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Gordon Douglas is the Creepy Bieber Pedophile of the Day

This is hilarious…. I don’t celebrate pedophiles, in fact I think pedophilia is dark, twisted, evil, disturbing as fuck….but this…this is just so ridiculous..that it has to be a joke out of a movie…

I mean an old man pretending to be Justin Bieber to get nudes and sex….from young people…HILARIOUS…

A 42-year-old university law lecturer who allegedly impersonates Justin Bieber on the internet is facing almost 1000 child sex charges after using the singer as a way to encourage children to send him explicit images.

Sure, there’s no humor in the fact that he raped some of these kids, that’s just insane, but the fact that he was able to lure kids into thinking he was Beiber and scoring all the nudes his pervert boner could desire – must have made him feel like he pulled a masterful troll for a while. Like he was a genius. Like it could never…Like “this cat fish thing is so easy”….and dude got hooked…he got greedy….it’s like “i’ve heard jokes about this on the internet, I can’t believe I pulled it off”…so next level….

More insane…he’s been doing it for 10 years…..

I don’t think trolling kids who are clearly retards and don’t have parents who teach them the basics of “never send nude pics to Justin Beiber on the internet” because it is probably not Justin Bieber you fucking moron…making the whole thing so awesome, like they almost deserved to be molested for being so fucking dumb…. it’s just proof the future generation are dumb as fuck but trolling as a whole is always funny, because people, in this case stupid children, can be so damn gullible…and perverts…can take a simple premise, a punchline to a bad joke in a movie…and make it happen for them….until they get caught…but still…great news story…keep up the great work world…

Oh the power of Bieber…

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Naked Woman Poses on Street and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Jerks Off to Completion to Girls Working in a Store

Kayaker Gets Flipped by Whale…

Truck Takes Out Power lines

Off Duty Cop Kills a Thief

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Unhappy Groom Marries Rich Woman and Other Videos of the Day

LAPD Shoot a Homeless Guy

Bus Descent of the Day

Smoking Dead Man in Coffin…

Just a Man Robbing a Woman with a Knife

Failed Suicide by Truck Attempt…

Drunk Guy Breaks a Girl’s Leg..WTF

Woman Fight in traffic

Rapist Attemting Rape Footage Caught on Camera…

Road Rage of the Day

Woman Tries to Shoot a Drone

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Naked Guy in the Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Fat Bitches at the Slap Contest

Monkey Cums for a Couple Sluts

Woman Stripped Topless for being a Slut

Woman Stripped Bottomless for being a Slut

Women Fight In Traffic

Dude Busted for not Obeying the Line

Brawl in the Middle East

One Direction Brings the Gayest Brawl Ever of the day

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Stripper Gets Body Slammed and Other Videos of the Day

Man Shits Himself in Supermarket

Cops Wo Don’t have a Ladder – Got it Figured Out

Driver Intentionally Tries to Run Over Two People

Pervert Pushing Up Against Women

Stripper Fight

Wife and her Drunk Husband

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Couple Have Sex a Dominos Counter and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Almost Survives….

Boyfriend Begs for Girlfriend’s Forgiveness…

Kayaker VS 500 Lbs Marlin

Ice Removal…

Robbery at a Fish and Chips Spot with a Banana

Man Attacks Bear

Dude with a Bullet Wound to the Face is Terrifying

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Wife Fights Mistress…and Other Videos of the Day

Breast Implants – The VIDEO

San Francisco Crazy Person…

Crazy Man in the Hall….

The Way to Feed your Baby…

Indian Man and his Big Old Bike…

Bums try to Catch the Bus…

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Transgender Boy Wins Texas Women’s Wresting and Other Videos of the Day

I wonder how it did it…

Fight in a McDonalds Where the Classy People are…

Elephant Gets Scared the Fuck Off…

Migrants VS Security

Gas Station Robbery Goes Wrong

Big Accident at the Gas Station

Man Hit by Car – Nobody Cares

Man Running to his Flight – Win….

Gnarly Motorbike Death

17 Year Old Jumps at the Mall..

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Mexican Politician Shows Kids How To Put on Condoms – With her Mouth of the Day

Her name is and she’s a 52 year old minx, who I guess before she was in politics was working the mean streets of Tijuana doing Donkey Shows and fucking white Americans on bachelor parties….because girl knows the hooker tricks that any of you who have fucked a hooker, or at least a well versed slut who insists on condoms because she’s had diseases and doesn’t want more…and has had abortions and doesn’t want more…and has been off birth control because that shit makes her fat and crazy as it messes with her hormones…because from my experience the girls who insist on condoms are the dirty ones…and they all try to make things better with these mouth tricks….

I figure you’re never too young to learn what takes some hookers at least a few weeks of work, which in some cases is a lifetime of cock….6 a day for 14 days…that’s a lot of cock….

Either way, these are some politics I can fuck with….not the trump updates on facebook that shits’ boring.

This bitch is the best…

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Topless Activist Hero and Other Videos of the Day

Chinese Robot Catches Jay Walkers

Bus Makes a Motorbike Sandwich

Cheating Train Barriers…Smart.

Crash Landing

Big Tits Charged with a DUI

Gnarly Hood Fight

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Dude Gets Knocked Out with a Helmet and Other Videos of the Day

Cops Prevent Suicide

Motorcycle Dude with Skills…

Icy Bitch

Kid Steals a Phone…

Naked Man Festival in Japan…

Thug with Shotgun Robs 7-Eleven

Donut at the Red Light…

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Topless Feminists Protest Pence and Other Videos of the Day

French Waitress Pulls Giant Lizard Out of the Restaurant

Wanna BE Gangster gets taught a Lesson

Harrison Ford Landing His Plane at a Commercial Airport is LOLz

Girl Facebook Lives Catchign her Man with Another PUssy

Pervert Caught Masturbating in the Crawlspace

Woman Tries to Smuggle Herself in a Suitcase

Video of a Woman Being Abducted

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Old Farmer Sucks Breast at the Village Party and Other Videos of the Day

Waffle House Brawl with the Staffers

Very Thirsty Woman

Man Hits his Kid 62 Times in 5 Minutes

Suicide Fail of the DAy

Camera Sucked Out of Plane – Killed 12 People…


Dude Gets Hit By Car Twice

Woman Survives Train Accident

Asian Driver

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Girl Grabs Boobs from Behind Back and Other Videos of the Day

Lifting Van to Save a Boy

Truck Driver and his Crazy Stunt

Kitty Beer Opener…

Roof Gets Taken Off Building…

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Couple Playing Naughty Games and Other Videos of the Day

Inmate Attacks Dude Who Killed an 11 Year Old…

Girl Shouldn’t Gamble

Patient Who Ate Toothbrushes

Innmate Headbutts Correctional Officier

Dude Shoots his Neighbor

Bad Cop…

Man Tries to Clean Gutters on a Shaky Ladder…

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