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Arrested Dude Pissing Himself and Other Videos of the Day

Philly Cops Don’t Cover Up Naked Dude

Neighbor Destroys CCTV Cam

Crazy Person of the Day

Beware of Snow

Loser Thief

Dude Singing in a Shipping Container


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Naked Guy Beat Up By Security And Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Guy on the Bus…

Superbowl Brawl…

Robber Gets Punched in the Face in a Robbery Attempt

Saudi Boy Accidentally Fires Off Gun…

Spider Dance Freaks me the FUck Out….

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Naked Woman Crawl and Other Videos of the Day

Pig Drinking Cow Milk…

Brazilian Canival in the Bus

Leopard in School Fucks Kids Up

Fucked Up Scooter Accident

Terrifying Parked Car Accident – You Just Never Know…

Fat Man Mounting Horse

Dude VS Bees

Electrician Sticks Head in Ceiling

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Naked Drugged Out Dude and Other Videos of the Day

Pakistan Toplessness…

Granny Talking About Playing With Her Pussy

Bikini Ass VS Lighting Strike Featuring the Boyfriend’s Reaction

Cop Shoots Suspect

Dude Gets Head Stuck Between Car and Wall in McDonald’s Drive Thru

Woman Gets Slammed By a Car in Brooklyn and her Dog Died…Watch Out…

Ladder Takes Out a Woman

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Ghetto Chick with a Baseball Back and Other Videos of the Day

Old Man Died Fucking Hooker – Gets Transported by Medics – Still Inside Hooker

Robber Gets Shocked!

Bear in the City Gets Shot with a Sedative

Insane Work Accident – Looks Like

Asshole Kids Fuckign with an Old Guy

Crazy Car Accident of the Day

Dude Stabbing Chest and Flinches when he Gets his Finger

Young Robber Getting Beat Up – Before Being Shot and Left for Dead…Brazil..

Bourne Movie Filmed on the Vegas Strip…

Genius and His Elevator

Group Dance in Spain…

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Creepy Guy Stalks Women in Orlando and Other Videos of the Day

Flying Kick of the Day

Thug Attacks Pharmacist

Monkey Steals Lunch

Gun Pulled on McDonald’s Worker – I Call Fake

Chick at the Beach – Masturbating

Student Gets Fucked Up

Falling Ice of the Day

Disturbing Video of Mom Getting Fucked in Front of What Looks Like Her Kids….

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Two Prostitutes Fight Over a Client And Other Videos of the Day

New Reporter VS Banana

Intense Workers…

Disturbing Mall Shopper in Australia – NSFW

Just a Man – Repossessing some RIMS

Refugee VS Old German Man Who Defended A Woman Refugees Were Harrassing

Naked Polish Skinny Dipper Gets his Clothes Stolen

Topless Girl on the Bus

Russian Guy Forced to Walk Home for Not Paying at the Pub…

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Girl Undresses on Bus and Other Videos of the Day

Man on the Bus and His Boner

Brazil Seems Safe

Big Dog Barely Attacks Little Dog – Owner Reacts and Injures Big Dog…

Pedophile Caught Being a Pedophile at a Party…Town Doesn’t Like it

Man VS Gunman

Buggy VS People

Security Guard Assaults Two People He Caught Having Sex

Cow VS Hay Bail Doesn’t Realize It is Going to be Dinner

Racist on the Subway

Muscles of the Day

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FEMEN’s Mock Hanging is Amazing and Other Videos of the Day

Boston Robber Pulled a Knife to Rob a Phone – Broke his Ankle Begs for Mercy

North Carolina Bank Manager Prevents Robbery

Naked Couple Fuck on the Side of the Road

Drunk Guy Gets Attacked By a Bear

Falling Down the Stairs of the Day

Stole a car…Escaped…Ran Over a Woman

Man Fakes an Accident – while Buddy Steals Wallet

Black Cop Gets Tasered

106 Foot Yacht Sinks in Florida..

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Hilarious Feminist AVN Protest of the Day

This made me laugh. It’s not sexy, it’s just funny…

The DEEP GREEN RESISTANCE WOMEN’S CAUCUS , who have a very professional…TUMBLR page…

Protested the AVNs last week and posted this crazy manifesto about why they did it.

I didn’t actually read this feminist quest to fight girls who think they are empowered sexually through their porn, but I do think in this porned-up, porn-addicted, sexually fueled world we live in, it’s no longer worth fighting like they are Larry Flynt, going against god, but rather to back the fuck off and let people fuck on camera if they want, even if it benefits the porn owning Jewish men more than the girls getting 900 dollars to get double fisted by 12 dudes…

If you’re bored, this is probably worth a read, because this feminism shit isn’t already so ridiculous, you’d think these bitches lived in shackles in their husbands sex dungeons, instead of being the contributing, educated, possibly employed, despite being misguided people they are…

What they are fighting…is counter intuitive…and is not celebrating the woman who feel empowered participating…

Look, I don’t get how a girl getting throat fucked is empowering either, Feminists, I’m with you on this, but if you’re fighting for the rights of women and the progression of women, you’re not supporting the women getting paid more then men, in an industry that pays women more than men…and that’s hypocritical…

A Hypocritical extreme feminist? Impossible…

“On Thursday, January 21st, we disrupted the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada by setting off a series of 140 db alarms on the show floor. The ear-splitting noise caused a large disturbance, costing the Adult Video Network lost sales and, more importantly, sending a message to the men in attendance: Women do not exist for your pleasure.
The Adult Entertainment Expo exists at the intersection of patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism. Men come from all over the country to the AEE, excited to have their every misogynistic urge catered to by a multi-billion dollar industry built on sexualized cruelty and women’s objectification.

