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Raica Oliveira in Some Bikinis for a Bathing Suit Company of the Day

Raica Oliveira is a Brazilian model people hate because she has stretch marks on her ass…

I am not that person…and apparently neither are Victoria’s Secret, SI, H&M and a bunch of other companies….

She’s from Brazil and built for a bikini….is tall as fuck…29 and discovered by the same person as Gisele so she may be a tranny, but that would never stop you…especially when brasilian trannies are hotter bitches than you’ve ever fucked…

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Raica Oliveira for Some Shitty Catalog of the Day

Catalog pics are the fucking best. I mean taking a 29 year old Brazilian model who has been in Sports Illustrated and putting her in shitty clothes, posing her in shitty ways, shooting her from shitty angles that focus primarily on selling the shitty clothes…that she’s fucking awesome..

I mean, it’s not like at her level of model fame, or even at her old model age, she wouldn’t put some effort in and get naked, maybe even spread her vagina for a photographer, I mean none of us would want that, when we can just google vaginas on the internet, and save Raica Oliveira for posing in garbage…am I right?

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Raica Oliveira in her Bikini at a Victoria’s Secret Shoot of the Day

Raica Oliveira is a hot Victoria’s Secret Model from Brazil, like so many other Victoria’s Secret models before her…making me think that the evil corporation probably has some kind of outpost there. A place where they abduct and train these bitches to become the face of their brand. I figure if they make their bras in sweatshops, exploiting child labor for cheap product, why wouldn’t they do the same for cheap models, it’s all about the bottom line people, and if you can make a celebrity out of a babe you own, thanks to brainwashing them into thinking you’ll kill their family, why the fuck wouldn’t you. I mean why spend the million dollars a year on them like they were Miranda Kerr, when you can just get it for free from all those willing….

She’s 29, which is pretty old as fuck, especially for a Victoria’s Secret model, she’s pretty accomplished, she’s probably had sex with Adam Levine or Leonardo DiCaprio, they all do, and she’s’ looking good in her bikini for this shoot. I’m a fan, which isn’t saying much, cuz she’s wearing a bikini, so obviously I’m a fan. That’s all it takes.


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Raica Oliveira Poses For Heine Heine Spring Summer 2011 Collection

Her name is Raica Oliveira, I’ve never heard of her, but apparently she’s a Brazilian swimsuit model, who has done SI and some other swimsuit model shit….which means she could also be a tranny, cuz everyone knows Brazil is the second largest exporters of trannies behind Thailand….not that I think she is one, but what the fuck do I know, today’s the first time I’ve heard of her, and I haven’t really had the opportunity to give her a gynecological exam, I’ve really only seen her in these pictures for a bathing suit line that I can only assume is for the 40+ crowd, cuz shit’s all high waisted and tank top oriented to cover up the fact that a bitch is in the 40+ crowd…babies, stretch marks, one too many pieces of birthday cake, you get what I’m saying here….and if you don’t it’s that this bitch needs some more erotic bikinis to model…I feel like I’m at the public pool mid summer with a bunch of mom’s looking at her…and that’s only porn to me when nothing else is going on….

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