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Bella Thorne Doing Instagram Tranny Dance of the Day

I don’t know if I would be considered a website, even though I am not really a website, but I pretend to be a website, since there’s a web address and it looks like a website, but it’s so insignificant, but I will pretend that it is a website for the sake of fitting in…and fitting in is so important…we all need to fit in….even when we don’t..but if we pretend to, we will make money and spend it on trolling on a bigger scale.

If I didn’t put Bella Thorne on the site famewhoring, looking like a tranny, screaming for attention, annoying to anyone who hates annoying famewhores just doing what other girls are doing with more of a budget thanks to being on Disney.

Nipples everywhere….

Not very interesting, not ver good looking, jacked up face, but awesome body….and I guess what it comes down to is that at least she’s not Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy for the sake of storyline as the family falls off the fucking map, they just try to survive at the expense of new lives…..


Let’s hope they collapse..while looking at white girls who are actually so fucking white…like Bella Thorne…unlike whatever the fuck Kylie Jenner is…

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Margot Robbie is a Slimy Bitch of the Day

Margot Robbie on the red carpet

Who is Margot Robbie and why does she matter. She came out of no where and became something that matters in the Hollywood industry…which is pretty lucrative. Getting booked for all the movies ever made, while coming out of no where, means one simple thing…she fucks top level execs or just cockteases them hard enough….gets into their head..because she is not that hot, talented or interesting..and her first role as the naked wife in Wolf Of Wall Street did not justify any of what followed for her…it’s some sell your soul to the devil shit that makes no sense to me shit…

Well here she is not hot at a premiere…because why not fill our days with questions of why a bitch is famous…when she’s cashing the fuck in…


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Paris Hilton is Trash of the Day

Paris Hilton for Galore

Old lady Paris Hilton may be old as fuck, but she’s lookin’ alright…still skinny…hard faced…but skinny and what it comes down to is that skinny goes a long way…in a world where skinny is being threatened…and faces don’t matter much….

I still think she should be taken out back and shot for creating the kardashians, and that she’s too old to want to fuck the herpes off of…but she did a shoot I feel I’ve already seen…why not give her some coverage for old times..since we’re all getting old you know..I KNOW

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Ashley Tisdale in a Bra – Because Who the Fuck Knows Why of the Day

Ashley Tisdale black bra for instagram

What the hell’s going on with this Ashley Tisdale posting lacy lingerie bra pics to the internet – to her social media – like a shameless fame hungry young girl – but old and having already made it – could it be that all these celebrities are just commodities, objects eager and ready to be used by whoever feeds their egos and gives them money, is this her arrogance of being “like all the other girls”…current…with it…not dated and played out…washed up and shut the fuck up get out of here married bitch…

Or is she just trying to distract you from her broken down, plastic surgery BOTCHED face…because she’s just a glitch in the matrix…but she’s here and some of you perverts like it.

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Phoebe Price is Everything of the Day

Phoebe Price in red fishnets on a horse

Phoebe Price is amazing, and here’s a Phoebe Price exclusive you’ve all been waiting for, celebrating her birthday and HALLOWEEN (already), any excuse to bounce on a horse in lingerie in a boomerang for me to jerk off to because she’s perfect.

Phoebe Price for those of you who don’t know is a timeless classic, she doesn’t age, she just just sort of there, where? every where!…

No one what she does, yet everyone seems to know who she is, and by everyone, I mean the one person I talk to, because I have no friends, which says something about her and her willingness to be a shameless attention seeker – who shows up places half naked because she know the paparazzi is there – from the golden age of pre social media – when it took a real special person to actually get paparazzi attention for being shameless…now everyone is doing it DIY…but that doesn’t mean Phoebe isn’t perfect….it’s also nice to see her hanging out with a horse and not all those other fame whores who are actually whores….you know…I KNOW>

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Devon Windsor Pussy Flash of the Day

Devon Windsor pussy flash getting out of a car


I’ll assume it’s her clip hanging out of her dress, because why would a bitch on the up and up doing that new new, trying to get noticed noticed, be wearing panties in her gold dress. IT doesn’t make fashion sense….and as a FASHION sense kind of guy..I know……

Devon Windsor is some Victoria’s Secret model who has walked for Victoria’s Secret’s infomercial 4 or 5 times – despite being not that hot or interesting…

She’s amassed a social media following of over 1,000,000 followers, thanks to that stamp of approval from Victoria’s Secret…

She’s worked on their PINK line to help brainwash the youth into thinking the Victoria’s Secret mall brand is life…by selling them their first lingerie they wear to highschool sex parties..

But I appreciate her hustlin’…

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Rachel Hunter Hard Nipples of the Day

Rachel Hunter hard nipples on the beach

Rachel Hunter was the dude Rod Stewart was married to – who never got the press she deserved for being transgendered – thanks to it being an era when people just assumed you weren’t transgendered – allowing her to have an lucrative life in the modeling world, fucking rockstar world, rocking big Australian tits for Sports Illustrated world…without anyone ever caring that she had testicles..

