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Lauren Cohan in her Underwear for GQ Mexico of the Day

LC (3)

I already posted on Lauren Cohan in this GQ Mexico shoot, because the wall hasn’t been built and American culture still trickles it’s way into their country…like they trickle into your country with the drug smugglers and toilet cleaners…at least according the Kelly Osbourne on The View…like CONDE NAST the owners of GQ are there and exploiting the locals for cheap staff and sale to people who still buy magazines…


I said I don’t watch Walking Dead…but thanks to virgin nerds everywhere…I know all about the show – and about COHAN being the hot pussy on the show…and her being in panties in GQ MEXICO….is such a big deal…I won’t jerk off to it- but I am sure a lot of other people have…

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Britney Spears Tit in Concert of the Day

Apparently, this is the lovely Britney Spears pulling her tit out on stage in some feminist protest…maybe it is her safe word to let people know that she wants to escape by her captors…maybe she’s just so medicated she doesn’t realize her tit’s popping out…maybe she wants her tit to hit the media now that she’s feeling hot and fit – because despite being an old mom – she’s been doing her fitness and looks good on her stage show…or maybe she’s just given the world all of her, where she’s just a shell of a human, with no soul just a body or conduit to perform like a dancing money to make everyone around her money she can’t enjoy because she’s still under conservatorship…or maybe it doesn’t matter, and it’s a basic, simple, enjoyable pleasure…that I am glad happened…maybe.

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Joanna Krupa’s Underwear Dance Video of the Day

Joanna Krupa is in Poland, where she’s managed to establish a career, despite escaping the communist country 40 years ago when she was 5 with her intellectual parents….who must be proud their baby girl became a sugar baby prostitute – the American Dream they read about in contraband magazines….


So thanks to speaking the language and not getting paid to actually work in America, she’s found work in Poland, and she did years ago, where they can pretend she’s a big deal because what other Polish born people are famous in the USA….probably not many…sure all the Jews who run entertainment are technically from there…but that doesn’t count as they are all second or third generation so far removed…and the closest thing they get to Poland is fucking girls like Joanna Krupa when casting her for dancing with the stars…while this one…milks any angle she can like she milks the cock that pays her…

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 12.36.41 PM

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 12.36.54 PM

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Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid are Cunts of the Day

604,000 people watched a video of Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift listening to Taylor Swift music….

So Taylor Swift listens to her own songs and thinks “shit I’m awesome, I’m going to make a lot of money”…

Most people don’t even like listening to their own voices, most actors don’t even watch their own movies, yet Taylor Swift is like – Look at me in a car getting down to my own shit – like a bitch who masturbates in the fucking mirror….or who takes selfies of themselves while you fuck them….

Which reminds me of a girl I once had in my rental car masturbating, she knows who she is….she was masturbating to pics of herself – what the fuck..

So the video is called “First Time Hearing My Bullshit Scam Song on the Radio with My BFF who together we Leech off each other Hadid”….and I get great satisfaction knowing I know a girl who fucked the One Direction dude while dating this hadid Cunt…who I’m not even going to go in on – waste of time…

If they are gonna jerk each other off, or really jerk Taylor Swift off for the feature in the youtube video – at least squirt in each other’s whore faces.

Here’s Taylor Swift, the tyrant and she is performing…I can’t imagine how fucking annoying she would be to be around….I can’t wait for her to develop a serious drug addiction and die.


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Margot Robbie Figure Skating Porn of the Day

I don’t find Margot Robbie hot. I know people think I am crazy, but I can’t see past that she’s clearly a big girl and we hate big girls, but more importantly, I can’t see past the fact that one sex scene in a Scorcese movie with Leo has given her this ridiculous career…all while being Australian…this isn’t making America Great again…and sure she’s not a Muslim stealing your jobs, she’s a rich and famous overpaid, married cunt…but she’s probably a bigger terrorist than most of the people detained at the borders and sent home…because everything she represents…is just the fucking worst. It’s going to make girls think they too can be naked in a move and have all the producers think “shit we need a girl to overpay to keep budgets high, let it be her”…

That said, she’s playing Tonya Harding in what we can assume is her attempt to win the Oscar, you know it’s a real relevant story…20 years ago…made for the Hallmark Channel and not the big screen, but whatever, Hollywood is lost and doing it.

