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Lady Gaga Kils a Paparazzi of the Day

I want to know who the fuck is paying off everyone for Lady Gaga’s career.

Last night she awarded for her contribution to style in New York. I realize that decision makers don’t always know what’s u and a lot of politics and money go into making these choices and I get that it is easy for idiots to get confused by what Lady Gaga does, thinking it may be fashionable, when really it is fucking ridiculous and circus shit and I understand that Lady Gaga is all the fucking rage today, so if you have an award to give, givingit to her is good marketing because the second she shows to your event, people will know you exist or some shit….but am I the only one who is bored of this bitch. Doesn’t anyone else see through her bullshit, can’t they see she’s a joke and a machine fabricated by a record company to cater to the gay market? Do people really think this is authentic and not contrived? It just doesn’t make sense to me. She is not talented or fashionable, she is just a stain on pop culture….at least she covers her disgusting face….

The craziest thing in all this is that when Gaga showed up to the event, one of the paparazzi fell off a ladder and died. Seriously. That’s just how poisonous this cunt is and the real tragedy in all this is not that a dude died because of Lady Gaga, something I am sure wasn’t on his top 10 list of ways to die, but that it wasn’t her who died because she is the fucking devil and needs to be stopped….

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Lidsay Lohan Hides from the Paparazzi in Paris of the Day

Everyone hates Lohan now. Not only was she booed in Singapore, but she was also booed at Paris Fashion week for a line she released, and even her own dad is booing her by going to the media about her pill popping addiction. She’s old and tired looking and she’s dragging her teen sister in the gutter with her thanks to irresponsible parenting, but I still have a love for her that lies deep, but not deep enough to leave a permanent stain on my dick, just deep enough to feel her pain as her fame and relevance slips away because she’s not a cute little child star or bubbly, fresh faced teen actor anymore and the whole thing makes me wonder if she ever looks at pictures of herself, because she looks like fucking death….but more importantly, if things really get worse for her and she doesn’t kill herself first, not that things can really get worse, but being the nice guy I am, there’s always a bed to sleep in at my place, as long as she doesn’t mind soiled sheets, a 350 pound wife who takes up half the shit, the smell of fish and urine, which she will because she’s a delusional high maintenance snobby cunt like that, despite her bed having the same drawbacks…except for the 350 pound dying wife…since her wife is emaciated.

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Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi Video of the Day

It is no surprise the Gaga is making ou in the beginning of her video because paying a dude is really the only way I can imagine anyone making out with her weak chin, big nosed, monkey lookin’face. The fact that they are specking in some obscure language makes the whole thing more fucking annoying, but seeing her get killed made me cum.

Either way, you all know I hate Gaga. She’s a fake who is biting what the real electro-pop kids are doing in the art scene in New York, and the lies she says about having a performing arts show and being in the scene, is hysterical, because I’ve asked people and no one knows who she is or had ever heard of her, because she’s the kind of girl who no one fucking notices and no one cares about, until a heavy marketing budget gets pumped into her fat ass. Fuck her. Fuck her music. Fuck this video, even though the director killed it, but Gaga ruined it by being in it and by having a career.

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Lindsay Lohan Throws Eggs at the Paparazzi of the Day

Lindsay Lohan egged the paparazzi, I find this funny, because the paparazzi are fucking cocksuckers who are pretty much bottom feeding pieces of shit who get paid too much to exploit other people, while exploiting people like me, and that just doesn’t sit well with me, all they do is pretty much stalk famous people all night and sell the shit for insane amount of money and most of the time aren’t even real photographers, just fuckin’ slackers. Next time, let’s hope Lohan throws bricks at them, or maybe used tampons, or even herself in some desperate broken hearted lesbian way, because eggs are too high school. Let’s take it up a notch next time.

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Halle Berry Gets Mad at the Paparazzi of the Day

Halle Berry got mad at the paparazzi because they were crowding her space or some shit. Her reasoning was because she had a child with her, one who I assume is her child, he as she tries to protect the motherfucker, is screaming the F-Word in it’s fragile half breed baby ears. I guess what it comes down to is that she should be ashamed of herself for being a failure of a mother, put the fuckin’ thing up for adoption and blow thru her money in a series of bad investments and drug addiction, only to have her turning tricks in the next 5 years, so that I can pay her 20 dollars extra to get her to let me go down on her. Good times.

