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Rita Ora’s Big Tits of the Day


Rita Ora wore a sheer shirt on her snapchat – because she’s the tits…and not in a Bro kind of way – calling their friend “the tits’ because they are so great – Rita Ora is the tits because it’s the only thing she has going for her…it’s the only reason she’s got a record deal – the only reason people care – and the only reason why people talk about her and allow her to continue her Rihanna impersonations…that she’s slowly becoming too old to really pull off official…because she will never be Rihanna – she’ll sure as hell try though…

She’s the worst, but I guess anyone dying to be famous is going to be pretty fucking shit…but she’s got tits..



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Rita Ora Mourning Her Friend of the Day


On Friday night it was reported that a photographer named Matt Irwin had died, no one really reported how he died, but we can all make the obvious assumptions…

He was a successful and high paid photographer for a few magazines and he had become friends with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Gaga and other famous people he took pics of….

I am sure I’ve stolen pics he took of the women I make fun of on this site because they are all whores…

Rita Ora was one of the people featured in tribute articles – saying she was mourning his death…so she did what any self respecting, sad to lose a friend, personality disorder, fame whore, egotistical narcissist would do when mourning her friend…and that’s pull out her tits casually because that’s what you do when you’re sad and seeking attention to feel good or some shit…


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Rita Ora Finally Gets Into the New of the Day


Rita Ora is some UK slut who has been passed around from DJs to Rappers to Kardashians to Famous Drummers to whoever the fuck else she’s been able to prostitute herself to in order to keep getting invited to the groupie parties…

She’s positioned herself as an “artist” with a Record deal, but I see her more of a sugar baby trying her best to use her tits and celebrity to get in bed with the right guys…all while robbing Rihanna of her Identity – in efforts to be the next Rihanna…but she’ll never be the next Rihanna…she’s been around too long and people don’t care enough about her to bother.

Now the story is that she’s the girl, or one of the girls Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce with, who Beyonce has putt into her song, probably because Jay-Z signed Rita Ora as a TIDAL artist and this fake controversy gets people talking about them and their billion dollar or more project…yeah…that makes sense…

Seeing as the TIDAL PR stunt is called LEMONADE, it included an HBO special, and Rita wore lemons on a bra – days before that happened…planting the seed saying “IT WAS ME, YOU’LL FIND OUT SUNDAY”…to get people to talk about all these assholes, using the most basic of tactics to take your fucking money.

I think the fact that LEMONADE has 10 writers or more on the song would clearly open you morons to the fact that Beyonce isn’t a genius, or as the media describes “Making music for black women”>..she’s manipulating all you idiots..and this is just part of it..

I figure, Rita Ora’s people feel bad for her, so it makes sense to help get her get press instead of using some other girl…

The machine continues to trick all you simpletons….with nonsense..


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Rita Ora’s Butt Shot of the Day


I don’t know what this butt shot is from, but I’ll assume it’s Coachella, so that I can pretend to be current, even though her ex boyfriend Calvin Harris was the headliner, I know weird, how the fuck did a DJ get a headlining spot for the Sunday Night, apparently he’s fucking possibly impregnating the number one person in the music industry called TAYLOR SWIFT…

I like when dudes fuck their way to the top, we call it doing the Kevin Federline…it’s pushing gender restrictions…and is important in this genderless world where really dudes are still expected to be dudes…while women try to steal our jobs.

That said, Rita Ora is a bit of an exhibitionist, her tits and ass and willingness to get naked is really the only reason anyone knows who Rita Ora is. From club kid, DJ whore in the UK, to the Kardashian brother’s girlfriend, to god knows who else she’s fucked…all while showing off her tits in an attempt to be seen as more than just a lighter shade of Rihanna….literally…

My favorite Rita Ora story is not that I’ve seen her nipples at least a dozen times, it’s not that she’s still a traditional girl getting ahead through nudity in this era of “free the nipple” being to support breast feeding and not get jobs…it’s not all the dudes she’s sucked for a career like it was the good old days…because girls still fuck their way into a good life…

My favorite story is that I was tweeting about her last night – only to be ignored – because I am always ignored…


Here’s her ass flash…



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Rita Ora Topless Piano Pic of the Day