The AEE ends with an awards show honoring titles such as Up My Asian Ass 2, Too Big for Teens, Pretty Little Playthings, How I Became a Sexual Slave, and Black Ass Anal Drilling 4. In attendance will be a large number of violent, abusive men – including the rapist James Deen, who has been “honored” with multiple nominations despite his violence against women in the industry.

Liberals, progressives, leftists, and radicals would never accept this level of proud misogyny, sexualized racism, and fetishized capitalism if it appeared in any other form. But because this violent celebration of privilege and power revolves around sex – or, more accurately, what abusive men socialized into woman-hating call sex – our activist brothers and sisters have been silent.

Many on the left believe pornography is edgy, transgressive, or liberating. But there is nothing new in the practice of degrading women for male pleasure. The pornography industry is no more progressive than the Christian church, marriage, or any other patriarchal institution. Every single one is based on the idea that women are property men have the right to use at will.

We disrupted the Adult Entertainment Expo to send the message that an erection does not excuse white supremacy, that an orgasm does not excuse misogyny, and that capitalism does not become suddenly empowering when the product being sold is a woman’s body. There can be no liberation for women – especially poor women and women of color – so long as they are seen by men as objects to be masturbated to and then thrown away.

We call on all activists – whether feminist, anti-racist, communist, or otherwise – to follow our action with more strikes against the pornography industry. Its infrastructure is weak, with multiple vulnerable points easily open to strategic action. We especially call on men to reject pornography’s domination sexuality and align themselves with radical women in the fight against male supremacy.

Women’s torture is not men’s entertainment.

Violence and cruelty are not sex.

Female bodies are not for sale.”


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Hot Walk to the Beach and Other Videos of the Day

Naked in the Snow

9 Year Old Girl Excited for Trump…

Nude Statues Covered in Rome to Not Offend Iranian President…

Store Employee Pulls Samurai Sword

Moose Gets Tasered – Terrible Sound

Dude Moons

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Teacher Caught Banging Student in Class and Other Videos of the Day

“Your son told my son that his balls smell like cheese” – Moms Fight Over Bullying..

Cop Gets Taken Out by a Truck

People Love the Fat Russian Leo Doppleganger…

Crazy Hit and Run of the Day

Robber Shoots Himself in Hand…

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The Olympics have New Policy on Trannies of the Day


If I was trying to win an Olympic Gold – I’d take estrogen for a year and Lady Bug those Olympics. RIP Jonathan Brandis –

“International Olympic Committee: Agency Changes Guidelines for Transgender Athletes in Competition – The new guidelines allow transgender athletes to compete after one year of hormone replacement therapy, without having to undergo gender reassignment surgery.”

I’m no scientist, but the olympics are assuming that if I am a man who trains 20 years for a sport, I can spend 1 year on estrogen, and it qualifies me as a woman. TO compete against other women.

As an obese man, I have higher testosterone than most women, but most women can outrun me.

So if my sole goal is to win an Olympic medal but I can’t qualify, I’d just take hormones to change to the women’s section and get more glory being the first trans winner.

The Olympics are saying – it’s even, fair, just take hormones for a year, you don’t even need to chop your dick off.

Because every chick with a dick I’ve met – has not been an olympian not a sex worker….so Olympian trans people will be athletes who will do anything to win…

Seems like an olympic Gold loophole….

Soon the Olympic categories will be Men and Men on Woman Hormones. Women won’t even qualify. Yet the feminists will fight for this because they are PC idiots…who don’t realize TRANS is an attack on their gender. It’s the Patriarchy taking women jobs…and in this case Olympic glory…


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Dude Attacks an Escort in the Bathroom and Other Videos of the Day

I Love FEMEN Tits…because they HATE penis

Kid Gets Dildo Stuck in Bike

Man Rides Scooter with Umbrella Holding Dog

Man Boycotts the Snow Storm

Undercover Cop Takes Out Robber

Backflip Burpees…

Snow Penis of the Day

Handstand of the Day

Dude Almost Dies after his Car Breaks Down

Face Piercing in India…

Guy Does the Fireworks in a Bucket Challenge

Car Jacking Video…

Northwest Indiana – Do You Recognize this 7 Eleven Clerk Killer?

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Today in #UnderBoobPenChallenge of the Day


There’s a new social media challenge, that is hardly a real challenge, like the ice bucket challenge, or the Kylie Jenner lip Challenge, or even the Free the Nipple challenge to society to accept breast feeding, but still something started by some pervert, getting these lemming girls who want to prove their have perky tits, even though holding a pen under their tit doesn’t mean they have perky tits, because a real perky tit wouldn’t let you store anything under it, while some of the saggiest tits like you hide everything under it, including but not limited to a small child…

I do remember this being something girls did in highschool when I was in high school, and I encourage the comeback, because I like tits…no matter how their are manipulated to be shown…Frat boys and their silly frat boy ideas..

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