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Natasha Poly Titties for Vogue Paris of the Day

Natasha Poly is a Russian mom…pushing 30…and she’s in a recent Vogue Paris shot by Mario Testino….and she is showing some tit, posing with her baby, because this is fashion motherfuckers…and I am impressed because she is looking better than 99 percent of mom’s out there, you know the kind with their flappy stomachs hanging over their pants, because they are too exhausted to hit the gym, as they struggle to carry their baby supplies into Stabucks to caffeinate – hoping to get through another day…you know the kind of moms who will never lose the weight, age 20 years…

I guess this says something about the resilience of a Russian people, or maybe of someone with lots of money…because she could have ended up a cam girl – and would probably still look as good in pictures…

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Natasha Poly for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

Natasha Poly is a hot Russian…and she’s in Harper’s Bazaar. The pics aren’t scandalous, they don’t showcase her awesome tits that you’ve seen HERE and HERE

I guess the only tragedy in the whole thing is that she’s not a Russian cam girl like you probably wish she was, because from what I’ve been told some cam girls will go as far as to shit on the floor for you – if you offer them like 100 bucks…it is more than their Russian family makes in a month working hard labor…

While Natasha Poly, despite having that upbringing, is probably over 10k a day with no shitting – because models don’t eat.

It’s not because she doesn’t want to and isn’t naughty like that but it is because she’s got no shit to shit….

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Natasha Poly Wears Red Bikini for Vogue Paris of the Day

Natasha Poly and some other model are in Vogue Paris in bikinis…and the real fetish, pervert shit in this fashion shoot, because in case you didn’t know, fashion is just pornography that exploits Russian women like all other porn, only they keep their sex for the billionaires they fuck at parties, you know either from Dubai or Russia or even America….instead of on camera….while I camera they just cocktease, with tits or ass, or even model bush…or in this case some interesting fetish you know at least one person has….

Bikini clad girl, getting wet, in heels with socks…and that one person is me.

THis is hot.

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Natasha Poly is Smoking Hot for Vogue Russia of the Day

Natasha Poly gets it…she’s a Russian model who understands that being naked for fashion with the promise of lots of money and fame and celebrity boyfriends…is a far better strategy than being sold to old American dudes for the better life…not that either really phase her, she’s Russian and being Russian means she’s got no soul…

Here she is not naked in Vogue Russia…

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Natasha Poly Titties and Other Models for The Last Magazine of the Day

Here’s some tits for fashion and it’s alright…I mean they got all these models on board for their shoot:

Natasha Poly by Maciek Kobielski
Iselin Steiro by Josh Olins
Anja Rubik by Karim Sadli
Joan Smalls by Collier Schorr
Karmen Pedaru by Lachlan Bailey
Liu Wen by Amy Troost
Mariacarla Boscono by Emma Summerton
Constance Jablonski by Roe Ethridge
Nadja Bender by Camilla Akrans
Malgosia Bela by Daniel Jackson

But only one of them pulled through with the nipple, making next to no sense, but I guess one, despite being the loneliest number, is sometimes enough…at least when it involves model nipples….cuz I like girls when they are skinny.

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Candice Swanepoel and Natasha Poly for Juicy of the Day

ps. I love Candice Swanepoel. Natasha Poly isn’t so bad either…but shit…that Candice Swanepoel…she’s going places…

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Natasha Poly Turns Me On in Madame Figaro of the Day

Natasha Poly is a pretty major Russian model who is loved by all….

She’s 27, started modeling in 2004, and is married…which kinda makes her fucking boring…at least to me…cuz rich chicks married to rich dudes…living the rich life…that she takes a break from every so often for a huge 1,000,000 dollar ad campaigns….isn’t really all that inspiring to me….you see I like my girls more broken…especially when they have similar beginnings as her…

It was 1985, in communist Russia, on a cold cement floor, where this girl was born….forced to fend for herself at the age of 15, because both her parents died in a work camp of hypothermia, our heroine joined the sex trade….where she worked for the Russian mob….suckin’ dick…

Is far better than, she was scouted and a milionaire at 18…

But I’ll still look at her posing in pictures wearing lacy things….cuz she’s lovely…

Especially Since She’s Done FULL FRONTA SHOOTS BEFORE ….

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Natasha Poly Full Frontal in Vouge of the Day

This model… Natasha Poly …is really fucking hot….

She’s Russian…her real last name is….Polevshchikova…wonder why she changed it….

Her modeling career peaked when she was 15, but has since blossomed into a willingness to get naked….and seeing a bitch get naked for fashion is as good as seeing a bitch naked….which is pretty fucking good…especially when you can STUDY HER LABIA MINORA AS IT POKES OUT OF HER MAJORA….….something Vogue Paris didn’t pull through on today…but you can still see some bush and bush is fucking great…except when it is president.

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Natasha Poly Showing Titty of the Day

Natasha Poly is some model and I have SEE THE RIPPLE OF HER LABIA MINORA AS IT PEAKS OUT FROM HER LABIA MAJORA IN WHAT IS A GOOD GYNECOLOGICAL EXERCISE FOR ALL OF US TO STARE AT in NUDE PHOTOSHOOT FOR FASHION because real models get naked motherfuckers….it is the whole weeding out the bad models who will ruin your naked for fashion photoshoots….and keeping the ones who make them possible…cuz no one needs a model who is all like “I only get naked for my husband”….shit puts a real damper on high concept art motherfucker….

Not that Natasha Poly is naked in this shoot, but she is showing tit, which is more than you’d probably get out of her if you saw her at a movie or grocery shopping or some shit….so here are the pics

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