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Rat Cow Getting Paid of the Day

It’s hard to say that Rat Cow is disgusting looking, she’s got what you’d call some bomb ass titties, whether real or fake, they are done right and that alone is enough to carry her to the heights she’s got to….

It’s easy to say she got lucky, because she did, she’s not ALL that hot, like she doesn’t deserve to be making over a million a year, which she is, all based on being a great set of tits… it was a timing situation, she got into some video, her tits were as big of the song and she’s been coasting…taking jobs that come for her big following who are only there for her tits…and that are likely 99 percent dudes….

But I guess there is no rhyme or reason to why one set of tits reaches top tier level for tits…and others end up stripping her married to a rich guy angry they never made it…

I will say she has cleverly polarized her tits into “fashion” and “relevant” by attending every singe event she can, don’t say no, never say no, because you’re really easily replaceable based on what you do…so take ALL opportunities…

I am a fan of her and her bird face, I have for her entire public existence…I just think she’s overrated garbage on the grand scheme of things but I’d be totally into her hot boy pissing on my face as punishment for all the mean things I’ve said about her over the years….real into it…

This is her getting paid…I assume her creepy ginger probably rich balding boyfriend who must have a huge dick or like a good CUCKOLD is holding her purse somewhere off camera cuz he doesn’t let her out of sight…even though she’s really not great…but he probably knows she’s a whore and he must monitor her…


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Rat Cow in a Magazine of the Day

Rat Cow bores me, she’s got great tits on a small frame, tits I assume are fake, like the injections she’s getting in her face to attempt to look less birdlike, but is failing at….because she’s a failure…in so many ways – besides showing her tits to get attention and carrying that through sex with Kanye, Ben Affleck and David Fincher and really whoever else will give her money…

What makes this shoot funny is looking deep into the images, like when I took a film class and had to analyze imagery these people put into the script, you’d be like “I think he filled her wrist as a reflection of her inner soul wanting to slit her wrists, because there was a knife in the next frame”….you know shit that school perpetuates but if you asked the filmmaker or artist why they did it, they’d say “I didn’t notice that”…..

You know, her holding a bag of money then sadly hugging a sugar daddy….

SO real…is this a documentary? If it was there’d be more neon signs pointing to her tits…

She was also at an event, showing off her Kardashian surgeries – trying to look like Kim Kardashian, because that’s where the whoring and money is, and this famous for showing tits nobody – who thinks she’s a somebody fucking knows that….


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Rat Cow in a Bikini at Coachella of the Day

Rat Cow is the worst…famous set of tits who should have never quite happened because she’s not that hot – but that she luckily had good timing for…

But she’s got a great fucking body and she’s at Coachella…because her life is going to all the events – to seem relevant and get paid..

I don’t care if she fucks for parts, is a suck up trying to polarize the fact that she is just a bitch who gets naked for attention by being at fashion events – or Coachella…getting paid..when she shouldn’t get paid…I can’t imagine any girls ever say “I wonder what that nude model is wearing I want to buy that”…but marketers are idiots and use bitches like this cuz they have a bunch of dudes following them…jerking off to them…you know…because she’s got an amazing body…and it is also a nice distraction from her mangled bird face…

I’m a fan, I mean, not really, but the message she sends to other whores trying to make it is – is a good one – it’s a case study – it’s proof of concept – it can work….just get naked – it can work..


Here she is in some bullshit photoshoot…..you can see her nipples…

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Rat Cow on Vacation Being a Rat Cow of the Day

Rat Cow is so diverse – she can show more than just her tits – she can also show her ass…

Rat Cow is my favorite hybrid animal…it’s got the face of the rat, the prosperous utters of a cow, and it’s comes in the form of a woman who shameless prostitutes herself like some kind of sex worker, through exhibitionism, all to get attention and it worked….

She’s making over a million dollars a year at this bullshit racket, and it’s all because of her bullshit rack…that people jack it to…in a read that fast it will confuse you kind of way….

