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Kendall Jenner Harness of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.06.56 PM

Gay dudes have been wearing fetish gear as club gear since gay dudes started going to clubs for sex.

I guess that’s trickled down into the mainstream…the hetero/ semi-hetero mainstream since nothing is hetero anymore…Everyone’s a faggot…

Well, fetish gear has reached the point of teeny boppers….

These girls are now hitting up the sex shop for leather straps and accessories designed to get fucked in…which woould make sense since everyone has grown up on hardcore porn and are sexually weird…

Not to mention it looks kind of futuristic, and I guess girls started wearing sports bras to the gym, or underwear as outerwear in the 80s thanks to Madonna, to boy short underwear as pants with ass cheecks hainging out and crop tops…to g-strings around hips in the 90s low-rise jean movement…meanign this Kendall Jenner strapped ass is not weird enough..

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The Hadids Trying to Keep Up with the Kardashians of the Day


To me, the existence of Gigi and Bella Hadid…and really their reality star parents, is the equivalent of the pissing contest rich people have to outdo each other…

I had a shitty Carni job many years ago that lasted a few days. It was at an event company, where I would set up the inflatable games and sometimes man the inflatable games, I’m talking the bouncy castle, which apparentlty isn’t good for an angry, chain smoking drunk who at the time hated rich people and kids equally…

I’ve grown to hate nothing, if anything rich people are entertaining and I like being invited to their parties…But I also learned that rich people are basically giant kids, who can be giant kids, becuase they are rich, and in being rich and childish, they love to troll each other, prank each other and outdo each other…

So you know the Hadids are “Bff” with the Kardashians, same circle situation, while their parents are plotting for the Hadid’s to be as big if not bigger than the Kardashians…and I guess Gigi wasn’t doing a good enough job on her own, so they’ve thrown Bella Hadid at the fire…

Here they are in some sister fetish porn…called a fashion shoot for a magazine..if they really want to beat the Kardashians, this should be a sex tape…

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Ashley Benson in a Bikini of the Day


Ashley Benson knows her angles, or hires a photographer as her guest on her selfie/tanning sessions, because she looks pretty fucking dope…you know a real bad bitch…you like that hip hop integration into this…maybe I should HMU, BFF, AF this post, it’s the only way to communicate with the retard youth, who amaze me as they watch VINES like a bunch of ADD moronos, while we all have access to the same amount of information, but the masses are just getting dumber and dumber, because people are lazy as fuck…proven in Ashley Benson’s regular looking body…not her bikini selfie amazingness…that is usually pretty dumpy…but not dumpy enough for me…I think she’s amazing…even if she ignores our love..AF…

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Evangeline Lilly Old and Weird Pregnancy Pic of the Day


Evangeline Lilly is a throwback to 2009…when LOST, the one show she was on…the one thing she accomplished in her career…the one moment of clarity that she probably thought would set her for life…and that probably did set her for life…ended…

I never watched lost, but I assume she was the only chick on it, because she’s not all that hot, especially not now that she’s pregnant, but when the only tits you had to compare her to was the dude from BLOW…coupled with aggressive marketing….I guess people could fall in love….it is better than their own shit life…

Maybe I just hate Canadians because I am Canadian and feel like when Canadians escape Canada for Hollywood…they are traitors who must be shot like they were Seth Rogen…..

Or maybe I just have eyes….

Either way, pregnancy pic of the day for the ready to drop, lactating fetishists who watched lost and really liked this twat…

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Irina Shayk Naked and a Snake of the Day


This is a shoot for something called Sorbet magazine, which features Irina Shyak’s cummed on looking matted hair, naked with a snake, which wouldn’t be the first time she has been naked with a snake,… or really naked with anything phallic…as that behavior is really the foundation of her career and everything she’s done with it…like Athletes and Actors and I’m sure some producers….maybe even people at immigration….if you know what I mean..

I’m not a creative director at a magazine I’ve never heard of, but I think it’s logical to say that if you have a Russian hooker naked in a room…willing to have pictures taken…you take those fucking pictures…and make sure they are better than this…

Either way, she’s good, even if she’s the worst…

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Rihanna’s Music Video of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.07.27 PM

I posted this Rihanna music video earlier, but then I saw the above instagram pic…

It is for an annoying song that I don’t really understand because Rihanna has been given a lot of fucking money, sure probably not fair or proportionate to what she’s generated in revenue as the number one selling artist of all time, but she was going to work a hotel in Barbados for 100 dollars plus tips and tourist tip, if it hadn’t worked out for her, so she should shut the fuck up…and just live the good life…

Unless this is just another one of her silly songs…but I guess when her ass is looking thick in a bikini…her lies and bullshit is ok…

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Stella Maxwell by David Bellemere for Marie Claire of the Day


David Bellemere is one of the better photographers out there and in case you didn’t know…photography may be a scam you can fake with your instagram filters and iphone, but every once in a while a legit photographer comes along and actually has a captivating image, which for me is important, because all I fucking do is look at shitty pics all day…of shiity people…like Stella Maxwell..

