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Stella Hudgens Has Tits of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.43.32 PM

Stella Hudngens has big tits…possibly because she’s the chubby Hudgens who only really exits as more than just an instagram model…because her sister is super famous Vanessa Hudgnes…unless she’s gone off and done work of her own…something I wouldn’t know of even if she did…because ultimately, I’m a grown man and even if I was a teenager, who gives a fuck about this girl who is barely 18, tits or not, if she’s not fucking me…or even a match on Tinder..

All these people matter less and less and we become more and more self obsessed on social media…

But these people still have tits…and tits always matter…if when we’re not suckin’ em…

Here she is at some rave…probably on drugs…as these kids do..

If you’re more into Vanessa Hudgens…and you probably are…everyone is…that’s why Stella shows her tits…here’s a TBT bikini pic of her from instagram

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.43.41 PM


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Demi Lovato at and Event of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.11.42 PM

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 1.11.50 PM

Demi Lovato showed off some cleavage…in a leather dress…in what I assume is a tribute to her lesbian past..

I posted a post on Demi Lovato showing off some cleavage…in a leather dress in what I assume is me being a pathetic bottom feeding asshole who posts pictures of people I don’t actually know or care about…doing things I don’t find interesting or care about…because who the fuck is Demi Lovato, other than just another Disney chick from the Miley Era with a bunch of issues from being sold off by her parents…that she’s medicated with sex and drugs…before being locked down by that dude from That 70s Show..all while always, consistently, making money…

I couldn’t tell you a Demi Lovato song, which is a good thing, because if I could, I would probably kill myself…knowing I hit rock bottom…

This post on her leather dress is pretty close to rock bottom…but I can get through it…


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Stefani Sober for Elle Turkey of the Day


Her name is Stefani Sober and I only like her because I am never Sober and she’d be something that I guess the media would want me to be, and not just because she’s a hot skinny model, that is fat shaming me just by existing, giving me unrealistic goals and body image issues, but also because she’s hot, and a reminder that I don’t get to have sex with things like this, possibly because I’m not sober and being drunk…makes me do very disgusting things…that claim they are woman…but I’m not too sure because I just close my eyes and go for it…

I just figure as Drunkenstepfather….Sober is my soul mate in an opposites attract situation….But that could just be the delusions of alcohol withdrawal and living on the internet the last 2 decades…

Sober…such a beautiful thing….even when drunk…

Here she is for Elle Turkey…because I love Turkey…

Here are some instagram pics…because I am now stalking her…because we’re meant to be…

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Jessica Simpson’s Tits Selling Garbage of the Day

jessica (1)

Jessica Simpson known for her huge tits, still has her huge tits, despite having lost a ton of weight based on a weight watcher’s contract, back when all she’d do is eat…

She even did some family planning around that contract, because if she was pregnant, they couldn’t demand their millions of dollars back…

I guess she’s also known for her stupid Walmart brand clothing line for the masses, the Christians who make no money, but are okay with a shitty life thanks to God…you know the people you want to sell product to, because they’ll buy into anything…


Here she is talking…on Fallon…about her kids….to bring you down from…”OMG TITS”….we call this the video castration….because a woman talking about her kids, and not her tits, is a woman I have zero interest in listening to, but I’ll still stare at her tits.


If you look past her box, and below her gunt, you can see her cameltoe…


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Miley Cyrus Cake Picture of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 11.28.15 AM

Miley Cyrus was celebrating her birthday, or her friend’s birthday, or knowing Miley, one of her attempts at a high concept, porny, Tumblr selfie shoot, as part of her “performance” art and branding, that makes people like me think, “At least she’s not Taylor Swift”….while playing the media in what I call “Just being Miley”…

Yes, it’s all a fabricated lie. but it’s half naked, and really, is anything really real anymore anyway?

I think life is just a series of me interacting with my computer in my shithole I call home…

It’s all a fucking fantasy, so as long as it’s some overpaid pop bitch in a bikini on all fours covered in cake, I’m ok with the lies…

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Beyonce in Flaunt Magazine is as Hot as she Can Be of the Day



I am not sure they ever went away, but I don’t remember hearing about them in the last couple of years and I guess I’m not the target market so what the fuck do I know, other than that their latest issue is coming at you harder than you’ll possibly cum to the pics they took of Beyonce…

I assume that they are showing the world that they can be contenders in the “break the internet” movement that magazines have taken on with their photoshoots…

Whether it’s Paper Magazine with Kim Kardashian’s fake ass balancing a Champagne glass, or Interview Magazine releasing facetime sexting pics of Miley pretty much masturbating, to everything in between…it’s kind of the way shit works now…

Only this time, It’s Beyonce, who amazes me, not because I’m a gay dude waiting outside her concert screaming her name hoping she hears me because I feel she’s my spirit animal, and that ever since Say My Name…I’ve been saying her name…because I related to independent women…

She amazes me because at 40, with child, she’s managed to make herself pretty much hotter than she’s ever been, which isn’t really that hot, but still competitive with her competion…Rihanna…who makes Jay Z…more money than Beyonce ever has…unless they sell their kid to the industry…which I assume they will because why not…

So Beyonce should thank FLAUNT MAGAZINE for making her matter…even though according to Beyonce she’s always and will always matter, you get that?

