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Sarah Jessica Parker Bra Strap is All Nose of the Day

All I nose is that when Sarah Jessica Parker was young – she wasn’t hot…so to think there would be anything hot about her when she’s well into her 50s…would be insane…but the interesting thing about it is that her big tits on her skinny frame matter less and less as her nose seems to matter more and more…taking over the fucking scene that is Sarah Jessica Parker…and her homosexual husband / bff.

Who cares about these people? I know..and Sarah Jessica parker NOSE too…


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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Thigh Gap of the Day


Sarah Jessica Parker thigh gap was not anything I wanted to fuck with in the 90s when she was used as the accessible “fashionable” monster for girls to idolize and think and that guys thought was hot due to being misinformed…

I didn’t get why she was the hot Sex and the City hero, that girls everywhere wanted to idolize, and did idolize and in turn became miserable with their choices when they hit 40 and had no kids – but herpes…lots of herpes…and I sure as hell don’t find her thigh gap anything I want to talk about now…but I am sucked in and can’t turn back now..


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Sarah Jessica Parker Promoting Shoes of the Day

I am not into beastiality…however…there is something oddly erotica about Sarah Jessica Parker showing off her legs.

I know comparing her to a horse is such a played out angle for a played out woman who doubles as the figure head for all that is wrong in the world…not that I am against feminism or sluts but that I know behind the scenes the Sex and the City show was written by a gay dude, making girls have gay dude priorities, which is totally not what women are really designed for, leading to a lot of herpes, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, HIV, and single 45 year olds who wished they got married back when they decided to be “career” women who were free and sexually liberated like it was the 60s again…

But she has such a serious horse head – there’s a reason people compare her to one…and all I want to say about this is that I repeat I don’t find SJP hot…I am just oddly attracted to her legs in this pic…and I guess I should just take ownership on this, I mean this is my site and I did just post this cuz I find it hot, it’s like my wife just walked in on me jerking off to Gay porn…but it’s probably just as bad as if it was….

This is not a proud moment.

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Sarah Jessica Parker in a Bathing Suit of the Day

If you can divert yourself from trying to understand how a face can be that long…and still be considered human…you’ll see she’s in a bathing suit…slowly melting away…

If you’re into Equus, and discovered your sexuality towards horses watching SEX and the CITY, a show that ruined a generation of women who’s uteruses just want to be impregnated, but are neglected because of the HPV from random hook-ups and career because bitches need designer fucking shoes, all thanks to being written by a gay dude, when society really needs icons who are just good homemakers….great laundry washers….amazing dishwasher emptiers like this was the 1950s. A simpler time…

You’ll probably like this…I know her homosexual husband sure does. He sings show tunes about the shit.


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Sarah Jessica Parker in a Horrible Upskirt of the Day

This should be NSFW but she’s not showing off her horse dick, so I guess it’s ok, even if it is totally fucking offensive….you know just knowing what foot shaped fleshy mound is hidden beneath those pants….pants she’s totally liberal with showing the world, because I guess she misses the days that she was on a hit show and the public were brain washed into thinking she was hot, or someone who’s sex life you’d want to fucking follow, because let’s face it, the world, especially those watching TV shows like that, is filled with pathetic people who just don’t know better….like SJP up in here not knowing to keep her dress on the motherfucking floor where it belongs….

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Sarah Jessica Parker in the Most Offensive See Through of all Time of the Day

Sarah Jessica Parker…..the horse woman….is up there with the worst fucking people to ever be on TV….but more importantly the worst fucking people who were celebrated as being attractive, sexual, 30 something documenting her friend’s sex life, all stylish and showing off her big tits for her small frame, distracting from the fact that she was disgusting, cuz other women built her up…and dudes were forced to go along with it, cuz vagina controls us….

So seeing her lookin’ like a zombie you’d need to be on bath salts to wanto to get down with….rocking a see through shirt with no bra…is fucking disgusting…in an amazing kind of way….amazing like Ripley’s Believe it or Not…not amazing like my dick’s so hard I should take a pic of it to use for sexting at a later date cuz it’s peaking….if you know what I mean….worst see through ever….

