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Naked Girl in the Road and Other Videos of the Day

Elevator Fail in China

Horse Possibly Dies at the Horse Race in the Philippines

Dog VS Gopher

The UFC Weigh-In Where She Got Naked is Good – Worst Porn Ever – but Good

Lizard Sees its Reflection

China’s Media Released a US Bathroom Sex in the Shower Video

Israeli Swan Dive!

Stranded Scuba Diver Records Final Thoughts While Stranded 6 Hours – He Was Saved – What a Drama Queen

Angry Man Doesn’t Like Poeple Filming

Attempted Cop Strangulation

WTF China Driver

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Migrant Vendor Gets Kicked in the HEad and Other Videos of the Day

Hot Swedish Runner Face Plant – THe Way TOu Like Her….

Dog Saves the Chickens

Police in Spain Save Dog

Thieves in Capetown

Baltimore Dirt Bike Gangs…

Lamborghini Crash…

Drive-By Shooting Fail

This Subway Ad is in My Heart forever – This is My Third Time Posting it…

CHinese Hooker Slideshow..

Hamptons House Party – Trashed House Due to Midget Wrestling

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Topless Woman Stripped on the Street and Other Videos of the Day

The Swedish Man Who Has Sex with the Forest

Creepy Children’s Attraction

Kidnapping Attempt..

Bathroom Clown Scare Mask…

Woman Stabbed During Robbery

Police save Suicidal Man

Louisiana Black Killing

Girlfriend Live Streams Boyfriend Getting Shot

Dog VS Robber

Woman Stripping Over Purchase Dispute

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REfugee Masturbating on a Bus in Sweden after assaulting a 13 and 16 year old girl…and Other Videos of the DAy

Topless Protestors Against Bull Fighting…

Drunk Girl on the Plane is Amazing

Wife Catches Husband Cheating

Shark Fight!

Naked Man and the Air Conditioner

Cockatoo Refuses to Eat Broccoli

Illegal Immigrant in a Suitcase

In Case You Missed It – Subway Slut

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Naked Woman VS Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Sex on the Waterfront

Guy Humping a Tree

Fast Food Brawl…Nice Thong Assses

Dude Checks Out Tits on TV

Raven on the Treadmill

Show Off Fails

Americans of the Day – I Bet They Vote Trump

Suicidal Man – Jumps and Lands on a Scooter

Drunk Woman on PLane

Apparently – This is an Old Man Jerking Off to a Little Girl

Russian Knockout

Idiots Playing with Fireworks…Why America?

The Most Disturbing Video Today

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BabesForTrump for July 4th of the Day


BabesForTrump that aren’t really babes but are half naked are perfect for July 4th day….Because this is America and it is America day….

In more interesting slimy Trump news – the creepy sleazy rich pig who is a known womanizing misogynistic who probably objectifies everyone because his moral code is based solely on money like most rich womanizing men who think they are invincible and act like mob bosses like an 80s tycoon he is – this rape culture USA story is serious, juicy and credible even if he discounts it and would…first rule of being rich is to admit nothing make rape victim look like the predator win presidency – read it here

But babesfortrump are what matters – girls who support rich pricks and I know that this isn’t news, that I am not political, that these babes who are hardly babes, but rather sorority looking white trash strippers looking for any excuse to get half naked and to potentially go semi viral on the Internet by stripping down and slurring up for Trump is about as America as you can get – because Trump’s whole convoluted campaign is about making America great again, whatever that means, and as a Canadian I am strictly basing my opinion on having seen Trump in action since the 80s and knowing all he is is gaudy, trashy, bullshit and I find it hard to think he’s anything more than that in his political career that doesn’t exist before this media event that is his running for President. I also know he panders to the lowest human form and is like the Borat scene where he says “support our troops” and the retards cheer him right after booing him.

