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Pregnant Paulina Rubio’s Tits Hang with Sluts in Lingerie of the Day

Here are some pictures of an old, tired, pregnant, popstar at some lingerie at some event and I guess this is my indirect way of celebrating Cinqo de Mayo a few days late as I like to ignore holidays that exploit and make a joke out of my Mexican people, but then again, Paulina Rubio probably isn’t the best approach to ignore things that exploit and make a joke out of Mexicans, but at least she hasn’t followed the same path of many Mexican vaginas before her by producing litters of kids and gaining 150 lbs in process destroying any sex appeal they may have, but I guess since her uterus is now officially polluted, it’s never too late to start or to reconnect with the Mexican way that’s engrained in your DNA…which is kinda the same reason I like to use to justify why I’m slow moving and unemployed.

Pics via Fame

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The Saturdays Are Sluts I Want To Fuck of the Day

Who the fuck are the Saturdays and why the fuck are they such whores I want to fuck. I need to further investigate this trash on youtube to analyze their videos while masturbating, I’m wondering how bad their music is, cuz traditionally the hotter the band, the shittier the sound, but I’m far too hungover and impotent to bother, but I’ll let you do it for me, cuz you have nothing better to do with your time and I guess time is the one main benefits of being a fucking loser with no life, friends, job, hobbies….yo have all this free time in the world that you don’t know how to use….there’s only so much chronic masturbating to fill up your days….and by the looks of The Saturdays….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Some Monday Morning Fertile Sluts in See Thru Clothes of the Day

I like to keep track of women who don’t use the pill or believe in birth control cuz that kind of risk factor excites me, I mean as long as they are in the first trimester and they only look a little chubby in the pussy, not when they reach obvious pregnancy, that’s pretty much when they retire from being sexy and become mom’s with vaginas too big to hug my small penis.

Either way, I guess something happens to you hormonally when your body knows that you are going to give it all fuckin’ up, because that’s the only explanation for why both these pregnant whores are in see thru shirts, I mean other than the possibility that they are trying to squeeze into they non-maternity clothes and there’s not enough fabric to cover their slut asses up, but there’s not fun in that, I like to think it’s intentional…now all we need is some before and after pussy shots, as that is my fetish….

Camila Alves:

Ellen Pompeo:

Pics Via FAME (not the gay new musical)

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Akon and Some Sluts Filming His New Video of the Day

If you’ve been wondering what Akon’s been up to, and I know you have, it turns out he was shooting his new video in South Africa because when you’re successful and make millions for a record label, they’ll pretty much let you shoot your video anywhere you fuckin’ want and he did it with one of my favorite things life had to offer and that’s black girls..and one white girl who shoulda been left at home…but I am sure he fucked them all after the shoot equally, not because South African chicks are easy, but because in the presence of a famous person, all chicks are, no matter where they are from. True story. I know, I bring serious fucking insight into the world, don’t I….

Pics via Fame Pictures

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Gary Dourdan From CSI Gets Bikini Clad Pussy of the Day

The great thing about being the black guy all the white girls want to fuck from CSI is that all the white girls still want to fuck you when you are on the beach, especially when you are with some hot bodied bitch in her bikini, because girls are catty and competitive and want whatever the other girls want, or whatever the other girls have and they put up a fucking fight for the shit not caring if the bitch they are steppin up on is their best friend or not.

So if you want to have the best sex in your life, you need to hire a whore to follow you around all night, acting like you are sent from fucking god, so other girls jump in to try to win you away from the bitch, but that really only works if they recognize you from TV or are rich, because girls are groupies, and don’t fight for nobodies who have acne and smell like cum from all the chronic masturbation problem.

Here are the pics.

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Jennifer Love and Other Tits at some Gen Art Event of the Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt was at some film premiere for some Gen Art collective shit that showcases all the best in independent film or some shit, but based on their attendees, it looks like they are more into showcasing slutty tit.

Speaking of tit, I didn’t get fucked on my birthday, I didn’t even make it out to the stripclub, I didn’t even get a lapdance, or date rape a bitch. I guess next year, we’ll try to make it out to this Gen Art brothel. Not that you care.

