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Kristen Stewart for Marie Claire France


MARIE CLAIRE is a horrible fucking interviewer, but I actually like how Kristen Stewart, the girl I used to make fun of for being inbred and white trash and unappealing to men, before she came out of the closet in some self discovery through indie films and cutting her hair as lesbians do, making her OK by me…and not just because she showed nipple for the cover photo…

But because she isn’t down with bringing down the patriarchy like all these other idiots in the feminist movement….she’s not looking for the safe space..she’s not even looking for lesbian attention…she’s just chillin’ with her nipples…but chillin’…

MARIE CLAIRE: What do you have to say about that group of men that is prominent in Hollywood?

KRISTEN: Nothing, except: “Keep making good films, we’re trying to do the same thing!” I’m really aware of how lucky I am, of the number of opportunities in the palm of my hands. For me, being a women in the film industry isn’t very stressful, even if, it’s true, roles for us are not as big in numbers. I can’t ignore that there’s a real fight on this issue but, to be honest, I don’t really have that in mind at the moment, I’m working a lot, it’s working well and I’m really happy about it.

MARIE CLAIRE: So you’re not following in Jennifer Lawrence’s footsteps, who is going at war against inequalities between men and women when it comes to salaries?

KRISTEN: No. Right now, I’m working on small indie films, and it’s like a small family, we’re all on the same level.

MARIE CLAIRE: Was there a moment in your life when you didn’t feel free?
KRISTEN: In life, you’re often your own enemy. We’re all prisoners within ourselves in some way or the other, to grow up and find out who we are, it’s the goal, isn’t it? I really like growing older. As days go on, I feel more free, closer from who I want to become, it’s getting easier. I look at myself and I think: “It’s good, dude. Chill.”

MARIE CLAIRE: Do you like yourself?
KRISTEN: Looking at people who surround you is a good way of measuring your worth. My friends and the people I work with are exceptional. My job is my life, my life is my job. So, yes, I look at these incredible people around me. I’m in their lives because they’re terrific. Similarly, if they’re there, it’s for a reason, I must be pretty cool.


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Hailee Steinfeld On All Fours of the Day


Hailee Steinfeld is all on fours..unless that is someone else and Hailee Steinfeld is watching…because I don’t know what Hailee Steinfeld is, not because all Jews the same, or because her name sounds like a Jewish Deli, so it’d make sense that she’d be showing off her Kosher smoked meat…in the weirdest of ways…but because she doesn’t matter, with her pop career or her acting..she’s a money maker, but uneventful…


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Kate Hudson Forgets She’s 40 of the Day

KH (1)

Kate Hudson is into showing off some tits…because I guess she never had tits until recently…thanks to modern science…and I guess it was her pussy that drove men to suicide..but we’d have to Ask Owen Wilson about that…he may have been more upset by her ass…

She’s at some club opening…and she decided to be a metaphor with her top opening…she’s high concept like that…


Vanessa Hudgens was there also…

VH (1)


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Jessica Alba Hula Hoop Up Ass for “Dear Eleanor” of the Day


Jessica Alba is in a Movie called DEAR ELEANOR – I guess she still works as an actor…in this scene she’s jacking a hula hoop up her ass in a short skirt. It is a story of two girls on a 1962 Road Trip looking for Eleanor Roosevelt during the Cuban Missile Crisis, directed by “E” from Entourage Kevin and it is actually a great fucking look for Jessica Alba family girl and scammer/ business woman..

She’s about to take her HONEST brand that in and of itself is a red flag, not because of the lawsuits and stories about how their claims are false but because everyone knows when someone says “trust me” or “honestly”…they are full of shit..

But what isn’t full of shit is a hula hoop up her ass…one far better than the weirdo hippie fat chicks I see doing hula hoop dances in the park every weekend…with a “question mark”…

I guess what I am saying is after two kids, she’s still great, and I’d let her shit on my face just to see her asshole stretched out…I am into whatever is going on here..






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Kendall Jenner Grabs her Tits for Obama of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 12.30.21 PM

It was the white house correspondents dinner – where Obama did his 30 minute speech that I watched and laughed at some of the jokes CLICK HERE TO WATCH

One of those jokes was on how Kendall Jenner is useless trash and why she had no real business existing or being there, but the who country is a fucking joke, so I guess it all makes sense…and I guess Kendall wanted to drive that point home, with a classy titty grab pic to say “I am a whore you idiot, raised by whores, and I was at your event as a whore, after a whore no longer needs to whore, thanks to her sister doing the actual sexual whoring, while I can focus on just whoring for attention and jobs brands throw at me because I’m social media relevant”…trash…

Turns out other girls were there:

Kelly Rohrbach – from Baywatch 2016 – What?





