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Biden / Obama Memes Annoy Me of the Day


This was a trending topic yesterday. I hate the internet. The Joe Biden and Obama memes. People fucking love them. I saw them across all social media and they aren’t even funny, but maybe that’s just because I am out of touch old person who doesn’t think a joke can be properly explored in 10 words or less – or maybe because “caption this” pictures never really interested me. But this is the generation of MEMES people are getting rich because of MEMES…and they aren’t even creating them MEMES they just post them….it’s ridiculous…Social media…Ridiculous.. it’s the same social media that TRUMP credits his campaign win to. The same social media where you mindless idiots play Keyboard Activists with your facebook statuses – but were totally disconnected from real life….acting all shocked TRUMP won, going out and protesting, without realizing – he is just a media manipulator – and will probably revert from the half retard – to a bright well spoken individual and will have real policy put in place that is progressive and that will redefine the way America is run…which as you know is fucking corrupt. So yeah, leave abortion at the state level – who cares…yeah get rid of criminal illegals…makes sense to me…it’s not racist…reinvest the money wasted on war into American infrastructure…give the guy a chance…

I’m Canadian and don’t really care – But in the MEME time, yes, you can go protest in the streets and annoy everyone with your stupidity base on being inclusive as long as people agree with you….or you can look at these MEMES that went viral…while not even being funny…something that annoyed me so much I felt the need to post just how fucking dumb they are….

I hate the internet.


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VideosTheSuck Round-Up for Sunday of the Day


















Beware of Slenderman Movie – Seems Creepy as Fuck




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Em Rat Cow’s Empowered Panty Pic of the Day


It’s nice to see that when the world, or at least America is divided and protesting….on Veterans day, while people are celebrating fallen soldiers, Rat Cow has the power to ignore what is going on, and focus on herself and her narcissism….by intellectualizing her being a self involved exhibitionist cunt living a bullshit life filled with a lot of money…and praise…all because she’s a naked girl for the internet that dudes who jerk off to thanks to her big tits….it’s the only reason they follow her….so I don’t really get why advertisers use her as an Influencer, but maybe it’s because 10 million people follow this…which is great for an exhibitionist cunt to post her panties to…while intellectualizing herself…probably the kind of girl who spends her days looking at herself and I find her pretty repulsive…

So here are some Obamas meeting Trumps memes…



OR better – a girl getting a CARROT BUKAKE…

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Jessica Biel in a Bikini of the Day


Jessica Biel in a bikini showing her mom ass – that is aging as mom asses do – but that has some solid muscle memory that despite slowly sinking into itself, is still round and magical as it was when she first started dating her Husband Justin Timberlake – while she’d just stick around at home working out everyday as he toured for the family – because that’s what love is about – dude goes out there and makes millions – while bitch stays home doing squats, never hounding him – to throw away the lottery ticket / meal ticket – that despite a crazy pre-nup is still lucrative as fuck for her…as long as she just maintains that ass as long as she can…we’re talking until she’s old enough todo the granny BumBum contest. Her finances depend on it.

I’ve never really been a fan, but this isn’t about me, it’s about playing find the cellulite on this fitness addicted actress in her bikini at 35 years very old for a girl.


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Lily Collins is Hot of the Day

Lily Collins is hot. I normally make fun of celebrity kids – because I don’t respect nepotism – even in a world where nepotism is everything, I find it discounts everything the person accomplishes – and even if they are smart and talented thanks to being raised rich and being made out of award winning DNA.

I also always found Phil Collins music annoying….I would argue the “In the Air Tonight” was the bane of my teenage years – and for some reason it would rape my ears everytime it was on the radio – which was all the time – as most women who were very into Phil Collin, despite him being a bald british elf and his music is what they’d make us fuck to…

But Lily Collins…is hot and that’s enough for me to ignore the trust fund and inheritance she’ll be getting – from all the terrible but popular music…plus I can focus on her being raised in LA by her mom while dad was on the road fucking groupies – leading to daddy issues that are so much deeper than the daddy issues of non-rich girls….because rich girls can afford to be bigger victims about the shit -as they don’t have to work as strippers to fill that void…

Making this one ALL the better….I wish I could feel her coming in my facial hair tonight….DROWN ME LILY COLLINS – DROWN ME WITH YOUR PUSSY LIKE I WAS THE GUY YOUR DAD SINGS ABOUT IN THAT SONG…because drowning on pussy squirt is one of my dreams and it seems like it’d be appropriate…

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Strong Legged Hilary Duff in Shorts of the Day


I am pretty convinced this Hilary Duff in jean shorts post won’t be the one that puts this site on the map after being around for 12 years – it’s bound to happen eventually right? I can’t just be the site that got a ton of traffic the Day I got the exclusive video of Teen Mom Farrah Abraham squirting and Gawker linked me….that can’t be my legacy…this can’t be my legacy…but then again I guess it won’t because if no one knows you exist, they don’t know when you die, and no candle light vigils happen outside your home…not because my writing isn’t brilliant as I reach to make Hilary Duff all strong in shorts thanks to the personal trainer she bangs worth reading in an era where no one reads…especailly not broken english…but because none of this actually matters and anyone showing any interest in Hilary Duff’s strong legs in shorts…have probably already seen her strong legs in shorts….because they are creepy, weird, obsessive and have been following her since she started out as a kid…and still can’t get enough of her.

