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DrunkenStepfather Car Twerk of the Day

This is what we do with girls we meet on the side of the street…every once in a while…if you can even notice that there is a girl riding dirty in the car…twerking better than she was Miley…because you’re too busy staring at my beautiful face making all those silly facial expressions for the fans…because we know I’m obviously all that matters in this video we shot for instagram…and that ass jiggling’ doesn’t have shit on me….all this to say, I didn’t have sex with this girl, but I am pretty sure I can still smell her on my pants, and I just can’t stop sniffing them…

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#stepGIRL Modeling #BelovedShirts of the Day

Our homies at Beloved Shirts sent us up a couple of their cool as fuck sweatshirts…so we did the only natural thing we could with them…and that was dress up one of our hot little #stepGIRLS in the shirt and have our stepPHOTOGRAPHER Monseiur Coms take pics of her…

The peeing pic is my favorite, but in my defence, I love watching girls pee, especially when it is on my face…but that’s just me…

The outdoor naughty wifey pic isn’t all that bad either, at least not according to the dude who drove around the block 10 times screaming at her while she was shooting it…out creeping me…something I hate to see happen…because I want to be the top creep…but I guess that’s what happens when the only thing I win at is failing…I am the top failure around…

But this isn’t about me…this is about smoking babes in sweatshirts…looking hot enough to master-bake to…..

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stepGIRL Plays Dead in a stepSHIRT of the Day

I didn’t kill my wife for a viral facebook status update, I just make my #stepGIRLS play dead half naked in their DrunkenSweatshop.com shirt

Not because I am a necrophiliac, or even because I think that dude who killed his wife and posted it to facebook is funny, but because it’s fuckin’ hot…

Not to mention, if they play dead well enough, like if they really commit to the role…they don’t say no…

Shot by Monsieur Coms

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There is a Wolverine Porn of the Day

I am a firm believer that anyone who reads this site is a comic book reading virgin loser, the kind of social awkward weirdo who lives in his mom’s basement and smells of stale cum because he’s used his sweat pants to wipe his dick off the last 4 years and never bothered washing them because he doesn’t have to. You know just a dude with a bucket of his own sperm that he’s saving to carve into a inanimate vagina he can fuck…someone totally normal who can get off to comic books because they’ve never had real pussy and comic book pussy is enough to get them going….

I just assume anyone having sex isn’t on the internet, but rather, having sex…I am old school like that and I forget that everyone uses the internet now…and the internet is not just a weird spot for select few perverts looking for weird fucking fetish porn and random sexual encounters…

So I figure I’ll give you this hardcore Wolverine XXX clip because turning your favorite nerd shit into hardcore porn is probably pretty awesome for you…

To find out more visit VISIT VIVID

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Some stepGIRLS Lookin’ Hot in T-Shirts of the Day

For those of you who follow DrunkenStepfatherDotCom on instagram, you will know that there’s a little army of hot as fuck stepGIRLS forming.

Our genius friend Gordon Holden sent us a bunch of amazing shirts from his amazing collection. Some that even I wear…and I don’t generally wear clothes…unless they are soiled and stained with mustard, sweat and semen, you know otherwise it gets in the way of being a creep.

So we did the natural thing…what anyone would do.. and got a couple of our stepGIRLS posing hot in them….for photographer he loves controversy…Here are the pics…try not to masturbate…I dare you.

To get some of these awesome shirts CLICK HERE

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stepGIRLS Posing with a State Bicycle of the Day

The other day, we rounded up a couple of our amazing, and I mean amazing stepGIRLS and got them to pose with our favorite bicycle, which happens to be an amazing State Bicycle Co bike…

State Bicycle Co is a company, that if you know bikes, you will know, make some of the most stylish bicycles around that will get you noticed…which is really what you should want.

Like these:

You know the kind of bicycle that will get any girl excited to ride with you, even if you don’t have a car, because they just have that much cool…

I find bicycles highly erotic. I love girls on bicycles, girls next to bicycles, sniffing bicycle seats when they are still warm after a babe happens park her bike next to me on a hot summer day….creeping on some panty shots when the wind blows bicycyle riding babes and their skirts the right way…so it was only natural to get our stepGIRLS half naked and next to a bike….and shit is HOT HOT HOT.

You can find the perfect bike for yourself at StateBicycle.com , they are as low as $389 + Free Shipping…

Even better, every State Bicycle Co. model is limited edition, so you can be sure that the bike you buy will be unique.

Because we did this shoot, State Bicycle Co has decided to offer, Exclusive for Drunken Stepfather readers, 10% off your order now until July 31st.

Use coupon code: drunkstate at check out.

To get yourself a bike, and we suggest you do, cuz they are awesome and chicks dig em… CLICK HERE

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Lydia Hearst’s Malibu Beach Party of the Day

My friend Lydia Hearst had a beach house party in Malibu yesterday, and seeing as she’s a lovely girl whose breasts I have seen in pictures, I figured I would make an appearance and try to creep her out, possibly by staring at her from the closet, or by hugging her just a little too long…

The party was for the Launch of her site LoveLydiaHearst….a place where we can only hope she posts compelling pics of her tits, for fashion, as part of the updates, every once in a while, cuz it isn’t sleazy that way and she’s a classy lady, a classy lady that I can still masturbate to while I cry, because she has a man, and all I have is the memories…and now the stains.

