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Gigi Hadid for Calvin Harris of the Day

Rich girl, Gigi Hadid, posted a video of her BFF’s lover, Calvin Harris, who is so fucking smart in his marketing, that I am sure his British hipster “producer” dj ass looks in the mirror everyday and says “LOL, I’m trolling all these fools and fucking Taylor Swift, the most famous person in the industry, even after fucking Rita Ora, the Rihanna Impersonator, who was a gateway for me to get to Taylor Swift”….

So it is only natural that he would cast Gigi in his music video, it’s not like he’s paying, or if he is, it’s from the label, so keep you team stronger, make your team money, and probably get to fuck all of the team, because you’re positioned in the bedroom of Taylor Swift, sexual deviant, A-Personality, superstar, who has to be good in the media, but who we all know is fisting herself the second she’s backstage, or in the back of her UBER XL….

Point being, I saw this video the other day, didn’t bother paying attention to it, because I try to avoid encouraging rich kid Gigi, who I think is overrated, to continue to be relevant…rich girls are way better when they are desperate for attention, not getting attention, because they expect to always get what they want, and it just fucks their head…

I am not being paid to post this, but I should be, because I get sucked into tits like the next guy, and the casting behind this was well aware…”MAKE IT VIRAL, MAKE US MONEY”…


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Hailee Steinfeld Crotch Shot of the Day


Hailee Steinfeld launched an album, or single, or song called “Love Myself”, which is possibly something all you motherfuckers want to watch Hailee Steinfeld do….

When promoting shitty music, because everyone wants to be a headliner at an EDM music festival, with shitty pop songs…

She posted a pic of her in what looks like fishnets and some black leotard covered vagina action…

She says she loves herself, no she don’t need anybody else…but I prefer video proof of that, not to mention, she’s like Drake and doesn’t write her own shit, just a puppet..

It only has 11,000 listens, I almost feel back about her and her celebrity, like the record label, they probably expected a real hit, I mean why else would they invest in creating this from someone already semi-established in the industry.

It’s all bullshit…but fishnets..

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Bai Ling is Amazing of the Day

Bai Ling is still an obscure entity in Hollywood, that no one really knows or understands, especially the younger generation who have never heard of her, but 10 years ago, there was a period of time where the paparazzi took pictures all the time, usually showing off her hard nipples all the fucking time, playing up this Chinese thing, even though she’s American based, and her fame whoring became almost legendary…

This was before social media…when relevant people were created by the media, and not by the audience, so she actually doesn’t matter now, pushing 50 years old, I would assume…

But she posted the above video on her instagram, and it’s just fucking genius, creepy and weird, but genius…and I am impressed

There’s something fascinating about this, not just that I want to bang a Chinese middle aged, doll looking attention seeker, or her tits…there’s more to her…and I want to figure it all out but I’m too lazy…

She Also had a Labia Slip HERE

rel=”attachment wp-att-153607″>Celebrities leaving Katsuya Hollywood

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Donald Trump is a Joker of the Day

“When it comes to women, you’ve called them fat pigs, dogs and slobs,” Megyn Kelly said. “Only Rosie O’Donnell,” Trump responded.


Here’s his weak chinned daughter – Tiffany Trump – 21 and lovely…

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Dumb Viral Bitch of the Day

So an unattractive, aspiring instagram model, used her tits, in a video to mock instagram models, went viral….last I saw it had 6 million views on Facebook and people are celebrating her like she’s a fucking genius…

When an aspiring Instagram model makes a video about Instagram models being pathetic because she thinks she’s more than an Instagram model – even though every instagram model thinks she’s more than an instagram model and this one, who keeps grabbing her tits to distract from her ugly face, isn’t even as successful as instagram models who she’s trying to mock, because she really wants to be them….so she’s using them, by stating the obvious about them…

But I would say this is ironic, or hypocritical, or just fucking obnoxious and loud and deserving of a punch in the face or even a mud wrestle, because when a girl makes fun of another girl, she breaks the sisterhood, or the support system girls are supposed to have, in efforts of being empowered…

She’s calling other girls whores, who don’t get paid for being whores, even though she’s being a whore, not getting paid for being a whore, only in her case, the video went viral and I bet she does a media tour over this, gets a tv show deal because of this, becomes touring comedian in movies over this – and all it took was less than average high energy rant calling out other girls and the best joke in it is written by Ronda Roussey….who is mentioned twice in what is more concerning than the rest of the video. Cut it is this easy…

Everyone already knows what we know about instagram models, most instagram models I know make more than promo models, something she probably was at one point in time, you know handing out toilet paper at the Costco, before figuring out her “comedic” hook…that isn’t even funny, well thought out, or interesting..

I find this girl misogynistic…useless…but people are idiots, and 98 percent of people probably think she’s awesome and has a good message…

I think we can all agree, I’m talking racists, sexists, feminists, eveyrone…is that we need to stop judging other people and each other, especially when trying to get ahead.

