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Stella Maxwell and Kristen Stewart – Lesbian Couple of the Day

In very important Lesbian news. Stella Maxwell, the Victoria’s Secret and lesbian for hire, to live out all the lesbian fantasies, for A-listers who want to experience eating pussy, as that is a huge part of how she got to this level of success…was seen out with Kristen Stewart her new lesbian lover, after banging through a bunch of other people, because that’s good for business, and good for the lebsian celebrities who want some Anne Heche hotness instead of some Rosie O’Donnell reality of being a lesbian…so that they can be all cute and shit….in shorts….despite not taking cock the way a woman should…

I blame overpopulation and our species internal dialog to no reproduce for all that is going on, vapid vain weirdos, same sex fuckers, women in the work force instead of the delivery room…and I am all for it…

I am just bummed this isn’t the lesbian sex tape, you see I never liked Kristen Stewart or her broken soul and bad acting, but when she’s the ugly lesbian in the relationship with the opportunist model, I think she’s great….perfect really…because I know lesbians, most hate me, and all are monsters…

Let’s keep same sex girl on girl love like this Hollywood version, fetishisized version on girl on girl…seriously…


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Kristen Stewart Lesbian Tits of the Day

People are semi excited by lesbian Kristen Stewart’s openly being a lesbian…fucking hotter bitches than we are – but mainly they are excited by her lesbian haircut…all militant and ready to go out there and protest men…ripping dicks off everyone that comes there way…because she’s got some deep rooted issues that have made her hate men…

She’s a lesbian – we get it – but she really wants to drive the point home – because she’s an actress and is playing the part.

I am more interested in her tits in her movie Personal Shopper that I guess is part of her identity crisis, self discovery, proving she’s more than just a bad actress who cashed out in Twilight…but that she’s also some small delicate tits…

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Kristen Stewart Lesbian Tits in a Movie of the Day

Kristen Stewart is topless in a movie, because she’s a Lesbian, or maybe because she’s trying to have more substance or depth…who knows or cares…what matters is the little Lesbian tits…and really…her ass…from her recent photoshoot isn’t all that bad at all…..so I’m kinda digging this version of lesbian….

I have nothing more to say about uninteresting trash from twilight looking for redemption – other than she fucks Victoria’s Secret models…so we got some similar interests…making her better…

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Androgynous Lesbian Gender Bending Kristen Stewart in a Thong and Pantyhose for V Magazine of the DAy

Kristen Stewart, the Lesbian actress who has been pretty fucking boring and not hot throughout her career, but where she had serious fame from Twilight….and this lesbian coming out thing has giving her a little depth to her already dull existence…mainly cuz she bangs a Victoria’s Secret opportunist model..Stella Maxwell..

I guess this is the new generation of dyke, maybe the hormones in the food, where the bull dyke era of Rosie O’Donnell lesbian is over, we are in a hip era of no gender, no sexuality, where where Lesbian or any sexuality is trend and cool….SoLesbians don’t have to ride motorbikes or wear construction boots and flannel…they don’t need to have asymmetric hair cuts, looking like David Bowie, like Kirsten Stewart but it’s bonus…but it cant be an identity crisis, or maybe it’s a no identity, don’t label me, rich girl weirdness…and who cares…she’s in a thong and pantyhose and not fat….works for me…

So these lesbians, are not the ready rip off any penis that comes their way type lesbian of the past….because they hate penis…this is hollywood lesbian…and it’s not all that lesbian…but rather sex tape I’d want to watch cuz she bangs stella Maxwell lesbian…even if lesbian porn is anti climatic…it’s still worth watching pussy rub together…like they are trying to start a friction fire…

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Lesbian Kristen Stewart Tits in Personal Shopper of the Day

It’s safe to say that lesbian Kristen Stewart is trying to find herself, find her identity as a terrible actor, fight for the Oscar, hell they gave one to Anne Hathaway for shaving her head – they will definitely will get her one for showing her tits…because that’s what all Oscar winners need….

Give this lesbian titty a chance…

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Kristen Stewart Lesbian Nipples of the Day


Kristen Stewart has nipples…as you’d expect…since she’s a lesbian and lesbians either become lesbians from bad experiences with dudes – like being raped by their dad…. or by being narcissistic weirdos who masturbate to themselves in a mirror so much that they want to experience as close to fucking themselves as possible and they do that through other women…right?

Why else would a chick be a lesbian….

