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Kendall Jenner’s Rock the VOTE is the LOL of the Day

This is the first time I’ve heard Kendall Jenner speak….and it was hilarious….the idea of Kendall Jenner, a high school drop out who chose to be a model because her family could buy her a modeling career instead of getting an education, tell the history of anything, especially something so iconic for the feminist movement, while her entire existence is based on objectifying women, in theory by exposing them in porn, even though they were the one behind it, and I guess were empowered to created this existence for their entire family…like some kind of feminist leader that should encourage all other girls to fuck in video in hopes to get famous…because it may seem vapid and anti-feminist, but it’s so fabulous or some shit..

What a joke…Kendall being the voice of anything but how to buy modeling contract due to instagram following…make zero fucking sense and is just her being a puppet to someone else’s agenda…I’m thinking Trump…because her dad’s a republican and because reality show stars need to stick together…

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 4.24.42 PM

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Emilia Clarke for GQ UK of the Day


I don’t know who the fuck Emilia Clarke is, but I am going to assume she sucked dick to get where she is today and before the people who call me a misogynist for assuming she’s just a slut and that’s why her career is where it’s at, like on the cover of GQ UK, I’m not the one getting her posing sexy in magazines, I am just saying “Look at this attention loving harlot posing”…no different than a pornstar…

I guess she could have a rich family that bought into her career, which is also possible…because those are the three ways you make it in hollywood…fucking or money or family connection or fucking with money and family connections…just ask anyone…I don’t event the way the world works you fucking assholes…I just observe it…

Here are those pics…she’s from Game of Thrones by your virgin loser ass already knew that…

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Jessica Simpson is a Living Legend of the Day


Jessica Simpson is always a blast from the past, you know when I started the site 11 years ago, and she was one of the key babes dudes were jerking off to…I think she was even on her TV show at the time…doesn’t matter…what does matter are these tits….

Nothing says K-Mart billionaire like a solid set of pretty exposed Texan Titties…the perfect level of middle american trash, turned country star the Christians love, turned fashion icon, just not in the fashion world, but rather in the white trash world, because buying two dollar size XXXL pants feels more glamorous when it’s peddled and branded Jessica Simpson…

I am a fan of any girl who can be paid to get fit by weightwatchers, even after a bunch of babies and an eating disorder, when they are capable of maintaining them tits…

Sure, she’s probably beat the fuck up, soft, sloppy, with an broken down pussy from babies, sex, being hollywood and overeating…

But in a lace bra…in public..in black and white…she’s good enough for me to stare…but then again…I’ll stare at any tits..




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Nicki Minaj and her GQ Tease that’s Not a Tease Continues of the Day


I think it is safe to say….Nicki Minaj is garbage…

This shoot, also by Ellen Von Unwerth, see previous post, featured the garbage, fake as fuck, pop star from acting school who was manufactured into this Lil Kim puppet, who get’s paid…and her boyfriend, baby daddy, Drake lover who I guess she roped into bullshit “hip hop beef”…because it’s good for business…and makes the media talk about them…like smoke signals in a “Look at me, I’m over here”…amongst all the noise….enough to get them in a magazine, where Meek leverages the pussy he fucks to more visibility on some K-Fed shit…while the pussy he fucks is just some broken pop star who I am sure is very insecure and fears losing what she’s been given..

The whole thing dumb, sensationalized, over-hyped crap, but a half naked Nicki Minaj is alway a good laugh…it just needs to be less of a fashion shoot and more of a sex tape…I am sure it’ll happen in her lifetime, she is that level deseperate….fake tits, fake ass, instagram garbage with a record deal who shouldn’t exist, but does…


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Shanina Shaik in a Bikini Campaign of the Day


Here’s model Shanina Shaik in a bikini catalog photoshoot….for some bikini company…because I guess they are fucking idiots and feel the need to overpay some bitch no one cares about…because she’s a Victoria’s Secret model to wear their fucking bikinis…like she fucking matters because she’s a Victoria’s Secret model…when the end result is the equivalent to EVERY SINGLE PICTURE ON INSTAGRAM…

