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Lucy Hale Has Herpes of the Day

hale (18)

Lucy Hale is on some pretty little liars show, so by default is very famous – since kids fucking love this pretty little liars show…and the only gossip I have on her, because she virtually doesn’t exist in my world, but for some reason came up in conversation the other day – with someone with a very reputable source…because Hale dated someone she dated…is that Hale has Herpes…

Now I can’t confirm or deny this, and I know every little it girl – on all scales of relevance in the entertainment industry have herpes, it’s a right of passage, but I like to expose the gossip as I get it, I mean what else would I write about Lucy Hale…

The fun thing with herpes claims is that her legal team can sue me – but will have to prove she doesn’t have herpes – and with outfits like this – even if I don’t care for her – she can use my face as the litmus test…SMEAR SMEAR SMEAR “it doesn’t taste like herpes, I’ll take the post down”….



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Lucy Hale’s in a Bikini in Brazil of the Day

Lucy Hale_38

Lucy Hale is the less interesting Pretty Little Liar, which in case you didn’t know was or is a hugely successful show with the kids, making all the cast memebers, including Shay Mitchell and Ashley Benson superstars to the youth, while remaining virtually unknown to the rest of the free world…

She’s in a bikini in Brazil and it’s safe to assume she’s a terrible, coddled, overpaid, entitled, brat…but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s in a bikini…all perfectly average in a bikini…that at least one teenage boy and creepy dad will jerk off to, I mean statistically, she’s got millions of people into her, that at least one person jerks off to every single one of her instagram pics, she doesn’t even need to get in a bikini for it….

Highlight of the pic, her friend’s ass crack, but really that still doesn’t make this shit interesting…I’m just posting it because I have nothing else going on…so don’t confuse this for me caring…because I don’t…this is not nearly hot enough for me…I just happen to notice it…because I have to..to pay for my yachts and private jet.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 1.07.57 PM


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Lucy Hale is Edgy for Paper Magazine of the Day


Lucy Hale is the back-burnered, pushing 30, Pretty Little Liar…which means she’s still extremely fucking famous, kids fucking love that show making all these girls matter, but in mattering there’s a fear of being typecast, especially when the show is clearly going to be cancelled soon enough…forgotten…

I guess she’s just not as hot as chubby benson and the Canadian…not that I’ve ever seen the show, and could be totally wrong about everything I say about it…

I just know she’s in bondage gear for Paper magazine, because Bondage is in, I haven’t met a girl under 25 who doesn’t want to be choked out while getting fucked up the ass…smacked and bruise…because for some reason that’s feminism and empowering…

Makes for a good time, until they decide you’re a rapist that didn’t respect their safe word..

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Lucy Hale in Lingerie of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 2.19.04 PM

Lucy Hale posted a picture of her in lingerie, I guess in efforts for the public to think she has sex appeal, because she’s assuming getting in lingerie is all it takes to have sex appeal, when we all know she can just ask her co-star Ashley Benson, who can educate her on the basic fact that it also requires big sloppy tit…

But, I’ve been doing this site forever, it’s totally not rewarding, but I’ve learned one very valuable lesson and that is that all it takes is being a girl on TV to have a creepy pervert jerk off to you…so to those creepy perverts who are like “Oh…Lucy Hale…She’s my favorite”…the kind of weirdo that will wait in line a comicon or whatever event to get her autograph…this lingerie is all they’ve ever dreamt of…and it’s here…and now they can pretend it was for them exclusively in their delusions….and I’d say this one’s for them, but they’ve already got it tattooed on their chests..as they’ve had 24 hours to pull it off…

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Lucy Hale Creeper Creeping on her in V Magazine of the Day


Lucy Hale is probably the least Pretty Little Liar, that I assume is a teen show about sex in high school, but that I could be wrong about, because I don’t watch the show, but if I wrote the show, this would be the substitute teacher some of the boys want to fuck, because she’s hot for 40…and not one of the high school students because she looks 40..