We need to let people post ass shots and hang with rich dudes on yachts if they fucking want to.

Who is she to decide what is Insta whoring and what isn’t… Because she’s not as hot as they are – but trying to pull the same numbers they do by being “funny”? Fuck that noise….

Let’s hope this leads to a sex tape, when her “celebrity” dissipates, because her talent is low level, flimsy, and after her one-hit-wonder youtube video loses relevance in 4 days from now and some other idiots takes over viral hits for the week…

I don’t support this trash. I hate that she exists and jealous girls are buying into her rant.

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Hilary Clinton and Kim Kardashian of the Day


While everyone was watching trump, Clinton was owning social media…by attaching herself to a selfie with two of the most horrible thing America has to offer…Kardashians…they suck you in, eat your soul and take your money…

I am not American, so I have no opinion on American Politics, but I am a logical person, and would say this is a blatant attempt to draw attention on herself, using “celebrities” who shouldn’t be celebrities, but are celebrities, because America is doomed…and the scary thing is, celebrity is enough for the massive, uneducated, consumer American who shops at Walmart and lives in poverty, and watches reality TV and reads tabloids, are the masses…and this probably will win Clinton votes…

Imagine if your great politicians of the past, if that ever existed, used porn slut marketing tools to get votes…

Oh what the world has become…

Screen Shot 2015-08-07 at 11.32.16 AM

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Stella Maxwell Nipple for Love of the Day


Stella Maxwell is not Stella Hudgens…but still Stella…who is Stella Hudgens? Who knows…these tits?

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.33.23 PM

Stella Maxwell is the Vagina that Miley possibly eats…like she eats Avacado because Miley Cyrus likes this whole gender ambiguous, feminist, FUCK EVERYTHING approach…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.33.11 PM

And Stella Maxwell likes feeding her CAKE!


Because it helps build up her profile…as a model, as a relevant act, as a Victoria’s Secret reaching the fake hipster tumblr feminists….in this generation that is just oversexed…because they want to sell them over priced, cheesy, mall brand panties…and this is the way to do it…

Throw her at Miley, throw her at LOVE magazine, throw her at Terry, show the world her tits…make Stella Maxwell get noticed, because I guess Cara Delevingne was over it…

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Kendall Jenner is Dating a Jonas Brother of the Day

So the gossip magazines want you to know that the Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid rich kids from LA who pretend they are models because rich kids get what they want and are never told no…even if they are just playing make-belief…are each dating a Jonas Brother..

Kendall with Jonas Brother 1 and Gigi with Jonas Brother 2…

I have a friend who was in Vegas this weekend and she says both Jonas brother 1 and Jonas Brother 2, or maybe it was Jonas Brother 1, but it could have been Jonas Brother 2, were surrounded by a bunch of girls, because they are young enough, rich enough, famous enough, and not virgin enough, to use their fame to slutty tweens, who are now probably 25, for vaginal sex…

Now I don’t care who Kendall Jenner or Gigi Hadid are pretending to date for the sake of the media, or if Jonas 1 or Jonas 2 are dating them, or loyal to them, or cheating on them…and I really hope you don’t care either…because if you do..you’re weirder than me.

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 2.25.09 PM

(for all you haters, my boots are faux ????)

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Candice Swanepoel’s Polaroids of the Day


Candice Swanepoel is at the tail end of her career. Victoria’s Secret has already lined up 10 of her replacements. She’s old, she looks tired, her body is less impressive than it once was. Her racist, South African, Blood diamond, slave running, racist farm owning, still fucking hot, but pretty fucking boring, modeling that has been pretty limited to Victoria’s Secret….she’s been overused, over exposed, she’s played out and expired…and in doing this, hasn’t really been a media attention whore, or even a personality, or anything but a living, at least we assume living, mannequin used by the brand to sell garbage product…

So before she bows out, her legacy will be forgotten, her work unmemorable, a future bleak but well funded due to her smart investments, she’s managed to take some hot polaroids for the brand, because I guess everything she does is for the brand, and the brand is dabbling with being current and hip….by using key photographers…and that’s perfectly reasonable behavior…

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Beyonce Flash Tattoo Porn of the Day


Beyonce isn’t hot…but she thinks she’s hot…because everyone around her tells her how hot she is…

I guess when you’re woth 500,000,000 dollars, and people around you suck your dick all day, and the audience just feeds into her, she’s either like “yes I’m amazing”…or “fuck it, let’s do this”….

But it makes me laugh, because Mark Zuckerberg is worth 41 billion dollars, and people jus think he’s evil, but it would be amazing if he was more like an Entertainment dude, and posed like Beyonce, all cocky with his success..

Maybe Beyonce is in denial about being in her 30s and a mom…it’s some kind of crisis…or maybe she’s trying to stay relevant with her baby daddy to distract him from all his groupies and bajan hookers..