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How About Some Crazy Jamaican Dancehall Whores Acting Insane…of the Day

This is a video of some crazed Jamaican Dancehall dancers doing some pretty erotic dance moves in their bathing suits with no music on. I’ve never been to Jamaica but I have seen some friend’s resort video that was pretty much a compilation of the staff of the resort simulating hard animalistic sex with tourists, I’m talking girls pinned up to the fucking wall getting dry humped harder than Chris Brown hits Rihanna and this video is a step up from that. My favorite part of it is the Bike Tire to Pussy Move…

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Some Tits on the Grammy Red Carpet of the Day

This is a true story for those of you who care, I was in the middle of writing this post on the Grammy’s. I was getting all worked up about how fucking irritating they are and how I can’t stomach the bullshit they spew from Jay Z and Coldplay duets, to a bunch of rappers in black and white, to two teenage popstars claiming to be best friends, even though we all know they hate each other and jealous of each other’s success in fucking the other one’s boyfriend, to the Jonas Brother’s a Stevie Wonder and Dean Martin getting a nod years after his death, when it hit me…..

I had a dizzy spell, I fell to the ground, got back up and checked my pulse, it was beating fucking fast, like so fast I thought it was the end of my life and couldn’t even count because there was no blood getting to my fucking brain, so I called 911, then cancelled because I can’t handle the whole stretcher scene I’ll cause in my building, so I took a cab there, spent 8 hours in Emergency, had a few tests only to be told it’s either the coffee I drank, or a fucking blood clot, so if my legs swell, go back to the hospital if not, I’m good to go.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t fucking know what these pudgy legs look like swollen or not swollen, they always look fucking swollen to me, I’m fat as fuck, anyway, I didn’t die, but I blame this Grammy’s post for doing it to me and I wasn’t gonna let that fucker win….

That said, I wasn’t going to bother posting every picture of every celebrity asshole at the fucking Grammy’s, so I chose to only post the ones showing off their tits, because their tits are really all I care about, since I know they all have rank pussy. Yes, I used the same fucking line in the last post, repetition makes my life easier.

Either way, I felt I need to finish it and post it to celebrate being alive another day…

Audrina and her new face….if she’s there this Grammy shit must be legit

Meatloaf and Mary Kate Olsen….

Lisa Rinna and Her Plastic Body Parts…

Some Chick Who’s Last Name is Veronica Who I’ve Never Heard Of…

Marisa Miller Cuz She’s a Model and Has Tight Body, Even If She Looks Like She’s Had One Too Many Groupie Cumshots on Tour Buses in Her Youth of Many Years Ago…

The CSI Chick Fatter than Ever But Still Hotter Than All These Whores…

Paris Hilton Because I Am Friends With Some Girl Pretending To Be Her on Facebook….Not Because I Think Her Tits are Hot…

A Little Brooke Hogan Cuz She’ll Never Win a Grammy So She Goes to Dream

Nikki Cox and Her Fake Lips and Big Ol’ Tits and Her Comedian Idol Host Boyfriend…

Some American Idol Piece of Shit….

Some Wayne’s World Piece of Shit…

Some Natalie Cole Duet With Her Dead Father and By Father I Mean Tits…

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Some Pre-Grammy Tits of the Day

The Grammy’s, despite being some staged bullshit, are a big deal for the music industry, at least I think they are, and they make a whole fucking production out of the thing. It’s like this obnoxious girl I know who like to celebrate her birthday over the course of 4 or 5 days, it’s like bitch, no one gives a fuck about your fucking birthday, why the fuck do you try to drag us all out 3 days before the fucking shit, and 3 days after the fucking shit like you’re some kind of fucking princess. The only reason we bother going to your birthday the day of your fucking birthday is because it means you’re one year closer to fucking death. I don’t mean to be morbid, but it’s the pecking order and sometimes, people and their egos deserve to be offed.

That said, I wasn’t going to bother posting every picture of every celebrity asshole at the fucking events that surrounded the Grammy’s, so I chose to only post the ones showing off their tits, because their tits are more valuable than the rest of these sluts. Most of these bitches are nobodies, I like them better than the people who think they’re somebodies…

Some chick named Dollicia Bryan and her nipple….

Monster Khloe Kardashian and Her See Through With Some Nipple Poking out Disgustingness….

Bill Mahr With His Jungle Fever…

Pregnant or Possibly Pregnant Old Lookin’ Fergie…..

Fantasia and Some Saggy Fucking Shit….

Natasha Beddingfield and Her Breast Bone Makes Me Hungry for Chicken….

Pink’s Pecs…..

Christina Milian in Her Bandage Dress, Leaving a Grammy Party… Sure, It’s Not Quite the Same Bandage She’d Need After I’m Done With Her Ass Because There’s No Hello Kitty on the Shit, But Still Hot To Me…

Bonus – Larry King’s Swining Gold Digging Whore and Her Fake Tits…

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