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Robin Thicke featuring Emily Ratakowski Dancing Nude is the Music Video of the Day

I have facial recognition blindness, so I am not sure if this babe is my favorite girl in the game, who is always naked, with awesome tits, dancing around topless, in their Youtube Video, a Youtube video that for some reason hasn’t been deleted, even though when I post a video of a girl doing squats in tight pants, I get deleted. Life isn’t fair.

When you’re dad is the host of “Win Lose or Draw Canada’ in the early 90s, the brain behind such TV theme songs as most of them, and the dad from Growing Pains, you get away with murder.

Or maybe Youtube considers it is art, I know I do, at least if it means seeing hot busty babes dancing around topless, and as far as I’m concerned, whether this is Emily Ratakowski or not, I think it is, and that’s all that matters…. and her titty dance. as far as I’m concerned is just her practicing for our first dance at our wedding…No, not for a future working in a strip club.

She’s just too good to be ignored. A talent I write love songs for. I’m glad she’s getting out there…by putting her titties out there…cuz things that look like this can’t be ignored…the song however can be if it’s not your thing, just click “mute”

Safe to say, one of the best videos ever, all it took was titties.

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Iggy Azalea Lap Dance in her Work Video of the Day

It’s too bad Iggy Azalea blocked me on twitter…after watching her lap dance 2 minutes into this song…I think we could have really built a solid friendship….

I doubt she was a stripper…she’s Australian and probably from the suburbs, but there’s no story in mall rat freestylin’ while buying lattes with your allowance…especially not when you can move to America and re-invent yourself like a chat room on the internet….but at least she’s trying…

I’m just bummed it’ll never be in my face, mouth, dick, or fingers….cuz this girl is the kind of girl I’d throw a dollar at….maybe even a stack of dollars….

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Nicky – Rich Boy is the Song of the Day

So this mail order bride, Nicky Tuckova, was clever enough to hit youtube with a horrible song about finding a rich boyfriend….I am assuming it is straight from Russia, because everything that comes out of Russia is amazing, I guess it is thanks to a combination their years of communism behind the iron curtain, making them a breed of human all of their own, that is told to promote the country to help get some buzz since they are hosting the 2014 Olympics….

Best line “I have big tits” – wonder how she came up with that….

Second best line is when she says her phone number is – +6029481600

I didn’t call it, because I am not rich and don’t want to waste this viral sensations time on her quest to find Rich Boy…..

This is better than all other Youtube Sensations….gangnam style…call me maybe….it’s friday…can all suck my dick….Rich Boy for the win….

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Nicki Minaj Titties Twerk in a New French Montana Tune of the Day

Little known fact…I love Dancehall music and watching girls twerk to the shit….it’s all Caribbean and amazing….as they shake their asses and slap their asses…so I appreciate Nicki Minaj re-inventing herself to have a little more street cred…tapping into her Islander roots….leaving the whole bullshit pop shit behind cuz she’s already made it….leaving room to be topless with pasties….and the ability to say “NICCA NICCA NICCA” …without the world shitting on her…but most importantly…it allows her to tap into her Dancehall dance classes she took to learn how to act on stage…cuz this girl’s so far removed from the islands…almost whiter than the KKK…it’s all a bullshit front…trust nothing she does…she’s straight from acting school…fact.

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Tim Timebomb and the rest of Rancid Sing Hank Williams of the Day

I would listen to a little Rancid in the 90s….I mean I guess like everyone else…it was the MTV punk rock of a generation for teen girls into skateboarding everywhere…..

Well Tim Armstrong has a side project, or maybe it is a full time project, because I haven’t heard much Rancid since the 90s…..call Tim Timebomb….where he gets some people together….and sings old bangers…like this Hank Williams Sr song….

Little known fact, I listen to roots, bluegrass, old country, blues, pretty much all day….so I’m into this revivial….and that’s why I’m posting the awesome version….Boom.

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Matt & Kim – It’s Alright is the Music Video of the Day

I don’t know Matt & Kim….because I don’t really stay on top of music…but luckily they produced this awesome music video of a choreographed dance in their underwear in the bed….shot from the top….all artistic, high concept and fun….and more importantly….”Kim”….has an awesome ass while doing it….the song’s alright too….it’s alright….see what I did there? Yeah…I know…I’m a comedic genius cuz I don’t make anyone laugh…that’s how next level I am….which is not as next level as this…..

