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Chinese Thigh Touch and Other Videos the Day

Another one…

Romance in China…

Mondday Morning Suicide

Bird VS Golfer

Dead Man in the Hudson River

Girl in a Mini Skirt Gets Attacked by a 2 X 4

The Anti Climatic Leg Touch on a Train

A Group of Teens Beat an Old Man…

Apparently – This Road Rage Victim was Found Dead…

Apparently – This is a Dad who made his daughter sleep outside while he went to party….practical

170 Haitian Inmates Escape Prison

Old Man on a Little Moped

Instant Karma for an Idiot

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Classy in Sacramento and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Jerks Dude Off in a Busy Taco Restaurant

Pedestrian Almost Gets Taken Out

Bull Stomping of the Day

Trump is a Joker…

NBA Video Bomb

70 Year Old Shot Dead During a Car Jacking..What the Fuck

Lifting Gate VS Drunk Guy

Woman Trips and Falls into Kiddie Pool….what

The Great White Shark That Broke Through the Cage

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Just a Man Masturbating in Public and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Pretends a Cop Groped a Woman

Cops Kill a White Person

Check Your Panties….

Alien Face Octopus

Bull VS Motorbike

Girl in 100 Pieces of Clothing Freaks Out

Man VS Anesthesia mid Procedure….

Just a good old fashioned child abduction

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Chick Swallows a Stick of Butter and Other Videos of the Day

Angry Women Over Naked Clinton Statue

More Anger over Naked Clinton

Terrible Driving of the Day

People Try to Catch Suicidal Woman with Cardboard

Jungle Training in Malaysia Involve Throwing Snakes at the Students

Pervert on Public Transit

Drunk Driver Stops in Middle of Highway to Piss

Humpback Whale Calf Freed from Shark Net in AUstralia

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Man Buys Used Stockings from Girl for 20 Chinese Dollars and Other Videos of the Day

Surfer Saves Family in Flipped Boat

Guy Beats Up a Chick…

Woman on a Roller Coaster

Flexible Girl…

Weird Staged Pull-Up Fail…

Ralph Nader Interviews Noam Chomsky About How He Was Censored By Media

69 Year Old Woman Knocked Out

Pump Pirate!

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5 Month Pregnant Girl Picks Fight With Boyfriend’s Dick Sucker and Other Videos of the Day

Sex on the Beach

Femen Protest Tits

Man Fights Great White Shark With a Broom

Fata and Horrible Offshore Boat Race

Gate VS Mercedes Benz

Woman VS Phone Thief

Suspect Beats Female Cop

Man VS Pigeon

Morality Police – VS Adulterous Couple

7 Year Old Driving

Drugs VS Wine

I Feel Like I’ve Seen This Clickbait Title Since His 2014 Stroke – But Here’s Randy Travis Singing Amazing Grace after his Stroke

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Australian Weather Girl Gets FHRITP and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Woman Doesn’t Know her Name

How to Stay Cool…

Cats VS Bowl of Milk..

Digger Woman VS Woman…

Fucked Up Car of the Day

Clerk VS Robber

15 Year Old Youths Lose Control of Stolen Car

Dude Shoots Up House

Chinese Market Pervert

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Korean Brothel and Other Videos of the Day

Australian Snakes having Sex

Girl Tries to Hide in the Dishwasher…

The Crackhead Shuffle

Weather Woman Tits

Road Rage in Atlanta

Crackhead Rap…

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Touching Chinese Breasts for Money and Other Videos of the Day

Naked PETA Protestors VS Wool

Breast implant of the Day

Creepy Clown Arrest

Fishing in Flood Waters

Highway Arrest

Young Dude in an Interesting Save

The New 5 Pound Not Plays Records more than DJs do…

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Footage Woman in Sex Assault Trial Deemed Too Drunk to Consent to Sex with a Creeper who fed her Booze – GOOD and Other Videos of the Day

7-Eleven Clerk Freaks Out Over Dude Buying a Slurpee

Car Slams Police Cruiser Dealing with an Emergency.

Shoeless Bum Knocked Out by Employee

Artist Creates a Weird Illusion

Man Loses Control of Excavator

Man Stabbing Dog in the Face an Throat in Texas…Motherfucker

Turkish Guy Killed Himself after breakup on FB Live…

Pervert Touching Ass in Asia

Naked Woman in Alabama

Chinese Man Pressing Up on a Woman

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Naked Woman Outside KFC and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Hindu Monks

Girl Fight in Dayton Ohio

Asian Fitness

Parents Whacked Out of Heroin

Insurance Scammer of the Day

Weird Flexbile Soldier

Two Girls Busted for Shoplifting

Creepy Clown trying to Break In

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Old Lady Ass Wiping and Other Videos of the Day

Fat, Naked and in Alabama

Naked Biker Chase

Girl Gets Beat

Mall Stabbing

Fox Host Tells Hard Truth About Hurricane…

Truck on The Edge

How to Fuck a Car…

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Drunk Woman Undresses in the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Chinese Woman in Short Shorts…Creeper Cam Version

Mom Shaves Daughter’s Hair as Punishment for Making Fun of Bald Cancer Patient

Indian Kid Gets 7 Inch Tail Removed…

Judge Makes Woman Remove Black Lives Matter Button

Mexican Host Farts on Tv

Robbery in Houston

Cobra in the Window

Plane Struck By Lightening.

Post Bear Attack

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Bottomless Woman on a Vehicle and Other Videos of the DAy

White Woman Pepper Sprayed By Cops While Restrained is a New Fetish

Road Sign Celebrating the End of Construction

Terrifying Truck Accident

Crazy Jumper

Cops Kill Black Guy with a Gun – What Jerks

Airbag Fail

Contoversial Race Car

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Miami Chuck E Cheese is Fun for the Whole Family and Other Videos of the Dy

Girl Gets Herself Arrested for Interfering with Arrest

Just Getting Stabbed in the Bronx station

Dead Mermaid

Speeding Car VS Old Man

Bus Runs Into Store

Lucky Girl of the Day

Grizzly Bear Messing with Security Cameras

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