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stepGIRLS Wrestling in American Apparel of the Day

In case you’re not up on the stepGIRLS movement…you’re an idiot and I hate you…but more importantly, they are girls who are part of our extended family, all over 18, who we can’t get in trouble by their mom’s for falling in love with, like we were Woody Allen, because they aren’t legally bound to us, just emotionally…

In case you’re not up on the DrunkenStepfather philosophy, it’s written at the top of the page..you see we like having fun with pretty girls and sometimes we take pictures…and sometimes that fun and those pictures are inspired by wrestling…and taken in front of a 3 million dollar Riopelle painting…because sometimes we like being classy even though my life is pretty much fucking homeless…all thanks to you not making me famous,

They are wearing AMERICAN APPAREL …clothing I like to thank for making girls more open minded about no bras and nipples…and even under such violent conditions…these stepGIRLS look like an angels sent from heaven to ruin your life…because you’ll get addicted…and there is no rehab for this kind of love…

These were shot by the always amazing Monsieur Coms



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Amazing #stepGIRL in American Apparel of the Day

We like having fun with pretty girls and sometimes that fun leads us to magical places like a white bathroom, with a beautiful girl, in white AMERICAN APPAREL …looking like an angel sent from heaven to make all of our lives a little better…if only there were more of her that we could each have one for ourselves…but unfortunately life isn’t that fair…or nice…and this #stepGIRL is one of a kind…and that is just one of her…leaving us with only one option and that is to write her love poems until she cracks and sees the love we always knew was there.….or you can just look at the pictures of her…cuz she’s amazing…

These were shot by a guy who we call Monsieur Coms


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stepGIRLS Playing in Beds of the Day

stepGIRLS are a lot of fun, especially when we get them together, stripped down into hot fucking clothes and taking pictures, while hugging and protecting each other while perverts like me watch and try to get them to be a little more than just friends with each other…and a lot more naked with each other…because no matter how platonic my life with stepGIRLS may be…I am still a man and I still have needs..and those needs are to see more of them in pictures…..but I am pretty happy with what they’ve done so far…

THey are wearing AMERICAN APPAREL and looking good.

THey were shot by Monsieur Coms


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Posing with a stepGIRL with Headblade of the Day

For those of you who wanted more of me to masturbate to, your dreams have been answered…you know put a little mask to these words you get boners for…because I posed with my girl MACBUD in a shoot by Julien Archambeault …with a hairy mask and a dream motherfuckers..a dream I could stare into this #stepGIRLS sheer panties til the end of fucking time…

We’re posing with HEADBLADE …because we like head…blade…dripping off our faces…

I’m talking about the pre-shave, shave, and after shave creams…you pervert…

HEADBLADE … makes being a balding awkward dude far cooler..cuz girls actually find a shaved head hotter than the pedophile receding / thinning hairline you’re rocking…

So do it for the girls, and maybe they’ll let you see your vagina like they were a #stepGIRL…but I doubt it…hot fucking times…

If you’re bald or balding, or if you know someone who is bald or balding GET THIS because Rosie Huntington Whitely likes shaved heads…and this makes shaved heads easy to have…

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Ariel Rebel and the stepGIRLS Hot in American Apparel of the Day

We got a few of our amazing stepGIRLS and Ariel Rebel together for a photoshoot at Notorious Barbershop….where I didn’t technically get to shave any legs or vaginas…but I did with my fucking mind…

The girls are wearing the ALWAYS HOT SHEER AND EROTIC AMERICAN APPAREL ….and very little else…

It was a hot hot night I still masturbate to…and here are some of the pics…

If you want to dress yourself, or your bitch up like these babes CLICK HERE

Pics shot by MONSIEUR COMS

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#stepGIRL Modeling #BelovedShirts of the Day

Our homies at Beloved Shirts sent us up a couple of their cool as fuck sweatshirts…so we did the only natural thing we could with them…and that was dress up one of our hot little #stepGIRLS in the shirt and have our stepPHOTOGRAPHER Monseiur Coms take pics of her…

The peeing pic is my favorite, but in my defence, I love watching girls pee, especially when it is on my face…but that’s just me…

The outdoor naughty wifey pic isn’t all that bad either, at least not according to the dude who drove around the block 10 times screaming at her while she was shooting it…out creeping me…something I hate to see happen…because I want to be the top creep…but I guess that’s what happens when the only thing I win at is failing…I am the top failure around…

But this isn’t about me…this is about smoking babes in sweatshirts…looking hot enough to master-bake to…..

