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Michea Crawford Naked for Fashion of the Day

Michea Crawford used to live in Montreal. We have a lot of mutual friends. I don’t think I’ve ever met her, which is probably a good thing, because if I did, I’d probably want to pull a Cleveland on her and make her my child bride, all locked in my basement. She’s just that perfect. Seriously.

She’s got this amazing face, this amazing body, and is the kind of girl I would like to write my love about in my diary.

You know the kind of girl I spend my entire life mourning never knowing, but feeling like a better man, knowing that we may have been in the same room at least once in our lives….forever connected at the soul….despite her not knowing who I am…kinda thing.

All this to say, I am convinced she’s the next big thing in modeling, if she plays her cards right and hustles proper, there is no reason why she can’t be an SI Swimsuit girl or a Victoria’s Secret girl….I mean she’s as hot as those bitches…but I wouldn’t be too bummed if she kept up these nipple filled photoshoots for the rest of time…they are fun to stare at and fall in love with all over again.

Michea Crawford for president.

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Michea Crawford is a Babe Pain de Sucre Swimwear of the Day

Michea Crawford is a babe….a babe who reminds me that one of life’s greatest tragedies is that I didn’t stand outside her apartment screaming her name…or singing love songs I wrote about her…before she moved from Montreal to become the next big thing who hasn’t hit yet…but who will hit soon enough…I’m talking Victoria’s Secret…Sports Illustrated…I am convinced…cuz she’s amazing…

Well it’s too late to cry over spilt milk…I can just admire her from afar…and my love song stalking probably woulda got me arrested…so I guess it worked out better this way….for all parties involved…

I’m used to failing…it’s kinda my thing…

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Michea Crawford in Elle Macpherson Lingerie of the Day

Michea Crawford is some babe who lived in Montreal at one point in time…before moving to NYC on her quest to being some kind of hot model…

I don’t think I’ve ever met her…..reminding me of another lost opportunity….one in which I coulda become her best friend ever…helping her take over the world….carrying her purse to gigs…doing whatever it took to get her trust so that I could make my move to touch her breast tenderly while she’s had one too many drinks….

I could have wrote love songs or love poems…and gazed in her eyes…and whispered sweet nothings to her….we could have got matching tattoos…and held hands in the rain…we could have had a family and kids..and spent the rest of our lives together…our love eternal….

But too late for that now…I don’t know much about her…other than that she’s got potential to be fucking famous…and here she is in catalog shots for Elle Macpherson lingerie…even though I hate catalog shots for any lingerie….I still like looking at babes half naked….especially one I could potentially run into on the street one day when she’s visiting her old digs….giving me the opportunity…to have her sign my tit….we’re all allowed to have dreams people…it’s fucking thanksgiving…and I give thanks to having dreams….

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Michea Crawford For Treats of the Day

Michea Crawford, someone who has spent some time in Montreal and who is friends with people I know, but who has never done much more than give me dirty looks at parties, before she moved to NYC to travel the world as an international model, willing to show her titties for the artistic integrity of showing titties…and the fact is, I think she’s great…

Most people like to hate on local success, while I like to stare at their tits.

source TREATS!

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