She’s not a fan of mine, not that she cares that I exist, but she cares enough to block me on social media – and that’s not very nice….especially when all I do is talk about how her lip injections look defated, or her fake tits look great for fake tits, all on her skinny frame that carries her average at best face…

It’s like these girls don’t like the ranking system, but they parade themselves around like a bunch of cows at the cattle auction for people to fucking rate them…

If they don’t want to be sexualized, or jerked off to, which they do, they are exhibitionists and just can’t say they like it, they could stay in the damn house and create something of purpose in the world…

Instead…they create smut, which arguably has purpose, it’s just low hanging fruit…look I have big tits…look at my big tits..pay me so I can go on vacation to whore out my big tits more than I already have because it’s been 5 years…and I need it to continue…

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Rat Cow Naked on Vacation for Attention of the Day

People Magazine posted this picture of Em Rat Cow whoring out for attention in what I guess she’d assume is a classy strategic nude…that she knows she has to produce in order to stay relevant because her naked is the only reason she fucking matters…

She can play it off as her art, her dad is an art teacher so she understands the high school level of depth that goes into what she’s doing for attention…because anyone with a fucking brain knows she’s doing it for attention..it gets her paid,, it gets her noticed, it’s her purpose…and art is bullshit across the board, so it’s only natural that RAT COW would be bullshit too..

I am just amazed that this is a story, that actual Tabloid magazines starving for clicks would post about, like it matters…

She’s a girl who goes to a few events because she has a big following, that’s it…she’s in a few movies cuz she fucked David Fincher and Ben Affleck…she’s about as low level as you get and sure she can monetize as brands use her tits to promote nonsense to her audience…and she can deny being a sex worker…and claim her body, her empowerment, her business…don’t follow if you don’t like…or because she blocked me…in an Of course I’ll follow, if you didn’t block me…you post NUDEs and I am a basic human who loves nudes..


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Rat Cow’s Underwear for a DKNY Ad of the DAy

Rat Cow is a girl, if you can even call her that, who I like to rant about because I find her such a bottom feeding leech trying to get herself as famous and relevant as possible, which annoys me, because she’s a titty model, basically a sex worker and that’s fine, but don’t try to intellectualize it. It’s like pornstars pretend taking 10 dicks for 1500 dollars is for some higher purpose, or intellectual purpose, or artistic purpose…because they need an excuse to take those 10 dicks that is more than just not having a dad, being raped as a child, being narcissistic freaks who fucking love themselves so much and being fucked by 10 guys….

Now Rat Cow is not a porn slut but she could have been if she wasn’t so egotistical and fancy, figuring if she goes to the right events and hangs with the celebs she’ll get in regular movies and the nudity shit is just a necessity to her marketing because her tits are fucking awesome…

I hate to admit that I am a fan of Rat Cow…but I love to hate her and that counts for something, I also love her body as I fucking feel confused as to why DKNY would hire her to be their bird face with big its, or body…walking her dog in lingerie…maybe a little shameless on their part…definitely…get those followers..not to mention she’s more than a Glamour model because she attends fashion week and red carpet events like the Grammys…and Academy Award viewing parties…FANCY AS FUCK….escort I can’t afford…

Here are the edited shots:

Here’s the BTS

Here’s more…

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Rat Cow Does Bikini Fame Whoring of the Day

Rat Cow irritates me….I mean sure, she’s got a great set of tits, a great body, a mouth she probably puts to good use sucking celebrity cock, while maintaining a relationship with her boyfriend she carts around the world where she is attempting to polarize her existence to be a socialite, not a titty model, when we all know she’s just the Instagram version of Tila Tequila and we know how that ended….it ended…because this shit ends…it’s fleeting and she’s old news..

So she can stage paparazzi pics, she can get invites to fashion week, she can make her millions a year – from social media following…and she deserves it, she’s done it, she built it…but that doesn’t mean she’s awesome, or cool, or interesting…it means she’s a tactical user, who knows how to use her tits, and I guess that alone is amazing…and I guess…I shouldn’t be irritated by her….or that She’s a low level titty model because titty models…no matter how low level or well followed they are…still have tits I like looking at…And if your soul purpose is to have an audience and sell product as you polarize yourself….

I do like calling her Rat Cow though…cuz she is a rat and besides her tits – that’s my favorite thing about this cheesy fucking promo model people still like because people don’t unfollow people…

I prefer her nude selfies she leaked for attention….. CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM

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Em Rat Cow Sues Gallery For Promoting her Pre-Famous Nudes Because She’s the Worst of the Day

Castor Galley cease1-3

This is a pretty funny story that I doubt is a publicity stunt for the artist, Jonathan Leder, but might as well make it one because we like him and his photos. He was pre-instagram 60s and 70s inspired nude photos of hot models, before every girl was a nude model and every guy with a camera was a photographer who was channeling 60s and 70s Playboy / Penthouse…

He shot with Rat Cow early in her attempt at a career that worked out for her. She did nude pics with him and now that he’s trying to show his photos that she’s part of – because she shot with him – she’s suing…

She doesn’t want some dude who shot her when she was using him, to use those images to make money for him, because giving back is not something this cunt believes in. She wants her piece of the action…..which I guess could be seen as smart business…but I call it not being very nice to people she needed to get where she got.