Girls who aren’t Victoria’s Secret models are doing the exact same quality photoshoot with an iphone on the beach….and it costs them nothing…

Not 10,000 dollars a day for model 10,000 dollars for photographer and expenses of 100k for the crew and travel to exotic places…

It’s like companies just feel like burning money, to produce the same photo I’ve seen 1000 times…and it makes no sense and if anything, it just makes these idiot models like Shanina think she’s important, when she’s nothing, garbage…etc…even though she probably fucks rich guys thanks to brands like Victoria’s Secret endorsing her and rich guys loving that…

I can think of better campaigns or ways to spend your marketing money, Just give it to charity and take the fucking pics with your iphones you fucking idiots…NO ONE CARES ABOUT THESE PICS, THIS MODEL…ANYTHING BUT THEMSELVES…

But I’ll post them anyway…

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Miranda Kerr’s Halloween Shoot for Snapchat Founder and Harper’s Bazaar of the Day


I guess it only makes sense that Miranda Kerr would do a fun photoshoot for Harper’s Bazaar, the Halloween Issue…

Shot by Terry Richardson, I guess in efforts to cater or impress her young Billionaire who “created” snapchat back when trying to get girls to send nudes and “I promise I’ll delete it”…wasn’t convincing enough…so he went to the drawing bored, and said “self destruct pictures, that area all saved on my servers, so I can cross reference and see the world’s nudes, and they won’t know anything of it, because people are retards and only understand their user interface and not back-end programming, and that will make me rich, since everyone is a pervert voyeur/exhibitionist, and then I’ll get to fuck models like Miranda Kerr’s back-end, because that’s what I used to jerk off to when she was gold digging and making babies with Hollywood Stars…before the whole fucking bieber…and Australian Billionaires thing happened…because this bitch likes billionaires and I’m a billionaire”…

Fascinating…but only because of the old Hollywood Horror characters of our youth…and not because of the Gold Digging Australia cunt..

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Selena GOmez has a New Shitty Video of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 11.19.32 AM

I scanned this video..the song is called “Same Old Love”…and I guess it was about Bieber coming inside her over and over again, until he hurt her feelings, and now her sisterhood, helmed by Taylor Swift, who I assume she has a backend piece of, unless Taylor Swift has a Piece of her backend, because she’s just that powerful and likes collection dolls in the form of models and her competition..

Either way, she released it Exclusively to apple, so I stole it, we can expect a lawsuit…something I’ve always dreamed of….all for posting fucking Selena Gomez video as a promo to her by laughing at her…for looking like a pudgy, doughy faced, Disney afterbirth…

From my expert opinion, most of the videos are from her cleavage up…because I guess the rest of her is disgusting…

Clever editing and lighting to look hot…remember when or if you have 1,000,000 dollar budget to make a narcissistic music video to sell your bullshit music…you’ll look good too….

I’m more interested in selfies…or snapchat videos of girls’ pussy you’d never expect to see….but see because you caught them on the right day…

All this to say – AUDIO WARNING – MUTE THE SHIT….


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Kylie Jenner Posts Butt Shots of the Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.04.34 AM

Kylie Jenner is freshly 18, yet her ass totally looks like a mid-20s instagram whore…who gets ass injections…to make herself more appealing at the Vegas pool parties…and clubs…

We call it doing the Kim Kardashian, only those trashy instagram models, aspiring to be Kim Kardashian, have probably spent more time with Kim Kardashian than Kylie. I went to this the other day, the family is too big and self absorbed, that conversation is probably awkward and weird…especially since the mom is trying to turn this one into the new Kim…in body and shade of skin, as being the beige girl who fucks black guys has done amazing for them…they tried it with OJ’s daughter, Khloe Kardashian, but it didn’t work, because everyone assumed she was a the tranny in the family…