So follow her site…she’s good…show support to a babe who supports stepFATHER… LoveLydiaHearst.com

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Exclusive – Exxxotica 2013 Fort Lauderdale Round Up of the Day

I went to two days of Exxotica , a 3 dayporn convention where pornstars and cam girls meet the fans and charge them money for autographs and conversation. Some of the girls hook on the side to supplement their income since porn isn’t as lucrative as it used to be.

There was way more to my trip than my Farrah Coverage

I learned….

1- Cam girls are the future of porn stars, they make more money, have more loyal fans, are less broken and trashy and do it all from the comfort of their home. They fuck if they want and they stay clothed if they want. It is a pretty good deal and I am now trying to recruit as many girls as I can for MYFREECAMS

2- Cam girls are like the annoying person at dinner addicted to their cell phone or internet connection, obsessed with their fans, always looking at a screen, but far less annoying, because they like being watched when they masturbate, and they are nicer to talk to than porn chicks who have egos, cuz cam girls are just everyday girls who figured out it’s better to get paid to masturbate than work at the mall.

3- Porn stars can be pretty rugged, beat up, and bratty cunts who think they are important cuz they fuck on camera for 1000 dollars a scene. They can be annoying to listen to talk because they are stupid as shit, but for the most part, even the horrible ones you know are insane, are great entertainment and that’s why we were there.

I got there pretty much when it started because I had nothing better to do and Exxxotica was the only reason we were in Fort Lauderdale so why the fuck not. In the first 5 minutes there was a stripper behind chains, a fat ass, a Hugh Hefner lookalike every idiot in the place though was Hugh Hefner even though Hefner is dead…but not as dead as the girl who passed the fuck out.

Click More To See my Coverage – WIth Pics and VINES – It’s a huge post – Get Started.


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Farrah Abraham at the EXXXOTICA Convention of the Day

Those of you who know the site, know that I LOVE PORNSTAR TEEN MOM FARRAH ABRAHAM, who I traveled to Florida to have a chance to stand 10 feet away from and judge in person, because let’s face it, I don’t want to meet her, and apparently either do many people.

The pornstars hate her, but they don’t matter, they are pornstars and she outsells their gutter hooker pussies any day, even if she’s technically one of them, she’s above them and allowed to be a snob about it even if the fans weren’t really there to see her, even though she was the biggest star in the room, maybe because teen mom fans are in the midwest getting pregnant and not in Florida at porn conventions.

She was the only one with a roped off line, which happened to also be the only one who didn’t have a line…

Here’s a quick recap of my date with Farrah Abraham – from a distance…because that’s all I wanted.

Day 1 –

First She Ran Away from me…as most girls do…

Then things calmed down, way down, we heard crickets, as no one lined up to see her, I guess they either didn’t care or were intimidated by her amazing performance in her SEX TAPE

But it gave her time to check her texts…and tweets…to remind herself that people do care…as people do in all lonely and awkward situations…

Then people noticed her and that she was that chick from TV who made a hugely successful porn, and now she made her first 20 Dollars signing…it was exciting for her!

Then she got her ego back and said No…this is her in the process of saying no…to 2 young girls who were actually excited to see her and not pervert dudes who just like collecting autographs of bitches who fuck on camera like they are action figures or Magic the Gathering cards.

After watching the porn, I didn’t think NO was in her vocabulary. You learn something new everyday at the EXXXOTICA convention…

Day 2 – Same Dress….I guess it’s her porno dress.

Things started to pick up for her, the paparazzi were called, they were in full force, and she was glowing with excitement…finally…the flashes she craved!! She was able to make a little money, selling autographs and DVDs directly to the perverts…

It’s nice to see things work out for her…

Look how happy she was…this is fantastic career moves for the 21 year old. Only good things can happen from her and whatever she applies herself to, she’s going to be a huge star.


I am still a fan of her squirt, even if she wasn’t very friendly, got mad when people took pics of her, and acting like an overall spoiled brat, when working a porn convention floor, something that in and of itself…can’t make you a brat.

She’s going places…and I am watching from 10 feet away…because I am a creep and despite all the hate she gets, I love the hated, it kinda makes me want to make her a “In her 20s Mom”….but squirting and anal does that to me…cuz you can’t get pregnant from anal. #FACT.


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stepGIRLS in Frank & Oak of the Day

Here is one of our official stepGIRLS modeling some FRANK & OAK ….and they look hot as fucking fire.

FRANK & OAK is clothing brand that merges quality with amazing style, and at a great price. They have shirts and
underwear and really all kinds of stuff you’ll love to let that girl
who spent the night walk around in when she’s making you that morning

It is membership based, but not a scam, meaning you get deals and exclusive offers for limited edition styles by being a member. More importantly, you get clothing specific to your needs, styles and really what you want, but there isn’t any commitment to buy when you sign up. It’s really just joining a cool community.

because bitches may love cake, but they
also like dudes who dress the fuckin’ part.

