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Jessica Alba Titty Flash of the Day

It would only make sense that Jessica Alba, a slut who pretended she wasn’t a slut, until she took on a little entrapment like she was from Cleveland, via her uterus, because that’s what broken girls who fear being alone do….get pregnant….would walk around in a sheer bra now for the paparazzi, in a whole “i’ve given up” or “notice me over here” kinda way. It’s good for business…..

This is the same girl who wouldn’t even get in her underwear in a movie, but I guess age, realizing no one cares that much about her naked ass, and countless visits to the gyno have eased her up…into a Jessica Alba I can respect and appreciate….even if I resent her for waiting til it was almost too late to do what she shoulda been doing at 20…because she’s fit and at least she fucking did it…

Lovin’ these Titties….


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Kim Kardashian’s Tits for Bieber of the Day

I am pretty hungover cuz I went out drinking, got attacked with pepper spray and not even for trying to rape and rob a bitch of both her innocence and her purse. I spent the night soaking in milk, but unfortunately, we only had expired milk, making the whole experience way fucking shitter.

Speaking of shitty, here is shit colored public toilet Kim Kardashian on the beach with Justin Bieber….obviously a shitty publicity stunt for two people who have one thing in common, that thing being that they wish they are black, make that two things…because they also are both famous for reasons that are seriously beyond me.

This is supposed to be her nipple, all I see is some lumpy shit, that could be from back implants, or maybe just from having bad tits, cuz with every fat bitch come lumps of shit you can’t explain in various parts of her body….

Let me know if you can figure out where the nipple is, cuz I’m really not seeing it.

To See the Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Anna Paquin’s Shitty Bisexual Nipple in the Ocean of the Day

I hate bitches who swim in their shorts and t-shirts…I see it at the beach, the public pool, the waterpark, pretty much everywhere and I drives me fucking crazy no matter how ugly or gross or scared of the sun the body of the bitch is….

I understand it’s some insecurity shit that bitches with horrible bodies think make them look better than wearing an actual bikini, but the ill fitting wetness of swimming in your clothes like a fucking Muslim woman who isn’t allowed to show skin, makes she worse….Not to mention it isn’t feminine and I guess I should expect that from a closet Lesbian/openly bisexual cuz that’s step one to accepting your a fucking lesbian…who is built like a dude…and now swimming like a dude who doesn’t want to get a sunburn…

I have went swimming with an uptight, sloppy bodied, lesbian once years ago….she didn’t want to wear a bathing suit, because it went against her lesbian grain….and she jumped in with shorts and a t-shirt that ended up turning see through…like Anna Paquin’s top…showing the whole group her nipples and bush…only to run off crying when I pointed out that her strategy to cover up by not wearing a bathing suit like a normal person was a backfire for her but win for all of us….

Either way, here’s her nipple, cuz ugly tit and horrible body or not, nipple is nipple…

Pics via Bauer

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Agyness Deyn Nipple and Pixie Geldoff Ass at Coachella of the Day

Some UK cokehead “fashionista” hipster trash was also at Coachella, the shittiest smelling “music festival” so far this year, because hipster trash has nothing better to do with themselves than travel to music festivals in America, where they can sit in the VIP area and talk to other scenester celebrities about how they tricked the world into making them alot of money….

See one of these gutter pigs was a top model who made HUGE money and may still make huge money but I wouldn’t know since I don’t follow her bullshit….naked Angyness Deyn and here is her nipple…since hipsters don’t wear bras….esepcailly when we’ve all seen them naked in their work….

The other is the daughter of some knighted drug addict who threw a concert and pretended it was for charity but has been able to fuel his life of luxury off the shit the last 3 decades as well as fueling the life of his daughters who waste space, take drugs, do nothing, contribute nothing, and area totally uninteresting, unattractive and ugly especially when in their little shorts…

At least they have each other to understand each other….or some shit…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Bai Ling’s 44 Year Old Chinese Earthquake Nipple of the Day

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Bai Ling out with her nipple. Showing her nippled used to be her move to get noticed…probably because her acting career, the whole reason she came to America, was pretty shitty considering she hasn’t really had work since she was in “The Crow” back in 1994….a movie she’s be riding off for a long fucking time…..

I can only assume her family has old Chinese money and finances her and her 44 year old body got tired of trying and getting no where and maybe she got work at the local convenience store like all the other Asian people….because no one cares about her and never really did…and I can’t really figure out what this bitches deal is, partially because I don’t care…..but I do care that she’s driving herself around, only because Asian drivers are worse than drunk drivers and I fear all the little kids playing on the street on her way home….I’m lying..I don’t care about the little kids either…I was just trying to be wholesome and caring to recruit some of your bitches to send me nudes.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Kate Moss in a See Through Shirt of the Day

I don’t understand why Kate Moss bothers wearing clothes….Sure she’s in fashion and gets all the stylish, expensive shit normal girls masturbate to the thought of owning, and I guess walking around naked is pretty inconvenient and cold, but we’ve seen pretty much everything she has to offer…but I guess with that logic…I should be campaigning that pornstars don’t wear clothes, that Carnie Wilson doesn’t wear clothes, cuz I saw that Playboy spread years ago should not wear clothes and in the absolute worst case for society that my wife doesn’t wear clothes…so maybe keeping the clothes on makes the most sense and I’ll be happy with strategic nudity, cuz nudity isn’t as good as it sounds…just ask anyone who’s been to a senior nudist camp….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Stephanie Seymour Nipple on the Beach of the Day

I don’t like older women unless they are ex-supermodels…..or I guess hot…which happens really rarely but does happen sometimes because there are people who bounce back from having kids, or who never have kids and are vain enough to keep up appearances, but it is pretty fucking rare and easier to just want to bang 18-35 year olds….

That said, Stephanie Seymour, a chronic homewrecker and Guns and Roses wrecker, was one of the original Victoria’s Secret models back in 1990, before anyone knew who Victoria’s Secret was. She was also a SI Swimsuit model and now she’s still modeling her swimsuit, only instead of being her young hot self, she’s a mom of two….with a mom of two body that is better than most mom of two bodies but not quite where I like bodies to be…but the good news is she’s showing off nipple….

Pics via Fame

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Berlin Fashion Show Nipple of the Day

It’s been a shitty day for celebrity jerk off material, so I figured I’d do what I used to do back when I had a TV and couldn’t find a music video that got me hard, or a french movie that had a nude, or a female figure skating competition to jerk off to, so I’d tune into the fashion channel where no matter what time of day at least one nameless model would be in a dress that was see thru and one nipple would be enough to make me cum.

Now this is a whole new generation, this site isn’t the only site online, and if anything you landed here accidentally, and if this was TV, I wouldn’t have been given a digital channel like I was Ted Turner, but I like to think you came thru lookin for something hot, and you’re probably already gone and jerking off to tranny porn you are into, but consider this fashion show nipple a little throwback to a simpler time, you know back when cumming was easier and less distracting with way less options….

Pics via LFI

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Nipple Bite of the Day

I like to believe that you have played with tits at least once in your life, whether you have paid to play with tits at the stripclub, or actually had a girlfriend who let you play with her tits, I hope that you took advantage of those tits and had a way with those tits and got over excited in playing with those tits that lead to you accidentally biting those tits and having the owner of those tits scream in pain, slap you across the face, put her clothes back on like the pain you caused made her sober and realize what she was doing….making you wish you bit harder when you had the chance….so next time you are in that situation, let this man be you guide….follow his lead…cuz he takes biting nipples serious….

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