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stepGIRL Billie Jane by Chris Vongsawat of the Day


#stepGIRLS is a revolutionary project that features amazing girls, mostly girls you’ve never heard of, because we are from Canada, and no one pays attention to canada…

Her name is BILLIE JANE and she’s naked next to expensive art…because at DrunkenStepfather.com we are all about the art…in fact I think the name DrunkenStepfather in and of itself is synonymous with classy, expensive, high end, luxury…

That said, these pics were taken by our friend… CHRIS VONGSAWAT and she’s naked in them…and that is all I really care about…because I like naked…as a naked woman is the real art..only unlike that Riopelle…it is priceless..you like that one don’t you…


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DrunkenSweatshop on Some Czech Babe by Jako of the Day

We have a friend in the Czech Republic named JAKO …and what he has taught us from his photography is that there are a lot of pretty spectacular girls in the Czech Republic, who are willing to get naked and half naked for him, because I guess the amazing girls there, are into that shit, but my knowledge of the Czech Republic is limited to the porn industry, so maybe my perspective is a little off. But we still sent him DRUNKENSWEATSHOP Gear to put on some girls…and this is what he sent us…so exotic, my face has never looked that good on a chest, but would look better…in her panties…


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Dirty Topless Dancer at the Folsom Street Fair of the Day

This dirty dancer is the next Patrick Swayze…

This was sent in to me by my very very very sexy hispanic friend who I want to fuck but she won’t let me…she won’t even send me nudes, or let me masturbate to her on facetime or skype….which is so strange because I ask her to see her spread ass pics on the regular…maybe she needs romance….

The kind of romance this big girl who is raging out with her gays is getting at the Folsom Street Fair this past weekend….an event filled with all kinds of gayness…and apparently some lesbian titties too…sure not the kind of lesbians I saw playin catch in the park at 10 am…all wholesome and lesbian…but the hardcore kind who probably rips off cock…unless she has one….it’s San Francisco people…anything can happen….

It may be shitty quality, but you get the point.

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