Either way, she’s out there with this hip hop video vixen instagram model bootleg, but rich as fuck, body…and persona…so I guess it makes total sense that she’d facetune some booty pics for her FANS…

I am glad the world is more flimsy than they used to be, less loyal, it gives me hope that there will be a move away from all this evil…

Our fickle taste….should take us off instagram, facebook, and the Kardashians…

It probably won’t happen, but in the meantime, Kylie and her plastic surgery have a roundish butt…good times…

Here’s a video of Kylie…

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Jessica Alba Did Shape or Self or Some Other Shit Magazine of the Day


When Jessica Alba isn’t being a mom of two, or a wife to the guy she anchored with a baby, but not like an anchor baby to get citizenship, like the mexican that she is…but more a grappling hook that she jabbed in his back after he was done fucking her and her crazy celebrity needy demanding antics….forcing him to be a good guy….a good guy who figured if he has to put up with her nonsense, he might as well make money off it…so he threw her into a tech start-up product line…”Pretend to be natural and organic, people will love it”….even if it’s made in sweatshops or factories that make other garbage that kills people slowly with cancer….”it makes a good story and people will buy”….and buy they did…making the brand a billion dollar brand….all while allowing Alba, to pay CEO…I mean when she’s not on set doing shoots to promote brands that aren’t hers for money…or media to keep promoting the brand she’ll become a billionaire with…as they are getting ready to go public they need a Media TOur…

And she’s thinking “Oh fun, this is just like when we toured for HONEY, that went so well”….

I guess what I’m saying is that she’s still hot, but I still hate her, and not just because she’s a Mexican like my mother was and I have mom issues, but because there’s just something about her that makes me wonder why her husband hasn’t Chris Browned her yet…

Here are pics from some shitty magazine that produce shitty pictures…over and over again with different bitches in front of the colorful backdrop…it makes it easier to photoshop them…

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Ruby Rose Nipple for Untitled Magazine of the Day

The Untitled Magazine - Ruby Rose - The GirlPower Issue

Ruby Rose is mad at Untitled Magazine because they posted a picture of her nipple, I had to actually LOOK for this picture to find, a picture that I guess she didn’t want people to see, now that she’s all famous and is in the process of milking these tits, by pretending she doesn’t have tits, it’s the Tranny generation, where ambiguous gender is marketable…but that she didn’t mind taking?


She posted this protest on her instagram..So artistic…So Staged…So Obvious…..

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 10.40.55 AM

So now she’s getting her loyal retard fans to boycott the magazine, which is code for, “Help promote the feature, we need a scandal to get people talking”….and I guess it’s working, because #nipples…

Who gives a fuck about nipples, it’s the free the nipple generation, this bitch needs to calm the fuck down…

I guess we should remember that Playboy exists for leaking Marilyn Monroe nudes their first issue, Penthouse for releasing everyone naked….it’s just good business to expose these idiots…no matter how irrelevant they are…

She Looks Like Bieber…and the pics are hardly racy…she’s in a fucking dress..is that the scandal? Shut the fuck up.

I can’t even find the fucking nipple picture….and this is what I do for work…everyday…so…let’s just call this a publicity stunt…but here’s another nipple pic….kinda…




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Lea Michelle and her Cleavage of the Day

lea (1)

lea (2)

Here’s Courtney Love of her Glee Generation, Lea Michelle, you know the kind of girl who monetizes off the death of her “lover” or “fiancé”…that happened a few years ago, but I feel like mourning death should be forever if it is true love and not a platform for marketing….or in her case showing off her tits in some new project she’s involved in…because she hasn’t really come to terms with being the tranny on Glee, or really letting us in on her being born with a penis, and is still pretty committed to being the girl….the girl who shows off her tits…to really assert that she’s a girl…but that face screams nothing but dude…

Breakin’ Boners…


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Kate Upton Works Out in W Korea of the Day


