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Husband Beats Cheating Wife and Other Videos of the Day

Midwife Films Water Breaking

Father and Son Bond while Beating Dude with Baseball Bat

Car Rams into Gas Pump

Crazy Dude of the Day

Guy Kayaks Through Drainage Pipe

Cop Gets Road Head

Car Explodes

Scooter Driver VS Debris

Deadly OverTaking

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Swerving Cop in Indiana Getting a Blowjob and other stepNEWS of the Day

Facebook Lives a Deadly Shooting in Walmart Parking Lot

Insane Balcony to Pool Jump

Naked in Ukraine

Woman Steals Purse from an 85 Year Old

Naked Bikers

Man Hacks Woman in Head for No Reason

The Beer Juggling Contest

Fucked Up Motorcycle Accident

Female Prison Worker – Attacked by Inmates!

Dude Dies when Someone Jumps on Him Cliff Jumping

Charging Great White

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Peeping Tom and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Amazing Woman High on the Sidewalk

Base Jumping Into the Clouds

Monkey Wants to Eat Pregnant Belly – HARAMBE

Crazy Neighbor at the Corner Store

Snatching Money from a 91 Year Old’s Bra

Doggy Daycare Pool Party

Don’t Text and Bike

Village Woman and her Nunchuck Skills

Cop Using Excessive Force of the Day

RCMP Officer Luring Underage Girl

Dude Points Gun at Cops – Gets Shot

Peeper Looking into a Teens Bedroom

Hillary Clinton – Fainting…

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Topless Girls on Bikes and Other Videos of the Day

Dog With Aborted Baby Fetus in its Mouth

Woman Freaks Out and Wrecks the Place

Road Rage of the Day

Idiot Almost Gets Run Over

Woman Cop of the Day

Plane Hit By Delivery Van

Guy at the Gas Station

SUV Vs Food Store

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Sex in a Tijuana Bar and Other Videos of the Day

Man Confesses to Killing Wife and Kid – Saying She Deserved What She Had Coming

Motorcyclist Takes Flight

Diver Swarmed by Sea Lions

Girl Shoots Bow and Arrow Doing a Hand Stand

Hindu Worship Ends with 12 People Drowned

World Record Domino Drop Shot

Murder Suspect Who Killed a Dude in Vegas for Not Holding Door Open for a Woman Slips Out of Handcuffs and Walks Out of Interrogation Room….

Mistress Stripped in Car

Man Boxes a Kangaroo –

Drone Saves Drowing People in Spain

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Just a Dude on the Street Jerking Off…and Other Videos of the Day

Homeless Man Sex

Naked Woman Walks Into the Store

Chinese Cheater of the Day

Topless Woman VS the LAPD

Creepy Pervert Lookin’ Up ATM Room

Pig with a Penis Head

Belly Flop To Death

Girl Jumps off School Building after Fight Over Boy

Never break up a fight

Six Year Old VS Robbers

Cop Stomp

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Woman Pulls Sommething Out of Her Vagina in the Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Gay Gangster Loses His Phone and Freaks Out

Chinese Man Offers Free Massages to Molest girls…

Dad Throws Daughter to Get Her Balloon off the Ceiling

Weird Suicide of the Day

Lady Gets Naked on a Baltimore Bus

Shits in a Supermarket

Belly Dancer of the Day

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Black Cop Daggering White Girls in the UK and Other Videos of the Day

Prostitute Offers Discount Because Dude’s Penis is Pinky Sized

Preacher VS Hooker

Dead Frog in Ice Cream

Carnival Cruise VS Marina

Right Light Runner…

Cyclist VS Motorbikes

Soccer Player Applauds Himself

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Oral Sex in Theater and other stepNEWS of the Day

Weird Body Painting Event

Patient VS Doctor

Sex Dolls of the Day

Old Man Gets Pranked

Dog Watches Soccer

Knife Weilding Man VS Swedish Police

Golfer VS Drone

Drunk Scooter of the Day

Man in Flames…

Cop who Shot Teen Girl..

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Lady Boy VS Rape Culture and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Car Roles and Continues Like it is Nothing…

Horny Muslim – Molests His Adult Daughter 1 minute 30 in…

Guy Rides an Ostrich to Work

Tanker Explodes on Highway

Hyena in the Bath

Best Performance during and Insurance Scam

Snake in the Chicken Coop

Hawk Drops Live Snake on Family BBQ – Looks Fake…

Dude Gets Shot Eating Ice Cream

Cat Saved by Ravioli Can

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Topless Protestors in Denver and Other stepNeWs of the Day


Cat in a Jar

Mom and Daughter Caught Shoplifting

Orca’s Surfing

Dead Man Found in Brooklyn…

Luckiest Dog

BULLS Vs Assholes

Lightning VS Reindeer

Gym Hump

Trying to go to extreme lengths to Make Unicycle Cool…

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Naked Jay Walker and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Public Asian Mistress fight…

Girl Drags Bf Off Stage Mid Lap Dance

Canadian Beer Robbery By a GUY IN a Goalie Outfit…

Biker TAKEN out by car Door

Granny VS Cross Walk Causes Biker vs Car…

A Man in Clearwater Asshole Flash…

Topless Girl Promoting Club…

Moto Swing is Some Dumb Shit

Apparently THIS Is a Dude Getting Shot for Banging A Taken WOman…

Dude takes Out Peasant’s Shit Bucket…

Suicide Rescue in Jersey…e

Sex on the Beach Prank…

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Hot Model extreme eater VS Chicken Fries and Other stpNeWS of the Day

Dude on Scooter Sent Flying…

Sad – Moose Running Into Wall…

Out of Control Truck

Baby Stuck in Hot Car in Philly – PRANK ..

Heroin Smuggler

Tornado VS Starbucks!

Woman Beat in San Francisco…

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Girls On Motorbike VS Car and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Guy in his Underwear VS Starbucks….

6 Guys VS 1 Fat Turk

Indian Stick Fight

Dumb as Fuck Drift

Blackhead Removal is Not Hot

Cliff Jump Fail

Cop Dog VS Guy Who Trains It

Robbing the Gun Store

Sex in a Mall…

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Massage Girls Go Through Intense Training and Other stepNEWS of the Day

Resident Buried Under Rubble of Italian Earthquake

Sinkhole in China

Mob Attacks a Couple Who Asked them to Get off Their Car

Seal Hops on Boat to Avoid Orca Hunt

Farmers Looking for their Drunk Friend the Day After

Dog Abuser Gets Beat in China

A Dad and his Gag Reflex

Failed Suicide Save Attempt

Dying Rat in China Gets Revenge

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