This is a shoot for V magazine, because everyone wants to be fashion, and fashion wants to feature anyone who is a huge fucking star, because it’s good for business and social media following, that they can use to sell better ad campaigns with…

So they sexed this thing up, it worked, and I relate to the creeper creeping in the background, because that’s usually my roll in most sexual encounters…often times from across the street with binoculars…because I’m a pervert…

Does this put Lucy Hale on the map? I don’t know, but I like when all girls get semi-slutty, even the one who wasn’t cast for Springbreakers when all her friends were, probably because of the whole looking 40 thing…

Who cares. Apparently I do because I posted it…but that’s just an illustion…I don’t know what else to do with myself…I’m in a prison I built myself and this is part of it…we call it internet purgatory.

The highlight of these pics is Shay Mitchell, her co-star’s bikini selfie…


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Lucy Hale and Salma Hayek Don’t Give me Boners of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 2.26.28 PM

I don’t watch the show that Lucy Hale is on, so maybe her personality shines through her 35 year old looking mom body, and I would just want to ravage her and have my way with her and live happily every with her…because I feel like she’d be a good mom, not annoying and most importantly, is into me fucking all her friends…so I’m just basing everything about her on this picture, and in this picture, I’m not inspired to want to do anything to her, but maybe ask her to pick up my prescriptions, or make me a coffee…

I have however, jerked off the Salma Hayek’s tits, because I was younger, she was Mexican, it was before the internet made me hate celebrities, and it was when I could focus on all she was good for, her tits…

But that was 20 years ago, and like any woman, 20 years is worse on her than being molested by her father….you know makes her more broken, at least physically…so I’m not vibing on this at all…

But I figure post everything that I find to distract me from life…To see the rest of Lucy Hale in her Bloomers – CLICK HERE

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Pretty Little Liars Do Fourth of July of the Day


Here’s the Pretty Little Liars on their own respective fourt of July actiivities…and the whole thing is hardly exciting, seeing as I’ve already seen the one I want to see topless, topless, while the other ones are just overrated…especailly the Canadian one….

But as a creepy motherfucker, I must maintain updates for you assholes who are the actual creepy ones who jerk off to these teen show acting 30 year olds…

I’m more interested in jerking off to vagina pics of girls from tinder…

Shay Mitchell is So Self INvolved of the Day, it happens when you’re Canadian and think you make it thanks to an insane amount of instagram followers…

A video posted by Shay Mitchell (@shaym) on

Lucy Hale is another one from the show, and she’s in a Bikini because it’s summer…and good for hits…


And here’s the best of the bunch, Ashley Benson, the thick one, and she’s rocking her big enough tits in a bikini, which is almost as good as when she banged Vanessa Hudgens in a pool in Spring breakers…

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Lucy Hale’s Ass Grabbed on the Beach of the Day

hale (3)

Lucy Hale is the 40 year old who plays what I assume is a teenager on Pretty Little Liars because Pretty Little Liars is a show for teens and why would teens want to watch 40 year olds…unless they are the annoying mom that never lets the teen character hang with her friends…or the quirky mom who is single, overwhelmed in her vintage clothing business who buys the kids booze for the party…or some shit..

Well she’s in a bikini….and she’s not Ashley Benson….


WHile this is Ashley Benson


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Lucy Hale for National Sibling Day of the Day

A video posted by Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) on

I don’t really follow Pretty Little Liar Lucy Hale’s career…I just know that she’s pretty famous because of her very popular show….

But I do support her National Siblings Day handstand…so that the world can see her ass as it works against gravity…or more importantly…as she slaps her sister’s ass for Natonal Siblings Day, whoich for someone with a fetish is a good enough thing….no matter who you are, what you do for a living, or whether you’re famous or not…so slap that sister ass…

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Lucy Hale is Slutty for Yahoo of the Day


I guess Lucy Hale is some very famous young actress who I think is on the show Pretty Little Liars with other really famous young actresses you’ve probably barely heard of unless you watch Pretty Little Liars because you’re a high school gym teacher and it gives you a reference point to connect with your students before fucking them….or at least masturbating thinking about fucking them…even though Lucy Hale is in her 20s, she still represents a slut teen, and in porn that’s the most popular category….because people don’t like old, washed up, used up bitches…and young girls are so fun…

I don’t know if she matters, I know the show is popular, which means she probably gets a lot of other work, or is trying to, because you don’t want to get typecast…like you were the cast of Facts of Life, the Cosby Show, or pretty much any successful show except maybe for friends, where Jennifer ANiston was able to take her nipples to Romantic Comedies…

It doesn’t matter, because these Yahoo Style pics aren’t that good, I just like that Yahoo, which was once a GOOGLE search engine is now a magazine making pantyhose fetish porn….