It is safe to say that this is some sort of “artistic” interpretation of Kate Upton, you know some sort of Banksy, making fun, being sarcastic or facetious, of modeling by throwing the celebrated fat girl into a gym to pretend she works out, when we all know the only working out she does is putting on her fat chick bra or trying to bend over to tie her shoe…cuz that’s just the kind of fitness she is…

I guess along with Fashion “artistic” nudes….comes fashion “artistic” social commentary..and this is a joke…obviously…because Kate Upton working out…is a joke…

I love the on her back pose…like a turtle on it’s shell trying to flip over…Legendary…breaking the internet…and any chairs she sat on in the making of this…

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People Care About Lady Gaga’s New Video of the Day

Who gives a fuck about Lady Gaga….

Apparently everyone in my feed, who have been writing shit like “Powerful”…and “Bravo Lady Gaga”….and “A voice to be heard”…and all this other bullshit…Shut the fuck up…

It’s just a fucking music video, about campus rape..and other forms of sexual assault, because she knows we’re in a rap culture, rape culture, and porn culture, of rough sex and sober dudes being predators on idiot girls….

But Gaga knows how to make social commentary people relate to….and talk about, when she’s not walking around with mean dresses….

The whole thing is so fucking cheesy to me…and anyone who feels anything watching this…are just empty people, looking for stimulation…or purpose or something…or I guess rape victims…or friends of rape victims…

I don’t know why this is an “It” conversation now….people have been drugging people, or getting girls drunk for years to get sex…but now it’s rape…because I guess it is rape…so why not let Lady Gaga speak to that..since she’s been raping since her career started…with her music…in my ears…

What I am saying is rape is bad, but Lady Gaga is worse….and unfortunately…she’s back.

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Tupac Lives of the Day


This is pretty ridiculous….

Apparently, a cop came forward and said he helped Tupac fake his own death and that he’s been living in Cuba since 1996…along with Michael Jackson, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and every other dead celebrity to ever exist…Cuba is the Dead Celebrity capital of the world..that’s why they banned Americans from entry, because they didn’t want to get caught.

And I guess now that the embargo is lifted, dude’s email got hacked, because a guy who faked his own death in 1996, pre-Internet, really needs an email…

Where his really clever lyrics in his 2015 Dis Track, that has so many echoes and shit, I could be the one singing Fuck Drake, Fuck Diddy, Fuck 50, Fuck Rick Ross….over and over again…clever lyrics…if it is Tupac…a real lyricist…a man with many words who gets to the point…

I call bullshit on this story…

A retired police officer claims that 2Pac paid him off to help fake his own death. David Myers, who is in critical condition at a hospital according to The Mirror, wants to share this information to the world.

“The world needs to know what I did. I’m ashamed that I let a price be put on my word and I cannot die without letting the world know,” Myers says.

Myers claims he was paid $1.5 million. He also said Suge Knight was heavily involved in executing the plan, as well as 30 other people who assisted, including police, medics and various witnesses. And if it doesn’t get any more bizarre, Myers claims ‘Pac paid $50,000 for a body to be taken to the morgue.

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Taylor Swift’s Body is Banging When Dancing with a Retard of the Day

I think I follow this 7 year old handicapped kid on facebook, I have no idea, I assume the devil’s work, as these redheads are the spawns of satan…sent from hell to terrorize the world through song and dance…while being a platform for Taylor Swift to seem wholesome, down to earth, less of a cunt probably for PR…all while having a rocking fucking body…I mean shit, those legs, those tits, that shirt, that midsection, I want to rub my flacid impotent microcock all over it…until I realize there’s a freakish kid dancing with her and just assume this is some kind of horror movie….

But then seeing her raped by a dog in a bikini makes it all ok…you see cuz even when you hate a bitch and her garbage, fake, sensationalized, lie music…you can still ignore all that and stare at her slutty tits.

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