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Pornstar Kim Kardashian’s Fat Body Squeezed into a Dress of the Day

I don’t care how fucking tight the dress Kim Kardashian’s fat body is squeezed into…..she will always be nothing but a fucking disgusting pig to me. Not just because she let’s more black dude’s piss on her than the one working toilet in the Detroit housing project, but she isn’t good looking. She’s got this massive fucking head that makes you think her body is proportionate and normal looking…but it’s not…she’s just a lazy fat slob who makes her money cuz she was a boring amateur pornstar…which is the same way most lazy girls make a living…because pussy works better than brain most of the fucking time….here are the pics cuz for some reason America cares about this pale shit colored trash in her sparkly cheap stripper trying to look classy dress..

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Jenna Haze Shit Herself in a Bikini of the Day

Jenna Haze is one of the more popular pornstars around from what I remember someone in the industry telling me and I guess it has to do with her having natural tits and possibly lookin’ young compared to the other haggared bitches who fuck on camera for money, but I like to think it has to do with her anal sex scenes, which as you can see have damaged her enough to lose all control of her bowels…..

Here she is in her fucking bikini, which none of you really give a fuck about because you’ve seen her have dirty fucking sex of all varieties.

What I do know is that she looks like a serious fucking crack addict and I am surprised she even has all her teeth or that she’s on the fucking beach in Malibu, when she looks like she should be on the beach in your hometown lookin’ for empty bottles drunk teens threw in the river, like a crafty crackwhore who doesn’t like going up against the old lady who has dibs on the recycling bins, and who doesn’t want to wait til sundown before being able to give 5 dollar blowjobs since blowjobs aren’t easy to sell during the day and it is all in hopes of collecting enough to buy another fucking hit,.

She looks horrible, her ass is horrible, her face is horrible, everything about her is horrible but I guess when it comes to finding girls willing to fuck on camera, the hot ones usually say no and get real jobs, unless they are Kayden Kross, in which case they just give me boners…Kayden if you’re out there baby, remember our marriage vows…ok enough of that.. here is Jenna Haze….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Some Pornstar Protests Nude of the Day

Some pornstar named Laura Perego was in Rome or is from Rome and decided to get political, so she hit up the Embassy of Afghanistan, got naked and protested the whole law allowing men to rape their wives and guarantee sex twice a week, a law that I think I should start protesting in America to instill.

I may not believe in her cause, but I do know that this is the kind of protest I can get down with, you know whores naked and causing ruckus, even if I firmly believe in whores, rape, oppression to women and all those other good things about Afghanistan.

Here are those pics.

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Pornstar Stoya’s After Sex Glow of the Day

I have been spending a lot of time at a McDonald’s with a drug addict who has uneven legs, a sunken face and one platform show, like motherfucker’s still in the 70s and into disco. I also hang with a couple really old ladies, one who orders two coffees, one for her and one for her dead husband who she always says is on his way, he’s just parking the car, but doesn’t show up for the 3 hours she sits there. Then there’s a schizophrenic dude who talks craziness and always brings one or two new personalities with him, so the daytime McDonald’s scene is pretty intense. I only go because they have TVs and wifi.

Today, I was watching Canada’s answer to Access Hollywood and half their stories were screenshots of shit celebrities posted on twitter. They’ve become lazy and now instead of digging, they just have to post garbage these celebs or their staff post, because I guess that’s what fuels a site as useless as that.

So I decided to do my own twitter digging and all I came up with was this picture of pornstar Stoya that she took when she just finished a scene. You can see the after-whore glow, and some nipple, knowing she just got fucked hard and dirty in exchange for money. I figured you’d want to see it, even though I’ve never heard of her….even though she’s AVN’s 2009 best startlet because I don’t give a fuck about porn, pornstars and prefer local sluts….