Well, she’s old now, but still has tits…hard nipples in Australia is the name of this post…


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Troll Ariel Winter Tits of the Day

Ariel Winter tits out in a cut up white t shirt

Ariel Winter wrote some high school drop out, given a GED, home schooled, mom-less cuz her mom whored her out, prose, or bullshit noise about how she’s just trying to live life, the paparazzi are hounding her, and that her content is just her living her life, and that she’s innocent and not a shameless whore…empowered woman not a shameless tits for hits whore…

This shirt…is the shirt that ONLY a shameless whore would wear out…she’s brainwashed to want attention…this is her attention seeking no matter what “I’m just living my life” she’s trying to use to polarize this shit…really.

Go fuck yourself with your lies you sloppy pig cunt..with your big, rich TV, tits…fucking garbage…

But you like garbage rich kids with no mom trained to whore herself out to get attention from a TV show you must be watching – because someone’s fucking watching it…and I’m not watching it..but I’ll watch the tits…because I hate celebs, but I don’t mind their tits.

To See The Rest CLICK HERE

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Looking Down Selena Gomez Shirt of the Day

Selena Gomez Cleavage in NYC

I don’t think I am alone in saying…it’d be nice if Selena Gomez died from her Kidney failure, like nature intended – rather than having modern science intervene and her using one of her mooch groupies to give her a kidney – because if Selena Gomez was really into GOD she would have let him take her – rather than mooch off the hospital system – taking Kidneys and operating time that a kid could have used – knowing she’s going to die from the disease…and it’s irresponsible for her to have used her rich person access to choose life…

I mean what the fuck is she good for, or going to accomplish, more self indulgent garbage content that doesn’t matter to make her whining rich kid ass more profitable…fuck that…

Oh and looking down her shirt isn’t even that fun..

To see the pics CLICK HERE

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Jessica Simpson’s Butt Shot I missed of the Day

Jessica Simpson bent over ass shot

Jessica Simpson drunk from the other day is the highlight of the week – even though she looks as fat as she used to be – and there was zero hot going on….other than being a drunk chick…which is obviously a fetish for most people…who can’t get laid by sober chicks…I think they call it date rape / rape culture even when you’re not the one buying or drugging the drinks..and girl is the one coming up to you, hanging off you, and begging you to be up inside her….rape…

Jessica Simpson is a mom of two, probably bored on her pile of money because people handle all that shit for her, half retarded and if you know anything about retards..they all masturbate all the time…avoid the public pool on retard field day…trust me…and she’s likely the one doing the drunk raping of her man / lottery winner – who only played 2 years of NFL which was enough to trap this one in K-Fed Style…

The more interesting pic is the butt shot that was rumored to be posed, oh it’s still posted, I wonder how I missed it… BECAUSE I POSTED THIS ONE …but thanks to her being a wholesome southern girl addicted to sex, breeding out of wetlock, being a titty whore and a lie to the world for her personal gain.you know like a good religious souther god fearing american…who sells her shit to other god fearing americans…she does better.

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Ashley Graham is a Pig Bitch Testing Out the Power of Hotel Furniture and Mattresses of the Day

I don’t believe anyone finds a pig in make-up, you know a fat bitch, who is married to big black cock who like fat bitches, but who don’t account for the target demo of the fat bitch clothing she sells, or the noise she makes whining to get into mainstream magazines that normally don’t fall for the mid 30s fat bitch wife, or give her the gig, because they would just ignore her incessant fan letters she’d send daily when husband was at work, kids were at school, or she was at home unable to have kids, because she was so fat she couldn’t get her period and breed…so she’s just watch soap operas and get fatter.

I know for a fact – NO ONE LIKES FAT BITCHES…not publicly, at 3 am drunk maybe, but never something you’d admit…and if you did we’d laugh, but not judge because collectively we re fascinated by fat tits…..

I know fat chicks don’t like fat chicks, they can pretend they do, but if they did, they wouldn’t hate themselves and eat their feelings..

I know a fat chick scamming, who wishes she wasn’t a fat chick, but loves eating too much to not be a fat chick….

I know she plays the “Fuck the haters card” but just saying that means you care about the haters, and I have a feeling this bitch keeps eating because she’s found an angel..

You know how not to get made fun of for being fat…by not being fat…or saying fat is healthy..when it’s fucking not…

But why not be fat when you get fucking paid…fat bitch in a fat fucking movement…pigging out to have a fat fucking bowel movement..

These monsters are fucking vile…fat fucking vile fucking pig bitches no one wants to see, yet they get naked on social media for the BBW porn lovers

YES we get it – fat fetishes exist and always have, we’ve seen the magazines…stop fucking shoving fat down all our throats…we collectively hate it

AND put some damn pants on your tranny monster…or did you EAT THOSE TOO….


I hate you.