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Paparazzi Make a Chris Brown Joke to Jay-Z and Rihanna of the Day

Jay-Z was out with Rihanna having dinner, you know since he has sex with her behind Beyonce’s back, while pretending it is for business, when it’s really because Rihanna is fucking hot and Beyonce’s a fucking cow and the paparazzi got excited. Maybe it has to do with Rihanna being this hot news item, or because they are surprised that someone as ugly as weird lookin’ Jay-Z actually gets pussy even though he is one of the richest black men around, it still always shocks and awes, but whatever the reason was, one of them decided to try to crack some jokes to get some reaction out of him and the joke that made that cut was something about Chris Brown originating Swine Flu. You know some Patient Zero bullshit, it would have been funnier if they surprised him by bringing Beyonce and Chris Brown there to cock block him and go nuts on the motherfucker in some kind of caught in the act shit you’d see on Jerry Springer, but I don’t think the paparazzi have those kinds of connections.

Here’s the Craziness Rihanna Causes and the Same Paparazzi Dropping the Same Joke Cuz I Guess he THought It was a Winner

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Weird Paparazzi Advice for Ashley Tisdale of the Day

This video is fucking amazing. Some paparazzi immigrant is asking ugly Ashley Tisdale her how fun she can be if she is hiding the happenings of life by not being herself.

I guess I should be easier on the paparazzi, sure they are cocksuckers who email me and bother me about how I owe them money for pictures they claim to take of people, without getting the consent of the people they are getting pictures of, but maybe I should just accept that they need to pay the rent and lack the skills needed to make that happen, since they haven’t quite figured out English.

Either way, this is some strange fucking rap of nonsense and it is fucking gold. Another thing that’s gold…Ashley Tisdale hiding her ugly fucking face from the world, because it means she’s insecure, and realizes she’s not hot, and that makes her easier to get naked. And ugly or not, I like naked…

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DJ AM’s Ugly Girlfriend Plays it Up For the Paparazzi of the Day

I am over making fun of DJ AM, he does his thing, people like him, he makes lot lots money and I don’t really care anymore, and never really did, it was just an easy thing to make fun of but now I’m bored of it, so instead of focusing on him, calling him Gayer than Bicycle Shorts, calling him a Bar Mitzvah Dj and all the other shit I’ve done so many times before, I’d like take my focus onto his new girlfriend.

She is an American Apparel model, that means she is not a real model. For the most part the girls in American Apparel ads are just American Apparel store workers who crave attention and think they are hotter than they actually are and take the billboards and ads that get published to heart, giving them actual proof of how hot they already thought they are.

What they don’t know is the Dov Charney, the guy who takes the pictures of the girls in the ads and the founder of the company is just a pervert who likes all girls, especially when they are young and free, and willing to do whatever it takes to be in the next campaign.

Now, I’ve got nothing against any of that, girl wants attention, gets naked for her boss, he gives her the exposure her ego wants and everyone’s happy, but I do get annoyed when these kinds of girls think they are anything more than attention whores who can’t be real models.

So seeing this girl pretend to hate that the paparazzi are interrupting her life, that they are annoying and that they don’t deserve to see her face after a quiet night standing next to her celebrity DJ boyfriend as he worked, pisses me off, because it’s a lie.

She is dating AM because he is willing to date her. She is dating him because she wants the good life, the escape from being an American Apparel cashier and maybe, just maybe, people will notice her and give her work that feels as gratifying as the free photoshoot she did half naked for her boss last year. Whore.

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Lindsay Lohan and Her See Through Shirt Are Mean to the Paparazzi of the Day

The rumor on the internet is that Lohan is out fucking some dude from Gossip Girl, you know paying him late night visits and all that bullshit and the media’s saying that Ronson is all shook up and for once it’s not from playing her favorite AC/DC song in her latest Bar Mitvah DJ set.

Big surprise, some spoiled brat, broken child star with no friends and serious daddy, who loved the cock, fucked a lot of cock and was known for being the resident Hollywood coked up, erratic slut, took a few months off to pretend she was a lesbian decided to go back to the dick…

But as far as I’m concerned, Lohan was never a lesbian, shit was all a publicity stunt. I have never seen them do much more than holding hands and every girl holds her best friend’s hand, it’s just girl behavior or fighting. They only started admitting they were together and loved each other when they realized it was getting them tons of coverage because the media likes homo drama, and they use Myspace and Facebook to let people know how in love they are. It’s a fucking joke.

They are just cocaine buddies who make each other feel better about not following their rehab stints because they are in it together and it’s too bad because Sam Ronson is a cool fucking person, she just needs to get that crazy Lohan stain on society out of her life, even if it means not seeing her awesome tits ever again.

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