RITA ORA is a lot of fun…

These piano pics are from a Terry Richardson shoot she did with LUI magazine. I posted the rest of the pics a month or more ago HERE

But like anyone who knows who Rita Ora is, including but not limited to every producer she fucked to get her a record career – after being with a Kardashian….as well as RITA ORA herself….you can’t get enough of her tits, in fact, they are all she really has going for her…so she sure as fuck better milk them as hard as she can into stardom she wants so bad – but has barely pulled off…since the world only needs on RHIANNA…

So keep em’ coming, one day, she’ll break through…I mean the fact she hasn’t is ridiculous based on all circles she runs, and by runs I mean fucks, in…

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Rita Ora’s See Through of the Day


Rita Ora is a Bootleg Rihanna, the word of the day is Bootleg…and bootleg isn’t necessarily a bad thing – it’s just that people lack creativity and the public isn’t open to new or innovative, so even if Rita Ora was more than a bootleg Rihanna impersonator, she is forced to give the people what they are used to in order to sell records…something I don’t think she’s done to date, but she exists…and is in lingerie shooting her new video on the street like a street walker…

I guess it’s some tribute or glimpse into how she was found outside the club before she launched her career….having sex with DJs…




I am more into her SNAPCHAT TITS…


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Rita Ora’s Earning Her Keep of the Day


Rita Ora knows her place in the world…The whore of the party….who at the right party..may get a record deal or a feature on a song….this is really how I assume her entire career – from dating Rob Kardashian to getting “famous” played out…and I appreciate the effort she put in…because I like whores.

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Rita Ora Has to Pee of the Day


Knowing Rita Ora, she’s probably trying to convince us that it’s not pee but that it’s squirt….then why does it smell like coffee and asparagus salad you had for lunch….why , Rita Ora…you can’t fool me with your pornstar tricks you use to get your record career to the top…and what it really comes down to is…why isn’t she showing off her tits…WHY Rita Ora..Why?


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Rita Ora Panty Flash of the Day


Here’s Rita Ora doing some of her best work – with what I call “my pants are blown out like my pussy”…because getting famous is hard to do…but when you just let the blow out happen….it can pay off…in this case with some low level pervert press…in her pussy being blown out’s case she got some press dating a Kardashian, because he’s a fucking Kardashian before Taylor Swift’s Baby Daddy…which means whatever Diseases she’s got, have been spread to SWIFT, but SWIFT’s a sex addict who markets her slutty as love, which to me means unprotected sex, since no one makes their loves, that they go and write songs about wear a condom…while some of those dudes, like ones who fuck girls like this, probably shouldn’t be allowed out of the house without a condom on…because this looks dirty.

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Rita Ora’s Sloppy Tits for L’Official Russia of the Day

Rita Ora - L'Officiel RU magazine ~ February 2016_002

Rita Ora bores me, but she is really getting herself out there. She’s attending all the key worldy events, like fashion week bullshit in DUBAI….

Screen Shot 2016-02-10 at 11.58.28 AM

She really loves using her tits….to get noticed…for the paparazzi or really for anyone – just hoping that one day – she’ll be Rihanna…. (TO SEE THE REST OF THE PICS CLICK HERE )

She got fully naked for LUI…like she was Rihanna….because all she wants…so to be Rihanna…

And now she’s in L’Official Russia. I guess she figures the more exposure, the more people will care, because people are lazy and if they see a bitch over and over and over they’ll just assume she matters and at 25, it’s not too late for her to be an actual popstar, even though we can’t quite figure out anything she’s done up until this point, or why she even exists….

I mean she did fuck a Kardashian (the brother) to get some exposure, and then Calvin Harris of Taylor Swift fame…she fucking works the scene aggressively…and maybe, just maybe it will finally hit for her…in the mean time…here she is flashing her bra…

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I Guess the Rita Ora Nipples for LUI are her Real Nipples of the Day



I posted the RITA ORA nipple pics yesterday in a rush, I had important things to do, like not stare at a computer writing genius commentary about all these idiots that no one bothers reading because we are in a 6 second vine era…writing I’ve been doing for the last 12 years and not once have I been offered a book deal, a movie deal, a TV show deal, or really anything mainstream or commercial to make me feel like I’m a fucking genius…the highlight of my writing a website career besides being in Lohan’s hotel room with her, was seeing my jokes stolen in movies – many fucking times…but I don’t complain, no one cares enough to listen….

