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Genevieve Morton Shaves her Pussy for Cheeki of the Day

I am friends with the people at Cheeki underwear…they answer my emails when I ask for the used panties after one of their photoshoots…with a friendly buy now link to their panties…in the newsletter they signed me up to automatically…

They make the closest thing to disposable panties around and the idea of disposable panties is erotic to me…and apparently they use disposable models like Genevieve Morton to demonstrate the function of the panties by shaving her twat in one scene in the video…because she’s that into comedy….

I am not friends with Genevieve Morton…but apparently into being funny, like so many of these models are, tyet she doesn’t see the humor in when I call her names like pig and fatty…I guess she takes herself too seriously…on her quest to be a comedic actress, I mean what else is a bikini model who lost out to Kate Upton in the big tit game to do…but not seriously enough to demonstrate shaving her pussy for an underwear ad…but all I see is that big girl back…

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Constance Jablonski in a Swim Campaign of the Day


Constance Jablonski is some model who from France, and poses topless, because that’s what bikini tops are like in France…but not today….because she’s a fucking sell out and not being true to what has mattered in her career and what makes her country’s beaches worth going to….all them titties….

Coupled with French girls being absolute sexual beasts…sluts..even the sweet, skinny leg ones…who you’d fall in love with just looking at them, but don’t have to because they’ll let you fuck their asses on the first encounter because as an emotional people, they have zero self control….especially when it comes to eroticism….

So here she is posing for a Swim campaign…looking good…because it’s not her other employers…the evil Victoria’s Secret people, even though they are probably all affiliated in this racket that is the “fashion industry”…catering to cunts with egos, gay guys and girls…while overcharging rich people…by casting their daughters in campaigns…and exploiting third world countries…fuck that noise…but I’d rather fuck the noise that comes out of Constance when she sees my micro cock…

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Whitney Cummings Ass Flash of the Day


Whitney Cummings is trying to get noticed again, I guess the only way she knows how, by doing the Chelsea Handler, I call it “the female comedian who wasn’t hot enough to be in movies but got famous anyway…because she thought she was funny and people are lazy and just believed her – especially dudes with money who make decisions and buy TV shows she writes after she gives head to them”…

She’s the brain behind 2 broke girls…who really just sucked dick for the actual writer who gave her a co-credit on it..because without her, there would be no show…it’s all thanks to her throat…and I guess her ass…

Do people care about her? Do people care about any Female comedians? Amy Schumer doesn’t count..her genitals don’t exist and is thus more farm animal than human…

I call this pic not quite hot enough to be a model or actress, but hotter than most comedians, here’s my ass to get noticed..I call is “Anal with Assholes to Pay the Mortgage cuz Married Execs love Anal”….

Fuck Whitney Cummings…she’ll let you if you can advance her career…

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Zoe Kravitz for Wonderland Magazine of the Day


Zoe Kravitz is showing her panties for Wonderland Magazine because she’s an artist, and by artistic I mean she has rich and famous Lenny Kravitz and Cosby Show / Differnt Strokes Denise….and that’s why she matters…or is trying to matter…because she wants to break free from that…using daddy’s name…and contacts…

She blocked me on social media early on…I guess she doesn’t like the site, or my trolling….it’s not artistic enough for her, even though I’m more an artist that she’ll ever be, and I’m a drunken fool who can’t write…draw or really do anything…but maybe shit on girls…and I don’t need the dreads and fake everything, funded by her trust fund, to prove that…but she does…she matters…

Here she is in a magazine….being an “artist”….

Here she is in a bikini..

TO See Her in a Bikini in Miami the other day…. CLICK HERE

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Zippora Seven in SLOGGI Underwear of the Day


Her name is Zippora Seven and she’s from New Zealand…

She was a nude hippie model at 16 because her parents were likely hippies, they named her Zippora…that’s “Melanie in Hippie”…

She isn’t nude is in this campaign, because I guess she’s finally made it in America…she lives in America…and she’s not naked for a campaign that actually paid….

