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Rosario Dawson is Squeezed the Fuck into a Dress of the Day

I guess Rosario Dawson is pregnant, or maybe her gut caught up to her hispanic tits, I think calling her a hispanic is racist, I am not a racist, since I truly feel we are all God’s people. I just don’t believe in God….I just feel we’re all here sucking resources off the earth together, who gives a fuck about where a motherfucker is born, or what color they are, we are all equally horrible, and we will all die when the world explodes…So I am not racist, but I do hate when a set of big tits, gets old, and a gut to match those big tits….I wonder if it is pregnancy, maybe it is just coke bloat…or maybe it’s from quitting coke cuz girl is a party girl…who knows…who cares…this dress is terrible…you can’t push them tits high enough to distract me from everything else going on here…

I guess it is just a reminder of how old the leaked nudes are.


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Rosario Dawson’s Nude Look-a-Like of the Day

You know how these things go, if this is actually Rosario Dawson in some nude pics, the lawyers will email me to take it down and I will say with certainty – that these are Rosario Dawson…but until that happens – they are fakes, this is a lookalike and basically clickbait from the internet, but not here, since no one visits this site anymore…yet I keep doing it…WEIRD right…

What I do know about Rosario Dawson is that I’m sure we’ve all seen her tits before, so whether this is her or not, who cares…

I remember her from KIDS when she was just a real life squatting kid that Harmony Korine gave a break to….who went on to get really fucking famous…..not just a teen in her bra and panties in a pool in a movie about AIDS, but an actual hollywood star..

I’ve heard all kinds of shit about her being the worst, so if this is actually her, she’s rich enough to get Lawyers on us and the pics will be removed, because I’m a respectable dude, but in the mean time – check out her big tits that helped make her famous – because I like big tits.

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