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Lucy Hale’s Weirdo Halloween of the Day

I don’t really know who Lucy Hale is because she’s not very hot, and I don’t bother with ugly girls, they hardly exist to me, except when I am having sex with them, because ugly girls are the only girls I have sex with, but this ugly girl, doesn’t realize she’s ugly, thanks to being on TV, which means that even in being an ugly girl – she would think she was too good for me – and in all honesty, she probably is, I’m pretty low level..

That said, she dressed up as Twitter…and it was dumb.

Here she is After a Workout CLICK HERE

Here she is showing some bra CLICK HERE


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Lucy Hale Bikini Action for Instagram of the Day

Lucy Hale is one of the Pretty Little Liars girls, who is probably ridiculously famous thanks to the show, even though I’ve never seen the show, and I’ve never really heard much about the show, but apparently, it’s the kind of show any pervert who likes teens, probably knows all about, since it’s their generation’s 90210, or The OC, or whatever other show over the last few decades spoke to the generation with 25 year olds playing high school students…

That said, she’s posted some bikini pics, they are boring, her body is boring, I prefer her co-stars’ slutting….to this…but at least she’s trying.

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Lucy Hale Slutty Enough for Cosmo of the Day

I guess Lucy Hale is some very famous young actress who I think is on the show Pretty Little Liars with other really famous young actresses you’ve probably barely heard of unless you watch Pretty Little Liars because you’re a high school gym teacher and it gives you a reference point to connect with your students before fucking them.

That said, she did Cosmo, she looked good, she showed some cleavage and was a little conservative, which I think is nice to see in this world filled with gutter attention seeking naked everywhere sluts…

There’s a science behind seduction, and even in this over exposed, sexed up world, I like to think, a girl who knows what she is doing, doesn’t have to show the world her anus to get loved or wanted…even though I love looking at anus.

You see I’m not conflicted, there are porn whores for the nudity, but the girls I actually want to jerk off on and to are the opposite of that.

That’s not to say I want to jerk off on or to Lucy Hale, but I would…here are those cosmo pics…but more entertaining than the pics themselves is her dad’s text to her about the cover…

Daddy’s little girl posing next to sex articles…bad girl.

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Pretty Little Liars Do GQ Magazine of the Day

We’ve all seen this shoot 100 times before with different people involved…and you know what…it never gets boring..

This time it is starring the slutty girls of Pretty Little Liars, who are all hugely popular, getting down like they are on a Terry Shoot, that may or may not be a Terry Shoot, because everyone takes pics like this now…it’s the hipster porno way…

I’ve never see the show, but I’ve heard it is helping condition girls to get teenage pregnancy and Herpes…and I am all for that..

The girls are Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell, bikini with water gun and inflatable and is a good enough times…compared to what I am doing with myself…which is something that would probably scare most people..

Here are the pics…

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Lucy Hale’s “Hot” Instagram Bikini Pic of the Day

Lucy Hale posted this hilarious ass pic to instagram that I can only assume is her posing with her handicapped sibling, trying got share some of the attention she is getting, you know because she’s a nice sister like that…or maybe her intentions are more in line with the fact that she’s some tween celebrity pushing 25, who probably has a team of people, a lot of money, and a shitty attitude, who knows that posing with her fat friend, or weird shaped friend, will just make her look all the hotter. I mean these celebrities, even if you’ve never heard of them, know what they are doing, that’s why they are at the level of success they are at, so assuming they don’t know the most obvious way to make themselves look hotter…

It is easier than make-up, or fitness and it is the same move so many girls in clubs pull, it is the same move that usually leads to me having sex with a fat friend, because the fat friend demands some of the attention the hot friend I want to have sex with is getting…I think it is just female instinct to hang with uglier chicks…so I wouldn’t put it past this Lucy Hale character…


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Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale, Shay Mitchell for Entertainment Weekly of the Day

I am into Ashley Benson now that I’ve been seeing pics of the Springbreakers promo tour, because she’s the substantially hotter bikini clad girls who are also in the movie….that you may know as Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, who I like to refer to as the monkeys…..because of their hairiness and ethnic complexion….and I guess in this case the blonde white chick is better…cuz only cuz she’s not as chubby as the other two…

And here she is with two other girls who I guess she’s on a TV show with…that I’ve never heard of…cuz I don’t watch TV and don’t bother with looking these low levels up, cuz it’s too much work for their 5 minute window….forgotten tomorrow…careers….but I do look at their cleavage….

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Lucy Hale in a Bikini with Ashley Benson for Bongo of the Day

Lucy Hale looks like a 12 year old who hasn’ hit puberty yet and who only has a bikini on because her pizza addiction has given her little tits that warrant a bikini.

I don’t get the appeal. I mean, unless that is the appeal, which is some pretty obscure and awkward thing to be into…..

I’m not really familiar with her, but assumed she was some stunted gymnastics bitch on the Olympic team, but it turns out she’s on TV…and now in Bongo ads….despite not being anywhere near a bikini model….remindng us that sometimes, your better used fully clothed….

But since she’s not, I’m gonna look, cuz looking at half naked bitches, whether t is good or bad, is better than not lookng at them….maybe that’s the whole basis of this Bongo bullshit….I get it now. It is all so clear to me.

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Lucy Hale Bikini Pics of the Day

I don’t know anything about Lucy Hale but I assume she’s some jailbait trash who you are all eager to turn 18 to forget about her like she was Miley, Momsen, Lohan and so many other 16 year olds you want to fuck….

I just looked her up…she’s actually 22….maybe she’s just on some Disney drugs to stay eternally youthful like she was Selena Gomez….

Who really cares, she’s in a bikini, it’s nothing exciting, but I’m posting it anyway…cuz that’s what I do….

To See The Bikini Pics

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Lucy Hale Ass in Shorts of the Day

I have a jean short fetish….and not like a gay club kid in the 90s gone roller skating kinda way…. but in a bitches look amazing no matter how fat their asses are in a short, tight, pair of jean shorts…

I don’t know who this Lucy Hale chick is, but she’s 22 and on some ABC bullshit…but more importantly she is not only wearing jean shorts…but she’s also posing with jean shorts..catering to my whole country girl, farmer’s daughter, Daisy Duke wearing, inbreeding after coming home from a bowling tournament in my small town to fuck my stepdaughter with my team in our trailer park fetish…..

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