No I haven’t gone soft, I am always soft, and no, I don’t think Beyonce is ever hot and is always the worst….I’m just saying better than usually…looking on the bright side….she’s grabbing her mom tits in a pool…

Check out FLAUNT for more pics…it’s a 500 page issue with a ton of people in it…. HERE

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Katy Perry on All Fours of the Day


The internet is freaking out because Katy Perry got her handprints in what I assume is the hollywood walk of fame, because I guess as an LA party girl, who probably walked Hollywood BLVD with her girls buying their silly raver outfits for their club nights, it’s probably a big deal, worth the price they charged her for it, because now, she’s eternal and can inspire other mainstream raver chicks to fuck the right dude in the right band to introduce her to the right people as that is how it pretty much happens…

I mean, I get the whole tits busting out of her top, that she knew was going to be the position she’d be in, and probably why she wore the dress…because everyone give this old lady popster with some of the worst music more attention on her big day! It cost her money…now notice…

I don’t think Katy Perry is a horrible person, I think she’s a horrible performer and don’t get her, but feel sorry for her knowing that no one actually respects her or her music and only care because she’s famous…if she wasn’t famous, she’d just be the weirdo at the club….

That said, your instagram and facebook must be blowing up with Burning man pictures, as they “Burners are back”…and Katy Perry was a “Burner” this weekend and she posted one of her Mad Max, creepy in the desert not dessert outfits, and all I can see is her short thick legs…

To See the Rest of the Pics of the Event CLICK HERE

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Cameron Diaz get’s K-Fed-ed of the Day


Madden Twin…Having Twins with dried up but Rich as Fuck Cameron Diaz…

I assume this happened because of the same brain washing tactics I assume he used in his music to get a record deal and to get a suburban kids to buy into his fucking lie…

Now this:

“Although she’s just a few weeks in, Cameron is hoping her babies turn out to be a boy and a girl. She’s excited to start shopping for the nursery.” There is a bit of a worry surrounding this pregnancy, Cam is at a greater risk for complications, due to her age. “They’re being very cautious,” the insider stated. “She’s very healthy and everything looks great so far. They’re hoping for the best.

Benji must be jumping for joy! Their source added, “He’s so protective of her and the babies that it’s hard for him to focus on anything else. He just can’t wait to be a dad.”

I care very little about Cameron Diaz, her ship has sailed, and whether she’s worth hundreds of millions of dollars and still has a fit enough body, her vagina is long dead to me…it’s just been so battered over the years that I assume the little fake rock and roll babies will just dive out of her when they are ready because their dad’s so “EXTREME”….

I care ver little about the Good Charlotte sisters, they hardly exist…but I know, some shit when down, to trick this girl into being manipulated by this dude, I’m assume slipping her drugs in her drinks, maybe being overly nice…

I wonder if the baby counts if it was produced in a lab using her frozen granny eggs…but not really, I actually don’t care the whole thing is just a herpes filled absolutely disgusting mess…and knowing that more of this K-Fed DNA will live on is what’s wrong with America..all while she says to the world that she retires….and it was a good fucking run…because she’s fucking rich…and that’s what the “art” of acting is about…LOL

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Miley Talking About Licking Teeth of the Day

A video posted by Miley Cyrus (@mileycyrus) on

Miley Cyrus..is probably the most interesting thing in entertainment…because she’s not Taylor Swift..

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing that matters or just noise…or does she even exist in this world where everyone is self involved weirdos looking at their social media and snapchat and instagram all day…

But as long as she’s eating cake off her friends face…

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 12.06.42 PM

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Doutzen Kroes See Through Dress of the Day

Doutzen Kroes_08.09.2015_DFSDAW_009

So GQ had a men of the year award show what I assume was a couple of days ago, so I guess it was only logical to invite model to their arbitrary, bullshit, award show that I assume is strictly based on awarding people who either help their brand or marketing, or people who lure the models to attend their Gala, so that they can maximize the cost of the event…makes sense…

Because we all know I am the man of the year, in terms of failed relationships, failed in business, failed in life, but really good at self destructing with affordable alcohol and unprotected sex with girls who aren’t my wife…and who probably have aids, even though I don’t….

