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2014 Pirelli Calendar Preview of the Day

Patrick Demarchelier & Peter Lindbergh shot the 2014 Pirelli Calendar, which in the past has been pretty fucking hot, naked, slutty…but this year seems boring, tame, and a total misuse of a ton of fucking models who I’m sure have all been totally naked so many times before and who should be totally naked this time together…because that would be new, that would be exciting enough to try to masturbate to, but instead it’s just set up like a shoot your mom got at Sear in the 90s for your dad before he left her for the secretary, wearing her Calvin Klein jeans and a white button down shirt half open, because your mom was a cheesy bitch who always dreamt of being a model…

Worst preview ever…I mean seriously people, step your fucking game up.

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The 2013 Pirelli Calendar Launched with Pregnant Adriana Lima Pics of the Day

I only have these Pregnant Adriana Lima pics from the Calendar…which aren’t very erotic…unless you have a ready to drop fetish…which I don’t…cuz afterbirth is disgusting…

I don’t have any of the actual hot pics yet, but I saw they had a launch party, and figured that meant topless pics everywhere of your favorite models you want to fuck but won’t fuck…cuz they are too good for you and too busy dating rich and famous people…cuz models are hookers too.

I figured I’d put this out there while we wait for the other pics of Summer Rayne Oakes (sounds like a real legit name), Isabeli Fontana, Karlie Kloss, Petra Nemcova and others to get scanned, leaked, released, as they always are….cuz people don’t respect copyright ….here are some pics….mainly behind the scenes pics…

It was shot in Rio…and so far it is not nearly nude enough…

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Terry Richardson and Vanity Fair’s Pirelli Calendar Behind the Scenes of the Day

Terry Richardson proves yet again that being a photographer gets you pussy, or at least gets you to hang around hot pussy, especially when you’ve convinced the world that your perverted, amateur style of photography is fuckin’ art and not just perverted and amateur, because your dad was some successful fashion photographer you rode to the top of your game, and really who cares, his shit is at least semi-interesting to look at, especially when the girls in the pics are hipster trust fund trash he’s pulled out of the bar and brought back to his loft to get, but are actually highend fashion models at the top of their game doing the Pirelli Calendar. What it comes down to is we’re all full of shit, the smart ones are the ones who make money off it, or at least get pussy from it, and the nice ones are the ones who share that pussy with the rest of us in pictures….

The modesl you see are Miranda Kerr, Ana Beatriz Barros, Miranda Kerr, Eniko Mihalik, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Catherine M, Abbey Lee, Daisy Lowe, Gracie C, Marloes Horst, Lily Cole, Georgina Stojiilkovic and their tits.

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