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Sara Sampaio for Jeremy Scott of the Day

Sara Sampaio is the skinny Portuguese model who Victoria’s Secret has recruited to be the next Adriana Lima…and I guess they’ve given her to Jeremy Scott for Adidas because I guess they are tyring to get her in with the hipster rappers who don’t seem to care that they are wearing flamboyant because they don’t seem to care about gay guys dressing them even though they hate gays, it’s part of hip hop…and I guess she’s not looking all that hot, but I figure any girl dressed let a ghetto hood rat video vixen, is good enough for me to stare at…for 4-5 seconds…which happens to be the amount of time I spent ont this post…I am hard hitting journalism like that…


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Sara Sampaio’s bare Ass and Tits with a Horse for the Perverts of the Day

This is not a weird fetish photoshoot from some obscure porn site, this is Sara Sampaio for Vogue Spain, which means this is top fashion, and I guess you can ignore the clothes she is in, despite it being a fashion magazine, and focus on the fact that she is naked with a horse…or half naked with a horse, up on some weirdo Equus fetish shit….

I am sure horse love has existed forever, and that pony play fetish has even inspired a line horse tail butt plugs, hoof hand and feet covers, and even leather horse masks…I don’t know who sexualized the horse first, I am sure a a lot of people over the history of man have inserted their majestic genitals inside random girls willing to get fucked by a horse…I’ve seen the videos…and I guess this is the

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Sara Sampaio in a Bikini for Some Immigrant Bootleg GQ of the Day

Sara Sampaio is some skinny Portuguese fisherman’s daughter….who somehow got sold off to the fashion industry as the bootleg Adriana Lima, you know the replacement because Adriana Lima is old as fuck…

She’s done Victoria’s Secret, so she’s major enough, but now she’s doing some immigrant bootleg GQ, that’s not the actual GQ, but a licensed version of GQ, based in Mexico…unlike the Mexican Coca Cola, and the Mexican Taco, the Mexican GQ is not better than the regular GQ…

I’ve talked to Portuguese people who have never heard of her, so she’s not a big deal there, but from my experience, the Portuguese are pretty basic sardine eating, soccer watching, simpletons who probably thing it’s still 1954.

In conclusion, being a bikini model, even for a bootleg magaizne is more interesting than being a fisherman.

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The Model Nudity in LUI Magazine’s Summer Issue of the Day

Tomorrow, Lui Magazine releases their summer issue…

For those of you who don’t know, Lui Magazine , is one of those fashion magazines that is pretty much what Playboy used to be, it presents nude models in a “classy” and artistic way, makes ad money, and in turn releases models who would otherwise not show their vaginas, because they work for Victoria’s Secret, showing their vagina…so clearly, they are doing something right…and any excuse to get a girl naked that works is an excuse I like..

Plus, the photographer MARK SEGAL is pretty fucking awesome

This issue features:

Magdalena Frackowiak

Emily Didonato

Sara Sampaio

Lais Riberio

Isabeli Fontana

Karmen Peradu

AND it is amazing – Check Out Lui Magazine

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Sara Sampaio for Revolve clothing of the Day

I guess this is some BTS Sara Sampaio for Revolve clothing shit that involves her making stupid faces…grabbing tits…having other people on set grab her tits..and the whole thing is pretty erotic…it makes me want to buy a motherfucking Revolve clothing tits…

She’s portuguese, but unlike all Portuguese people, she’s not a fisherman, she’s been in a bunch of magazines and has been put in line as the Adriana Lima replacement for Victoria’s Secret, when her contract dies off like her sex appeal already has…

I’m into this campaign..but maybe I am bias, since I snuck into a party at the Revolve Clothing Malibu beach house and they were all very nice to me as I drank their free liquor..

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Sara Sampaio in Revolve Clothing’s Catalog of the Day

Fisherman Portuguese model SARA SAMPAIO brings us the boring fucking catalog pics even though she’s half naked of the day…

Because there’s something about catalog pics that involve hiring all these same bitches, who spill over from company to company, to pose and sell their fucking clothes, with zero exclusivity, concept or fun..

You see, Sara Sampaio, is best know for doing Victoria’s Secret, because Victoria’s Secret manages their girls so tight, that they become low level celebrities….and part of that management involves brand association, by lending them to other companies like Revolve, to give the girls even more visibility, since you know Victoria’s Secret owns them…and Revolve participates, either because they manufacture their lingerie at the factories owned by Victoria’s Secret in China, because Victoria’s Secret is big enough to know if you manufacture for the competition as well as yourself you have your hand in everyone’s pocket and you win…

Or revolve are just idiots, thinking that using the same girls put them in the same league…

The fact is Revolve can hire anyone…they can even pay someone 50k a year to find never before seen girls. They could probably get celebrities for the same amount of money…yet they choose a girl already tainted by the competition.

It makes no sense….but more importantly, it’s boring, played out and garbage…but I’ll post it anyway, it’s friday and not every post can be as good as the BEACH VIDEO I just posted…

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Cameron Russell and Sara Sampaio Models Bikini of the Day

Cameron Russell and Sara Sampaio are some Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated bikini modela…and here they are modelling bikinis…shocking…it’s their fucking job..that’s what they fucking do and what they are meant to do…and what they are trained to do and what they are in contract to do…and it’s at the point of barely being interesting in terms of the shoot itself, or even just being girls in bikini…but whatever..I’ll still look because I can and really have very little else to do right now

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Sara Sampaio Desperate Model Act of the Day

Sara Sampaio is a Victoria’s Secret Model and I guess Sports Illustrated model, who is from Portugal and for some reason, that I assume involves sucking a lot of dick, has left her fishing village and become this model…

Now you won’t care about this at all, that’s why I posted some titty pics of her below, because you get what you want, and I get to call her out for her desperate instagram picture of the editor boss lady at Sports Illustrated, wishing her a happy birthday, despite never posting a pic of her and anyone else, wishing them a happy birthday, making me question her intentions in wishing that happy birthday ,even though everything she probably does is in efforts to advance her career…and I guess I just find desperation funny even when it happens at this high level…when I’m used to it happening with homeless bitches.

“Book me next year, I’m so nice, I wish you happy birthday, Book me next year”….I love obvious, transparent, good intentions for personal gain…

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Sara Sampaio Does a Springbreak Party of the Day

Sara Sampaio is some Portuguese Victoria’s Secret model, who I guess has to contractually go to some of their shitty events because otherwise they’d just recruit some other immigrant willing to whore out the brand harder in exchange for a USA work visa…

The event was some Spring Break party, where a bunch of ugly mainstream college kids got drunk, before getting herpes or pregnant, so thirsty for someone hot, famous and not fat, that when Sara Sampaio came out, everyone went nuts, like the ginger.

Hardly news, hardly interesting…if anything it makes me wonder why I didn’t go on Spring Break this year to creep on all these young idiot girls who don’t know better and are willing to make bad decisions…but ultimately, in doesn’t interest me at all…if anything, it scares me.


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