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Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Some Leg of the Day

What ever happened to Vanessa Hudgens. She had a few minutes of fame, back when she wasn’t showing off her chimpmunk face but was showing off her chimpmunk pussy. Shit was fuzzier than something you’d feed in the park, but for some reason it made me want to rub my hands through it, despite knowing the Disney Execs had beat me to herand her boyfriend Efron has made her strap on and fuck him like the little bitch he is, but now she is fucking boring…Here she is at some boring bottom feeder event…wearing something as sexy as the bitches at the last funeral you went to…hardly showing off skin…putting focus on her chimpmunk face…forgetting that we’ve all seen her awkward body naked…and the whole thing is a let down…you know when I saw those pics of her leak…I believed she was ready to take the role of slutty starlet from the generation of bitches who helped built this site with their nipples and pussies over the last decade…but instead it seems like bitch has gone conservative….I am just posting this now, cuz it’s never too late to release your pussy lip to the public again…once a slut willing to get naked, always a slut willing to get naked, it will do wonders for her career and it is safe to say that we are ready for a pussy lip comeback tour…just a heads up….

Pics via Bauer

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Ashley Olsen Shows Off Some Leg of the Day

Remember when the Olsen twins were all the fucking rage. It was like every teenage girl idolized these girls and thought they were the hottest, most interesting person in the world. I am not sure if it was their fashion sense or the fact they made hundreds of millions of dollars with shitty quality kids movies, or maybe that the world had a twin fetish, because fucking two of the same girl at the same time is hot enough to neglect what the pussy actually looks like, you know it’s one of those “Bucket List” things you have to make sacrifices to make happen, and decent twins became hot and half retarded siamese twins became good enough because our choices were limited…..But I am sure that they definitely don’t have it going on anymore, not that they ever did, but I’m hoping the rest of the public see that and least based on these pictures and I can’t imagine any stupid teen girl, or treasure troll fan idolizing them anymore and as far as I am concerned the Olsen Twin fetish is done…

Here is Ashley Olsen making her way out of hibernating the last few years to show off some pretty boring leg.

Pics via Bauer

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Some Ashlee Simpson Leg in Pantyhose of the Day

Ashlee Simpson was spotted pantsless in public. It can only be assumed that she’s not wearing pants because her husband is a queer and she craves any male attention she can get, figuring that if she’s not wearing pants, people will look at her like they want to fuck her, something she’s not used to since it’s been excuse after excuse after she got pregnant, as Wentz was eager to impregnate her when he was using her as a vessel for his ego to leave a legacy behind in this world, and all that ended once he succeeded because he could go back to fucking boys…..or maybe she’s just airing out he mom pussy cuz since it’s been stretched the fuck out, it gets clammy and uncomfortable when you try to stuff it into woman’s underwear….and what it really comes down to is who the fuck cares and what the fuck do I know about Ashlee Simpson pantless, I just know it’s a hell of a lot better than Pete Wentz pantsless at the gay bar you walked into cuz you didn’t know it was a gay bar and stayed because you really needed a drink.

Pics via Fame

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Jennifer Aniston’s Leg at the Golden Globes

No matter how obviously desperate Jennifer Aniston is, she still bores the fuck out of me….she could be demonstrating how to use her vibrator/closest thing to a husband she’s got and I wouldn’t give a fuck because this kind of desperate bitch only targets specific caliber men, cuz she thinks she’s too good for the people who would actually get involved with her.

Here she is at last night’s Golden Globes, she decided to show off some leg for a little male attention, because she’s not so good at keeping male attention, all while getting older and not at the peak she was once at, and figures time is limited and if she doesn’t get someone locked in now, she may never get a man.

Her standards are too high and she thinks she’s better than she actually is and since that hasn’t done a whole lot of good for her, maybe she she take it down a couple of notches and accept that she’s not the hot pussy she thinks she is and a ton of virgin losers out there would die to crawl up her pussy and never leave it’s warm, moist aging side…..

Pics via Fame

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Pixie Lott Showing Off Leg in Some Gay Biker Shorts of the Day

I don’t know who Pixie Lott is but apparently she’s got legs and wears leather shorts like some kind of gay biker ready to rape me in a back alley when I accidentally walk into the wrong bar in the wrong part of town….not that gay bikers really find me all that pretty…but if you get a gay biker on a bad day…it doesn’t really matter how unattractive you are…they just have the taste for ass no matter who that ass belongs to…it’s really a lot like prison….so I guess Pixie Lott brings out a lot of dark memories for me and I should hate her for that…which I guess I do….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Audrina Showing Off Her Legs in a Short Skirt of the Day

It is kinda depressing that talented people are the ones who get torn up on the inside and turn to alcoholism and addiction, while garbage like this vapid cunt, think they are living the high road and are too moronic to ever be deperessed or bothered or realzie they are a fucking joke of a person, leading to a long life of minimal accomplishment and lots of money cuz they got to be on TV, while girls like Brittany Murphy, who are actually decent at what they do and actually have an IMDB not worth laughing at, die because of their inner demons. Someone needs to help this idiot realize how irrelevant she is so that one day, she gets torn up on the inside enough to end her life, but I have a feeling she’s too stupid for sadness and will always just coast thru life in this bubble of joy and the whole thing reminds me again that life is unfair.

Here are her legs….

Pics via Fame

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Karina Smirnoff Showing Off Some Leg of the Day

I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars but I have seen the clips on the Internet and I know this Karina Smirnoff bitch dances pretty much half naked all the fucking time. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d write a top 10 list of Karina Smirnoff slutty outfits on the show, but I don’t really care enough for that and will save that list for you to do for yourself. Think of it as a homework assignment.

What I’ve learned from pretty much every stripper I know or have seen leave work is that when a bitch is half naked in her work she is so much less interesting in her down time. It’s like you give us what we want, we’ve seen all you have to offer, but as soon as you punch out on your punch card, you get fucking boring and fade into irrelevance, and that is what these pictures are of….only instead of an off duty stripper, we have an off duty girl who shoulda been a stripper, but North America’s gone dance crazy…

Here she is avoiding the upskirt….like she’s not a slut who has flashed her panty covered pussy on national tv every week for the last few years….

Pics via Fame

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AnnaLynne McCord Showing Off Leg of the Day

AnnaLynne McCord is still doing the Hollywood circuit, you know going to events and having people take pictures of her, really milking her fame and I guess she should because I doubt it is going to last. I don’t think she’s hot, or interesting and I don’t watch her show and assume that means no one else does, because depsite popular belief, I am the microcosm of America….

At least she’s showing off her little tits…so we don’t have to look at her face…Good job Ugly.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Amanda Bynes Showin’ Off Leg of the Day

Amanda Bynes is prime example of someone who everyone thought would grow up to be this really hot piece of ass, even though her biggers role in a movie was playing a boy soccer player, leading me to think that maybe she didn’t really have the attributes you’d expect to have a vagina, who didn’t, but I guess that doesn’t matter, what does matter is how she looks like a bloated bobble head with water retention issues or maybe it is kidney failure, but her legs are pretty alright, especially when jacked in heels and a short skirt…

Pics Via PacificCoastNews

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