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stepGIRL Plays Dead in a stepSHIRT of the Day

I didn’t kill my wife for a viral facebook status update, I just make my #stepGIRLS play dead half naked in their DrunkenSweatshop.com shirt

Not because I am a necrophiliac, or even because I think that dude who killed his wife and posted it to facebook is funny, but because it’s fuckin’ hot…

Not to mention, if they play dead well enough, like if they really commit to the role…they don’t say no…

Shot by Monsieur Coms

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Nude Models for Bambi Magazine of the day

Juan Carlos Verona is some photographer who shot these two models named Alice and Mariana for some magazine called BAMBI MAGAZINE …and they are showing their tits…because it’s a better gig getting topless for some random ass magazine, than working at the discount grocery store handing out tampon samples…

Makin’ moves, naked for fashion, maybe one day they’ll be famous, but for now they are putting in work, work I can appreciate, cuz it comes with nipples I can stare at.

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Top 20 Instagram Girls in Jerk off Pose of the Day

Girls are such slus…I was just browsing through instagram and it turns out that girls compare how they jerk dudes off in picture..

It’s like so many pictures of their jerk off hand in jerk off stance..reminding me of a better time when girls actually used to jerk you off…before they got lazy and realized sticking it in their pussy takes less work and causes less sour wrists…

(worst joke ever. I’ve failed you)

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stepGIRLS Posing with a State Bicycle of the Day

The other day, we rounded up a couple of our amazing, and I mean amazing stepGIRLS and got them to pose with our favorite bicycle, which happens to be an amazing State Bicycle Co bike…

State Bicycle Co is a company, that if you know bikes, you will know, make some of the most stylish bicycles around that will get you noticed…which is really what you should want.

Like these:

You know the kind of bicycle that will get any girl excited to ride with you, even if you don’t have a car, because they just have that much cool…

I find bicycles highly erotic. I love girls on bicycles, girls next to bicycles, sniffing bicycle seats when they are still warm after a babe happens park her bike next to me on a hot summer day….creeping on some panty shots when the wind blows bicycyle riding babes and their skirts the right way…so it was only natural to get our stepGIRLS half naked and next to a bike….and shit is HOT HOT HOT.

You can find the perfect bike for yourself at StateBicycle.com , they are as low as $389 + Free Shipping…

Even better, every State Bicycle Co. model is limited edition, so you can be sure that the bike you buy will be unique.

Because we did this shoot, State Bicycle Co has decided to offer, Exclusive for Drunken Stepfather readers, 10% off your order now until July 31st.

Use coupon code: drunkstate at check out.

To get yourself a bike, and we suggest you do, cuz they are awesome and chicks dig em… CLICK HERE

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A Couple Hipster Bitches Lookin Hot for Vice Magazine of the Day

Vice Magazine owes me money.

Before they sold to MTV to bankroll their media/news company, they were a hipster magazine that was available free in every trendy store across North America that could lie to advertisers about their relevance and reach, because magazines don’t have Google Analytics.

When people stopped giving a fuck about magazines, they hit the internet and were trying to figure shit out, and in doing that would buy traffic from me, only they didn’t pay me the last few months.

Which makes me mad. Because I need every dollar I can get. Since I am not running with 100,000,000 dollars from MTV.

So every time I see them on HBO, even if deep down, what they are doing, is probably needed in a society filled with idiots who watch CNN and believe what they are told. I yell at the TV.

I mean Gonzo, first hand journalism and misadventures challenging what’s going on in the world is nothing genius, but at least someone is doing it with corporate money, it’s better that MTV finances this than Jersey Shore.

It turns out they are also doing fashion shoots with hipster chicks with corporate money, money they didn’t pay, making me feel like in a way I fucking financed this shoot, executive producer this shit.

So that’s why I am posting it.

If you care, they were shot by an ex-instagram follower of mine….the break-up was devastating. But the good news is his pics look like they were shot on instagram.

All this to say, I like hot hipsters, even if I hate who they work for and what they represent all owned by MTV and shit.

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stepGIRLS in Frank & Oak of the Day

Here is one of our official stepGIRLS modeling some FRANK & OAK ….and they look hot as fucking fire.

FRANK & OAK is clothing brand that merges quality with amazing style, and at a great price. They have shirts and
underwear and really all kinds of stuff you’ll love to let that girl
who spent the night walk around in when she’s making you that morning

It is membership based, but not a scam, meaning you get deals and exclusive offers for limited edition styles by being a member. More importantly, you get clothing specific to your needs, styles and really what you want, but there isn’t any commitment to buy when you sign up. It’s really just joining a cool community.

because bitches may love cake, but they
also like dudes who dress the fuckin’ part.

