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For Love and Lemon’s Holiday 2014 Camopaign of the Day

For Love and Lemons is an LA based clothing company – that has a pretty extensive line of lingerie that is pretty relevant, at least with all the models you probably masturbate to if you are me…and knowing the popularity of this site – you probably are me…I’m my only reader..

That said, they released this photoshoot, that I assume is for their 2014 Lingerie collection – with some hot model I am not really sure who she is or what her name is…

I just know that this styling, this vibe, this look, and the fact that you can see the lingerie in it’s full form, with a girl in some 70s porn inspired location – without being rebuilt in photoshopped or having her nipples erased in photoshop…like Victoria’s Secret…

So what I am saying is – this is how it is supposed to be done…and it’s hot as fuck…

To Find out more and to See the Pics I Didn’t Post CLICK HERE

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Racy Victoria’s Secret Campaign of the Day

Apparently this is Victoria’s Secret trying to speak to the fact that the internet has shifted the expectations people have of models and I guess even photographers…

You know since everyone is a model and a photographer…the higher concept shoots with nudity are all over the place and way more interesting to look at than their branded – commercialized – christian friendly shit…

It’s like fashion is supposed to be edgy and exciting – not photoshopped to shit and dull…so along with releasing a nude book of all their models with their main photog…

They’ve also got a little more creative direction in their campaigns…like this one Starring:

Candice Swanepoel, Jasmine Tookes and Martha Hunt

Who are the best VS has to offer right now…at least Martha Hunt is…that girl is perfect…

Here are the pics – getting a little grimier than what we are used to…good.

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Drunk Models for Interview of the Day

The models are:

Anja Rubik, Edita Vilkeviciute, Daria Strokous, Andreea Diaconu and Lily Donaldson

They are pretending to be drunk, sure fashion drunk, but drunk nonetheless for some photographer in interview magazine, and I figured this would be porn to you – since every girl you’ve ever banged has been at this level of intoxication, only she wasn’t playing it up like a half dead corpse barely capable of self lubricating, for an editorial shoot, but rather was a half dead corpse barely capable of self lubricating, because you fed her those sedatives…I mean a guy’s got get laid somehow…and it’s not really your fault if the girl you’re date raping is inebriated…even if you helped get her that way..and it’s not even date rape…if you didn’t take her on a date.


Either way, love this shoot..it speaks to my soul and represents every love I’ve ever known on the first night we had sex…here are the pics..

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Babes Rockin’ Into The AM of the Day

A few days ago I posted these THESE PICTURES OF stepGIRLS/a> in INTO THE AM clothing…

It got me thinking that raving or this whole EDM thing is so massive it’s insane.

Not only are DJs I know, who used to make 100 dollars a gig getting 40,000 dollars a night with their robot thanks to autism music…but hoards of people, we’re talking busloads are showing up to these all night events and festivals, getting freaky…all dressed like circus freaks..I want to have sex with.

It is weird for me, because I used to go to raves, not for the drugs or music, or the underage people who couldn’t get into actual clubs, but for the ability to drink until 10 am…because I was never into doing drugs…because drugs are bad and designed and distributed by the government to brainwash people…but any excuse to drink all night worked for me…

You see the the raver weirdos of yesteryear were all a bunch of crackhead trolls…but the ravers of today…are the normals of yesteryear….the everyday babe who wouldn’t be caught dead in a rave…dancing on speakers in panties..and that is a good thing…if you like hot girls dancing…and I do.

So here’s a bunch of pics of some rave chicks in their INTO THE AM because you gotta love girls staying up past their bedtime..ready to grind.

Check out INTO THE AM Clothing a href=”/out.php?http://www.intotheam.com/” target=”_blank”> HERE and Remember – Drugs are Bad…

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Blumarine Nipple Fashion Show of the Day

Here are some nipples at a fashion show, because nipples and fashion go hand in hand, I’ve been jerking off to fashion magazines and fashion shows since the late 80s, and the fact is that I respect the fashion industry’s ability to both make see through clothing a trend…but also make million of money selling ads to luxury brands set to nipples…because nipples aren’t that big of a deal…but for some reason…it is only ok by the mainstream when in fashion….all while being ok by me…

Here is the Blumarine show….whatever that is….nipples!!

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Cosabella has Glow in the Dark Lingerie of the Day

Here’s a pretty interesting invention from a lingerie company, for those of us who need to find our bitches hiding in the dark basement we’ve locked them in…

I mean to add spice to your love life…even if that spice to your love life is masturbating in the dark so you can see how pretty your cross dressing weirdo ass is…

I think this is a weird concept…but I’m posting it anyway…because I think it’s a good tool to use on ugly bitches you want to keep the light’s off for…but still want to find their twats.

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Spanish Swimwear Fashion Show of the Day

Sometimes all I really need to get the day started is a couple of models, who I think are named Noelia Lopez and Katerina Strygina modelling some shitty swimwear in a fashion show in Spain, because why the fuck not…I’m international, cultured, at least when it comes to half naked girls I can look at without leaving my house… like that..

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Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers Naked for Exhibition Magazine of the Day

There is a magazine that I’ve never heard of called Exhibition Magazine…and this magazine did a photoshoot that is making it’s way around the internet…of a bunch of models you may or may not know…but should google because of the hard work they put into being hot as fuck..you know by just showing up places and getting their hair and make-up done…not even with a need to get dressed or showered before going to work…and not actually working…but more getting paid to hang…you know much harder work than going to the factory job you hate for 9 dollars an hour where you slave all day…because they are better than you..

Their names are Anja Rubik, Natasha Poly, Sasha Luss and Anna Ewers and they are lovely..

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Some Hot Pics for Fetish Manifesto of the Day

Photographer Jonathan Leder, who I have been a fan of for a while, because he takes awesome vintage erotic pics, which is kinda what I am into…and model Amy Hood, who I have been fucking with on Instagram for at least a year, are launching a 1950′s under the counter, nudie-mag inspired, one of a kind collectible publication and it is awesome…

It is called FETISH MANIFESTO and it is featuring original pics of models Emily Ratajkowski, Britany Nola and other revalent girls, who have become more relevant thanks to Jonathan Leder’s pictures early on in their careers.

I am a huge fan of whatever is going on here, and here are some of the pics. Support. FETISHMANIFESTO

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