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Lauren Cohan for Nylon of the Day

I guess it would make sense for the media to release pictures of Lauren Cohan from The Walking Dead – the day after The Walking Dead happened on TV and someone like me who never saw the Walking Dead….and will never see The Walking Dead…because other than Zombieland – I can’t fuck with Zombies….they are a stupid concept for me to care about, even if the idea of an apocalypse by disease ridden half dead brain eating monsters to reset the world and how horrible it is – is a fantasy I’m sure we all live with, at least after spending an hour or two on Facebook and having your soul and your intelligence destroyed by society.

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Lauren Cohan in Esquire of the Day

LAUREN COHAN is on The Walking Dead…a popular show I’ve never watched cuz I’m too lame to hang with the cool kids…and I’m not allowed to like what the mainstream like….cuz the mainstream doesn’t ever invite me to its birthday party…..but more importantly….cuz I just assume a Zombie show created because of Zombie hype..based on a comic book…is garbage and I won’t give it a chance….at least I can pretend I’m just too cool and above it all…sitting on my throne of dog shit in a basment apartment that is around 0 degrees thanks to quality craftmanship when this low cost housing dump was built….

I guess with being on a popular show…comes getting exposure…and getting exposure that sell magazines when magazines are kinda dead and should be free anyway….require semi hot pics….leading to these shots of this girl in her one-piece that all you nerd and AMC show loving freaks will probably really like lookin at…

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Lauren Cohan 2004 Lingerie Shoot of the Day

I didn’t do the background research on these pics…I am not too into being an investigative journalist, but prefer just posting other people’s contents and writing shit no one reads about them…It is the life of a fucking hack…and the good news is that I am even more pathetic in person…

That said, her name is Lauren Cohan, she’s 30 and on The Walking Dead…it has probably taken her a long fucking time to get this legitimate role, and in that quest…she took on some lingerie modeling jobs,..and with the internet…nothing dies…it lives forever…and we can jerk off to her half naked at 22….

Works for me…the only real question mark is who the fuck found this and where did they find it…I keep thinking it was in his catalog collection he keeps in his business…featuring underwear catalogs from the last 30 years…because this is some weird shit to compile…

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Lauren Cohan in a See Through Shirt for Ladygunn Magazine of the Day

I don’t watch Walking Dead…but thanks to virgin nerds everywhere…I know the shit matters…and that not just in the real world…but in the comic book world…shit’s fucking huge….so I can only assume…countless of you creeps love this 30 year old star of the shit…and will probably get a lot of use…and give a lot of thanks for this photoshoot for some obscure magazine….that involves no bra….reminding you of all the pussy you never had…while reminding me off the 19 year old at the bowling alley in a tank top last night…all bent over…and nipple flashing…what a slag….cuz braless is fashionable….a trend that is forever…at least according to me…and I know what I’m talking about….

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