That said, Emily Rat Cow has been a consistent girl I make fun of on the site. I have issues with her, because I was around in the early to the Rat Cow hustle, not the super early because I never pay attention to the names of girls before they get some success, but before any of the mainstream sites were posting her, before she was in the media, in an era when she had shot with a small handful of people at the time, all naked photographers, including people like this dude in a time when big tits weren’t exposed by every girl everywhere looking for followers…

I would post on her calling her mouth and tits fake, because I make fun of girls who get naked for attention – even if I like them naked for attetnion. Since she wasn’t getting much media at the time and was googling herself, she saw the posts and this zero with great tits slutting out for fame she ended up getting told me that she didn’t appreciate my posts calling her face and tits fake…that they are real…so I decided to be nice to her…to write nice things about her…in a “friend of the site, I don’t actually hate these people, despite how disgusting they are at their core, and she’s got good tits, so why not be nice, even though I’m not nice”…I was thinking, she had tits that could get someone, and that it could be funny to stage some content stunts of my “love for her” that she was in on…

Instead she did the blurred lines videos, and she stopped sending me pics from her photoshoots she wanted to leak to the internet for the publicity, that I’m sure she was sending all sites, hell, it may have been her boyfriend master minding the whole thing, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that when she got where she wanted to get, fucking Ben Affleck for movie parts, she was too big, famous and important to fuck with little old me….and that’s cool, but figured, I’d go back to making fun of her, because like all these other girls she was back to being a nothing….

But that attitude, I wasn’t offended by, because I never met the bitch, we weren’t friends and I get the hustle, but could tell how she was an opportunist just getting herself ahead with no respect for anyone who was involved or helped her get there…like this photographer…

You see he was naked in a room with her, she probably begged him to shoot, and now she’s suing him because he’s showing pics she’s in…cuz she’s naked…that’s what she did, that’s who she is, and it’s not like it’s some hardcore porn shit…

I hate when these girls get mad about moves they made, instead of just owning them and dealing with the consequences…instead they bust out lawyers…in a “don’t make money off my name”…while girl made a shit ton of money off a lot of people giving her support…because without the photogs, the blogs, the magazines, Ben Affleck, and the Blurred lines video…she’d just be a stripper or an escort with an ego…which I guess is exactly what she is…

Still such a gross thing to do, from a gross, egotistical garbage person, but use your instagram money to get lawyers on people. That’s just fucking lame behavior….expected from such a lame cunt…who went viral, in more than one way, and now won’t let people make money off her…even though she’s made money off them. Typical woman.

About the show:

Castor Gallery Downtown is pleased to announce an exhibition of early work by renowned photographer Jonathan Leder, featuring 120 intimate portraits shot on Polaroid film. The exhibition will run from February 9 through February 26, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Thursday Feb 9th at 254 Broome St NY, NY from 6-9 PM. The artist will be in attendance.

The photographs on view in this exhibition were taken by Leder over a five year period, and are rarely exhibited to the Public. These images, which pre-date the fame of their celebrity subjects, such as models Emily Ratajkowski and Allie Leggett, capture Leder’s process as photographer and evoke a sense of nostalgia.

This show opens with an accompanying book, Leder / Ratajkowski Collector’s Edition from Imperial Publishing.

Featuring the infamous 2012 polaroid portraits taken of Emily Ratajkowski, the model made famous in Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” video. This exclusive signed artist edition and print will be available for purchase in the gallery.

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Rat Cow In Bed in her Panties of the Day

Rat Cow in her panties being classy….

