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Seth Green’s Wife Topless of the Day

Naked pictures of Seth Green’s wife is doing the rounds and if you’re wondering why any self respectful woman who moved to Hollywoods in hope of fame because she believed she had what it took to be the next big thing, but realized that for every young starlet, there’s thousands of aspiring losers competing for low level jobs they hope will get them notice or at least on camera….and some even agree to do nude pictures on their quest for fame to pay their rent, while other’s date obscure actors who can only get groupie pussy with a dream, and people like Clare Grant do both…

That’s not to say that a rich, famous, awkward Seth Green shouldn’t get pussy becuase all famous people always have a pipeline of fucking pussy, but it is to say if he wasn’t famous or rich and just the funny kid in the back of her high school class, she wouldn’t have given him the time of day or even consider let him go down on her for hours at a time cuz he’s excited life has worked out for his dork self…

So here she is naked, cuz that’s what Desperate fame whores do before they get into the right circles and meet the right people who find them hot and who they trap and marry when they have the chance to get them to a higher profile…and the whole thing is pretty fucking obvious…

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Christina Aguilera’s Other Nude GQ Issue ics Suck of the Day

I want my money back….well….I didn’t actually pay money for the latest issue of GQ where Aguilera was on the cover totally naked but strategically placed, but if it was shrink-wrapped like the fetish porn mags I used to buy, I would have been fucking disappointed with the inside shots. See if she is naked on the cover, she is supposed to be more naked on the inside, I’m talking spread the fuck eagled. No, dressing her up in horse fetish gear I see the local hipster weirdos wearing to local parties doesn’t cut it….that’s just on some Lady Gaga “Let’s be shoocking” bullshit that doesn’t let me jerk off to her ripped apart mom pussy or even her fake tits, which basically means a fucking fail….

The only good news is that the photographer has pictures on his hard drive of her cunt from when they were trying to get the cover shot, and that means that there is the possibility of a “Leak” or “stolen computer”, and I hope I somehow get involved in that scandal….

But the bad news is that so many celebs have had naked covers, or strategic nude pics where they cover their cunts, and the unedited raw images never get leaked…

Damn photographers, trying to be professional and get future work while not giving the public what we want….Selfish Assholes….

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Christina Aguilera’s Nude Mom Body Does GQ of the Day

I was always more of an X-Tina fan than a Britney fan. I was into her small hispanic single-parent tight body. At the time I thought X-Tina Aguilera was a one maybe two hit wonder. I was so convinced that I used to make drunken bets with the drunks I hung out with about how she’d be some gutter pig 10 years down the road, who had burned through her one or two hit wonder money, and who would be easy to fuck if you had a couple bucks for her to use to fuel her drug addiction.

I figured the only challenge was going to be finding her…..I was convinced I was going to get a chance to try to impregnate her before finding out she had a hysterectomy due to HPV she caught on the streets singing into stranger cock and unfortunately I was wrong, because if I was right, it’d be a lot more fun that this 10 years later cocktease…..

She’s making a comeback after having a kid with the ugliest human alive, and she’s making us forget she has a kid with the ugliest human alive, because she’s getting naked and photoshopped for GQ, and I guess it’s better than her laying low in shame like she has the past few years…cuz nakedness is nakedness even if is staged in a way I can’t see cunt lip or nip. Tease.

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Heather Morris is Some Bitch from Glee and She’s Nude of the Day

I had the horrible experience of watching Glee for the first time a week ago. I got invited to someone’s house for dinner and their 16 year old daughter was running around going nuts for the shit and not in a 16 year old daughter running around in her panties with her friends having pillow fights with their perky little bodies kinda way but more like the in the fat, obnoxious, miserable 14 year old spoiled brat who listens to too much hip hop, dates black dudes and will be pregnant in 6 months cuz she’s gutter and disgusting kinda way….

Either way, she got her way and they put the shit on and I had to sit through a group of rejects singing bullshit songs I don’t even listen to the original version of. It was like bad comedy and bad drama with obnoxious performances every few minutes that made me want to kill my fucking self….

I don’t remember noticing this bitch, but in her defense I was too busy trying to shove the chopsticks we were eating with in my eyes and ears at the same time… but in my defense she’s ugly and even her tits don’t get my attention long enough for me to remember who I am writing about but in her defense I am a forgetful drunk who doesn’t remember anyting but in my defense she’s nothing special….

