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Girls in Boxes for Boxing Day of the Day

It’s boxing day..and what better way to celebrate boxing Day, than with some pictures of girls in boxes, or things that look like boxes, that aren’t coffins, because that would be dark…even though boxing day is the celebration of the death of Christmas…

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i-D Magazine’s Winter Fashion Nudity by Tyrone Lebon of the Day

I guess i-D Magaine is some fashion magazine…that I guess is on some sort of cutting edge of bullshit…since the fashion industry is bullshit…and what people think is relevant or interesting is bullshit…and even this shoot for fashion…that is really just naked models….is bullshit…but luckily bullshit I am totally into…because well..naked models…

They are:

Charlotte Carey, Frederikke, Athena Wilson, Anastasia
Ivanova, Paula Magyar, Sabina Karlsson, Moffy, Sonoya Mizuno,
Hazel Scott-Somme, Ayesha Tan Jones, Reba Maybury & Jess Maybury

I’ve never heard of them…but I’ve seen their nipples…and I don’t think any of us are any better off for it…but I’m sitting on a couch in Canada, not getting a blowjob, while my wife eats Chrismas cookies…and reminds me how horrible my life is…what the fuck else am I supposed to do…

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Topless Hipster of the Day

Her name is GWEN. His name is Stefan Kolesnikowicz. Together – they took topless photos on film, because that is what people are doing these days to try to differentiate themselves from digital photographers – because camera technology allows everyone to be a photographer now – and instagram proves daily that it doesn’t take much to get likes – no skill or really anything…

So try to be different, try to learn film, try to take good pics, try to get them developed, try to scan them and try to distrubute them, and have them look exactly like a digital print – because the second you scan them – they become a digital print…making for a lot of trying – hard trying – try hard…

But at least it gets girls topless..

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Hipster BFFs by Stefano Galli for C-Heads of the Day

I like hipster girls when they come in two, even if their whole philosophy is to be the individual thinking hipster, who doesn’t realize that that statement alone is just them being all the fucking same.

They were shot by @ste_galli and they are lovely.

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LA Odyssey of the Day

My friend Lily is putting on this photo exhibit of artistic nude art photography that is probably very expensive to buy, but that is more interesting than just photos for instagram, because there is a statement being made, even when I don’t understand that statement, because I am too busy trying to see labia…..in these awesome fucking pics.

They are doing an exhibit soon FIND OUT MORE HERE


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Julia By Chris Steinbach of the Day

I don’t know anything about this model or this photographer, I just know that she’s in a lacy bra and I can see her nipples, and that may be all I need to know…

You see I don’t care about the artistic process by CHRIS STEINBACH or what camera and equipment he used…and I don’t care about model JUIA …or what she does for fun, or what she likes, or if she’s a real model and not just doing this for fun, or instagram..

I just care about nipples…I am a simple man.


via C-Head

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Russian Sex Workers in Designer Clothing of the Day

This is the kind of campaign or photoshoot that I find inspiring. It’s racy, it’s edgy, it’s real fucking life…and that’s far more interesting that the hollywood gossip, model or hipster models that want to be models because it’s good for instagram and everyone likes playing make-belief bullshit we’re all used to…

There are hookers, there are addicts, there are people who aren’t so fucking glamorous because life chewed them up and spat them out, yet the public is worried about their designer clothes and cars and eveyrthing else…

So seeing these sex workers in designer clothes…is pretty fucking next level…

This is right up my alley, exactly what I want to see pictures of, not for masturbation purposes, or shopping for a discount blowjob on my Russian sex tourism trip…but because this is the actual human experience…or at least part of it…and I think it deserves as much if not more attention than the vapid materialistic overpaid whores in Hollywood..

Here’s a video…

Downtown Divas from LA on Vimeo.

And the pics…



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Hot Photoshoot by Signe Vilstrup of the Day

Here is a topless shoot by a photographer who seems pretty established named SIGNE VILSTRUP for a magazine that I’ve never heard of called DANSK

I’ve got no idea who the models are, what the concept is, but I figure if you get an established photographer, some props, hair and make-up, stylin and naked girls – who probably wouldn’t otherwise get naked…it’s a fucking win.

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Talula Wilde’s Gone Wild in New York of the Day

Our most famous and amazing stepGIRL TALULA WILDE …who is only going to continue to get more and more famous from here…until one day being far too famous to ever answer my calls or emails…but who may one day send me a letter from her lawyer asking me to remove any association with DrunkenStepfather.com and the #stepGIRLS..but who supports and encourages and loves our little movement right now…did this exclusive #stepGIRL shoot with our friend and famed photographer ALI HUSSAIN from GIVE ME A MILK …and it is amazing…

I mean this is one substantial and beautifully talented girl. The kind of girl I should leave my house to just stare at, which would be against my reclusive hermit existence, and really why bother when I have these amazingly shot, nude and pretty photos I can stare at instead…and now so do you.

So FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW #stepGIRLS ON INSTAGRAM and FOLLOW ALI HUSSAIN ON INSTAGRAM …it will heal the world and make it a better place…just like these pics of Talula…

Amazing…I am in love…the kind of love that is forever and not just because I see her in all her glory.

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Drunkenstepfather EDC Exclusive of the Day

Unless you’re the DJ who pulled off the greatest scam in the history of life by becoming a DJ right around the time DJs started getting paid stupid fucking money thanks to EDM going mainstream and all the lame suburban college kids decided they were ravers….

Or unless you’re the DJ who pulled off the greatest scam in the history of life’s groupie girlfriend, who when I used to go to raves we’d call the “DJ HO” or “record bitch”…back when DJs used records…

Or unless you’re the sponsor, the VIP, or the dude making stupid money after organizing this event…

Music festivals seem like a fucking nightmare…and I wouldn’t be caught dead at them, no matter how hot everyday girls giving the party life one last shot before turning 30, coupled with half naked 20 year olds, are…

But I would convince my black friend to go take pics from drunkenstepfather, because half naked 20 year olds to 30 year olds raving..as stupid as it looks or sounds…are fun to stare at…

So here’s our EDC exclusive…shot on a point and shoot by a black man…probably dressed like a muppet…named kaveriis photos

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Us Weekly The Body Issue of the Day

Here are a whole bunch of shitty pics of….Heidi Klum, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Angie Harmon, Katharine McPhee, Sofia Vergara, Emilia Clarke, Iggy Azalea, Ashley Benson, Lea Michele, Brooklyn Decker, Maria Menounos, Jillian Michaels, Lauren Cohan, Edy Ganem, Roselyn Sanchez or at least a few of them…because I can’t be bothered cross referencing the list of idiots with the pics I actually stole…

The reality of all these low level publications that talk to trailer park housewives is that they are pretty much controlled by the publicists, so anyone in these pics are people being pushed hard by their team and not actually people with bodies that need to be celebrated

Not to mention, if you are going to celebrate a fucking body, you should include spread labia, or asshole, since the asshole is the gateway to a women’s soul…

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Pretty Puke Photography is Today’s Moment of Inspiration of the Day

The most interesting photographer out there right now is a guy by the name of a href=”http://prettypuke.com/” target=”_blank”> PRETTYPUKE

He is taking hipster babes and making them do dirty, grimy, controversial things, and he’s snap shooting his way through it…and it’s awesome…because he’s using real girls, and not stuck up bitches who think they are too hot to get fucking down dirty…you know because they care more about how they look in their bikini selfie, than actually making an impact, or bringing imagery that inspires….

I think this guy will be the next big thing, he’s already so much more famous than he was when I first saw his stuff, and I like supporting people doing documentary type shit, that I think speak to a generation of people, who are living the life, while giving those of us who aren’t a look into it…

I am a fan….


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stepGIRLS Wrestling in American Apparel of the Day

In case you’re not up on the stepGIRLS movement…you’re an idiot and I hate you…but more importantly, they are girls who are part of our extended family, all over 18, who we can’t get in trouble by their mom’s for falling in love with, like we were Woody Allen, because they aren’t legally bound to us, just emotionally…

In case you’re not up on the DrunkenStepfather philosophy, it’s written at the top of the page..you see we like having fun with pretty girls and sometimes we take pictures…and sometimes that fun and those pictures are inspired by wrestling…and taken in front of a 3 million dollar Riopelle painting…because sometimes we like being classy even though my life is pretty much fucking homeless…all thanks to you not making me famous,

They are wearing AMERICAN APPAREL …clothing I like to thank for making girls more open minded about no bras and nipples…and even under such violent conditions…these stepGIRLS look like an angels sent from heaven to ruin your life…because you’ll get addicted…and there is no rehab for this kind of love…

These were shot by the always amazing Monsieur Coms



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Amazing #stepGIRL in American Apparel of the Day

We like having fun with pretty girls and sometimes that fun leads us to magical places like a white bathroom, with a beautiful girl, in white AMERICAN APPAREL …looking like an angel sent from heaven to make all of our lives a little better…if only there were more of her that we could each have one for ourselves…but unfortunately life isn’t that fair…or nice…and this #stepGIRL is one of a kind…and that is just one of her…leaving us with only one option and that is to write her love poems until she cracks and sees the love we always knew was there.….or you can just look at the pictures of her…cuz she’s amazing…

These were shot by a guy who we call Monsieur Coms


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stepGIRLS Playing in Beds of the Day

stepGIRLS are a lot of fun, especially when we get them together, stripped down into hot fucking clothes and taking pictures, while hugging and protecting each other while perverts like me watch and try to get them to be a little more than just friends with each other…and a lot more naked with each other…because no matter how platonic my life with stepGIRLS may be…I am still a man and I still have needs..and those needs are to see more of them in pictures…..but I am pretty happy with what they’ve done so far…

THey are wearing AMERICAN APPAREL and looking good.

THey were shot by Monsieur Coms


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