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Lisa Snowden’s Sloppy Tits of the Day

Lisa Snowdon 07

Lisa Snowden is some UK Chick with massive fucking tits…I mean if you think 34 D is massive fucking tits…especially when they are hanging all over the motherfucking place when she’s about to go into a massage but the paparrazzi captures the perfect mome

She’s the 45 year old host of some UK top model shit..because I guess she was at one point in time a model..that must have been before my time…because the only Snowden I’ve ever heard of was the NSA dude….and even that I know nothing about…but I do know tits…and if you’re into tits some girl with 34 DD tits is masturbating on snapchat @step_GIRLS for the next 18 hours….and it’s pretty amazing…better than this relatively no name old lady sloppy in a bikini…that I am posting on like she matters…when I have regular hot girls getting naked for me in everyday life…makes me wonder…what’s wrong with me..but that’s just scratching the surface of what’s wrong with me….

What I’m saying is that the real question is…what’s wrong with you..


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Lisa Snowden is a British Nobody Crying for Attention Proper of the Day

Lisa Snowden is a British TV host who I’ve never heard of, so I am going to assume you’ve never heard of her either, but she definitely is hoping people hear of her, because she’s simulating sex with some black guy in the park in her bra, which may be normal behavior for some street hooker trying to make a living, but not for some woman who has been on TV and who I guess has some level of fame where she is from. I mean at least enough to get the paparazzi to take pics of the shit.

I am not offended by girls with huge tits in their bra in public. I am not offended by white girls who fuck black guys. I get the appeal, not because I want to fuck black guys, but because white guys are little bitches..

I just think there’s a level of trash going on with this girl that is better suited for people who don’t get on TV…

I am all for girls acting like porn chicks. I am all for girls putting themselves out there and fucking in public for some crazy stunt. I just think girls should act like ladies. It’s much more fun when they actually leak the nude pics…because even though we know they are intentional…we can at least try to believe the lie. With this girl, it’s like, we get what you are doing, we will look, but we won’t like or masturbate to it. Which to me means she’s doing her slut hustle all wrong. She should hire me as her slut hustle consultant.


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Lisa Snowden Modeling Bathing Suits of the Day

Lisa Snowden is a 40 year old TV presenter from the UK who may or may not have been a model in the past…and this is one of her photoshoots…that I can’t really figure out whether it was shot in 92 when she was in her 20s…cuz all models looked 40 back then….or if it was shot recently and this is her rockin’ 40 year old body…with big old titties in some weird as fuck high waisted panties….but ultimately…I realize…it really doesn’t matter…..they are pics of her half naked and whatever stage in life it happens in…I’ll still fucking stare…cuz this guy right here…he’s totally into tits.

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