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Helena Christensen Nude for Reebok of the Day

I’ve been spending a few years watching bitches run. I figure I am not about to get in shape but watching girls trying to gets kinda exciting, especially the hotter it gets outside and the less clothes the bitches wear. I see girl in tight shorts, tight pants, sports bras, hard nipples, sweaty pussy….I’ve seen bitches running bare foot, but I’ve never seen anyone run nude, but I’m hoping this influences some of these idiot groupies who think this is a new trend in running and not just a publicity stunt for running shoes….even though I know the second the spandex and lycra comes of – the scarier those fit looking asses become…but I’m okay with that….

Either way, here’s retired supermodel Helena Christensen doing the right kind of comeback work.

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Kim Kardashian Nude and Talking Bullshit in Bazaar of the Day

It amazes me how far this pig has gone. From naked in a sex tape, or as she likes to tell herself it, her first serious acting role in a period piece, where she had played the urinal in the negro bathroom back in slave country during the 50s….It was all in hopes of being as popular as her ex-BFF Paris Hilton and it landed her a TV show and she became a household name all because her fat ass distracted people from her ugly man face enough to remind people like me how retarded the world must be to make cunts like this money….and now she’s stripped down again in some magazine where she looks like shit, and pretends to embrace herself and love herself while tricking America into believing her, because you have a short attention span and if she says it today, you forget her entire history as a money making, bullshit smelling and bullshit colored, tacky piece of trash….but she’s naked and that’s probably all that matters for you…

To see the other naked celebs you don’t care about in the issue follow this link

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Amanda Seyfried Sex Scene in Chloe of the Day

I saw this movie Chloe the other day on cheap night because my pervert friend wanted to see Amanda Seyfried naked and that perverted friend was me. She’s hot and after seeing this, I may be in love with her or at least with her tits, which is saying a lot, because I fucking hate all celebrities.

I like that she’s smart with her career because she takes the money from the fluffy bullshit roles that normaly kill careers when they replace you with another fluffy bullshit actor, but still gets naked in other roles, keeping her shit nice a diverse.

I also like that Lohan hates her because Lohan knows she’s a threat and because she doesn’t answer Lohan’s calls, cuz despite being on Mean Girls together, she knew Lohan had shit on her…

Here are some of the Chloe scenes I loved her tits in….

Here is the Julianne Moore lesbian scene….

Part 2….

Here are some other nude scenes…..

Here is a sex scene with some dude….

Here’s some Julianne Moore tit in a shower scene….

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Catherine Zeta Jones Nude in Allure of the Day

I was talking to someone yesterday who was telling me that Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas have a house 45 minutes away from my house. I don’t know when they come into town, I’m thinking probably never, because celebrities have property everywhere, but if I ever find out, I expect to get arrested trying to get a similar view as these pictures offer, only I expect my view to me a lot more raw with a lot more post pregnancy labia, a lot less hair, make-up and good lighting, because I like my peeping to be as authentic as possible, without all the smoke and mirrors these magazines pollute us with and I figure I deserve it especially since I’m throwing in the towel on my freedom cuz I will be getting arrested when I get caught trying to pull this off, so I might as well make the shit worth it and the nice thing about getting arrested is that I won’t have to share a bed with my shitty wife anymore….not that I would ever bother trying to peep on Catherine Zeta Jones, she’s a little too old and boring for me, but it was a nice fantasy for a minute, but I think the only hot thing about it was getting taken away from my wife finally….

Here are some Catherine Zeta Jones nude for Allure pics….

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Emanuelle Chriqui and Other Bitches Nude in Allure of the Day

Here’s another example of mainstream “Fashion” magazines bringing out the nudity because they trick bitches into thinking that it’s for art and fashion and not for idiots to jerk off to. They don’t get flagged as a NSFW site, or get blocked in schools, universities, offices and other places sites like mine are banned and they don’t lose any advertisers, cuz they spin the shit as classy and I call the whole thing bullshit…

The pictures are boring and include Kara DioGuardi naked and boring from American idol and other cunts who are barely relevant got naked for the shoot. The only picture that a 13 year old could probably still get off to is of Emanuelle Chriqui naked and standing , some Morrocan Canadian who left the family business of being the slimey, scamming, loud, tacky fucking scum Morrocan…not that that’s a job…but when you’re Morrocan and in public you sure as hell think it is….

The other bitches are Regina Hall naked and boring , Colbie Caillat naked and boring , and Jessica Capshaw naked and boring.

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