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Here’s the amazing hungover as fuck….up all night black friday is hilarious and brings out the freaks news featuring idiots I wish I knew cuz I’d make a documentary on them…they are more interesting than you…cuz they’ve made it on the local news and if that’s not being a legend in their trailer park…I don’t know what is…Fuck I wish I was out black fridaying it – but I’m in canada and on a couch. I fail at life.

Former ‘Idol’ flubs national anthem


A former American Idol star didn’t have the most spectacular performance of her career at the Lions vs. Packers game today. During Lauren Alaina’s performance of the National Anthem, she seemed to have forgotten the words, and stopped singing for several seconds.

Woman Pepper Sprays Other Shoppers On Black Friday
Authorities say 20 people had minor injuries when a woman shot other customers with pepper spray during a Black Friday sale.


Black Friday Chaos at Georgia Walmart
Chaos unfolded at a north Georgia Walmart store on Thanksgiving night. As Black Friday shoppers were let in to the store in Ellijay, shoppers started pushing, shoving and screaming.


Black Friday Brawl at Arizona Walmart
A misunderstanding over what was thought to be a shoplifting incident left a grandfather bloodied and bruised by local police.

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Here’s the News….cuz I fucking love local news….and have for as long as I can remember…with their idiotic stories of idiots that aren’t idiotic enough to be on the national news….

Here’s a few thanksgiving

Defense factory workers party at lunch
There’s a plant in Detroit called Tower Defense and Aerospace. The name itself gives you an idea what they do inside, but it’s what workers were caught doing outside during their lunch break that will shock you.

Texas Mom Joins Teen Fistfight
Shocking video posted online shows a mother getting involved in her daughter’s fight. The girls are both Garland middle school students and now the woman is under arrest.

Bikini Barista Robbed by Cyclist
Police in Washington are investigating a robbery of a bikini clad coffee barista in one of the states drive thru coffee stands.

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Here’s the news….perfect and insane….these are the people we share our streets with….these are the days of our lives….I spend too much time alone.

Illinois Girl Crashes Car Because Boyfriend Wouldn’t Take Her to Breaking Dawn Pt. 1
She was also charged with DUI

Girl’s Teeth Shattered in Atlanta Nail Salon Brawl
A teenage girl’s teeth were shattered when a large porcelain bowl struck her in the face during a brawl inside a suburban Atlanta nail salon that may have been touched off by a dispute over pricing.

Drunk Driver Calls 911 To Turn Himself In
A Wisconsin man called a 911 dispatcher to let authorities know he needed to be arrested

Football Coach’s Wife Changes Grades Of Players
An Illinois high school coach’s wife is being accused of changing grades of 64 students in the school’s computer system so they could play on the team.

NY Vodka Billboard Controversy
A liquor billboard in New York called Anti-Semitic has been removed

Boy, 10, Claims Shocking Sex Assault at School
A local mother say her special needs son was sexually assaulted at school, not once, but twice. And she says when she reported it, the school blew her off and retaliated against her.

Meals on Wheels Volunteer Faces Charges
He was supposed to deliver food to elderly neighbors in need. Instead, one Meals on Wheels volunteers is now charged with sexually assaulting one of the women he signed up to help.

Arizona Student Threatens to Stab Teacher
A 13-year-old middle school student is accused of threatening to stab her teacher and she was caught carrying an 8 inch knife.

Assault on Boston street caught on tape
An attempted robbery and a violent assault on the streets of Boston went unreported, but was caught on camera.

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Here’s the news…which despite popular belief is the only post worth checking out on this site….sure there’s no celebrity tit in it…but at least there is substance….substance that may not be actual substance…but instead just the real gutter trash of humanity…but substance nonetheless cuz it doesn’t come from a controlled, publicist spin doctor, staged plastic town…it comes from the cross roads of America….from Mainstreet to Walstreet motherfucker….These stories are amazing…

Colorado Christian Teacher Nailed For Affair With Student
Christian school teacher arrested for sexual relationship with student and school officials indicted for not reporting the incidents.

Father in Baby Hitler Custody Case Speaks Out
A family court hearing in Flemington, N.J., ended on Monday with Heath and Deborah Campbell, the parents in the Baby Hitler case, unable to bring home their newborn child. Three other children with Neo-Nazi names remain in state care.