THAT SAID, I am a Canadian who lived before the internet, and was forced to jerk off to televised Figure Skating on one of the two channels I got…because we didn’t have the internet porn and needed something and these dancing on ice angels shake their panty wearing asses enough for a pervert like me to take advantage…so for the other figure skating fetishists…here’s some Margot Robbie…skating…shaking that big ass of hers…

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The Rest of the Self Absorbed, Narcissist Naked Beyonce Pregnancy Shoot of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-02-02 at 10.34.33 AM

The problem in our society is that cunts like Beyonce are celebrated as gods, as moral leaders, as the people all these other people they have brain washed and marketed themselves to in a scamming money making scheme that works…because everything about Beyonce is fucking terrible, garbage, negative, self indulgent, spoiled brat narcissist…who goes so far as to stage cheesy pregnancy photoshoots – because she either knows the world will eat it up and talk about it – and she can sell some songs…are keep people thinking about her while she’s gone to be a MOM and pregnant breeding farm animal with a litter of pieces of shit inside her…I hate beyonce…

This is like a stripper coming back to the club for one weekend of pure pregnancy lab dances for her regulars, you know a cash in, a give them a taste of her pregnancy, because they’ll like it, as lonely men they fantasize about knocking a bitch up….not that strippers really leave when pregnant – they need the money for their meth…

So this is worse than a stripper…working through her pregnancy because she needs the money – because BEYONCE has the fucking money – enough money to shut the fuck up and disappear…but instead – she still brings in as people call her the QUEEN and she channels Jesus’ crown of thornes…what the fuck…

If there was a god, he would have drowned this demon in the underwater portion of the shoot..I mean him or Jay Z jus to shut this garbage up..

The worst….but probably better than when she starts stage parenting all these spawns of hers…that’ll be the actual worst…

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Bella Thorne Talking About How Big Her Boobs Look in a Sports Bra of the Day

I guess this is news to someone..somewhere…out there…because Bella Thorne despite looking 40, while being 19…after a year of being real fucking slutty on social media that with the help of being on TV really made her and her career pop, as followers are everything….and followers are something a lot of these hot young girls have…that I don’t really understand why they have them…but at least in Bella Thorne’s case..she’s on TV…a dying stamp of approval but a stamp of approval none the less…

I spent the last 5 minutes googling how to download a snapchat she posted screaming at her sister while dancing and bouncing up and down….and came up with nothing…but downloading instagram stories…I got that shit locked…

Unfortunately, like most girls, her snap is more perverted, her insta more corporate, who knows why the porn lives on snapchat – but it does…..so I screenshotted it to shit:

I don’t know why I am compelled to post videos of Bella Thorne talking about her tits, but I guess I’m a sucker for tits, big tits, and girls talking about their tits…especially when they are pop culture relevant…rather than just some tired hooker at the dive bar I drink at…it makes me feel more connected….


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Beyonce’s Pregnancy Panty Erotica Announcement of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 1.57.16 PM

I guess Beyonce doesn’t let her man sticking his dick in other bitches get in the way of him sticking his dick in her….as she just announced she’s pregnant in some creepy high concept fashion photo in lingerie while pregnant erotica you can jerk off to – if you’re into that kind of thing…

Obviously bitch needs to make a spectacle or production about the whole thing….

I don’t see how this is big news, or why Beyonce is the icon that she is, makes no sense to me, but while pushing 40, it’s pre-menopausal time to not have an only child….and at least she can go back to being fat old mom – rather than the attempt at tight body seductress she did after her last pregnancy…something that made no sense to me…it’s like take your 500 million or more and be fucking lazy or a mom…..you’ve proved all their is to prove…you self indulgent…cum filled to not baby filled cunt…

The worst ego ever…but at least she has the decency to cover her head.