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Charlotte McKinney Instagram Tit of the DAy


Charlotte McKinney is still impressive to me. In this “safe space” feminist world who are “down with the patriarchy”…I am amazed that some average looking girl with massive fucking tits, was able to go mainstream and get on TV and in movies, despite being talentless and uninteresting besides from her big fucking tits…

It’s like the Patriarchy is still in charge of things, despite all the fucking whining all these asshole feminists and social justice internet warriors don’t shut up about…but maybe it is just because they don’t know how to actual protest effectively…they just focus on their “trigger warnings”…and other nonsense…allowing some big tits to get through the woodwork…that must make them mad…

But one could argue Charlotte McKinney is a feminist, empowered by her hormonal anomaly and monetizing it…she just knows nothing about that…she just knows how to pull out them tits…

At least this failed Hooter girl, straight from Florida has figured that out..because we like tits…especially when they are all a girl has going for them, it reminds us of a good time, a simpler time, when all women were only as valuable as their tits.





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Erin Heatherton’s Picking her Ass on the Beach

EH (4)

Fired from Leonardo DiCaprio’s bed..which led to her being fired from Victoria’s Secret…leading to her not being fired from the all you can eat buffet where she stocked up on food like she was Karolina Kourkova in the fat years…you can google it…I’ve been doing this blog for a long time and these sluts are interchangeable and repetitive…

New life was sucked into her career by the good people at Sports Illustrated, who said “we need big girls of all sizes, let’s use you, you’re a name, you’re known, let’s reinvigorate things”…that was in February…

Well, she’s still bigger, not offensively big, just too big of a belly hanging over her bathing suit for someone like me who likes skinny models…but who people will love, since fat chicks are popular and trendy in this inclusive safe space everyone is friends world we live in…I mean she’s hardly plus sized, even though she’s huge…..

I’m glad she’s smiling and powered through the dark times, but it may just be a sugar high…before the crash…thanks to all the cake.

EH (1)

EH (14)


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Danielle Knudson Nude for Jared Thomas Kocka of the DAy


Danielle Knudson posted one of these pictures by instagram turned real photographer JARED THOMAS last week, so I’ll assume they are recent enough to revisit…

Now you probably don’t know who Danielle Knudson and you probably shouldn’t know who she is….because she doesn’t know who you are – and that would make you creepy….but more importantly ,she hasn’t really accomplished much…

I know that as a Canadian, being in the USA working as a model who gets booked for Sports Illustrated, seems like a big deal…making money that isn’t Alberta Oil related…is a big deal..

I will assume that she’s just another one of these girls using Guess and Sports Illustrated to showcase her tits to sell herself off to the highest bidding athlete which in her case is Milos Ranonic – a Canadian tennis player. But that doesn’t mean I know what I am talking about and these pictures are a sign of her stepping up her instagram modeling – to sell more campaigns with her real modeling…because she’s pretty fucking hot and that’d be a good thing to do…
while naked. We like that.

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Pia Mia Perez for Nylon of the Day


Pia Mia Perez is some US Guam born porn star…who isn’t actually a porn star, she was just whored out by stage parents who sent her to mainland AMERICA instead of making her work the US GUAM airforce base strip club…because she was 14 at the time and GUAM isn’t Thailand…

You could argue that she was exploited by her parents, or maybe they were just trying to help her, but either way she got a huge following on social media from very little acting work, as the industry hates ethnic people…

I guess they figured that acting was a joke, those idiots don’t get paid, so they got her into music…mainly the hip hip scene which is today’s pop music and with pop music comes fake tits…

And now Nylon is featuring them on their new music bullshit…

She’s a social media superstar, has a strong fan base, isn’t happy with the millions she probably makes in Youtube money, and now wants a legit career…and it is working…and this is her PR…

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Willa Holland Awesome Ass of the Day


Willa Holland is an artist…

An artist who happens to have a famous stepfather and an even more famous God Father who is named Steven Spielberg…

An artist who has been on TV for at least a decade, from the show The O.C…to Arrow or whatever it is she’s on…

But in her downtime, she takes photos, like everyone obsessed with Instagram….an INSTAGRAM YOU CAN FOLLOW HERE

And being an instagram, photographer with depth, she likes to take pics of her ass, an ass I like looking at…

I support Willa Holland and her hustle…



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Miley Cyrus Still Exists of the Day

I just checked out Miley Cyrus on instagram to see if she still exists…

Apparently, she does…

It’s funny how we can be overexposed to some of these idiots, we get them shoved down our throat all fucking day – every fucking day… and then zero..or barely anything…except her getting her planets wrong.

I think it has something to do a PR team pushing her nonsense, or maybe how ADD we are and how much we don’t care about anything or anyone…for more than 10 seconds….