Now, why is Stella Maxwell a shitty person….well…you can just look at this clip:

She’s the recently contracted Victoria’s Secret angel…and part of Victoria’s Secret campaigning them to peddle their panties, she’s getting press and exposure, and anyone who’s known bikini and lingerie models over the years, this one was a bit of a question mark, that I assume the old, detached, casting director at Victoria’s Secret chose because he was given 3-4 hipster models and had to pick one, despite hating where modeling has gone thanks to instagram…

In part of her PR, she’s been now linked to dating Miley Cyrus, which would have been a scandal if it happened before Miley became a gender bending weirdo you’d expect to find on TUMBLR …where all the internet magic happens…and where Miley gets her creative direction from..

It’s not a scandal really, because gay is mainstream, what is a scandal is how Miley who is always locked away in her house, is all of a sudden being caught getting finger banged by the model…behind a truck…

It’s like they expect us to believe this isn’t staged, fuck you Miley..and your lies…

She’s done. Over exposed, not authentic…

But here’s her “girl” Stella…for Marie Claire looking better than fucking ever…thanks to David Bellmere…

Here’s that Miley Fingerbang for Attention…and Because Everyone’s a Lesbian…especially attention seeking exhibitionist attention seekers…

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Kesler Tran Makes Natalia O. Dirty of the Day


Kesler Tran is just killing it right now…one of the best there is in LA taking pics of these no name aspiring girls…and he takes seriously solid images of then.,..which I guess they need for their sugar baby profiles….

I’m joking, I mean I’m sure they are published models, I mean I could just check their instagram to confirm that, because when girls do shoots all the time, and if they have an agency beyond an escort agency…and they’ve been featured in a magazine, or even a club flyer, they’ll let you know so you don’t mistake them as a cheesy hooker..

That said, the girls in LA are fucking hot…not always great people, but trying hard to make it..and I think Kesler Tran takes them out of that coke fueled hell and makes them look better than they probably are…

Here’s a solid interpretation of the much she’s covered being as dirty as her soul…

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Eva Longria Dives in a No Dive Zone of the Day

evapool (9)

Here’s some typical Mexican behavior…you know just not following the rules…because she may or may not know how to read in English, but I assume she does, because she’s the whitest fucking Mexican, the kind with a Mexican staff to shit on, and make herself feel accomplished and less like a first Generation…expect when she’s needed to make a quote on Mexican rights, like calling Donald Trump Hitler, something that I am sure Jewish people would take offense to, but more importantly, that she’s got no business commenting on, as she’s so disconnected from anything Mexican, you know being a hollywood slut, that it’s just her PR play to remind you she exists…

Rember, you can never trust someone who dives in a no dive zone…No dive zone..


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Chrissy Teigen is the Worst Attention Seeking Mom Ever of the Day


Chrissy Teigen is a low rent model…but a top tier sugar baby..the kind of sugar baby all the low rent models aspire to be…because she actually got a famous singer to commit to her…thanks to having a personality, getting in there early, you know before he was super famous, and waiting it out as he fucked groupies, making her come across as a good Loyal woman…with good intentions…who as long as she was fed booze and pills…would stay at the apartment waiitng for the tour to end…

Recently, probably thanks to her pregnancy I assume she secretly had, based on her slopppy fucking body…she’s a bikini model you know… I mean according to Sports Illustrated she is…but I think she’s more a dumpster of a woman who gets in a bikini because it tricks her busy husband to think she’s doing things so that he doesn’t see her as leveraging him to get ahead as a comedy act…who shows her mom nipples…because if it wasn’t for John Legend…she’d probaby be doing porn…or hooking…which some could argue she is…

She’s a hater…so you should hate her…and her nipple that she’s milking for attention, when we’d rather see her mom pussy that she’s milking for money.


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Lindsay Lohan’s Birthday is Today of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 11.49.35 AM

Today is Lindsay Lohan’s 29th birthday….which means she’s just 10 years away from looking her face’s age…

I know that this news isn’t really news to anyone…but maybe me…because I still think Lindsay Lohan is great, even if she pretty much fell off 11 years ago when she turned 18…

She really only had a year or two of relevance, that she managed to drag out into close to a decade, all without ever doing a job, so that’s a testament of being famous before the internet replaced useless actors with useless social media stars like the Kardashians, I mean they are like a Turkish Army, strength in numbers, a little ginger can’t compete with for airtime, only they are Armenian…and not Turkish, in fact they hate the Turks due to the genocide….not that it has anything to do with Lohan…

But for a reference point, Mean Girls came out in 2004..and Mean Girls is the only movie that counts…and the only amazing thing, other than her inability to take her tabloid fodder to the bank and get richer leveraging it like these other idiots, like how could a bitch fuck that up….it’s not that she’s probably a hooker to ruch guys now because there is no way she still has money….the amazing thing is that she’s made it to 29…I was convinced there would have been a suicide or overdose along the way…you know because she’s crazy…

That said, she’s the crazy I love…because she’s Lohan and without Lohan there would be no DrunkenStepfather…since I’d have no reason to live…

Here’s a Youtube Video I made ins 2006 leaving a voicemail on her inbox…celebrating her birthday….hoping I’d get arrested as a stalker because I needed the press….

