked for GQ of the DAY


I try to ignore the Karadashians, but every now and then, mainstream media do a photoshoot, if you can consider a photoshopped Kim Kardashian a photo, when it’s more of an artistic interpretation of Kim Kardashian…and I have to ask why…

I guess business is slowing down for Kim Kardashian during her pregnancy – she’s pregnant isn’t she? Or maybe this is her post pregnancy, I’ve never seen the show, I stopped following her bullshit when she released the sex tape that made me a lot of money, so thanks Kim, best business partner I’ve ever had….unfortunately..

She’s decided to release some naked enough images.. that probably took years to edit, but that she’ll pretend is her casual and 60 pounds lighter than she was when pregnant….

Thanks GQ for knowing exactly what GENTLEMAN want…because I don’t know one man who wants Kim Kardashian naked, not even Kanye, he’s more into using her to get men into him….

She obviously has this as part of some promo tour, she’s putting herself out there, naked enough, but we could argue that if they are of Kim Kardashian’s face they are naked enough – because this bitch is overexposed, and irritating…the fucking worst..

We can all agree that she is garbage, no one I know likes her…we all know it – yet people still like her – people still buy into her shit – and her social media / reality star contrived bullshit is a leader to a hopeless generation of half retards…

There’s no point to hate on her, she exists, and we allow it…but at least she still whores in all her success for some media hits to make some noise around herself, when regular porn bitches end up dead…




Here’s the video that didn’t go viral because no one cares!

More photoshoot photoshop

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Kim Kardashian Went to a Party and These are her Social Media Pics of the Day


Kim Kardashian went to Dave Grutman’s wedding, you probably don’t know who Dave Grutman is if you’re not from Miami, but he owns or has owned or promoted and has promoted every major club there for the last 15 years…or longer…nothing wrong with that…he’s a nice dude with a good hustle going on…I mean someone has to pay the DJs their 100,000 dollars a night, and Miami is the place to do it…and I guess in being in Miami, and not a club owner in some small town, he knows a ton of fucking people, rich and famous people, and unfortunately one of them is Kim Kardashian, who decided to document his wedding and his guests including but not limited to Kim Kardashians tits…with people like Mel B, Elle Macpherson, Shanina Shaik and other party people..

Obviously, Kim Kardashian made it about herself, or her tits, even though she featured all these other people on her instagram, which in case you didn’t know, big brands pay lots of money for, I mean Kanye even married her for the instagram plugs.

It’s all so silly, she’s so old, yet people, myself included, still talk about her tits, but in my defence I am fascinated by the fact that a rich girl would turn to porn and that porn would lead to this and that this would lead to that and that means so much longevity. Porn girls are usually dead by 30, from drugs, finding Jesus…but this soulless monster keeps going…

I guess the good thing about this is that she’s trying to make “art”…or concept, all black and white…and close crops…but I still think she should direct her sister’s sex tapes…but instead she’s going to club weddings with he huge pretty exposed trying to steal from the wife tits..

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