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Sarah Jessica Parker Arms of the Day

I have never found Sarah Jessica Parker remotely hot…If anything I found her big tits on a skinny frame that could have just been a stuffed bra…and that big distorted face talking about her sex life disgusting…She was targeted to women who were also unattractive, career oriented and single with the fantasy of living her lifestyle…instead of casting a hot bitch that would make the fantasy feel unattainable….but every once in a while I like to see what she’s up to and how ugly she’s gotten almost as a tribute to all the girls she’s helped make open minded and okay with sex…cuz sluts are what make the world go round…

That said, I have no idea what’s going on with her arms…but it’s scary..

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Sarah Jessica Parker Has Meth Face of the Day

I originally downloaded these pictures for personal use. I don’t have a Sarah Jessica Parker, I just like to look at her pictures to get a good laugh and to put me in a positive state of mind, you know trying to figure out how that thing was good enough to get as famous as it did….realizing that anything is fucking possible with the right marketing behind it…cuz I have actually heard bitches say this woman is pretty….and the whole thing is real comedic.

I thought she had a cameltoe in these pics…and figured there’s just something about bitches who look like meth addicted immigrant trannies named Chanel who pretend they are 25 looking for husbands to marry to make them legal citizens….you know with their cheap hair, cheap slutty outfits, haggard manly half paralyzed from the drug user face that really makes you feel at home…especially when it looks like a cameltoe…cuz it makes the whole experience far less homo….

Not that it matters. What does matter though is that I just posted a fucking Sarah Jessica Parker post and that’s gotta be a mistake on some fucking level.

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Sarah Jessica Parker is the Fucking Devil of the Day

She doesn’t look like a beast, she looks like The Beast….There is no way this is human. It’s gotta be a monster…I’ve seen horror movies that are modeled off faces like this…I can tellin her eyes that she has no soul…but that she’s been sent to confuse women into thinking people care about ugly bitches having sex..when really the show shoulda been called ugly bitches pretending to be gay men…cuz shit was fantasy written by a group of faggots…and all the fag hags bought into it…

Now we’ve got all these bitches running around, ugly and empowered in expensive clothes drinking obnoxious cocktails, fucking random men until they are too old to breed, fucking up the nature’s course…when really they should be left in the fucking barn taking their master’s orders like they were supposed to….

Seriously…I can’t believe they make vagina that looks like this…but more importantly…I can’t believe they give vagina that looks like this work in movies….especially not as the figurehead to a women’s sexual revolution…like some kind of horrible fucking nightmare….

This is all way to asymmetrical for me….I don’t even know why I am posting this farm animal in a tight dress..

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Hard Nipples of the Day

I was just talking to a girl who begs her boyfriend to piss on her, who fucks him and his friends at the same time, who loves sucking pussy when her man fucks it and she asked if I was a horny dude because of all the sex talk I annoy people with and I realized that I’m really not all that horny. Sure, I like talking shop with whores and I really find pussy and tits the only really interesting thing in life, but I’m not as weird as a lot of people about sex and that kinda makes me feel inadequate. I’ve never shat on a girl sexually, I’ve never had my ass fisted, I’ve never jerked off on a chick with five of my friends, I’ve never even tagged teamed a chick, I’ve never even fucked a girl who just finished fuckin’ my friend in the other room who offered us a two for one deal, I’m not into fetish or bondage, I am just standard and boring and all I really want is to bag a black girl or maybe a couple hot lesbians…

Sure, I’d love to piss on a couple of chicks who just finished bouncing off my dick, but I just don’t think I have enough dick to go around, enough stamina to keep up, or the ability to even get hard, so when I see these pictures of a horse with hard nipples, I don’t know what to do with them, since I’m so fuckin’ vanilla and the last thing I’d want to do with a horse is shove my dick in it, I’d rather ride it into the motherfuckin’ sunset, like the I pretend cowboy I am everytime I drink Bourbon…

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Sarah Jessica Parker Scary Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here are some Sarah Jessica Parker in a bikini pictures because I hate you and that’s all I have to say about that.

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