That said, she’s in a movie, you can see her nipples, because she’s not some bullshit overrated actress…she’s an artist with depth…willing to expose herself for the role she’s committed to…

Bullshit sure, but nipples definitely…sexualize those fuckers, we know Kristen Stewart, despite being feminist vocally still cum with tit in their mouth..becuse tits are sexual…no matter how often these feminist lesbians show them to me…

This is from some move she’s in called shop girl or something like that…who cares….

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Kristen Stewart Lesbian Stance for Vogue of the Day


Kristen Stewart is a lesbian…and Photo number 6 – if you take the time to cruise through these pics..which I don’t think you should since she looks like a dyke.

Not that I hate dykes, or don’t find dykes hot, I mean there’s something awesome about a woman who looks like she’s going to a construction site when really she’s just going to the grocery store, because women can’t escape their gender roles, no matter how thick their beards are, or how big her construction boots are at Home Depot… it’s that dykes hate me, cuz of this whole penis thing. I try to tell them it’s just a clit gone wrong, because when buried in my fat, it can really be anything, it’s not a weapon or the patriarchy or that guy who raped you…it could be your friend, maybe if I rub week old tuna on it? Will that help our friendship blossom?

Well, she is a dyke…so I guess this fashion shoot makes sense…spread em…Twilight.

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Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian Tits of the Day


Kristen Stewart is topless in some movie called personal shopper….which means you can see her lesbian tits – that aren’t for you penis wielding perverts – no matter how big of a fan you are of her as a Twilight actress – love interest I think isn’t that hot, totally overrated….possibly inbred…but when tits are involved, because she’s just that committed of an actress, she’s that into her role and maybe even that “feminist” since they are just tits – and to show tits is feminist…it means you aren’t sexualizing the tits – even when you’re sexualizing the tits…you men are such pigs…the reason she’s run to the pussy eating life…the same pussy eating any of her fans probably imagine her doing when they jerk off to her….

I think this is the most naked I’ve seen her…and that may not be a good thing, or an accomplishment, or even exciting…but it’s better than not seeing her naked…or is it?

I guess this brings up the age old question….of ‘I’ve seen your tits now show me labia”…when it is pulled away from the slimy vagina it’s scissoring I guess…


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Kristen Stewart in a See Through Dress of the Day


Kristen Stewart is a Lesbian in a see through outfit….for the New Your Times…because she’s a major celebrity which is absurd because if you’ve ever seen anything she’s in – she can’t act. But she was in Twilight and that was a huge movie in the decline of Hollywood..before the official decline of Hollywood…who had a staged hetero relationship with her costar for marketing and to perpetuate her lie and now…she’s the leader of lesbians…because that’s how flimsy these idiots are…but the nice thing is since she’s become a lesbian she’s started to look more like a girl – because we like our lesbians lipstick

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Kristen Stewart Happy Lesbian For Elle of the Day

Kristen Stewart has never been hot to me, I’ve always just assumed she was a boring, depressing, barely dark but possibly white trash and inbred, who was part of a huge masturbatory movie series that was massive for people with high estrogen who buy into that kind of bullshit…so the press was less about people wanting to fuck her, and more about people thinking they wanted to fuck her because she’s in movies and paparazzi take pics of her while she’s faking relationships with her homosexual co-star….before herself being homosexual…you know since estrogen has always been drawn to her – and what it eats your pussy – it just feels nicer…because there is no erection in their pants cutting it short for some penetration…you know how guys are….

That said, she’s in ELLE magazine, looking so dark and mysterious, edgy and controversial, rich and famous…and if you look closely, you can see her girlfriend’s period on her noise..

No wait, that’s just some strawberry jam on my screen…that just ruined my scissor fetish, sure anticlimatic – but so beautiful like a gymnastics performance….

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Kristen Stewart’s Making Out Lesbian of the Day


This is not a hot kind of girl on girl kiss.

This is not your college hot girls making out in an era where Lesbians didn’t run rampent and girls used to do things like wet t-shirt contests and Jello Wrestling to get male attention or guys to like you….

This is not you porno lesbian with two stripper looking girls making out before having fake orgasms for dudes to jerk off to – and for girls who don’t like dick in porn to secretly think they are naughty for watching – before biting the bullet and fucking chicks….

This is more the lesbians you don’t want to see making out, like girls who look like hipster teen boys, which is a type of lesbian like the fat shaved head in plaid….but not the kind you’d like hollywood starlet you may have liked watching TWILIGHT because you’re weird having…

But I guess it’s just a kiss…who gives a fuck…besides the weird jesus people at the RNC who think this is against GOD’s way….



