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Lydia Hearst’s Behind the Scenes Esquire Shoot of the Day

Her name is Lydia Hearst. She’s an actress and model but most importantly, she is the one. The only one….when I watch her, at least in this Esquire video, I can’t really see anyone else, maybe because she’s the only one in the video, or maybe because she’s just so perfect on all levels that no one else exists when she’s around….you know the kind of girl I would want to write letters to from prison, before filming a documentary on how I am going to win her love and affection by sitting outside her house, until her security gets rid of me, you know the background romance to my seduction that we can one day show our grandkids how our enternal love came to be, and in the mean time, I’ll just let this tingle in the pit of my stomach in love feeling that may just be indigestion. I eat pretty badly…I can’t be too sure…so until I shit myself…linger…and instead watch the video of her – because it’s all I have…but not all I need. Lydia, if you’re out there, will you go on a date with me? One that lasts forever? Or does me showing everyone your tits in video looking amazing ruin my chances?

I guess only time will tell…but I believe in the power of love…that love will set us free…that all we need is love…and every other love reference I’ve had shoved down my face over and over in songs…because whatever I just experienced watching this was poetic…if not a religious experience…hold me…

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Lydia Heast is Magical of the Day

Lydia Hearst is one of my favorite people in the world which is saying a lot because I hate everyone and everything…

I follow her on the internet and she is the perfect girl. She’s got a great sense of humor, she’s cool as fuck, driven, down to earth and most importantly not a useless little whore princess, like she was Paris, who she could have very easily become if her parents weren’t just as cool as her…

Apparently, as you can see in this video, she is hot as fuck…now if only she’d respond to the love letters I’ve been mailing her…she’d know my heart goes out to her today, and everyday. She’s amazing and has already won. I LOVELYDIAHEARST. She’s one of the last standing good souls left…

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Lydia Hearst’s Malibu Beach Party of the Day

My friend Lydia Hearst had a beach house party in Malibu yesterday, and seeing as she’s a lovely girl whose breasts I have seen in pictures, I figured I would make an appearance and try to creep her out, possibly by staring at her from the closet, or by hugging her just a little too long…

The party was for the Launch of her site LoveLydiaHearst….a place where we can only hope she posts compelling pics of her tits, for fashion, as part of the updates, every once in a while, cuz it isn’t sleazy that way and she’s a classy lady, a classy lady that I can still masturbate to while I cry, because she has a man, and all I have is the memories…and now the stains.

So follow her site…she’s good…show support to a babe who supports stepFATHER… LoveLydiaHearst.com

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Lydia Hearst Topless for Terry Richardson of the Day

For those of you who don’t know….I have a serious love for Lydia Hearst.

She is the one girl who has put up with my constant asshole behavior, and who sees my jokes for what they are….jokes.

She gets that this is the internet and who cares…..and we’ve had a pretty solid internet friendship the last 4 years because of it…it’s one of those horribly rare situations where I respect her hustle…and can’t hate on her because she chooses to model and act….when she could just work for the family empire or live off her savings…..

But instead she makes allour lives better when she is smart enough to get naked for creepy, yet top fashion photographers, probably for free, cuz tits get hits….and they also happen to excite me….

You’re a good girl Lydia Hearst and I’m glad to be your unofficial drunken stepfather…keep up the good as naked as possible work…just next time do it in my mouth/on my face.

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Lydia Hearst Amazing and Naked for Terry Richardson of the Day

The only good thing that has come with having this shitty thankless humiliating site…..and running it for the last 8 years….other than being in Lohan’s hotel room once while she cried lesbian unstable tears…..is that I’ve become friends with Lydia Hearst.

We joke around with each other on facebook and twitter and she sends me inspirational words of wisdom that make my cold back heart smile….and above all she’s just fucking lovely….