They say it’s twins, but I think it’s constipation from a whole lot of Popeye’s chicken…she’ll shit out and be forced to buy some black babies from the ghetto to perpetuate her weight gain lie…

We would like to share our love and happiness. We have been blessed two times over. We are incredibly grateful that our family will be growing by two, and we thank you for your well wishes. – The Carters

I’m still waiting for the Taylor Swift pregnancy announcement – after hearing she was pregnant a year ago…but I guess that ended in abortion….something that we wish would happened to Beyonce all those years ago…

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Drunk Girl Fake Fall During Ma Carina of the Day

Here’s an America’s Funniest video that never actually went viral – at least not that I know of – of what looks like a drunk girl at the cottage doing a little Ma Carina on the couch with her friends for her dad…you know it’s what dad’s make all their 18 year old daughters do for them after getting them drunk…

But then again, there is no dad in the sidelines of the video, so maybe my story is entirely fabricated…who can tell…but someone had to hold the video camera…of girl right when the ROOFIES kicked in…so that she doesn’t remember what happens next….

Hey Ma Carina….

The 90s song, turn Bar Mitzvah and Wedding choreographed dance, turned fail video….legendary…

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Kate Hudson’s Double Chin and Swollen Botox Face of the DAy


Kate Hudson just did a live instagram feed that I was watching…and trying to behave on…because I am a nice guy and don’t feel like getting my instagram deleted…even though it’s been deleted 4 times because no one understands my jokes…but luckily there were a lot of people asking her to get naked and show her tits – because we are all only human…basic humans…who like tits…

She was trying to sell off workout gear, which I guess is her business now, not that she really needs a business – she’s a rich kid with a trust fund, but also and actress who made too much money over the years, who I like to troll – only because I have this storyline I created about her fucking everyone in Hollywood that makes me laugh…including but not limited to OWEN WILSON who was rumored to have tried to kill himself because of her…I guess she’s hot, good in bed and maintaining her celebrated ass through fitness

But what I don’t understand is how she turned asian..oh right because she’s a vapid superficial twat who fears aging gracefully, because why would she do that – when she can look like a clown…

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Kris Jenner Getting a Creepy Massage from her Boyfriend Of the Day

I don’t follow the devil family – at least if I don’t have to – because they are the fucking worst…

But while the Jenner dad is becoming a mom thanks to years of emasculation, and jealousy of all the attention the girls get, while he’s supposed to be the celebrated one…he’s the Olympian….

The mom, at 100 years old, but age doesn’t matter for demons, they fucking live forever, has found this dude named Corey Gamble, who is 33 and who rails the fuck out of her like some sort of houseboy, rentboy, hired hand…because she’s calculating, has more money than god, and has finally let black cock in her since OJ…..

Kylie Jenner posted this snapchat of him rubbing the mom’s feet, at first I assumed it was Kylie’s feet and I just haven’t seen such a well behaved because he gets paid bitch…willing to fuck an old lady…probably really fucking violently because she’s this power hungry freak who needs to be mistreated to get off….the mail sugar baby…not trying to screw shit up…and it is fascinating…but not as fascinating as Kris Jenner’s feet.

Creepy shit…

Here’s Kylie Being a Whore to compensate for the black lives matter movement happening in the entire family’s cunt…cunt that eats pants that are too damn small for her…because that’s how she makes it all work…

Here she is in Costa Rica doing a fake photoshoot for bullshit

Here’s Kendall’s nipple for instagram….because why the fuck not…


How about some Kourtney Kardashian mom ass that has been brazilian lifted getting extra support from a balcony to give her the booty shape she thinks is hot…a fucking balcony…is a lot of support…

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 3.00.27 PM

Garbage humans…that I would argue aren’t human…

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Elizabeth Hurly is Still in Bikinis at 1000 years Old of the Day

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.40.34 AM

Elizabeth Hurley is really trying to increase sales for the Elizabeth Hurley bikini line…a line that I guess makes her money of her own…to give her a little confidence in herself that at 50 she’s still hot enough to be half naked…especially when inspired by cash…because she’s done way worse than half naked in the name of cash…whether in actual cash, or lifestyle via men….because she was an original Sugar Baby, celebrity girlfriend who got herself famous riding the coattails of Hugh Grant…….

But today…she runs her own destiny…unless this new bikini hustle is her investor or partner demanding her to post half naked pics to increase sales…or maybe it is financed by someone she fucks, because why spend your own money….