Caregivers Waterboarded Elderly Patient
A pair of Georgia caregivers were arrested for torturing an elderly woman with dementia that started over ice cream at an adult care facility. The attack happened in 2008 and has finally reached a grand jury.

Details Tied to Sorority Rapes Released
Police racing to find a Dallas-area rapist who appears to be preying on members of a national black sorority have released a written timeline of the attacks and additional details about a surveillance video.

Rape Victim Ordered to Pay Her Attacker
In 2008, Crystal Harris was raped by her husband Shawn Harris… who was convicted of spousal rape, jailed and forced to register as a sex offender… but that’s not where the story ends.

VIDEO: 7-11 Flash Mob Robbery
About 50 teenagers and young adults walked into the convenience store at the same time, then walked right out with snacks, drinks and other items in Maryland

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s the news…I use this post to give the site purpose…see cuz all that other celebrity shit just doesn’t matter at all…it is noise to an otherwise beautiful world….

Toys R Us Refuses To Take Dirty Talking Dolls Off Shelves
Shoppers swear that the You & Me Talking Triplets dolls are using foul language.

Best Eye Witness Acct. Of The Week
“It went pow. Then I heard another pow”

CA Teacher Suspend For Running Porn Site From Work
A California teacher has been suspended from work for running her school issued computer to run provocative website.

School Principal Resigns After Sexting College Intern
40-year-old Deer Path Middle School Principal John Steinert resigned Sunday after mounting pressure and anger from Lake Forest parents over a sexting case.

Fake doctor injected woman’s butt with cement and tire sealant
A Florida transgender man living as a woman is facing charges of practicing medicine without a license after allegedly injecting a substance containing cement, oil, a tire sealant and super glue into a woman’s buttocks. #tranny problems

Teacher Calls Cops After Seeing Boy And Girl Kiss
A Florida teacher called police when she saw a 12-year-old boy and girl kiss in gym class because she thought it was a sex crime.

TN Man Assaults Mother With Ham

Student Sues Coach For Calling Him A ‘Future Welfare Recipient’
After two years of harassment by a coach a high school student has finally had enough.


WIld End To CA Pursuit Of Pantsless Suspect

New York Sex Shop Workers Killed
Police say a man was killed at an adult video store in Brooklyn early Saturday morning


Woman Arrested For False Stalking Claim in Pennsylvania
A woman who claimed one cop stalked and assaulted her while another falsely detained her is under arrest herself.

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stepNEWS of the Day

The news is amazing….I love it and you should to because these are the real people making important enough moves to go from being unknown weirdos to being televised weirdos…public humilation for doing stupid things is always entertaining…..here’s the latest I got for you.

Wisconsin Man Slashed With Samurai Sword By Jealous Ex-Boyfriend
The odd part is that the attacker gave his victim a ride to the hospital afterward

NM Cops Arrested For Brutal Attack On Suspect

NJ Teacher Belittles Special Needs Student

Airline Pilot Gets Stuck In Bathroom On Flight
A mid-air terror scare broke out when an airline pilot was trapped in the plane’s bathroom.

Alleged White House Shooter’s Oprah Audition Tape
Two months ago suspected White House shooter Oscar Ortega-Hernandez asked an Idaho University student to videotape a segment pitch to Oprah Winfrey for her ‘Make A Difference’ campaign.

Video Shows Police Beating Student
Aman Abdulaziz had a goal at Sam Houston State University. The 19-year-old was majoring in history and planned to be a lawyer.

Syracuse coach accused of molestation
Police said late Thursday they were investigating a molestation allegation against long-serving Syracuse University basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine.

Blind Man Claims Innocence in Child Porn Arrest
A Tennessee man claims that the child porn found on his computer wasn’t his and his disability wasn’t dealt with correctly.

‘Car Bomb’ Prank Signs Land Ga. Man in Jail
A Woodstock, Ga. man was charged with terroristic threats because of two signs he left on a stranger’s car that was parked in front of his house, police say.

CO Transgender Teen Suspended For Using Girls Bathroom
Dionne Malikowski of Fort Collins, Colorado was suspended for using a girls bathroom after being instructed to use the boys bathroom or staff bathrooms instead, but fear of her safety after years of harassment.