It’s not my America or my Fourth of July and I am not even talking his politics I am talking his public image, because I know as you know whoever is elected is a puppet to the evil brains that actually run the company, that’s why I appreciate trumps campaign despite thinking it’s brilliant yet Moronic

More importantly – I am all for fame whores who are behind him showing their behinds getting as naked as they can for the election hoping he either makes them famous or as a collective they’ll get famous and based on Trump’s track record these may be your next Secretary or Stare or whatever he has the power to elect when he wins, because he will probably win, before getting assassinated or be very entertaining

Whatever this trashy, basic, nonsense is – I like it. It reminds me of every Stripper, middle of the road employee, tanning salon cashier and Floridian I’ve ever known.

This is America and this is the freedom you’ve fought for. Not bad….


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Artist Lets Dudes on the Street Touch Her Vagina and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Stuffs Bag of Feces Down Woman’s Pants in Manhattan a

Man Gets Mad at Breast Feeding Mom

Brawl with Chainsaw and Ax

Female Passenger Kick Other Passenger in the Face – White People

Oceanside Drunk Driver Plows Through Pedestrian and Drives a Mile with her Car Like This..

Husband Tries to Behead Wife

Skydiving Demo Loses Parachute – But Lives

Fake Handicapped Busted

Real Men Chug Vodka Like Real Men

Cops Beat Kid for Recording Them

Robber VS Glass Door

Condomless Sex from Hooker for 80 Chinese Dollars (12 USD)

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New York Couple and Other Videos of the Day

Bikini Wearing Woman Gets Beat

Biker in a June Hail Storm

Gas Station Theft

Construction Golfer of the DAy

Terrifying Biker Accident

Scooter Driver of the Day

Van Driver of the Day

South Africa Teacher

Mayor in the Sewer!

Poor Horse!

Naked Jumper!

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Taco Tuesday Brawl Over Salsa and Other Videos of the Day

Dake One Legged Beggar

Baby Deer of the Day

Peeing Grl on the Side of the Street Takes a Pee

Robber Opens Fire on Door

Puppy VS Mirror

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Couple Banging in a Church Captured By Drone and Other Videos of the Day

Terrifying Rape Attempt / Public Spanking of the Day

Taco Bell Fight of the DAy

Man Gives Water to Wolf


Refugee in Germany of the Day

Unfortunate Situation of the Day

Topless Woman Undresses

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Woman Testing Mattress at the Mattress Store and Other Videos of the Day

Fat Lady with a Cane Dances in the Street

Stupid Human Trick – Like a Porn Scene

If this is the Next Civil War – Between White Power and the Rest of the World – It’ll Be Pretty Lame

Squirrel Taunts – Cat

Testing the Glass Bridge – Made in China

Two Kids Don’t Get Accepted in School and Jump Off Building Together

85 Year Old Stabs Security Guard

Diarrhea of the Day

Slashing in the Bronx

Man in Hotel – Throws things

Hitchiking With his Dick Out

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Cavs Fan Eats Horse Shit….and Other Videos of the DAy

Baseball Batting Bikini Slut

Don’t Play With Lighter when Fueling Car

Inmates Attacking Jail Guards

Idiot Tries to Incriminate Police in the Dumbest Way

Cameraman Gets Smoked Out

Woman Tackles Snake

Robber of the DAy

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Girl VS COPS….and Other Videos of the Day

Prisoner Throws Feces at Judge After Being Sentenced


KFC Robbery

Painting Dead Trees Green in China

Man Swallowed Wrench

Man Killed in Brazil

Naked Man in Milan

Monkey Like Makeup…

Rice Wine Vendor Uses Tits to Promote Wine…

Cute Medical Procedure of the Day

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Couple Having Sex in Broad Daylight and Other Videos of the Day

Lady Breast Feeds Baby After breaking Leg

WOman Takes off Clothes to Protest on Street

Naked Dude VS Police

Ronaldo Gets Annoyed by Reporter

Anesthesia Problems…

Drunk Of the Day

Chernobyl Fish

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Naked Woman Won’t Let Man Go and Other Videos of the Day

Couple Gets Beat By Bouncers in Spain….

Husband Drops Wife

Bride Charging to Let People Grab her Tits

Nked Man Chased Outside

Bag Snatch Runner on Live TV

Cliff JUmping is Idiotic

Beauty Blogger with a Disability of the Day

Guy Under Anesthesia Race Car Driving

Big Boob Brawl

Mom Drifting with Son

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