Now everyone….get in your bed and dance….

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The Weeknd’s Hot New Video with Titties of the Day

I am all about any music video with naked chicks in it….whether they are hot, gutter, or fat…..or strippers…or models…or actors…or just girls in a club…and whether the song is good, bad, or whatever, I will watch the shit…over and over again…like this was the 90s and this was the Spice Girls first video, where Mel B was all hard nippled the entire time in her green tank top….those were the days….masturbating to MTV….

Either way, this The Weeknd character is getting pretty huge, he’s from Canada, his manager once touched me inappropriately, and the girls in his video are fucking winners across the board…I couldn’t have cast this shit any better….

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Paul McCartney Does Kurt Cobain for Nirvana of the Day

In the event you were under a rock, there was a Hurrican Sandy concert to raise money for the 200 dead and destruction caused by the Hurricane, that featured every top British act from the 60s- Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Pink Floydd, Led Zepplin I don’t fucking know the line up…I just know some celebs were manning the phones, and I called a dozen times, not to donate but for phone sex, and didn’t get one….

The biggest news, was that Paul McCartney was going to play Kurt Cobain in a Nirvana reunion….andI don’t really care who plays Kurt Cobain, I just woulda rather seen Courtney Love shitting on stage like she was G.G. Allin, you know cuz the guilt of having Kurt Cobain killed for her own career has driven her to rock fucking bottom….and rock fucking bottom is more fun to watch than a 70 year old music legend singing 90s grunge…but I guess it’s kinda cool…even if I was only into one Nirvana song and that was because it was a Leadbelly song…and slave music from the 30s speaks to me more than teen angst from Seattle in the early 90s…but anyway you look at it, this performance ooozes talent…here’s the video.


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French Montana’s Pop That Contest to Start the Day of the Day

I haven’t been to the strippers in a long fucking time…it’s been at least a month….For someone who used to go multiple times a day….for hours on end….doing my work and eating their free buffet while staring at ghetto cunts with bad attitudes dance badly…that’s a long fucking time…

I think as I got older and the pussy I got with got hotter…I realized that damaged hot girls with implants exist who don’t strip….and they are more fun cuz with stripping comes a whole gym bag filled with more than just regular clothes, but issues that even porn chicks don’t have….from seedy drug dealers, obsessed fans to the fact they think they are celebrities at some Miley Cyrus level fame while really they aren’t shit an attitude that may mask their just sad, depressed, miserable whore who have given up lives….but who don’t suck fucking dick, even for money…..

See I don’t care about saving girls or their issues, I care about being their issues cuz issues aren’t fun especially since non-stripper girls just slut out for free and are always better at it…..

But maybe I’m just hating cuz I don’t go to Strip Clubs like rapper French Montana – cuz this Pop That contest is awesome…

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Swedish House Band Bring the Tits in Video of the Day

This is not a paid plug…in fact this is what I wrote the person from the label who sent it into me because he knows I like tits….

Your video is gonna go up today for the simple reason that I don’t mind helping you out even though your company doesn’t help me out financially, while your artist probably makes a fortune and I suffocate in credit card debt I can’t pay off while living off an obese wife who covers my expenses and doesn’t get mad when I steal 40 dollars for drinking…do you know what it is like to prostitute yourself to an obese woman for a shitty apartment and 40 dollars of drinking money….it is fucking humiliating…not to mention I have to sleep with her sometimes….do you have any idea what it is like to eat out an obese woman…it doesn’t smell like the chocolate cake her diet consists of…in fact it tastes like feces and bacteria that I hope lead to me dying a painful e.coli death cuz it is better than this fucking hell I live….. trying to make ends meet…….Merry Christmas….

That said, this video is amazing, Asian stirppers with implants and some POV style shoot out insanity set to some high paced song that will make you want to jump around, ideally on a dance floor, next to women you can stick your boner into makes for a good way to wake up…..did I mention there’s Asian strippers with impants….Good fucking times…

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Pum Pum Shorts is the Summer Banger Club Anthem of the Day

Her name is Teairra Mari….she has a song featuring reggae stars
Mr Vegas and Gyptian…called Pum Pum shorts….It’s pretty hilarious and I assume she coordianted this thanks to her Pum Pum shorts….and what she’s got willing to eat reggae star cock under her Pum Pum short…..