Here she is from her TUMBLR promoting cheesy music festival flash tattoos everyone is into…

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Karlie Kloss Delivering Glamour Issue of the Day

I generally hat these promo videos for magazines, award shows, pretty much any branded content to generate some buzz about their shit, now that the internet is one massive advertising unit, used to brain wash the already retarded people who consume this content. It’s like everything we are fed is marketing crap to us, but unlike TV before the internet, most of this branded, consume as much as you can, brain washing is done secretly…

I guess what it comes down to, is that 90 percent of the world is owned by a handful of people, and 90 percent of models are owned by Taylor Swift…

Karlie Kloss being one of the leaders in her “sisterhood”…”girl power”….bullshit..

Well, Karlie Kloss is in Glamour this month, and she participated in a viral video of her delivering issues of the magazine, like she was a delivery girl, and although not a revolutionary idea, it’s better than a being in studio idea, and I approve…

Here are the pics from Glamour..

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Lana Del Rey New Signle Tits of the DAy


I don’t hate Lana Del Rey or her music. I think it’s dark, catchy, fabricated, manufactured, even bullshit…but I can still handle it, where as other pop stars are just fucking intolerable…like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, that shit just rapes my fucking face like I was some back alley prostitute just trying to find money to buy my baby formula…

I do hate a lot of her fans, who are these bullshit feminist lies, who are from the internet generation and don’t understand that they are just consumers perpetuating everything they claim to hate, but marketers are just more clever than them…

That said, Lana Del Rey has a new song coming out, like she was Dr Dre, she’s also got great enough tits for me to look at – cuz I like tits…

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Michelle Rodriguez Ass Picking Paddleboarder of the Day

MichelleRodriguez (28)

People call me racist for a lot of reasons, one of them is making fun of generalized stereotypes about various races, even though I don’t hate other races, I just think it’s funny to piss people off, usually of other races when I make the jokes…I think all people are equally garbage…

That said, one of the people I make fun of is Michelle Rodriguez, I call her an ape like money looking bitch, something that I didn’t ever think was race related, it’s not like she’s black, she’s lantina…and really, it’s nothing to do with her race that makes her look like an ape…it’s nothing to do with her lesbianism…or broad thickness…it’s really just all because she has no neck….

I mean…just look at the picture…of her doing her monkey moves..it makes me laugh…and I hate laughter…but when everything’s a joke…it’s hard not to…


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Kirsten Dunst’s Cleavage in Town and Country of the Day


In case you were wondering what happened to Kirsten Dunst…

She still has scraggletooth…

And that’s about all she really has…

Full discretion…in the late 90s, I jerked off to her fat tits on her skinny body…because that’s what was in at the time…and tits are timeless, but her face is fighting the clock…

More pics HERE

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Ireland Baldwin’s Yoga Erotica of the Day

Ireland Baldwin is some level of crazy….

There are so many moments I have taken for granted in this life due to my lack of presence. I have overlooked countless blessings and opportunities to start fresh, and I have neglected, manipulated, and lied to the people I hold dear to my heart, but more importantly, to myself. It hasn’t been until recent months that I relearned what it truly means and what it feels like to be fully present. For the longest time, I lost compassion towards almost everything i previously cared for and I was so lost in darkness, that I could hardly hold a real conversation with another human being long enough before I was due to have an anxiety attack and find my way out of it. Tonight, I found myself pausing, multiple times, to look to my right and left and I continuously asked myself… How the hell did I get lucky enough to end up here? Why me? Why the past couple of months have I had the chance to meet the most phenomenal souls? Why are all these people giving me a chance to begin again? After all my wrongdoings and heartbreaks and trauma and absence of self, how am I here today? I just wanted to take a moment to show gratitude to everyone who has continued to stand by my side through all that took place and through all that life will continue to throw at me. I’m proud to say I will not be knocked down and alone next time around. I have never been so supported and felt so loved in my life. I’m happy to say I feel like Ireland again and it’s amazing that I can actually say that because it’s been a really long time and I was starting to forget what she was like. I love my friends, I love this beautiful planet, and I love new beginnings. ??????? • and I love you all for making me feel beautiful and supported every single day!

I didn’t actually read it, but ranting about shit like this, with such intensity, is some level of unstable…

I wonder if it stems from being a bratty, spoiled, rich kid, with everything handed to her looking for problems, in a poor little rich girl, with an abusive angry emotional dad, because all these famous people are drunk idiots that are so into themselve…she also went lesbian after being super obsessed with her surf boyfriend…with some black, angry, molested girl…the whole thing crazy like that rant…

But here is her stepmother, and momma to her two half sisters, Yoga instructor Hilaria who made fucked her client, who was Ireland’s father, because he’s rich…

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 1.39.22 PM

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