So Miley was everything – now she’s nothing – but a brat sitting on pile money…

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.33.32 PM

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 2.34.41 PM

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Hailey Baldwin is a Model of the Day


Hailey Baldwin did a shoot for someone or something called Damon Baker. I am going to assume it was a “creative” shoot, not an actual brand shoot, because no one really gives a fuck about Kendall Jenner’s friend who isn’t Gigi Hadid, but who wants nothing more in this blessed world she lives in to be Gigi Hadid…you know going to bed every night hating Gigi Hadid for pulling off the scam the Baldwin wanted to…

These celebrity / LA Based / rich kids aren’t a new thing, they are connected, their parents are egotistical narcissists who are even worse than corporate executive rich parents or real estate tycoon rich parents since celebs are the fucking worst egos who never grow up, always on the verge of self destructing and being into themselves, leading to some very weird kids with lots of money, you’d expect to see hustling instagram and the party scene for famous people to fuck, or brands to play model for…

Hailey Baldwin is cute at best, her dad is Stephen Baldwin, I find her uninteresting, but I find everyone uninteresting…even when showing off her young round ass…

If you don’t like this baldwin, there’s a bigger baldwin, less famous baldwin, with more famous baldwin parents…Ireland…who gets naked for photos now..not because she’s a Tranny Bathroom user…but because of her size…and because she was doing the Hailey Baldwin get in the media hustle before Kendall and Gigi went next level famous, not for being worthy…but for having followers…

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Taylor Swift – May Still be Pregnant at a Club of the Day

I don’t know why Taylor Swift is dressed all crazy in this lace covered romper, but it looks like I could have been right about the maternity gear for a pregnant girl, a story that is terrifying to write about, because Taylor Swift has trademarked her name and if she wants can sue any blog who writes her name in a way she doesn’t like being written about…

I guess I could give her a nickname like “slutty country star who go too famous and rich for her own good by going pop only to annoy everyone who hears her music because she’s the fucking worst – yet still exists because the machine just gets bigger and bigger, other celebs suck up to her, and no one seems to think she is singing a one sided version, anti men version, of her being a sex addict”…

I don’t know why she looks like Taylor Mosen with that bleached hair and black outfit, but maybe she’s going through hormonal issues…from the pregnancy…new look!

I don’t know if she’s actually pregnant, but some reputable people have mentioned it in passing the last 3-4 months and I just assume that they are right, why would they lie or make that up, it’s not like I talk to people about Taylor Swift or dig for Taylor Swift gossip, her pregnancy only affects me in one way and that is that I can hope she dies in child birth, or disappears with her constant attention seeking for a while while raising the baby…you know…like Beyonce did….or like J.Lo did…just fade out gracefully…

So even if they were right about her being pregnant, she may have vacuumed it out, like a good Christian who likes making money, only to disprove my claims…but I’m pretty much a hack and no one believes what I write anyway…in fact…no one reads what I right.

I think I see GUNT…but if she was pregnant, I can’t imagine a club in NYC being the best place for the fetus…so it may just be dinner…

Either way, she’s the worst.


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Janet Montgomery Butt Shot for Instagram of the Day


Janet Montgomery was in Black Swan, she’s from the UK, 31, and in a bunch of upcoming movies. She was also on the show Salem, I have no idea who she is – but know she wants you to see her tanline that looks like a pair of panties and that’s glorious enough for me…

I am not necessarily a coppertone sun damage loving pervert who jerks off to tanlines, but there is a fetish for tan lines, and there are strippers who hit the tanning beds with the most absurd bikinis to get the most absurd tanlines and dudes fucking love that shit…

I am definitely a fan of bare ass on the internet or social media of people who don’t need to be posting their bare asses….

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Iggy Azalea for “Legend Magazine” of the Day


Iggy Azalea is in some magazine called LEGEND magazine that we can assume she invented or financed with the money she didn’t pay the IRS, you know typical immigrant using the system to get ahead but not contributing to the system, despite having her work permits in place…just a typical immigrant lack of respect…send her back to Mexico….or Africa…or wherever it is this trash is from…..

She’s a fucking phony, a fake, a pile of garbage no one actually cares about, but who hit at the right time thanks to hip hop music and strategic fucking. Her story of being a street rapper, or stripper is such a fucking lie…she’s a suburban white girl and people should laugh at her clearly fake urban accent…

She’s AUSTRALIA…and if she doesn’t have an Australian voice…she’s putting on an act…and act that would include starting a magazine called Legend- just to put herself on the cover of in panties…showing a photoshopped fat ass…because Americans are idiots and if a hashtag #legend is next to a slut, maybe people will assume she’s a legend by association. Basic subliminal marketing..

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