I also hate that she didn’t fucking make that bed collapse with her big disgusting body that makes a King look like a single…

I also hate that the caption on the fat cellulite pic is “Me #sorry not sorry” or something with a princess EMOJI….so empowering…you fucking scammer….all the fat sloppy bitches unite…in a You Go White girl….that said CELLULITE POWER is a real thing if you cut off all the fat you can use it as fuel…i’ve seen Eskimo do it with dead whales…

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Jessica Biel Does Dirty Dancing for Ellen of the Day

Jessica Biel cockteased ellen in a tight dress, showing her ass in a tight dress, while on a promo tour, like a lame Bar Mitzvah act…because her and her husband are popstar dancing weirdos…assuming they are still married…and he hasn’t made his full transition to cock, but sticks with girls with deep voices and broad backs who sound and from behind look like they could have cocks…

I don’t know, watching irrelevant actresses from lame shows 20 years ago, 20 years older….still doing shit because they wallet fucked proper…bores me…but you probably like it – because you’re pathetic and can’t move on with your life.

I do love Dirty Dancing though, I own three copies of it and used to (3 years ago) watch it once a month…true story.

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Eva Longoria Old and Slutty in Some Magazine Bullshit of the Day

Eva Longoria with her ass out

As a half mexican on the internet, I have a fucking deep love for all things Mexico an Mexican…from the food, to the women, to Mexico City as a whole…so seeing the Earthquake basically turning some areas into devastation and a warzone..collapsed buildings and death and destruction is a bummer…but even more of a bummer knowing that Eva Longoria wasn’t in Mexico trying to learn how to leverage being a Mexican to land more work….like the exploitative cunt she is.

Sure, she is technically ninth generation Mexican-American, and it’s a good marketing hook, but girl is so whitewashed, raised like a spoiled white brat, turned Hollywood and forgot she was Mexican unless it came in handy as she struggled to communicate with her maid and garderner she underpays…because her life was about fitting in in Texas and not feeling like the immigrant her parents were…you know spoiled and out of touch like 8 generations of Mexican-Americans before her…

So while I like and love all things Mexican, Eva Longoria isn’t one of them, for a reason I relate best with a story of a black friend of mine LITERALLY turning his chair around at the strip club whenever a black stripper came on stage, because he felt she was giving up on her people, she wasn’t fighting to progress as a person, she was being a cliche and thus she fucking sucked and he couldn’t stomach her…

That’s how I feel about this mid 40s chick from one TV show…doing her best Kim Kardashian impression now that she’s been married to a black dude…and is thick / fat…when did fat become thick…like thick isn’t fat…and thick is good but fat is bad…I don’t know..but I know this non-Mexican Mexican is a fucking scam….

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Ana De Armas Tits for Blade Runner of the Day

Ana De Armas tits in blade runner

Ana De Armas is some Cuban Actress who has escaped Cuba or in exile due to breaching the communist regime, or maybe she was hot enough to get married to a Foreigner who was there on vacation, something we see a lot of in Canada, because Cuba was the asshole resort destination for poor white people the entire time the USA was blocking Cuba out for Communism…

So for 40 years, we’ve had hot cuban chicks like we were Florida roll through and set up shop here, but more interestingly, I’ve known so many perverts who would go down to Cuba for months at a time to fuck these hot young things…

Ana De Armas isn’t quite young, but she is hot, and I guess strategic, or very rich…as she’s been cast in the new Blade Runner, I’d wonder how that happened, but remember the director is from Montreal, and Montrealers love Cuba, to go down and have a slice of paradise and cheap, we’re taking 40 dollar whores…

MAGICAL times…and here she is whoring for hollywood…in the Blade Runner Trailer…

She did GQ to promote Blade Runner..I guess she’s the new Margot Robbie…you know naked chick in a big movie to become legit…

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Paris Jackson Fingerbanging in Elle Magazine of the Day

Paris Jackson hand down her pants

Who gives a fuck about that pervert Michael Jackson, or the weird kid I’m not sure he even created with his own sperm, but rather adopted and left his fortune to…

I don’t understand why Paris Jackson and her hustle is a thing….I get the whole King of Pop drug addict addicted to fucking anesthetics like a fucking tormented psycho touching the souls of many after he died…and they forgave him for allegedly touching the assholes of children near and far…

I’ve heard inside scoop from people involved in the case, and it was more than just a pay off for insurance reasons to squash the child molesting case hard…it was a legit thing that he did…and the world knew it..the world hated him for it…but the world understood that a tormented soul, or a pervert child molestor shouldn’t be punished for his personal life when it comes to how good his music makes them feel because he’s Michael Jackson…but I still thought it was weird how his narrative totally shifted when he died, making me thing he may not be dead but rather hiding in a cave or another planet…because that ET went home..

POINT being..why is Paris Jackson a fucking thing, let her live off dad’s momey..and fuck off…

Instead Elle Magazine is like “Ok now touch your pussy for us…yeah…hands in your pants..you like that don’t you…how wet are you…do you feel yourself getting wetter…ok now put those fingers in your mouth…yeah you taste nice don’t you…bullshit..

I don’t get it.

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