Here’s our stepGIRL lookin’ hot in the best selfies of all time…


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Top 40 Pics on Instagram from Ultra Music Festival of the Day

Raving has gone mainstream. It has lost its soul of illegal parties where ugly people have drug overdoses, while massaging each other in fun fur, or dancing to bad music all night. I used to go to those parties because being an alcoholic pervert, it was a good place to drink until 10 am surrounded by underage girls on E who were into gettin’ down and they always smelled like shit.

Now all the suburban mall shoppers the real ravers of the 90s would probably hate, are eating this raver shit up, they are even dropping the word PLUR, like they went back to 1997 and raided all the socially awkward nerd freaks who needed to be bullied in their raver cloud.

The good thing about things going mainstream, isn’t that the DJs now make 100k a night, it is that the quality of pussy involved in it, running to see their favorite dubstep or techno or house DJ, like a gang of gays on poppers….is that the pussy is hotter than it bottom feeding disgusting it used to be.

I mean sure there were always babes at clubs, and big scale parties, so maybe this is nothing new….but the college girls who would be normally doing a wet t-shirt contest at a frat party are into this now and that’s kinda weird to me.

Here are the best, (first) 40 pics I found of crackhead girls half naked club girls in Miami, for the Ultra Music Festival, dancing to shitty DJs who get paid more than the Rolling Stones, because they are trendy and mainstream. They probably smell like 24 hours of sweaty dancing in their vaginas and I like that cuz when I used to go to raves, the girls were fucking meth scabbed, fat, and not the hot girls who were shopping at the gap.

Here are some girls havin’ some fun…

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Pornstars Without Make-Up of the Day

The whole concept of pornstars always annoys me…only because I don’t think a girl is a star just because she fucks on camera for 1000 dollars…if anything she is the opposite of a fucking star…she’s gutter trash and that’s why she’s mistreating herself….not that I am against porn, I just think these girls are fucking delusional…

I have also been to the porn awards a handful of times, and have seen a lot of these girls in action, including Puma Swede, who grabbed my balls and who is in fact a fucking monster looking woman… and they are 99 percent of the time disgusting looking, you just don’t realize it cuz you’re too busy jerking off to them getting face fucked like the nasty little trash they are….

Well MELISSA MAKEUP from instagram, a pornstar make-up artist I guess, has posted some before and after make-up pics of some porn chicks, proving that they aren’t all what you may have thought they were…if anything they are what you’d expect ghetto trash who get fucked up the ass for 1000 dollars on camera….would be…damaged, disgusting, not a “star”…in any fucking way….but we’ll all still jerk off to them and that’s ok…

It’s an interesting project this Melissa chick has undertaken…awesome look into her industry…because despite me laughing at the before pics, I think she’s more into just showing off how good she is….and we can all agree that based on the before pics…she’s a fucking god….the same kind of god Kim Kardashian monster probably uses….

Smoke and fucking mirrors…..sure some aren’t that bad….but you can assume their souls are…

PS – Melissa is also a fucking babe…but that could all be smoke and mirrors too..

Follow her on INSTAGRAM

The names of the pornstars are in the name of the picture….and some of these girls may not be pornstars…but instead just look like them…and if that’s the case…they are probably the better looking girls…who I accidentally downloaded without researching their work.

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DrunkenStepfather Does the Poor Man’s Comicon of the Day

Equipped with an iPhone with 20% battery life, Drunkenstepfather.com, meaning me, went to Montreal’s version of Comicon, even though they didn’t give us Press passes, meaning we paid the 35 dollars to see this shit, despite hating virgin loser nerds who like video games and comic books and scifi and cosplay and fantasy and second life… as much as I hate the stale semen smell that follows them everywhere they go…..from chronic masturbating in their mom’s basement where they live and make robotic women while pretending to be married to their favorite women….

Well it turns out that they convention itself was as bootleg and ghetto and second rate poor man hustle as my reporting…but I figured I’d post my pics anyway….

From Captain Picard and Kirk sitting next to each other in some nerd time warp vortex, to some fat chick showing off the only head she’s ever got, to the Ghostbusters comparing dick sizes, and some girls in cosplay costume seeking male attention…..it was good times.

If you want to follow our adventures and by our I mean mine and by adventures I mean sitting on the couch – Follow My Instagram @DRUNKENSTEPFATHERDOTCOM

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