Luckily for me, she’s also a model….who gets naked for fashion, which happens to be one of my favorite things to look at, so seeing her in these pictures by Terry Richardson….finally getting back to his softcore roots we all liked him for….coupled with loving her on the internet like she was my World of Warcraft wife….makes this feel like we’ve just made love in the most romantic of ways….and since it was so glorious and memorable, I have no choice but to show the pics to my friends…cuz that’s what I do everytime I fuck and the bitch passes out….thank you camera phone for making my creepiness more accessible…

Let this post remind you that sometimes good things happen to bad people….Next time lets hope these pictures are taken by me for our honeymood video that will propel us into a reality show…

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Some Lydia Hearst Ass in Jeans of the Day

Lydia Hearst is an internet friend of mine, not a close enough internet friend to know that her boyfriend was 60 year old Jeff Goldblum, but still an internet friend…

What it comes down to is that she’s a real sweet and talented girl and I’m a fan of hers and I respect wherever she decides to take her vagina and whatever wild ride journey she decides to secretly take it on….even though she just broke my heart, because I thought I was the only old enough to be her father man in her life that she hasn’t met.

But the good news, and the reason for this post is that we get to stare at her ass in jeans, and hope for a sex tape to be stolen by the maid, shit could be sponsored by viagra…but I’d rather just hope for a wedding invite, cuz inviting random internet friends to your wedding is the future….especially when they are drunk perverts who will try to finger bang all the guests…..before throwing up on them….

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Naked Models in The Last International Playboy of the Day

Here are a bunch of models topless, naked, in panties in a scene in some movie no one has probably seen or heard called The Last International Playboy…I doubt this happens to anyone in real life…but is instead something made for Desperate Housewives caliber movies…but it’s good enough for me.

The models are Lydia Hearst,Nicole Trunfio Shannan Click Jessica Gomes,
Lauren Dejulio, Amber Noelle, Inga Eiriksdottir and Saskia Miller if you care.

I used to be friendly with Lydia Hearst, or someone pretending to be Lydia Hearst on Facebook and she was always really nice to me, she even invited me to the premiere of this movie in NYC and had I known it meant seeing her naked tits, I probably would have gone…because I’ve know how much she charges for topless pics, and it’s something I just can’t afford, but then again either was going to New York for movie premieres like I was some kind of Hollywood motherfucker, but luckily the person behind this movie can. Cuz I like Tits.

I don’t talk to Lydia Hearst anymore on Facebook because she probably got boyfriend who is too overbearing to let her talk to other people. You know how LA is, the men are insecure fags and the women are just women and the one thing I’ve learned about women is that they tend to be down with lame, mainstream, cheesy and stupid shit cuz they think it’s cool enough and don’t know better….But eventually they all come around ….

Here’s the clip of a scene that you can wish was you life…I’m more into things that are little less made for TV lookin’….and a little more vagina oriented…but if girls actually do this to each other on the regular…and is not just some fantasy by some filmmaker. I’m gonna start looking in getting a sex change in Thailand….I won’t make a pretty woman but I’ll be too busy playing with my vagina to care.

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Lydia Hearst Topless for GQ Italy of the Day

I like Lydia Hearst. She is a top model. She doesn’t mind getting naked. She’s from one of America’s original power families and probably has a huge trust fund but still seems to be cool enough to get her to do my laundry for me.

Maybe it has to do with her mother being some rebel into the art and faggot scene, who married her bodyguard and is in every one of John Waters’ movies, who was kidnapped and charged with sympathizing with her kidnappers after robbing banks with them or some shit.

I mean I don’t really know the story, but I know that this Lydia vagina could have been a Paris Hilton about shit, but instead she gets naked for big money in low key, artistic, fashion nudes that actually turn me on alot more that Paris’ trashy porn tapes.

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My Internet Girlfriend Showing Off her Tits to An Event She Didn’t Invite Me To of the Day

I have an internet relationship with Lydia Hearst, at least I like to think it’s actually Lydia Hearst, because it validates that what I do is actually read, while Twitter reminds me everyday that no one gives a fuck about what I do or have to say, so I go off on long conversations about life, the weather, my relationship with my wife, how I got drunk and slapped a girl I don’t knows ass or paid that bum 2 dollars to flash me his dick, and she always comes through with a little LOL, or response that makes me feel like she cares, and I don’t even mind that it is actually some 45 year old motherfuckin’ weirdo, or 13 year old Indonesian chick who is a fan of Hearst who created a fake profile, and uploaded random Google Images, in a creepy way, is the person I am actually talking to, because that’s how lonely I am.

Here’s Lydia at an event she didn’t invite me to, showing off some tit, but not showing off some tit for me.

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