She’s not a trashy hooker cam girl…she’s Fashion motherfuckers…but she’s as naked…as a cam girl if you google her…

I feel like I always say the same thing about her, but what the fuck amI supposed to say about a bitch named Zippora in some underwear campaign…that no one really cares about..but who I assume has a wikipedia…making her better than you…unless you’re more famous her…which you probably are since the only people who read this site according to Google Analytics…are from Beverly Hills…

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Tough Guy Ronda Roussey on Jimmy Fallon of the Day

Ronda Rousey 12

I wonder how many people Ronda Roussey jerk off to her while she’s fighting…

I am assuming most dudes jerk off to UFC every time they watch it…because that’s just the kind of testosterone release these bros that are into…that’s why they throw in the ring girls…to just straighten it out…why else would anyone be into fighting that much..because even when UFC is girl UFC…it’s the same as the dudes fighting…because their clits are the size of your dick…

I’d post the video, but I hate that Jimmy Fallon motherfucker’s face…and who cares about what Ronda Roussey has to say, she’s more the kind of girl you look at to be dominated by, or testicle torture, or whatever these bros


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Vanessa Hudgens THIGH of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.22.05 PM

Vanessa Hudgens is really into her upper thigh…and so are you..because ever since High School musical you were stoked she wasn’t Ashley Tisdale…or maybe, if you’re like me…you like her because her legal team came after me becuase I posted nude pics that she leaked and they pretended she was 17 and that I was the criminal “Take it down or we’ll get you arrested for being a sex offender”…even though she was 19…and the one who produced and leaked the pics…even though it wasn’t properly planned because she had 5 o’clock shadow…the kind of monkey who needs to wax daily…she’s just that kind of weird immigrant…from what I assume is a jungle somewhere…

Either way, she’s not naked, not as fat as she’s been and into her leg…and so are you..


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Miranda Kerr in Tatler Russia of the Day


Since Victoria’s Secret fired Miranda Kerr for fucking Bieber, she has been dating a series of billionaires, it pays better than that shitty mall brand….She’s currently dating the kid from Snapchat, who will probably delete my snapchat…because I am that relevant…

In doing that we can break down the steps to land a billionare….have been:

1-3 Model Legs…. HERE
4- Impress young Billionaire with flexibility HERE
5- Impress young billionaire with magazine coverage HERE
6- Impress young billionare with a Terry Richardson Halloween Shoot HERE
7- Dress SLutty

Today, she’s showing you what I call “getting featured in Tatler Russia”…because Russia has the most billionaires per capita, they love models, and they live large…even though there are so many hot girl in Russia, I guess it’s more exciting for these dudes to lock down an ex Victoria’s Secret model…

I guess this is doing the groundwork for future billionaires when she’s wrapped up with Snapchat Evan…

Here are the pics…

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Hilary Duff’s Failed Butt Shot of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 2.12.42 PM
Hilary Duff ruined a perfect instagram whore “look at my ass”…but “this pic isn’t for you to look at my ass” opportunity.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before, it’s the knock knock joke of instagram…that you can sometimes jerk off to…where this half wit retard half naked sluts on instagram take a picture of their “hair cut”..or “their new shirt”…but as an excuse to post their ass….

You know, so that when it gets deleted from instagram, they can say “I just posted a picture of my hat, why would they delete me”….bitch we could see your pussy in that pic….we’re onto your subtle attempt to get likes…because all we’re looking at is your fucking ass..

Only when Hilary Duff does it she crops out her ass…

Is it because she genuinely wants you to see her braid, in her trailer, it’s relatable…or is she not happy with her ass….or is it because she’s cock teasing you, knowing you want to see her ass, leaving you wanting more…that’s what I assume it is…it’s gotta be…it could just be bitch showing a braid..she wouldn’t do the look back pose for that..

Either way, Hilary Duff fans are creepy as fuck…so they’ll like her anyway she comes…enough to cum….perverts

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Lady Gag is Bloody and Topless of the Day


My favorite part of this Lady Gag picture is not the blood that reminds me of a fantasy I once had of a crazed fan slicing her the fuck up because she’s a fucking phony….piece of shit who wastes all of our time with her ridiculous antics, her bullshit performance “art’ that is really just money making scam…..and not art…

Sure, she’s talented in making marketable songs, and that is why the record label agreed to fund her…but marketable songs…doesn’t mean bitch has any level of authenticity..it just means she’s a pop tart trying to be as accessible as possible because she needs to be liked, it’s some deep rooted need, because she’s disgusting looking…

My favorite par tof this Lady Gaga picture is her fat squeezing through her fishnets…

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Ashley Benson is a Lion of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-10-07 at 1.53.44 PM

Ashley Benson is the chubby and really famous on the internet, which I guess famous in life girl, because internet is life….all thanks to being on a really successful TV show….