Here’s a little Rat cow scratching her head like it’s her vagina after one of her herpes flare up – because she either thinks she looks sexy doing this, and really she does…she’s a nude model and has a great body – so to hate on that would be crazy…what we need to hate on is that she’s a nude model who thinks she’s Britney Spears or some shit…thanks to social media followers giving her an ego…there’s nothing worse than a whore who doesn’t know she’s a whore – when she’s just a whore…because her prices get all out of whack and the message she transmits…is not the message she thinks she’s transmitting..cluster fucking the whole thing…

That’s not to say I’m not a fan of nude models or sex workers, but when they pretend they are legit models or actors…it gets confusing….it’s like stick to the tits – you can’t fool me…while she fools everyone else and cashes the fuck in…

I get it she makes millions and I guess that’s what it’s really about..getting paid…and it’s really as easy as not getting dressed in a world where most people have to get dressed before work…so in a lot of ways – this is what winning looks like…you just need to be thin with tits and all your dreams will come true…


Here she is doing a DNKY shoot in NYC….in her underwear…because she’s that kind of girl…and she looks short and dumpy with her weird belly button…but people still like looking at her weird…not hot face…

Even the dog is trying to run from that cellulite rockin’ arched back to look like she’s got more booty….trying the world with angles as she does…with those demon eyes that are too close together on her bird nosed face….the worst pile of shit ever.


So the real shocking thing about this basic looking, totally average on all fronts, except maybe her willingness to get naked and show off her tits is that Vogue, sure it’s a bootleg fringe version of Vogue but still has the Vogue Brand…and the pics are “fashion”….not random spread pussy pics…which is terrible…it’s so off brand…Vogue…what the fuck…right..


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Rat Cow Gets a Vogue Spain Cover of the Day


Low level titty model turned instagram model turned Ben Affleck and David Fincher fucker booking shitty roles in their movies making her an “actor”…despite just being a low level titty model who happens to have a lot of instagram followers….Emily the Rat Cow….has booked a Vogue Spain cover…

A Vogue Spain cover is clearly not a prestigious place for your images appear, because they allow prostitutes or as close a thing to prostitutes from social media…like she might as well is Tila Tequila..put on a dress and do it…

The whole thing…hilarious to me…just throw anything at anything because it has followers….instead of actually thinking it through….image not content…surface not content….no wonder all these young girls are whoring…it whores…it works…

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Rat Cow in a See Through Shirt Boarding the Private Jet of the Day


Rat Cow posted a picture of her boarding a private plane – because she’s so fucking classy – and elegant and rich from her tits…tits she will never turn her back on…because she knows that without them – she is nothing, that she owes everything to them, including this private jet ride, and that her brain and the rest of her is just a conduit to get those tits out there and to give them the best life they deserve…and she’s not going to turn her back on them and wear a sweater or anything non see through – because that would be totally disrespectful to the one thing that made her dreams come true…

Take them across to the world…with that million dollars or more brands pay her to show her tits…

I am just amazed that brands keep pushing money to her – even though her and her tits aren’t empowered feminists…but sluts…naughty little exhibitionist sluts….all low level but for some reason celebrated…the world is so weird…and we are all living in it.

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Rat Cow Butt Shot of the Day


Rat Cow…keeps trying…let this be your moment of very basic, low level, even depressing because she tries so fucking hard, resilience….and more importantly diversity…for a girl who has so many fucking social media followers that she will always be able to monetize…but has so little purpose in life or in what she does…but she can do two very basic and important things…show her ass when showing her tits seems a little tired and boring even though her tits are the only reason she matters…and show her ass or tits…is what she will do…because that is her skill set…one any primate can do…but that only the cleverest primate can make a million dollars a year with..

What a fucking joke…she’s garbage..but her ass..and tits…are great…so keep showing them, inspiring the youth…with your positive message to girls..


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Rat Cow’s Tits for Attention of the Day

Rat Cow is ridiculous…what the fuck is this video….it’s at the point of we get it…you have a set of tits…you can keep showing them because we like tits…and you can keep pretending that you don’t sexualize your tits…despite them being your number one selling point, talent, and the only reason anyone gives a fuck about her..

I am blocked from all her social media, she’s not a fan, despite helping promote her for free, like some kind of groupie, which I am not…I just have limited content creating ability from the comfort of my couch and rely on bitches other people are endorsing or shooting…and her tits are spectacular…it’s just that she pretends she’s not about the titty life…she pretends there’s more to her…and as she navigates having way too many social media followers…she continues to deliver the tits for hits…not a bad thing…but with her ego…it is…

So seeing this makes us thing she knows her role, her relevance, her contribution to pop culture, but you know she only does this as a boost when all her other efforts doing things no one cares about…gets her down…and she’s trying to get likes to regain that confidence in herself..that she doesn’t really need to have, don’t over exert yourself, all it takes is tits…

Women, even famewhore nude internet sluts just can’t accept the fact that all they are worth is tits…so they do all these other things…that dont’ work…so just focus on what you’re good at…tits..

I should be a management consultant for whores…

She also posted a butt shot…


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