The video is her showing off her body…..talking like a little whore…and it works for me…I just can’t wait to see the collective dance girls do in public when this hits the mainstream club circuit….I’m hoping it increases the spread of HIV….HPV…or really any STD….

Either way, lots of ass…and if it doesn’t get you in the resort/summer mood, than you have no fucking soul…and you’re not a real man.

Thanks to KENARDO for sending this in.

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stepMUSIC Minute Featuring Travis Barker of the Day

I am fucking hungover and falling asleep on the computer. My life is shittier than it’s been for a while and I feel like I’ve survived a fuckin’ plane crash but not in a good way, in a painful, burnt mess way. So I figured it’d only be fitting to give you a Travis Barker remix of Eminem’s 3 am to get all you suburban white people excited. It’s like Blink 182 and Emimem at the same fuckin’ time, this is a 1999 wet dream…..

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Empire Isis Could Be The Next Big Thing Exclusive of the Day

I know you fuckers are into hard rock, death metal and other things that you can listen to while breaking things and masturbating while crying at the same time, but this song was just sent to me and it made me and my wife dance together. The truth is that I don’t dance, especially with my pig of a wife, but the artist is named Empire Isis, she’s out of Montreal, she’s been making music for a long time and she’s just turned down a deal with Interscope, has won a ton of awards and is produced by Prayon who is the same dude who does beats for Beyonce, G-Unit and Sean Paul. They are onto big things and you’ll be hearing a lot more from her in the next few months so I figured I’d be the one to release the tune. I’m an opportunist like that.

This is a Stepfather exclusive to start your day and I approve of Empire Isis so you should too.

Listen to the track : Empire Isis – Don’t Go Home (Dirty)


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I am – Hot Music Video With Tits of the Day

This band is called Operator and this song is called Soulcrusher. I have never heard of either but that’s okay, because I am am not a music blogger, all I do know is that I seem to only post tits or pictures of girls who have tits and this video, that I watched on mute, because my speakers are broken has lots of tits in it. That is pretty much all I need to determine whether it’s worth watching. The lead singer is some actor IMBD HIM

I like that things are moving in the tit direction, taking on porno elements in the mainstream, because I am tired of getting rejected from advertising deals because I post tits, while this band will only become famous because they post tits. Since I’ve never heard of them, I’ll call this another BUCKCHERRY situation, where I crashed their fucking servers, and helped make a case to get them signed by inflating their internet video popularity, and I never saw a fucking dollar for it.

I didn’t even land an interview with them or free tickets to their show…I don’t even think I got their CD, that I probably would have taken a shit on because their music fucking sucks, but I do know that they don’t give a fuck about how bad their music is while they are fucking whores in the bathroom of their million dollar tour buses that I got people to piss on…

Either way…Operator, I just made you famous, Bitch.

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I am – stepMUSIC: The Smoking Popes


Grover’s magic touch is slowly fading. I am not here to be a dick to people helping me out, but seriously, what happened to the failed musician living in a cabin in the woods, teaching music at the local high school. What the fuck’s this shit about watching VH1….guys in Cabins don’t watch VH1….and if they do, they don’t talk about it….where’s the wisdom and bitterness? Anyways, here’s what he had to say:

I was watching VH1 Classic last night and one of those horrible Aerosmith videos came on. You know, the ones with Liv Tyler and Alicia Silverstein. I don’t really have a problem with either of those girls, but I do have a problem with Steven Tyler. Sure, that guy has gotten laid a lot more than I have, but at least I’m not a homosexual skeleton freakshow that knocked up his own daughter. Rockstars get away with EVERYTHING.

Alicia Silverstein was in Clueless and since The Smoking Popes are the best Chicago band of all tiem and they were on the Clueless Soundtrack, I sort of like her by association. Actually, I’m giving her WAY too much credit.

The Smoking Popes mp3′s Right Click And Save Target – To Keep ‘Em

The Smoking Popes – “I Need You Around” (From Clueless Soundtrack)
The Smoking Popes – “Just Broke Up”
The Smoking Popes – “Rubella”
The Smoking Popes – “Mrs. You and Me”

Bonus – Some Britany Murphey Shopping at Kitson Pics from The Other Day Because She Was In Clueless. She’s Buying Some Classy White Denim Shorts That Remind Me Of The Indian Reserve I Used to Vacation At. And She’s With A Fat Girl. Maybe It’s Make A Wish Foundation The Plus Sized Version. This Is A Long Title.

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