That said, I didn’t look close enough to the flashing tits, and realize that there is no way this bitch has little fucking nipples, she’s a doughy sloppy chick, and although her tits are big and heavy and round…the nipples aren’t this…

The magazine’s only released the censored version…so keep the dreams alive that this porn hooker who pretends she’s Rihanna and a popstar…is actually stacked liked this..but her tits are big…we’ll give her that…I mean it’s the only reason anyone cares..

Here is a retrospective look at her best work…to compare to…

We can assume in the next few hours the whore series will be released so we’ll know then and I’d say I’m excited because it’s news on a slow day in titty blogging..but who fucking cares really.

Update – I just googled the pics which I probably should have done 5 minutes ago when I did this post and apparently, they are her nipples, iced the fuck up….pictures by Terry Richardson for LUI Magazine

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Rita Ora Flashes her Tits for LUI Magazine of the Day


These could be fake uncensored but they are circulating based on the below instagram pic…

I was looking at LUI Magazine pictures just YESTERDAY for my post on Rihanna’s new song, because Rihanna was topless for LUI magazine a few months ago…

For those of you who don’t know, LUI magazine was some porn mag, that rebranded as a men’s mag in France that featured famous models and girls naked in some pretty trendy looking pics…

For those of you who don’t know, Rita Ora is a Rihanna impersonator copying everything Rihanna does…when she’s not milking her tits like the talentless obvious cow she is…

In this case, she’s doing both. Not her first time showing her tits, but probably the first time in magazines flashing…because girls don’t get paid 200k from Playboy to do this anymore. They do it for free. Interesting logic….

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Rita Ora Wants You to Notice Her of the Day


Rita Ora is a mission…showing off as much skin as possible, in this case her thick thighs and a skirt that would imply she’s not wearing underwear…because that’s how you create content as a voice of the generation no one really listens to because there is no actual voice to this generation…it’s all just commercialized garbage paid for by corporation to sell people because it is catchy and hits number 1 on the charts..

Not that that has ever happened to Rita Ora, but she’s working on it, she just needs some catchy bullshit song like “I Kissed a Girl”…that is moderately relatable to 15 year old girls to some catchy robotic beat…and boom…the dumbed down idiots will eat it up..

NO political change will happen, but designer clothing the act wears in the video will be sold…and I guess that’s what matters and that’s what keeps this retard world going round…


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Unflattering Rita Ora’s Still in her Bikini and Still has Tits of the Day


Rita Ora is pretty much a set of tits. Nothing else about her is all that sexy, pretty, interesting, or inspiring.

I’ve never heard her music, but can assume it sucks, and I’ve always just seen her as a Rihanna impersonator…not because I am racist and think all beige girls trying to do hip hop pop are Rihanna impersonators, in a world Rihanna really has a lock on, but because I am 99 percent sure, Rita Ora is a Rihanna impersonator, doing nothing different than Riahnna, except maybe succeeding…but I guess as we can learn from all the instagram models out there, we don’t need to succeed on our own…we just need to get knocked up by, or funded by, rich guys who pay for us to live that life…in Rita Ora’s case…ebcause of her tits…

These are pretty unflattering pics of her, and really everything about her, except maybe her tits, but as we have learned by tits, that sometimes, tits are enough if they are big enough..which in Rita Ora’s case..they are.


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Rita Ora: Rihann Impersonator Tits in a Bikini of the Day


Rita Ora has big tits…that are still in a bikini…because it’s the holidays, she’s in Miami, what the hell else is she supposed to do besides walking the beach for paparazzi to take pics of her, hoping to get published in magazines, despite no one actually knowing who the fuck she is…or what songs she sings…beyond fucking Taylor Swift’s boyfriend before Taylor Swift did…that’s how herpes go around hollywood…all while trying to be the next Rihanna but every year that goes by she’s older and older…further away from that mark…interesting…

I hate that this is the highlight of my last day of 2015….but it is, and she’s got big tits, so whatever…


She’s not that bad…as she lets a radio host manhandle her…because that’s how you get airtime and radio play girls…same thing applies to BLOG posts on you…here’s my dick…suck it…


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