Some puppets or in her case sex toys remain puppets forever…even when they have their own money…they like to be controlled….and when they look like Liz Hurley…even in her 50s…they are the kind of puppet or sex toy…y you’d like to keep in a cage in your basement to cum inside cuz it won’t get pregnant like when you kidnap young captives…

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 10.40.42 AM

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Anastasia Ashley’s Ass of the Day

Here’s some Anastasia Ashley showing off her watch…letting you all know that she is always island time….because she’s worried about you forgetting the reason she’s always in a bikini as she lives her her tropical life….because I know you’re staring at her damn watch…because it’s right next to her iconic fucking ass..

I wish I took this picture….because not because I am a pervert because I have a passion for product shots so long as the product is next to a butt of the surfer with the best surfer butt….it’s what I tried to go to art school for..but it was the 90s…they didn’t see the vision I saw…and here I am practically homeless…when I could have been so much more…a visionary…

That said…I wonder why she’s so dirty…someone better call her a doctor…to look into that…or at least hose her down….

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Gigi and Bella Hadid are Bullshit Arab Activist But Have Cleavage and Do Incest for Vogue of the Day


Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid aren’t hot to me, but they are hot to the rest of the world who book them as the “it girl” sisters…because America likes rich kids with a dad who fucks Sugarbabies and a mom who is so vapid and superficial she gets on shows about being Vapid and superficial…while consistently marrying rich guys…it’s just garbage, LA county trash…that people forget is trash because they’ve scammed the world…

I look at GIGI and BELLA Hadid..and think…damn they are overrated, they are dopey retard looking and should be working as interns at an entertainment company while doing their degree in some bullshit they won’t need because they’ll just marry a rich dude they have access too..

Yet instead they are social media influencer models, and they don’t do anything interesting or impressive…

That was until today, when they decided to protest the TRUMP travel ban that I guess targets Muslims since it is in Muslim countries and that Facebook claim is the same ban Obama had during his presidency while bombing those countries – which could be seen as worse…but I am not into that, I am not going to act like I know or care…Muslims were killed a three hour drive from where I live in a Mosque and I don’t like that kind of hate, or bullshit..it’s like hate everyone, kill yourselves, hate the governement, but when you get to killing, you’re a real fucking asshole…

Not that this protest GIGI and BELLA are attaching themselves to because they like attention, it’s a PR stunt, and they get to connect to the Muslim americans because their dad is Arab…

It’s a good PR move, that allows them to think they have some substance or value…

But the truth is they should just sign over their model money they don’t need or deserve, if they really cared for more than just a PR photo opp…it would have more results than this…

Not to mention GIGI looks 40 and Bella looks ugly…because they are…that’s how being overrated work…Garbage…activists making it about their narcissistic selves…

That said, she’s in Vogue UK with her Brother, who I’ve seen them pimping out, narcissists like to keep it in the family, same genetics, but they also like to fuck their family, because they see themselves in their siblings…which explains why little Hadid is inappropriately touching her, he probably jerks off to her, and she’s trying to get her entire family to pull off the same scam she did…and it will work because society are fucking morons…

Here’s her cleavage….that’s that all that really matters..

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Irina Shayk’s Fashion Campaign of the Day


I was talking to someone about Irina Shayk last night…

She wasn’t a Russian hooker, but she could have been, because she was a Russian stripper and the conversation wasn’t really exciting, I try not to talk about models or Russian hookers or Russian celebrities or Russian model hookers who fuck celebrities in my everyday life…it just comes up when I’m getting lap dances sometimes…

Where I say shit like “you’re tits are so good, you’re so hot, if I was a celebrity or rich I’d buy you and make you my Russian wife, but conditional to you letting me fuck other girls without too much crazy spy behavior, because Russians can go either way…always psychotic and cold…but either crazy jealous and will Hispanic style chop your dick off…or they let you do whatever you want so long as you make them babies and by babies I mean give them money for designer clothes – they love that shit”….

Who knows what Irina Shayk is, but she’s fucking fantastic looking, the pregnancy probably a sign of how good she fucks her celebrities, or entrapment, either way…she’s set for life…and all it took was being in a bikini on the internet…and a beard to the most famous dude in the world…who pretends he’s not gay…

Point being, these pics and most pics to come from her will likely be garbage…it’s a mom thing..so get used to it…but she happened, she exists, and we like her…

Here she is vogue…

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