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Kristen Stewart Topless of the Day


Kristen Stewart is everyone’s favorite lesbian with shitty little tits…from some movie called Personal Shopper…apparently – she has a masturbation seen…which is pretty exciting for people into soulless Twilight actors with very little range in their acting…just always dead faced and boring..but still worth a fuck…because even corpses have vaginas too…

Kristen Stewart tits are better than Kristen Stewart riding her girlfriends’ face, because her girlfriend is the kind of lesbian you don’t want to see fuck, even if you want to see all lesbians fuck, becuase she’s the kind of lesbian who looks like she has a dick, probably because she’s ripped one off the last dude who flirted with her…

Not that my opinion matters, I am a nobody…and these are tits..

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Kristen Stewart for Marie Claire France


MARIE CLAIRE is a horrible fucking interviewer, but I actually like how Kristen Stewart, the girl I used to make fun of for being inbred and white trash and unappealing to men, before she came out of the closet in some self discovery through indie films and cutting her hair as lesbians do, making her OK by me…and not just because she showed nipple for the cover photo…

But because she isn’t down with bringing down the patriarchy like all these other idiots in the feminist movement….she’s not looking for the safe space..she’s not even looking for lesbian attention…she’s just chillin’ with her nipples…but chillin’…

MARIE CLAIRE: What do you have to say about that group of men that is prominent in Hollywood?

KRISTEN: Nothing, except: “Keep making good films, we’re trying to do the same thing!” I’m really aware of how lucky I am, of the number of opportunities in the palm of my hands. For me, being a women in the film industry isn’t very stressful, even if, it’s true, roles for us are not as big in numbers. I can’t ignore that there’s a real fight on this issue but, to be honest, I don’t really have that in mind at the moment, I’m working a lot, it’s working well and I’m really happy about it.

MARIE CLAIRE: So you’re not following in Jennifer Lawrence’s footsteps, who is going at war against inequalities between men and women when it comes to salaries?

KRISTEN: No. Right now, I’m working on small indie films, and it’s like a small family, we’re all on the same level.

MARIE CLAIRE: Was there a moment in your life when you didn’t feel free?
KRISTEN: In life, you’re often your own enemy. We’re all prisoners within ourselves in some way or the other, to grow up and find out who we are, it’s the goal, isn’t it? I really like growing older. As days go on, I feel more free, closer from who I want to become, it’s getting easier. I look at myself and I think: “It’s good, dude. Chill.”

MARIE CLAIRE: Do you like yourself?
KRISTEN: Looking at people who surround you is a good way of measuring your worth. My friends and the people I work with are exceptional. My job is my life, my life is my job. So, yes, I look at these incredible people around me. I’m in their lives because they’re terrific. Similarly, if they’re there, it’s for a reason, I must be pretty cool.


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Kristen Stewart’s Lesbian for Chanel Erotica of the Day


Kristen Stewart is boring….she can channel her inner Parisian hooker from the 20s all she wants…showing some hosiery with her shirt undone…like she’s just been paid to do some striptease…while she’s actually just been paid by a brand, probably 4-5 million dollars…to be their spokesperson thanks to having a strong team pushing her “celebrity”…aggressively to the ad agency, when the truth is she influences zero people on fashion, trends or anything, except maybe the freakish lesbian she’s dating…but that’s probably just because the Lesbian can’t K-Fed her with an accidental knock up – or Megan Fox her with an accidental knock up to establish a future together…their lesbian baby requires science labs and shit….



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Kristen Stewart Lesbian Kiss of the Day

In an era where everyone is a fucking lesbian, or a hipster with lesbian tendencies, because pussy is fun, especially when wet…and being about eating it rather than getting fucked by dick…despite lesbians loving dick…even though they hate dick…but stick things in them like a dick…and use sperm from dick to make babies…despite hating dick..but loving dick…because guys are gross…is the trend…

I don’t know one dude who ever said how hot or feminine Kristen Stewart is. I haven’t even met Twilight fans who wanted to fuck her, they were about the hotter one…so seeing her kissing her lover is more a question of who takes the more dominant role…while both look equally masculine in this gender fluid world…

I do know that lesbians, like Vegans, love when people know they are lesbian…it is good for business.

Nothing hot here, her love is some French singer named SOKO who can be found at the bank cashing in on this press.


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