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stepNEWS of the Day

You know the morning news is gonna be good when they have a pornstar like Bree Olson in her shitty brown sweater on the shit…you know cuz pornstars aren’t supposed to be on morning shows…they are supposed to be passed out or jacked on meth…unable to function in order to live with their whore selves for exploiting their vaginas for what they thought was a good life, but that turned out to be a shitty life worse that hooking in the back alley behind their shitty town bar….unless they are Bree Olson who hook for Charlie Sheen then drop out of a dirty as fuck porn career to be on TV…what a fucking joke…..

Here’s the rest of the news…perfect for you to get conversation pieces for when you talk to yourself – cuz no one ever talks to you…

Goddess Bree Olson Talks AVN Awards on Good Day LA
Bree Olson famously dated Charlie Sheen as one of his “Goddesses”… she’s also known as an actress in the adult film biz.

Hottie teacher charged with armed robbery for prescription drugs
A Massachusetts middle school teacher is out on $1,000 bail after pleading not guilty to pointing a gun in a man’s face and stealing his prescription drugs and cash.

Video: Car Stolen During Test Drive

Michigan 7th Grader Suspended For Accidentally Touching Teacher
A Michigan school teacher accidentally toucher her teacher while yawning and ended up with a 180-day suspension

Memphis Drama Teacher Arrested For Soliciting Young Men For Sex

Sugar Plumb Fairy Fired For Naughty Language
While waiting for a mandatory drug test Laura Coppinger cursed and lost her job in the town’s Christmas Festival.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some news you low life trash that embarrsses me everyday cuz you’re too dumb to even grasp this shit….no offense or anything.

OH Man Turns Apartment Into Brothel
An Ohio man admits that he turned his apartment into a ‘massage parlor’ and was selling sex.

OH Cook Faces Charges For Giving 2-Year-Old Alcohol
A Canton, Ohio cook at a Japanese steakhouse gave a young boy Saki and squirted the boy a mouthful.

Caught on Tape: Escaped Suspect Crashes Trying To Get Away
An escaped suspect tried to get drive away from justice, but didn’t make it very far.

Cocaine Found in Horse Saddle
Police uncovered $500,000 of cocaine inside a horse saddle Tuesday in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Massachusetts School Bus Driver Shot In Head By Students’ Pellet Guns
A Lawrence school bus driver was shot in the head with a pellet gun, police said. The driver was hit while driving kids to school Tuesday morning. He was not hurt.

Boy gets stuck under school bus seat in Florida
Firefighters are used to helping people in tight spots, but nothing like what they found on an Orange County School bus Monday night.

Video Shows Dallas Police Officer Push Occupy Dallas Protester
Police are again investigating the Occupy Dallas movement. But this time they are looking at one of their own.

Woman Jailed in Sword Attack on Husband
A Chandler, Arizona man called police and said his wife was attacking him with a sword. The woman was arrested, but police say the man is now changing his story.

VA Physics Teacher Arrested For Being Drunk In Class
A Loudoun County teacher faces charges after police say he was drunk at school. The incident happened Monday at J. Michael Lunsford Middle School in South Riding.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some news to enlighten your ignorant mind…..you know to really make you realize that you are not the only idiot out there, but in fact there are a fucking lot of idiots, only they’ve gone to distance and got themselves on TV, while all you have done is masturbated 3 times today….weirdo

Here’s the news..

Man Buys Fully Loaded Minivan. Fully Loaded With Cocaine.
A California man bought a used minivan and upon having trouble with the windows he discovered that the 2008 minivan once used a rental car was stocked with 19 kilos of cocaine.

Jerry Sandusky Claims Innocence In Interview
Former Penn State Football coach Jerry Sandusky gave Bob Costas an exclusive interview and claimed that no improper contact or conduct took place between he and young children.

NJ Teenager Suspended Over Confederate Flag Sweatshirt
A New Jersey middle schooler Torri Albrecht was suspended when she wore a Confederate Flag sweatshirt to school upon refusing the request of officials that she take it off or turn it inside out.

Teen Claims Bullying Over ‘Osama’ Name
The family of Lake County Illinois high school student David Osama Haddad filed a lawsuit today alleging that he was bullied and attacked at Lake Central High School, and the district did nothing to help.

Young Punks Target Elderly Detroit Woman With Graffiti
They tagged her garage. When neighbors helped her paint over it, they made it worse.


Update: Second Michigan Chuck E. Cheese Family Speaks Out


Cop Arrested for Shooting Cop Ex-Girlfriend
A Florida police officer fired 10 rounds at his cop ex-girlfriend and was then arrested at a pizza shop. The woman was unharmed thanks to her bulletproof vest.