I’m a late blooming Hilary Duff fan, because I’m more and more into thick legs that look like they can squat with a fridge on their back…because as someone who is not athletic – I’m attracted to what I’m not capable of doing…carrying heavy objects….all while being rich enough to make a personal trainers dreams come true.


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Aishwarya Rai Bachchan in a Magazine of the Day


I don’t post enough 43 year old Indian (dot not feather) women in provocative glamour model type photoshoots for fashion magazines….because I guess America is Racist and there aren’t enough 43 year old Indian (dot not feather) women famous enough to be in magazines, as they are all too busy working as doctors or lawyers or scientists or waitresses at the family Indian restaurant…making Aishwarya Rai out of a population of billions – the only 43 year old Indian woman the media likes….they always need one token to get the job done – and with a face like this, filtered of photoshopped or not, she’s good enough to put in all kinds of roles – of all ages – so get your money worth out of one – rather than waste time finding others….

She’s a huge Bollywood star, probably still lives in India….so let’s hope this post blows up my servers – because if I can’t be big in America, I’m all for being big in international markets and the only way to do that is with their local tits…so India – if you’re out there – click all my ads.

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Hailey Clauson for Eberjay of the Day


Hailey Clauson got a job! Good for her. I’ve made fun of Sports Illustrated models for all being hookers who will fuck anyone who pays them explicitly or in the form of being their husbands or sugar daddies with more “romance” and subtlety, but the effect is generally the fucking same….

But Hailey Clauson is different, mainly because she’s been in this hipster model game for a long enough time, and most interestingly modeled provocatively when she was underage for some pervert brand – and sued them – settling and probably making enough money to never work again…all because the corporation was in the wrong, being perverted…and anyone who goes after evil corporations who exploit women for their gain – because there are girls thirsty enough to let them getaway with it – is someone I respect… not to mention rich girls are hot…

So here she is posing in lingerie – no longer underage – because she’s about this life – and even when she was underage she was about this life – she was OK with this kind of behavior and posing….making her terrifying, you know cuz she’ll like it one day – until she sees opportunity – then she’ll act violated – or raped – only to actually do it again because she doesn’t actually feel violated or raped – she just wants the cash….

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Ella Merryweather is Hot of the Day


Ella Merryweather has nipples, like most girls – and really most guys – but we try not to think about that – because thinking about man nipple – especially when looking at woman nipple…is pretty fucking gay….

She’s not a famous model, she’s got almost zero followers in a world where social media following is more important than anything and everything…but she’s fucking lovely as fuck…and I’m not just saying that because she’s showing her nipples, I am saying it because she’s British and has one of the most ridiculous British names…one you’d expect to be the name of a raincoat store or a fucking tea and crumpet house…or even a pub…”Merryweather”….but from my experience with British woman, this one doesn’t look like a drunk Chimney Sweeper with less of a beard…and less willingness to pull out its dick in public…because if you’ve ever been drunk with a Briton, they will always end up flashing cock, it’s a side effect of the accent…but rather she is more of an angel sent from titty modeling heaven…

That’s all I got…which isn’t much….but it’s more than me not bothering to post, which would probably do myself and the world some good…

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Creepy Jessica Simpson Pic of the Day


I don’t know why but this Jessica Simpson picture she posted on social media – creeps me out.

She’s got more make-up on than a haggard porn star trying to cover up her herpes and/or meth scabs, a black eye from an abusive husband, and they years of sadness that being a haggard pornstar has done to her….all while trying to be hot enough for dudes to jerk off to her while taking loads to her face…which isn’t that much of an accomplishment – since dudes will jerk off to anything…including an old Mom Jessica Simpson and her big tits channelling a porn chick…all fake lips pursed and smokey dead eyes the way we like em…a botox fail to some is a botox win to others…while staring at her good old wholesome country tits.