Exciting…but not really…

She’s waring a see through dress…but not really..

It’s all lies..LIES…everyone does this shit for attention….


Jourdan Dunn was also at the GQ Men of the Year event…she showed side tit…

Jourdan Dunn_08.09.2015_DFSDAW_006


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Candice Swanepoel Grinds her Vag of the Day


I have no idea why I feel compelled to post this ad for some Jeans company that isn’t paying me to promote their ad that they probably paid a lot of money for…

But I think it has something to do with Candice Swanepoel grinding her recently engaged vag onto some male model head..

I am not that excited by model on male model head…if anything I find it boring, but I find Candice Swanepoel boring…hot but boring…and the only redeeming thing she has going for her is that she’s a racist slave owner in South Africa…not because I am a racist or into South African racists, but at least she’s got something going on other than posing half naked for money…

I guess what I am trying to say is why did they censor her tits…I get it…to promote their product…but this should create an outrage…riots…show us the tits we can just google to see….because we don’t like recycling our tit pics…we always want new tit pics…


To see her in some random magazine, still hot…still boring…

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Selena Gomez Naked for Instagram of the Day


Selena Gomez posted this ridiculous topless pic of herself…

Her skin has been filtered so hard she looks like she may be a bad painting of herself, or some kind of sex doll version of herself that she’s promoting…

It like this played out pose, didn’t Sharon Stone or Demi Moore, or Madonna do this…

I call it the hide your GUNT…..in a strategic barely nude…Bieber can’t even use it to jerk off as a reminder of what was Selena Gomez’s virginity that he may have taken…but that’s not because it’s non nude that is because Bieber’s more into jerking off to Usher..

But hiding your GUNT goes to waste when the follow-up pic is a side profile…of her fucking gunt…

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.46.49 AM

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Rita Ora’s Clickbait Song of the Day

Every one except Stephen Colbert know that TV is dead, talk shows are dead, the only people watching that shit are old and in the habit of watching TV, because even kids who watch TV, don’t bother watching nightly programming, they just fucking binge or use the internet..

So nightly talk shows are more a vehicle to produce viral stunts with celebrities, because they still have access to celebrities, and if they are well executed they get spread the fuck around, making money on youtube for these people, because that’s what matters…

The two players are redundant childhood schoolyard idiot Jimmmy “Giggles’ Fallon…and this Jimmy, who’s team emails me everyday and I just figured I’d link it, because Rihanna Impersonator with Tits is doing the rounds, singing about the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life…Clickbait..

Clickbait…will haunt my existence….forever…because I’ve known about it since the late 90s…in pushing internet traffic…but I never took that knowledge mainstream to make 100,000,000 or more off of it…

Instead I come here and post barely celebs singing barely songs for youtube views..a video I had nothing to do with…just to write my angry caption to it…

I’d rather be homeless.

I didn’t watch this video…so if it’s bad…blame yourselves for clicking..

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 11.58.07 AM

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50 Cent’s Bankruptcy of the Day

A video posted by 50 Cent (@50cent) on

I saw this trending on Facebook….and figured that I am both behind the curve, always bhind in the news, not because I have a life, but because I hate the computer, and ultimately don’t care about 50 cents finances, but the masses care…and that means I have an opinion on it…

Declaring personal bankruptcy is a strategy to not pay your debts including to the IRS, which is usually more affordable or better business than actually paying them, because if you owe the government millions of dollars, you can just shelter that millions of dollars so that they can’t get it and be rich as fuck and bankrupted…

It’s rich person problems… so 50 Cent is not poor because he’s bankrupt, he’s just stupid for bragging about his mansion in Africa, where I guess he’s moving to evade his tax bills…

The fact that people are shocked by this, based on his career, his Vitamin water deal, and all the other shit he’s done…

He can’t be bankrupt, like the traditional poor person kind of bankrupt….but he can be bankrupt legally, because why pay bills when you can just keep all your money…right…

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Selena Gomez is on a Boat in a Bikini of the Day


Apparently, this is Selena Gomez and one of her many sisterhoods, she’s in a bikini or a bikini top…because even she knows she’s too dumpy for bikini bottoms…and unlike her friends, she’s got all the pressure on her to look good because she’s Selena Gomez…which is probably why she got the fake tits…or maybe that was deeper rooted issues caused by the rejection from Beiber who I assume cheated on her, because you know how these entitled bitches are…the worst in bed….but still in a bikini so whatever…

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