University of Texas Frat Suspected of Drug Trafficking
Members of a UT Fraternity are suspected of running a drug trafficking ring.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some news…because sometimes I need to make myself feel better about posting about celeb cunt all day….waste of time…kinda like marriage….but the internet website version….

Mom Gets 5 Yrs Probation for Sexting
A Katy, Texas mom will spend the next five years on probation for sending nude photos to an underage boy.

Brawl at Michigan Chuck E. Cheese’s
“I saw my grandma go in the ambiance.”

Man Attacked With Pumpkin, Left Injured
A Pittsburgh area man was hit in the head with a 10 lb. pumpkin, probably thrown at him by someone in a passing car.

34-Year-Old Woman Arrested For Sex With 17-Year-Old Boy
A 34-Year-Old woman was arrested after a domestic dispute with her 17-year-old boyfriend after police found bite marks on the boy.

Parents Upset Porn Star Reading To Kids
California parents are upset that former porn star Sasha Gray participated in the Read Across America program at their children’s school.

Larry King: “I Don’t Miss The Kardashians”
Former CNN talk-show host Larry King says there are days he misses his show and covering big news stories, but the Kardashian sisters isn’t one of them.

Dog Eats $1,000, Owner Only Gets $900 Back

CO Woman Bites Two People On The Neck At Convenience Store
An intoxicated Colorado woman groped and bit a customer and a clerk at a Colorado convenience store.

‘Beer Bandit’ Sought in Georgia
Police say a man traded buckshot for beer when he blasted his way into a convenience store and made off with a couple of 12 packs.

Oregon Cop Slams Into House During High Speed Chase


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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some news…..cuz I like the news….i tmakes me feel better about things – you know by focusing on other people’s misery…I”m an asshole like that….

Satanic Sex Ritual in Arizona Leaves Teen Almost Dead
A pair of devil-worshiping women lured a man to Wisconsin and stabbed him 300 times during a two-day ritual.

NJ School Bus Driver Busted For Driving Drunk
A New Jersey school bus driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated withs students on the bus.

9-Year-Old Girl Testifies About Driving For Drunk Dad
A 9-year-old girl cried Tuesday as she explained how she drove a full-size van in suburban Detroit while her father sat in the passenger seat after a night of drinking whiskey.

Teacher Chokes Student For Cutting In Line
A Denver teacher is under fire was accused of choking a six-year-old for cutting in line.

Cape football player accused of hazing underclassman

Ex-Youth Pastor Charged For Sex With Juvenile Boy
A former youth pastor in Fayette County, Georgia is charged with child molestation.

Teacher Accused of Groping Students
An Arizona teacher is accused of sexually abusing female students and according to court paperwork, it happened on school grounds.

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stepNEWS of the Day

I am less interested in pedophiles in college sport…because I hate hearing stories about pedophiles especially when it is about raping 10 year old boys….but also because I have always known all sports have pedophiles since I was in little league and the coach tried to make us put baseballs in his ass…or maybe it was the bat…or maybe I saw that in a movie…either way, anywhere there are kids, there’s a pervert who gets off to kids whether when masturbating, or when he can’t help but follow through…

I am far mor into people shop lifting using their underwear, teachers fucking their teeen students, preachers killing heathens, and whatever else we’ve compiled her for you today…Enjoy…

Minnesota Thief Hides Fur Coat In Underwear
A Minnesota woman was sentenced to two years in jail after being caught shoplifting a mink coat by shoving it in her underwear.

Raw Video: Students Destroy TV Truck at PSU
Raw video obtained by Newscore, a Fox unit, shows angry Penn State students destroying a TV news truck after Joe Paterno was fired on Wednesday.

Pastor Pleads Guilty to Killing Church Member
A Missouri pastor plead guilty to murdering a church member that was having a 10 year affair with his wife.

Woman Catches Thief Trying To Return Her Stolen Christmas Presents
A Massachusetts woman was getting a head start on her Christmas shopping until someone stole her gifts. A few days later she met the suspect.

Police: Georgia Teacher Had Sex With Student

Fake School Nurse Theft Ring Busted


Students Plot to Kill Jr. High Teacher
Five students are accused of plotting to kill an 8th grade teacher at San Tan Junior High in Chandler.


