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Is the troll being used as a diversion from Taylor Swift’s camel toe? of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.22.45 PM

THe question is….

Does Taylor Swift collect people she has respect for. You know she wants to surround herself by people she is impressed by or who she finds interesting….or does Taylor Swift collect people so that from a marketing perspective she looks important….like the person to be friends with….or does Taylor Swift collect people because she didn’t have friends going out and now she can have any friends she wants….and the exciting thing about these friends is that she can manupulate them like real life barbies…

Or…does Taylor Swift want to be a model, and likes showing off her legs against the legs of all these Victoria’s Secret models… Or are these people just latching onto Taylor Swift because she’s famous and increases their profile?

She’s the focal point / centre of attention amongst people that the media talk about…making her more important….she’s got the #squad everyone wants to be part of, and she’s the most powerful act right now…so this is all marketing…if she wanted to be a model, she could be….she just wants to be the most relevant, talked about person…who gets more money than any model ever gets to endorse product..

I don’t have the answers, I just know Lena Dunham, or trying to understand what species Lena Dunham is, distracts me from Taylor Swift’s cameltoe…it must be intentional…

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 2.23.23 PM

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Lindsay Lohan’s Tits Look Like Shit in a Bikini of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 6.23.22 PM

We all know that Lindsay Lohan looks like shit and that the only market that cares about her is the Arab Market, which I guess she’s converting to, because oil money can finance her life, and arab money love celebrity hookers, and Paris Hilton, to shit on in their palaces in Dubai, at least that’s what an instagram model who was flown to Dubai a few times told me when I asked if the rumors were true…

Screen Shot 2015-07-12 at 6.24.18 PM

Girls with no self respect and a love for fancy things fit in perfectly in places where men pay them to do dity fucking things….not to say all Arab dudes shit on girls, just to say if you’re bankrolling Lohan, or interested in having her around, you might as well shit on her….just because you can….she’s Lindsay Lohan, ex Hollywood star who did 5 or less movies…who people only care about for the novelty…

She’s done, expired, over…and as much as I want to believe she has a comeback tour in her, you know an Oscar win,she’s too fucking crazy to pull it off.

Fuck Lohan, she’s the worst and her tits, the one thing I believed in in this cold dark world are done, look like shit, and I guess a reminder that all good things come to an end…

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Gigi Hadid’s Friend’s Big Tits and Cameltoe of the Day


Gigi Hadid was on the beach…she wasn’t wearing a bikini….But her friend saved the day by having big tits and a cameltoe…

Good enough….


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The Tits from the Blurred Lines Video in a Bikini of the Day


I would say that Emily Ratajkowski has figured out that the more bikini pics she posts to social media…the more likes she’ll get…the more relevant she’ll remain…

But as a girl who’s career is based on her getting naked in a music video, I’m pretty sure she’s realized that one…and that the last year has been her trying to figure out how to distance herself from being the naked big tits…like Kim K does with her sex tape…only with less public penetration…Emily Ratajkowski is a lady and only does that behind closed doors and her boyfriend’s back for jobs…I mean he was (rumored to be) Ben Affleck..right…that warrants a “Hall Pass”…

As you fade into obscurity…you gotta bring back what works..and it works..because she’s got a great fucking body…that you don’t deserve to be looking at…but she’s getting paid thanks to you to looking at it…so I guess you do…

All this to say…I still like looking at her….pics….she looks good….and that’s enough for me in this empty life I live…



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Natalie Portman for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


I once wrote, but you didn’t ready, that I always laugh when I see Natalie Portman, only because she’s got so many gold stars of David next to her brandname…

The first being Jewish. Jewish guys fucking love hot Jewish girls, it gives them hope that they too will find a hot one amongst the inbred troll looking ones…since there are only so many Jewish girls around…and as we know…any culture has a limited amount of hot girls and the hot girl to troll girl ratio is never favorable….When you’re not forced to marry a Jewish girl to make your family happy, you have more options…so the hot Jewish girl’s stock is valuable..she’s in high demand…

That is why even the fattest most disgusting Jewish girl is a daddy’s girl with a bad attitude, because she knows she’ll be fine…married and mom…to a rich guy….

The second gold star of David is that she’s also done Star Wars…which is just a WTF..set for life…fanbase forever situation…

Here she is in Harper’s Bazaar…

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Denise Richards Hooker Leg of the Day


There are a lot of rumors that Denise Richards was one of Heidi Fleiss’ escorts that Charlie Sheen hired…and even made his wife…because every escort wants to legitimize their career as escorts…by focusing on the public image of her as an “actress”…married to an “actor”…even though we know the truth…

Charlie sheen loves the dirtiest of hookers and porn chicks who do the dirtiest of things..