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Bree Olson Talks About How She Likes to Fuck of the Day

After posting some topless pictures of Bree Olson that a friend of mine took in her hotel room during the AVN awards in Vegas because he’s got the in with the pornstars and wanted me to tell the world that he’s better than you, not that we needed to tell you that anyone is better than you. I mean, I could have said I had a friend with pancreatic cancer who just filed for bankrupcy, his wife left him for his best friend and cancer doctor who was in the process of saving his life, and now he’s torn whether to continue treatments or just kill himself and you’d be envious of him because a woman actually married him, even though she’s a fat cheating cunt.

Either way, some dude sent this video in of Bree talking at some conference about how she likes dirty sex, getting her faced shoved in the toilet, you know keeping it classy and making her parents proud, because I guess she thinks the more hardcore you go, the more relevant you are in the industry, or maybe it’s because she’s so desensitized that it’s the only way to go. I just know I don’t find it hot, but you probably will, so watch it.

Go Vote in some Contest all the Pornstars are Going Nuts Over

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Nina Hartley’s Old Ass in a Thong of the Day

Here’s a shitty video and some picture of Nina Hartley’s ass. If you don’t know who Nina Hartley is, then you are an idiot. She is a 50 year old Jewish old school pornstar who has some crazy fucking booty. She is one of the longest running pornstars who seems to like what she’s doing, she hasn’t killed herself with a drug overdose and she hasn’t got the AIDS virus, so she’s the kind of experience slut all you young sluts should look up to as your idol.

She is educated, she is a feminist who thinks sex is something women give to men and she’s on some kind of quest to legitimize what she does and make it have a bigger purpose, even though no matter how many words she says to explain herself, I just can’t make out what she’s saying because her mouth is full of cock.

I don’t want to underestimate her life work, but let’s be real for a minute, you get fucked on camera, you have been getting fucked on camera for close to 3 decades and that makes you a slut, whether you are smart or intellectual about shit or not.

Here are the pics to make up for the shitty video, speaking of video Nina Hartley is still in “Mature Porn” and produces some instructional videos, because if there’s anything this bitch knows, it’s how to take a cock and eat some serious pussy…,

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Pornstar Lexxi Tyler is Probably a Pornstar Escort of the Day

I don’t cover much porn news here, that’s because I used to work in a porn company and can’t really stomach watching these fake, plastic, disgusting looking girls, who have had way too much dick and drugs in their lives and who did it for money because it’s just not hot to me. I am more into everyday girls, amateurs and your sister, girlfriend and girls I meet in clubs, because let’s face it, everyday sluts are just hotter than career sluts.

After the success of Chasey Lain Hitting Rock Bottom I was reminded that all you perverts love porn, it’s really the only sex you’ve had and with that has come a couple of hot stories.

A source close to Lexxi Tyler emailed me to tell me that the pretty useless pornstar who hasn’t really done all that much porn and who I have never heard about has been seen driving around in her brand new Bentley. Making me believe I am in the wrong business, because if you can afford a Bentley after being in a handful of movies, shit must pay fucking well.

I ended up investigating a little bit and found out that there are a whole lot of pornstars that solicit themselves as escorts for their fans to fuck. After trolling the internet I found out that I can fuck some of your favorite pornstars for anywhere from 500 dollars to 15,000 dollars for a 3 days weekend, depending on who it is. The reason for this is simple, they already see their vaginas as cash cows, they are already selling sex and getting paid for sex, and the average fan is willing to pay a lot more than a porn studio because to a porn studio there are so many girls out there and to the fan there’s only one Lexxi Tyler. So what this means is that when you watch porn, the girls you see are just using that shit as a marketing tool for their prostitution and some are better at it than others because when a whore who looks like a haggard tranny, with a broken down face and a pair of shitty fake tits can afford a Bentley, you know that meaty disgusting AIDS pussy is doing something right and by right, I mean prostituting herself and other girls to losers like you….