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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s some news…I’m like the internet Barbara Walters or whoever the fuck is on the news…I don’ t pay attention to that shit – I am too into self loathing and the news just makes me too happy in realizing how doomed we are….

Georgia Tricker Or Treaters Given Fetus Dolls
Instead of candy one home owner handed out fetus dolls on Halloween.

Russian Grave Robber Dressed Bodies Like Dolls
A Russian man was discovered to have almost 30 dead bodies dressed like dolls in his home.

Voter Bitten On Nose By Election Worker
An Ohio poll worker is accused of trying to bite a voter’s nose off.

Woman Finds Stolen Bike On Craigslist,Confronts Thief
A Colorado woman was surprised to see her stolen bike for sale online and confronted the thief

Paintballs Shot At Home Of Houston Mayoral Candidate
Paint Balls Fired At Home Of Houston Mayoral Candidate
Kevin Simms, a candidate for mayor of Houston was startled when his house was pelted with paintballs over the weekend.

Woman Drives To Police With Husband On Hood Of Car
A Georgia woman was surprised by her estranged husband and tried to drive away, so he jumped on the hood.

Candidate’s Car Vandalized As She Votes
A candidate for mayor of Philadelphia has a tough time voting as she emerges from the voting booth to find her car vandalized. She lost too.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s the stepNEWS….because drunkenstepfather.com is the premiere place for people to catch up on world affairs, but we’re just misunderstood since we is just me and I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing…however….I play web start-up media company like small scale Fox everyday for the last 8 years….It’s less interesting a role playing game than the one where we pretended I was a bad teacher but it’s what I do anyway….now catch up on the news…down with newspapers….

Penn State Football Coach In Sex Scandal
Former Penn State University defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky is being accused of multiple assaults of underage boys. Officials are also looking into a possible coverup.

Woman: Herman Cain reached for her genitals
NEW YORK — A woman says Republican presidential contender Herman Cain reached under her skirt for her genitals and pushed her head toward his crotch in July 1997.

Surveillance video shows knife fight in Boston
Prosecutors say a Roxbury teenager, who allegedly stabbed a stranger on an MBTA bus last year, should spend the next decade behind bars.

VIDEO: Deer Crashes Through Window at Georgia Bar

Dallas DART Bus Drivers Allegedly Abused Disabled Woman
Two Dallas Area Rapid Transit drivers trusted to transport those who can’t take care of themselves have been accused of taking advantage of a mentally disabled woman.

CPS Removes Baby from ‘Occupy’ Dallas Camp
Child Protective Services workers showed up at the Occupy Dallas camp Thursday to question a family about living in a tent with a 9-month-old baby.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Here’s the news cuz I love the news – it brings me joy beyond anything you’d ever feel because I like to see other people far more idiotic than me only getting the press I wish I had but I’m too lazy to bother thus proving I’m less idiotic than them…if you know what I mean…

McDonald’s Halloween Fight Caught on Tape
A brawl between two ladies erupted when one woman complained that the other was taking too long while ordering at a McDonald’s in Pennsylvania.

Homeless Man Attacks Woman Outside Store
A homeless man wearing trash bags attacked a woman outside a Massachusetts Dunkin Donuts and it was all caught on video.

Video: Football Coach Delivers Bone Snapping Hit
A middle school football player is suffering from a broken collarbone after an incident on the practice field by a coach and it was caught on tape.

Philadelphia Strip Club Raided For Prostitution
A Northeast Philadelphia strip club was the target of a law enforcement raid late Friday, which resulted in the arrest of seven women and one man on prostitution-related charges.

Martial Arts Experts Stop Armed Robbery
Two martial arts experts in town for a tournament stopped a suspected robbery attempt at a Los Angeles hotel in which they were staying, according to police.

Baggage Fees Strand Woman At Airport
A woman trying to fly out of San Francisco was stranded there for eight days because of $200 in baggage fees.

Hair Dye Makes Girls Face Balloon
A British girl dyed her hair black and ended up with a swollen face

Officials accused of ignoring sex ring
New details are surfacing about state officials who allegedly ignored sexual activities in three local spas in Massachusetts.

Naked Driver’s Lawyer Swats Camera
The attorney for that Ohio woman busted in a naked DUI case made her own news when she confronted a local TV reporter.

Graham “Cracker” Signs Offensive?
A Texas Christian University student government candidate recently was asked to make some changes to his campaign signs after someone pointed out that his nickname had some negative racial connotations.

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