She is the one who tamed Charlie Sheen for the media…which means….she probably does the dirtiest of fucking things…

I don’t even care that she’s a hooker, or rumored hooker, as I know actors and models who are also hookers…as are bottle service girls, strippers and actual hookers…

People are lazy, people like nice things, people like to get paid to fuck…especially when they are fake tit, fake face, hooker-looking girls…who were married to hooker lovers…right…

Well here’s her leg, only because it’s the most powerful paparazzi pic I’ve seen in a long time…so mysterious, someone get this guy a Vogue deal, it’s better than deporting his immigrant ass…


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Hanna Davis for SI SWIM DAILY of the DAy


I don’t know why I post these shitty pics of shitty girls for Sports Illustrated as part of their marketing campaign…

I actually hate the pictures and everything they represent…they are boring…and the girls in them aren’t real models..

They are just hookers and this is me giving them more exposure so that they can charge more by the hour…

All while not giving a fuck about these pictures or this girl…

I am not jerking off to this, and you shouldn’t be either…this isn’t what I’m into…this isn’t interesting…she doesn’t even look good..

Yet here I am…feeding into it..because I have a problem I call updating this site everyday when I should just stare at the fucking wall..it’d be more rewarding..


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Petra Nemcova’s Nipple Shit Stain of the Day

0608234229031_3_Petra_Nemcova_04 (1)

The most impressive thing about this Eastern European model, is that she proves that Eastern European women are a breed of woman to fear, because even the skinny tall model version of them, can’t die in a natural disaster, when the person they were with was never to be found again…

That’s pretty impressive…and almost erotic…not her dying fiance, but a dead fiance makes a fantasy of moving in to console her before being her first post-death sex partner seem more attainable..

So here’s Petra Nemcova, Tsunami survivor…still alive many years later showing some areola…or as my weird immigrant calls it..the “shit stain” of the nipple…

Is it exciting, no…but is any of this exciting?


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Britney Spears Flexibility of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 1.25.03 PM

If you’re like me, you’ve jerked off to something yoga related at least once…

Whether it is Yoga pants and how great they make asses look…or some spiritual hippie bitch you brought home from the bar who uses yoga moves in the bedroom trying to expel your sperm out of her…because spiritual hippie bitches don’t use condoms…or razors…or maybe it was Yoga in the park show put on by new mothers or a college Yoga class trying to get some outdoor in the park air…or maybe it was just to girl on instagram showing iff their flexibility and overall health….wearing shorts…

Well now, Britney Spears and her yoga flexibility can be another one for you to get off to, if you’re into this kind of of mom of two vagina pop..which I am…because it smells like money….and cheetos…10 year old placenta, K-fed and probably like it needs a shower or two…she’s certifiable and if I’ve learned anything from medicated crazy people…it’s that vagina health is never their priority…

She’s good, even if she’s old…she still bends…and that’s how I like my puppets…

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Lara Stone Models Purses of the Day


Lara Stone is a cunt who tried to sue me for posting boring as fuck honeymoon pictures…back when she was married to a relevant comedian….at the time when she was naked all the time in her photoshoots while being a model…because that’s what models do..they are bodies that sell those bodies like hookers…because they are hookers…who eventually start a family with rich people…like TV show creators…

Not that any of that matters, but Lara Stone is still pretty fucking hot, and just because I can’t get over insignificant lawsuits that never amounted to anything, because I am insignificant in the grand scheme of things, like if you were to ask her what DrunkenStepfather.com is, she’d have no fucking idea..but I can still think she’s a cunt in this one sided relationship…a cunt I would like to wear as gas mask…in the apocalypse that is my life..

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Trashy Ariana Grande’s Apology of the DAy

Here’s Ariana Grande’s apology…”taking responsibility for her actions that she’s so disappointed in herself about because she was filmed without her knowledge and she’s young as still has a lot to learn…by her mistakes…this is going to make her a better person…we all make mistakes….I’m so embarrassed but instead of crawling under a rock I am going to use my voice…to make me more fucking money….”…

I didn’t listen to it, but I can assume it is a media trained approach written by a PR team to “right this wrong”…typical nonsense in popculture…instead of letting these people burn, we let them apologize and eveyrthing goes back to normal because no one actually cares about what she said, we’re too busy taking selfies…and she makes people too much money…so she’ll be fine, this is just “PR SPIN”…to really say it’s ok..

I am not American, but I think an American is allowed to say she hates Americans…even when selling them products…because why the fuck not, it’s the land of the free, let this brat hate on the land of the free because she is free to do so..she’s a citizen, whatever…

Just don’t make her retract her statement…because of Album sales and promoters pulling out on her…unlike all the black dudes she fucks…it’s embarrassing and annoying…they do this all the time…

Let her be herself and have an actual shitty opinion, rather than a collective un-offensive public opinion, it is refreshing that she’s a human…but her uneducated spoiled brat living the American dream as a pop star, because fame is all that really matters in America…is playing a bigger part of American culture than the average person…she’s part of their distraction tools to make you fatter and dumber…NOISE..DISTRACT…DIVIDE…CONQUER…which makes her hating America werid…