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Genevieve Morton’s No Longer Fat – But She Is Old of the Day


I used to make fun of Genevieve Morton for being fat, but I think that brought us closer together, I think a good old fashioned body shaming with an element of genuine concert – reminds people that they’ve fallen off and allows them to evaluate their life and make positive changes – like eating better, quitting drinking and getting fit, especially when they are trying to be working models…so in a lot of ways I am a fucking hero…

People who never criticize people but instead just encourage them – aren’t doing the person any favors…so today a few years after ripping into her…we can say “holy fuck that body is amazing, I want it in my mouth…rubbing against my face, soaking my beard”…magical…

And despite her being over 30, old as fuck in the model world…she’s given her tits new life…so remember aging women out there…stay fit…it makes you more than just tolerable…it makes you amazing…and someone I want to drown on after they sit on my face in anger for my mean posts all these years…

So Genevieve if you’re out there..you’re magical and amazing..

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Christina Aguilera’s Big Tits for Hillary of the Day


This is already old news, I mean since everyone in the world is appalled, or happy, that the moron that is Trump is your new leader, whereas everyone just assumed the evil snake woman that is Hillary was going to make it through – because of her political experience that has made her worth hundreds of million of dollars…because a moron with no experience may be just what the world needs…and Trump, with all his silly bigotry targeting what America is clearly into…not all of america – but a lot of America…and the whole thing was viral marketing at it’s best. That’s social media for ruining humanity….not that I think Clinton was best, I don’t even think her losing had anything to her having a vagina, because I’d argue that she doesn’t even have a vagina…but rather an evil black hole that eats souls…

But Aguilera…there’s a vagina I can endorse…all thick and big tittied…all damaged from baby making…all lovely and magical…good times…

I also like when these people publicly endorse politics and don’t make a difference…because it’s amazing to see these winners lose…especially when they have big tits.

10 years ago I bet a friend I would fuck Aguilera before dying…and as I get closer and closer to death…I’m pretty sure that’s never going to happen…so when I look at her tits – I am reminded of another one of my failures…#NeverSucceed..


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Elsa Hosk Doing Fitness of the Day


Elsa Hosk is some old model that Victoria’s Secret pulled out of the nude model scene to replace Candice Swanepoel because they like to typecast, which in and of itself is racist, like most of these PC idiots who try to be inclusive, unless you don’t agree with them, in which case they will protest, disrupt and break shit….in their hometowns, which is better than just being a keyboard Facebook status cowboy…but when it’s in a democratic state like California…or in a city like San Francisco…makes no sense…because the bigotry in a trump campaign speaks to more people in other places in the country…so connect with them you fucking whiners…

That said, Elsa Hosk is Swedish. She’s hot while working out in lame, staged, photoshoots..but a reminder of all the nude pics she’s done in the past…which is what all watching a girl workout does for me….it reminds me or makes me think about them nude…like what would a vagina look like in that position….what WOULD the LIPS do…I’m basic.


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Scary Serena Williams Bikini Pic of the Day


The scariest thing about these Serena Williams boxing some dude on the beach -is that the dude in the pics is actually 6 foot 6…..

She’s a fucking monster, a giant, with an ass that is bigger than the average human…making you wonder whether she’s actually a woman, or a product of an opportunist father who wanted his “girls” to destroy the white girls at the tennis club, because strong athleticism is a way to earn respect and a lot of money – and if you start young with the hormones and sex changes – the kids don’t even remember being born with penis….unless they are just big, strong, athletic women…in which case they are terrifying…

To like this is to possibly to have a sexual disfunction, or maybe you’re gay and don’t know it…because I have seen trannies who are more feminine than this, and sure trannies have something to prove and are always more girl than girls, it’s part of the transition…and a tranny would never go out looking this masculine in a bikini because they spent money and time trying to transition….

But I do know dudes, regular dudes, who have big black girl fetishes…they just love the massive ass and tits of fertility to smother them…so…ultimately we are all a bunch of faggots with questionable fetishes and to me this is scary…but to all the horny fucks…this could be everything…a huge ass in a bikini dominating a man….some of us like girls who can’t run from us due to weakness – while others like not being able to run away from a woman…whatever works, who cares what you get off to…but this is weird…not the kind of tennis player I’d jerk off to…

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Bella Thorne’s Hard Nipple Selfie of the Day


After years of extensive research, it’s safe to say that no matter who you are….if you’re going to take a selfie…whether for your own personal self, or for a bigger purpose like to share yourself with the world because you’re a self involved cunt who thinks she’s great….do it with hard nipples….because everyone involved…on both ends of the spectrum…will appreciate it more….maybe even intellectualize it, over analyze it, celebrate it….by jerking off too many times to it..but it just makes for a better…more substantial image….

This is Bella Thorne…she’s trying to become famous. Or maybe she is famous…it’s all really a fucking blur by now – isn’t it.


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