People get mad when I fat shame her, when they should really take that energy and troll her comments, because men things get noticed, just ask Selena Gomez…and pretending the bitch doesn’t eat too much is just irresponsible..especially when she can hire a trainer and a chef, she makes over a million dollars a year…I know people who make 40,000 dollars a year and have a fucking trainer…

Either way, she’s cock teasing her slutty fat girl covered but still slutty cuz there is cleavage Lion costume…and you should love it..because it is a reminder of the most half naked, non slutty girl, even though all girls are slutty…thanks to the internet…

Now if only you could hire a desperate black man to poach her, so you could mount her….and live out your life dream….right…right…right…

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Kourtney Kardashian Topless / Naked in Vanity Fair of the Day



The only thing I find interesting about the Kardashians…is that the media is too lazy to not feature them in their bullshit…it’s like they are sitting around in nice offices with expense accounts thinking “who can we do a photoshoot on”…and the editor comes in and says “Kourtney Kardashian hasn’t had much press since her divorce from her fake marriage, and the PR team is HOUNDING US, plus it’ll get on their instagrams which is huge following, so let’s just go with that”….and the rest of the robots looking at their selfies go with it…because why challenge the editor when she’s doing the work for you…so you can go back to looking at your selfies…

The world is dumb and the only smart ones in all this are the Kardashians who are still cashing in after letting america into their rich person life…

And to think the Kardashians are smarter than billion dollar publsihing…is terrifying…

But at lest they show their tits and ass…even if they are moms and the second line of the family team…like good little whores..that even the most irrelevant of the family members are…even if they are disgusting…on all levels…

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Randy Quaid Arrested in Montreal of the Day

It turns out that one of the single best actors in the history of Hollywood, Randy Quaid and his crazy wife Evi Quaid have been living in Montreal…which is where I live…for the last two years…

Apparently he applied for refugee status, like a HOT SYRIAN REFUGEE and he just got arrested for who the fuck cares…something to do with being charged with fraud in Santa Barbara….

I just saw it in the news, but don’t read the news.. but you can…… CLICK HERE TO READ THE STORY

I am more into the anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment, and loss I feel….because if he’s been living here, why the fuck aren’t we BFFs…celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving together…and laughing about the Vacation movies he was in….and/or Independence Day…

Here’s some of his crazy that I think is genius and amazing…remember he is Academy Award and Golden Globe and Emmy Nominated…Genius…

one more genius….videos…

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Kate Winslet in Lingerie for Esquire UK of the Day

Who gives a fuck about 40 year old Kate Winslet….

Oh right, every 40 year old who liked her big tits in Titanic…right before she became insanely rich and famous and barely showed her tits….even though she probably thinks she’s one of the industries greatest actresses…I mean that’s what they all think about themselves…while I just think they are all fucking garbage…but she’s still got tits…no breast cancer yet I guess..but she is at that age…#tits

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Arianna Grande French Kisses Without the Tongue Elizabeth Gilles of the Day

Arinna Grande is the fucking worst…I only notice her bullshit because I can’t stand her and love exposing myself with shit I can’t stand….it makes me angry and reminds me why I hate the fucking world…

She’s just this little egotistical, self involved, narcissist who I assume is insecure as fuck cunt, broken thanks to stage parents, and a slut who fucks everyone…thanks to all those things…and I am not just saying that because she’s hate America…or because she’s just another one of these money making machine lies….who can sing, but is still garbage…

The only redeeming thing about her is that a pornstar once told me that she’s knows people who fuck her and they say she’s a pig in bed which makes putting up with her bitchy attitude worth it for dudes fucking her…

So here she is with one of her Victorious co-stars…a show I guess she was on…but not the Victoria Justice key player….


The one with big tits named Elizabeth Gilles….who I only know because I do this blog and see what the nerds are into…but I don’t always understand why they are into it…because grown men should not be watching Nickelodeon, and the fact they do, makes me think they may be watching it with their kids…how else do you find these twats…

Either way, they did a peck on the face, far more tame than when they eat each other out as black rappers rail them, but you can’t post that on instagram…that’d be bad for business…

Here are some pics she posted that included captions like “Far from perfect, but pretty damn cute”…shut the fuck up..

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