I would prefer her to stand by her statements…and let the fans boycott her instead…this attempt to rebuild, fix what she did, when it’s not what she actually thinks…is just more lies…when we want the truth…she still has a problem with the America she hates…no matter how fast she tries to back pedal cuz she sees dollars disappearing.. I hate it…if you offend people stand fucking by it…

What can’t be forgiven is that she licked that donut, making me doubt the cleanliness of donut shops and buffets everywhere…GERMS!! Disgusting…pig of a girl…

No more apologies…

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Rachel Leigh Cook in a Bikini of the Day


Remember Rachel Leigh Cook? Either do I, but apparently one of her loyal fans does and still follower her on the internet…and apparently she’s one of these three girls..I just have no idea which one…because being the love interest in late 90s romantic comedies or teen comedies…doens’t make someone memorable to me, but in my defense, I don’t remember much about anything…it amazes me when I am out in public wearing pants or matching shoes…it happens most of the time…but every time I’m like “how did that happen”…

I guess what I am saying is that I am dead on the inside…like LeAnn Rimes…who also posted a bikini pic…and who I do remember….because she never seems to disappear…


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Kylie Jenner Amazing for Snapchat of the Day

Kylie Jenner is probably the most damaged of the Kardashians….

The older 3 or 4 were adults when Kim’s sex tape came out before the TV shit happened….so they lived a relatively normal rich kid life in the 80s and 90s…as these trashy LA rich kids did…

But this one is the bottom of the barrel…the last in a line of shit…the one who the family was too busy to pay attention to when she was in her formative years, you know traveling, making money, being famous…

This one knows nothing but the weird Truman show life they created. The fake relationships, the dad becoming a woman, the family becoming rich as fuck scamming the world…and she is just another fucking prop…and only 17..

At least the other Jenner/Kardashian…Kendall…who is only a couple of years older than this one…but she’s still smart enough to go the route of instagram model…who books campaigns for Calvin Klein, while this one has gone hip hop video vixen…pretty much what Kim Kardashian looks like but is too rich to be…

This one is more of a Junior version of her brother-in-law’s ex Amber Rose…and she’s practicing her twerk…I guess this hip hop, big ass trend is the what the young people are into..the get fucked by old tranny fucking rappers….because that’s what her sisters do…and it turns out it is fun on snapchat…

Either way, very trashy for a rich girl. She should just rebel from the family, get educated and do good in the world..there is already enough vapid, attention seeking trash at that dinner table…thanks to having a whore mother with a dream…and a vagina willing to make that dream happen..

Screen Shot 2015-07-10 at 12.00.42 PM

All this to say, teen tits in revealing clothing from snapchat..and she seems to have some race identity issues, seeing as her family is like the UN and she has no identity, I get it…but she looks light skinned, not white as fuck Jenner…weird.

And one more…

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Jennifer Lawrence Tits Sing Cher of the Day

Jennifer Lawrence showed off her tits for Conan, because her tits are awesome and have reinvented her as a performer, who I assume doesn’t like to break her work down to tits, but rather just raw talent, even though we all know that acting doesn’t require talent, it just requires someone willing to be enough of a self-involved, narcissistic asshole, who likes to look at themselves in the mirror as they rehearse their lines..I am not saying that as a bitter failed actor, I am saying that as someone who has lied his way through life, Oscar winning performances to get pussy,…and I know doing it on camera would just require a little bit of thinking what I am doing is important, when I am too busy trying to take the panties off with my mouth…you know part of the lie that got me in this situation..

That said, she’s celebrated, she’s award winning, she’s rich…but what matters is her tits we saw in the hacked pics…because they were big enough, young, and bouncy…the kind of tits that are so good that they would make a bitch love herself enough to be that narcissistic asshole who thinks she’s got raw acting talent..allowing her to continue with her lie…

More videos at stepfatherpresents.com

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Khloe Kardashian Licking Kendall Jenner of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 3.58.32 PM

It is debatable whether Khloe Kardashian and Kendall Jenner are the same species. She’s teh ALF of the family, you know the one who they pretend the mom shat out, when really they found her in a field out back in a broken spaceship they decided to raise her as their own and morph her into as close to a human as they can…because they themselves aren’t human…making this licking her sister in the gym not quite incest fetish…but just weirdness…you know kind of like a Duggar situation where fingers went inside the hole when changing baby Kendall diapers because big Khloe didn’t know better, but the older instagram friendly version…

I guess…they are all just BFFs…as they bullshit America….with their web of lies..including but not limited to Scott Disick cheating on Kourtney with a girl named Chloe who they are slaughtering, even though Scott parties without Kourtney always, and is only with her for the business, but the public can’t help but believe this lie…I guess because they are both dumb, and choose to ignore reality while living in the Kardashian’s scripted truman show reality…

Look at these comments…

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.39.40 PM

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 12.39.54 PM

Now look at big Khloe’s ass:


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