Here’s our stepGIRL lookin’ hot in the best selfies of all time…


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Lane Sisters for DrunkenStepfather of the Day

Last week…I wrote a post about a set of sisters…called the Lane Sisters, who have sex with each other in porn…As far as I am concerned, they are taking over the porn industry…one incestuous touch at a time….while perverts like me are fucking loving the idea of it….because it is the best idea ever….sisters on my dick…sucking each other’s tits….now that’s special ….you know really grasping the essence of family…and how important it is in all aspects of your life…from career…to personal…to sex….

Well…it turns out they are French Canadian…which made total sense to me …as someone who lives in French Canada….and it turns out a friend of a friend of a friend saw the post….cuz the site is awesome….showed it to them…..leading to this email….an email I like to call a magical email sent from the heavens….


I’m a big fan of your site. Me and my sister are amateur pornstars and wanted to send some pictures of us wearing your t shirts and you can post them on your site :) )

would this be possible?.

xxx Shana


Which naturally got me off the fucking couch for this photoshoot….cuz pornstars…especially sisters…who fuck together have that affect on my laziness…

So I got them in
…..and this is what happened….

Sure, it’s tame…but remember….dreams do come true…all you have to do is blog about it….and magical things end up happening…


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Phil Varone’s Vegas or Bust Exclusive Clips of the Day

Here’s an exclusive clip sent to me by my friends at VIVID of Rockstar Phil Varone’s Swinger porn….

I know swingers…you know the kind of couples who fuck other couples with consent because let’s face it being monogamous fucking sucks and if you’re cheating when together it isn’t cheating at all…even if GOD is judging you…..but that’s just cuz GOD, or the church who invented GOD is boring….cuz I say fuck all you can and as many people as you can…but maybe that’s just cuz I am a romantic…..

I have tried to get into a swingers club at least 10 times in my life, alone, while wasted, unshowered and convinced it was a good idea but was always asked to leave by the door man in his tuxedo cuz I was riding solo, ready to jerk off, and I told them that my plan was to see how fat the swinger bitches were, cuz I heard they were nasty, and if they weren’t fat enough I would creep in the corner like I was a fly on the wall, or a creep on the fire escape peeping in…..

Phil Varone, from Skid Row, who has been on Celeb Rehab, and has turned to porn, has been a swinger for a long time, and this is his movie, featuring real life swingers, we’re talking non pornstars doing porn, and they are fucking hot…..


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Laura Vandervoort Hates DrunkenStepfather.com of the Day

Not only does Lauren Vandervoort have a nerd name, you know one that sounds like a Harry Potter Character, something that probably makes her nerd fans cum faster as they chronically masturbate competitively over pics of her on chat room and obscure social networks when they are not making plans for their imaginary wedding to her….but apparently..she also hates drunkenstepfather….they all do…..

If that’s not arrousing enough for you, here are pics of her for Esquire looking good……

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DrunkenStepfather Does the Poor Man’s Comicon of the Day

Equipped with an iPhone with 20% battery life, Drunkenstepfather.com, meaning me, went to Montreal’s version of Comicon, even though they didn’t give us Press passes, meaning we paid the 35 dollars to see this shit, despite hating virgin loser nerds who like video games and comic books and scifi and cosplay and fantasy and second life… as much as I hate the stale semen smell that follows them everywhere they go…..from chronic masturbating in their mom’s basement where they live and make robotic women while pretending to be married to their favorite women….

Well it turns out that they convention itself was as bootleg and ghetto and second rate poor man hustle as my reporting…but I figured I’d post my pics anyway….

From Captain Picard and Kirk sitting next to each other in some nerd time warp vortex, to some fat chick showing off the only head she’s ever got, to the Ghostbusters comparing dick sizes, and some girls in cosplay costume seeking male attention…..it was good times.

If you want to follow our adventures and by our I mean mine and by adventures I mean sitting on the couch – Follow My Instagram @DRUNKENSTEPFATHERDOTCOM

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Not So Erotic 50 Shades of Mechanical Bull Ride of the Day

This 50 Shades of Grey shit has ruined 40+ year old women’s lives…it is making them hate their husbands….because their husbands are uninterested in fucking them…probably cuz they are a fragment of what they were when they got married….you know after the kids and shit….

It is also opening women up to light bondage, and shit they may have not been into, even though I thought all 40+ year old women were into the freaky shit since being post pregnancy, menopausal and bored….but I guess I don’t hang with suburban 40+

Well, it’s gone so nuts that middle aged girl are grinding their cunts against anything they can to see if it still feels…like this lady we shot on a mechanical bull going nuts…like shit was her boyfriend…or at least an awesome vibrator….

Marriage is boring, aging sucks, but not as much as if this goes viral and this postal worker, cashier, mom and granny gets seen in a whole new slutty light….

stepTV is back.

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