Here are some pics of her…remembering the good days

TO see her partying with some male model in Capri CLICK HERE

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Miley Cyrus Kissing a Girl of the Day

Miley Cyrus kissed a girl…and you shouldn’t care. Girls kissing is Amateur hour…

The first time I saw 20 year old girls making out with each other in person for attention…was at a college party…not that I went to college…but I did spend a good 15 years going to college parties…because the girls were easy, the drinks cheap and no one knew I was in my 30s..

That said, it was the late 80s, early 90s, when there was no real lesbianism beyond biker bull dykes who couldn’t hide that they were lesbians, just girls who were using the most basic of male fetishes to get attention, free drinks, to cock tease..

Two cute girls, who may have got off to each other, you know experimenting isn’t anything new, girls have been masturbating together and comparing clits and labia meatiness forever, girls fucking love each other, but they know…shit gets what they want out of men…

I know that Miley and Stella could be lesbians, could be experimenting, could really believe in the LGBTQRSTLMNOP movement, seems like everyone does…

But I also know that Miley doesn’t really leave her house, when she is shot by paparazzi it is on purpose, and this…an angle…for press…it works for her platform…when everything else is started to become boring..

I find this shit dull, obvious, good for the VS model she’s making out with who I will not name, because she’s fame whoring and we hate that…far more than we hate Miley’s transition…even if it’s bullshit…they still tongue each other…and that’s real enough for the pervert in me.

Here she is in V Magazine:

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Anastasia Ashley for FHM of the Day

I prefer seeing professional surfer Anastasia Ashley surfing… it is impressive and something that no other model, or instagram slut, or really no other dude can do…and that’s amazing to me…

I mean, I guess being stripped down into her bathing suit is okay, but any girl can do that….and based on every girl on instagram, they do that…they all think “We’re bikini models, eit gets likes”…even when they aren’t…like retards who don’t realize that thinking is more effective for a quality life than instagram likes…

You see, when it comes to bikinis, we’ve seen it all before…but with surfing, there’s so much more I’d like to see from Anastasia…

I guess when it is for the cover of a Men’s Magazine it is a big deal….especially since they are celebrating her as a surfer…and not some bikini ass from Instagram… and I assume FHM is still massively followed and relevant, even though I don’t really follow anything they do, and haven’t even picked up an issue since the 90s when I didn’t know better, but then again I am like Caitlyn Jenner, and not the average, retard, male….but I’m not in a dress…

I would have liked to see these pics to be more interesting, but I guess it’s not about me, I would have liked these pics to be more celebratory of her ass, something you can never get enough of, but I am glad that they did because it may lead to a better chance of her being Ben Affleck’s next girlfriend..you know..good for branding…

Either way, she’s the worst.

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Kate Mara for Esquire of the Day


Kate Mara was raped in some movie…and people loved it…not because people like rape…or maybe they do…I know a lot of girls I talk to have Rape fetishes…along with Gangbang fetishes…I also know I am asked by girls to choke, fuck, and pretty much beat them when we fuck…you know getting spit in their face and spanked, even punched…I’m not into that shit…but they are….

I mean, the other day a girl, a normal fucking girl, was asking me how she could get raped…my answer “Go to South Africa”…not a message sponsored by the oursim board…just based on 2010 national AIDS rate stats…

Oh wait….that was her sister…ROONEY MARA….oops

Well, this one’s been in movies and clearly in a new movie, showing what could be nipple on Esquire…because showing nipple is key…to being relevant in this nipple obsessed world…


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Heidi Klum in Lingerie of the Day


Heidi Klum still models lingerie…She also peddles it…which I gues she is modeling it…you know make that money from any angle you can…especially after spending a decade or more being created by Victoria’s Secret…making this her actual talent, while the TV career, is just coincidental or whatever…

I still like looking at Heidi Klum in a bikini, because she’s clearly genetically modified, possibly from being a German…and we know all about the German’s research into DNA and ethnic cleansing…trying to create the perfect race…which one could argue, at least based on her aging, that Heidi Klum may be…

Not to mention, her vagina is like a circus trick, and not just because she’s in her 50s, but because it’s been filled with babies after being filled with massive black penis…making her even more interesting to me….like some kind of science experiment, and/or german scat porn…

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