I guess her dad, uncle and every man who ever molested her, raped her and ruined her emotionally is giving themselves high fives right now, not because they got up in this over priced vagina for free but because the deep rooted issues she’s got from their abuse has made her rich and that means they are pretty much off the fuckin’ hook and are actually slated to receive a percentage of her earnings for being the major inspiration in her work.

People told me not to post this becaue Lexxi Tyler will sue me because these porn sluts are quick to sue but I am just writing the shit I found online and if people don’t want their dirty little secrets that buy them Bentley’s out there, they should consider not posting ads to fuck them on the fucking internet for people like me to find. If these are fake ads and this whole thing is a lie, which is possible but unlikely, she’s still clearly a haggard fuckin’ slut and you can’t sue me for sayin’ that truth,

The good news for you is that you can fuck all the pornstars you have a crush on, all you need is a job or a credit card. Let’s hope this inspires you to get off your lazy broke ass and out there into the workforce, so that you can start saving, because turning masturbation fantasy into a reality should be enough reason to make those needed changes in your life. I feel like Doctor Phil right now.

Here is an ad posted by Lexxi Tyler Soliciting Sex:

Here is some dude’s review of the experience:

This is Her Myspace With That Kiss a Girl Song Cuz She’s a Fucking Mainstream Loser and Probably Has Delusions of Actually being Important, Famous and Successful When All She is is a Whore….I assume the album called “her girlfriends” are the other girls working for her as whores…I could be wrong….


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Pornstar Chasey Lain Hits Rock Bottom of the Day

It was a great shock when I opened my email and found this insane video of Chasey Lain at some porn shoot recently totally off of her game, cracked the fuck out of her mind and lookin’ ragged as hell. She fights with the producer, brags about her Rolls Royce and freaks out when she can’t find her crack after getting fired from the job for being a fuckin’ spaced out crack head.

I mean I always thought that pornostars were well put together professional girls, who just know how to use their pussies to make them money and shit’s strictly a matter of business, I never thought that pornostars were from broken homes, of poverty, molestation, alcohol and drug addiction, physical abuse and all the good things that makes a woman fuck on camera for money.

I think along with nudity, fake tits, live sex…seeing pornostars jacked on drugs or smokin’ crack comes with the territory as 10 men cum on their faces. It’s the easiest way to live with yourself by slowly killing yourself because you realize now that you’re a hasbeen whore and that you’ve made your money, you’re still hurting on the inside because you realize you degraded yourself all these years and the glory and fame wasn’t worth it because now you’re forced to fuck your fans, who still aren’t over you from the 90s for money to maintain your lifestyle…and when talent start fuckin’ their fans you know a drug overdose isn’t too far away.

Watch the video, lives falling apart at the seams is funny, especially when it happens to whores!!

Here’s Party Number 2

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PinkyXXX the Pornstar Booty Claps in a Racist Interview of the Day

Her name is Pinky XXX and she’s a fuckin’ nasty fuckin’ pornstar who makes me sick to my fuckin’ stomach and not because she’s black but because she’s a piece of fuckin’ trash and her fuckin’ ass is retardedly fat and not in a good way. I don’t get how this big booty shit became popular because when I look at it, I see one too many bowls of ice cream but dudes seem to see sex and that confuses me. The reason I am posting this shit is to give you a glimpse into how trashy and uneducated a money driven whore who gets paid to do dirty things with her body actually is.

She fuckin’ slaughters white girls in this shit and goes off about how if she was a white slut she’d never would have made the kind of money she made. If the tables were turned and she was a white girl rippin’ into black girls she’d be called a racist but because of the years of oppression and shit she can get away with it. It’s kinda like BET but the fatter assed slut who takes on multiple cock and slaps her ass version.

The highlight is when she claps her ass cheeks and talks about how she broke some small dicked motherfucker’s dick and made him bleed. I guess compared to her ass even the biggest dick looks small and that’s the added hit on your self esteem when you lower yourself to fuck a fatty. Either way, I guess it’s a good move for her considering her only other career option was to work behind the counter at a fast food chain.

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