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Lucy Hale Has Nipples of the DAy



I don’t really know who Lucy Hale is because before today, when she revealed that like many girls, she has nipples, I didn’t find her very hot, and I don’t bother with ugly girls, they hardly exist to me, except when I am having sex with them, because ugly girls are the only girls I have sex with, but this ugly girl, doesn’t realize she’s ugly, thanks to being on TV, which means that even in being an ugly girl – she would think she was too good for me – and in all honesty, she probably is, I’m pretty low level..but you get what I am saying…

She was the winner of a reality show. She’s on Pretty Little Liars, a massive show….now releasing a country music album…look at her now…cocky as fuck…riding the wave at the top of her game…like nothing can go wrong, but it probably will…it always does…

She is probably surrounded by a bunch of people who give her as much attention as possible, probably her parents who are cashing in on this one….but what the fuck do I know…I don’t really know who Lucy Hale is…

To See The Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Lucy Hale’s Weirdo Halloween of the Day

I don’t really know who Lucy Hale is because she’s not very hot, and I don’t bother with ugly girls, they hardly exist to me, except when I am having sex with them, because ugly girls are the only girls I have sex with, but this ugly girl, doesn’t realize she’s ugly, thanks to being on TV, which means that even in being an ugly girl – she would think she was too good for me – and in all honesty, she probably is, I’m pretty low level..

That said, she dressed up as Twitter…and it was dumb.

Here she is After a Workout CLICK HERE

Here she is showing some bra CLICK HERE


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Lucy Hale Bikini Action for Instagram of the Day

Lucy Hale is one of the Pretty Little Liars girls, who is probably ridiculously famous thanks to the show, even though I’ve never seen the show, and I’ve never really heard much about the show, but apparently, it’s the kind of show any pervert who likes teens, probably knows all about, since it’s their generation’s 90210, or The OC, or whatever other show over the last few decades spoke to the generation with 25 year olds playing high school students…

That said, she’s posted some bikini pics, they are boring, her body is boring, I prefer her co-stars’ slutting….to this…but at least she’s trying.

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Lucy Hale Slutty Enough for Cosmo of the Day

I guess Lucy Hale is some very famous young actress who I think is on the show Pretty Little Liars with other really famous young actresses you’ve probably barely heard of unless you watch Pretty Little Liars because you’re a high school gym teacher and it gives you a reference point to connect with your students before fucking them.

That said, she did Cosmo, she looked good, she showed some cleavage and was a little conservative, which I think is nice to see in this world filled with gutter attention seeking naked everywhere sluts…

There’s a science behind seduction, and even in this over exposed, sexed up world, I like to think, a girl who knows what she is doing, doesn’t have to show the world her anus to get loved or wanted…even though I love looking at anus.

You see I’m not conflicted, there are porn whores for the nudity, but the girls I actually want to jerk off on and to are the opposite of that.

That’s not to say I want to jerk off on or to Lucy Hale, but I would…here are those cosmo pics…but more entertaining than the pics themselves is her dad’s text to her about the cover…

Daddy’s little girl posing next to sex articles…bad girl.

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Pretty Little Liars Do GQ Magazine of the Day

We’ve all seen this shoot 100 times before with different people involved…and you know what…it never gets boring..

This time it is starring the slutty girls of Pretty Little Liars, who are all hugely popular, getting down like they are on a Terry Shoot, that may or may not be a Terry Shoot, because everyone takes pics like this now…it’s the hipster porno way…

I’ve never see the show, but I’ve heard it is helping condition girls to get teenage pregnancy and Herpes…and I am all for that..

The girls are Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, bikini with water gun and inflatable and is a good enough times…compared to what I am doing with myself…which is something that would probably scare most people..

Here are the pics…

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