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Teacher Caught Banging Student in Class and Other Videos of the Day

“Your son told my son that his balls smell like cheese” – Moms Fight Over Bullying..

Cop Gets Taken Out by a Truck

People Love the Fat Russian Leo Doppleganger…

Crazy Hit and Run of the Day

Robber Shoots Himself in Hand…

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The Olympics have New Policy on Trannies of the Day


If I was trying to win an Olympic Gold – I’d take estrogen for a year and Lady Bug those Olympics. RIP Jonathan Brandis –

“International Olympic Committee: Agency Changes Guidelines for Transgender Athletes in Competition – The new guidelines allow transgender athletes to compete after one year of hormone replacement therapy, without having to undergo gender reassignment surgery.”

I’m no scientist, but the olympics are assuming that if I am a man who trains 20 years for a sport, I can spend 1 year on estrogen, and it qualifies me as a woman. TO compete against other women.

As an obese man, I have higher testosterone than most women, but most women can outrun me.

So if my sole goal is to win an Olympic medal but I can’t qualify, I’d just take hormones to change to the women’s section and get more glory being the first trans winner.

The Olympics are saying – it’s even, fair, just take hormones for a year, you don’t even need to chop your dick off.

Because every chick with a dick I’ve met – has not been an olympian not a sex worker….so Olympian trans people will be athletes who will do anything to win…

Seems like an olympic Gold loophole….

Soon the Olympic categories will be Men and Men on Woman Hormones. Women won’t even qualify. Yet the feminists will fight for this because they are PC idiots…who don’t realize TRANS is an attack on their gender. It’s the Patriarchy taking women jobs…and in this case Olympic glory…


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Dude Attacks an Escort in the Bathroom and Other Videos of the Day

I Love FEMEN Tits…because they HATE penis

Kid Gets Dildo Stuck in Bike

Man Rides Scooter with Umbrella Holding Dog

Man Boycotts the Snow Storm

Undercover Cop Takes Out Robber

Backflip Burpees…

Snow Penis of the Day

Handstand of the Day

Dude Almost Dies after his Car Breaks Down

Face Piercing in India…

Guy Does the Fireworks in a Bucket Challenge

Car Jacking Video…

Northwest Indiana – Do You Recognize this 7 Eleven Clerk Killer?

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Today in #UnderBoobPenChallenge of the Day


There’s a new social media challenge, that is hardly a real challenge, like the ice bucket challenge, or the Kylie Jenner lip Challenge, or even the Free the Nipple challenge to society to accept breast feeding, but still something started by some pervert, getting these lemming girls who want to prove their have perky tits, even though holding a pen under their tit doesn’t mean they have perky tits, because a real perky tit wouldn’t let you store anything under it, while some of the saggiest tits like you hide everything under it, including but not limited to a small child…

I do remember this being something girls did in highschool when I was in high school, and I encourage the comeback, because I like tits…no matter how their are manipulated to be shown…Frat boys and their silly frat boy ideas..

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Drunk Naked Guy and Other Videos of the Day

Aussie VS a Mirror

Classy Public Transit Ride

Dude Bites the Head Off a Live Rat….For Internet Fame…THis Upsets me..

Crazy Car Accident of the Day

Jump of the Day

Two Team Up to Rob

Busker Kills It with “Shut Up”….

Hot Looking Woman with Two Kids Gets Hit By a Guy She Stopped from Robbing an Old Lady…

Old Guys on a Seesaw

Road Rage of the Day – Dude Punches Cop…

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Disturbing Erotic Show and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Survives an Avalanche

Thief Dies of Heart Attack When Robbing Store

Little Kid Almost Dies

Lion Reacts to Selfie

Bull Fucks up a Woman

Cat Rescues Itself

THai Soap Ad

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Crackhead Babe in Atlanta And Other Videos of the Day

Weird Car Accident…

Cop Slaps a Girl

Student Causes Scooter Crash

WTF Accident…Guy Thrown Out of Car…

Shawshank Redemption Style Prisoner Escape

Anaconda Ate a Pitbull…

Man Makes Wife Walk Streets of NY Naked

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Man Catches Wife Flirting – Makes Her Walk the Street Naked in NY and Other Videos of the Day


Best Suicide Fail Ever

Woman Showing Off on Motorcycle Falls

Fake Beggar Caught

Tire Smashes Through a Car Window

Russian Skiing Behind Train…in RUSSIA

Great MLK Interview

St Louis Metrolink in St Louis

Crackhead on Fire…

Car VS GAs Station

Naked Protestor of the Day

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NYPD Doesn’t Like Being Called Bro of the Day

“Do I look like a bro to you? No, bro you don’t but I don’t have to call you officer.”

We live in a horrible society where everyone calls each other bros. From Frat Boys to Jersey Shore types…to Italian first gens in Montreal…it’s the fucking worst…so I’m with the cop on this…because whenever anyone, whether it is someone at the bank, a cab driver, someone at a restaurant, really anyone calls me Bro…I don’t want to just correct them, I want to drag them out back and take them out…Bro…it’s the sarcastic thumbs up that speaks directly to the place where I feel anger..

So I’m just surprised the cop didn’t Ferguson him, but I guess he’d need to be black for that.

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Guy Caught Masturbating Sniffing his Shoe and Other Videos of the Day

Mistress Gets Beaten and Thrown off a Bridge

Drunken Speed Bump

Cops VS 15 Year Old

Toronto Hipster VS Homeless Man

Racist Crazy Person

Space X Rocket Fail

Outback Dentistry

Manhole Explodes in China

Dude Eats a Live Chick

Dude Tripping Out gets Hit By a Car

Serbian News Interrupted with Gun

Snorting Drugs on Public Transit

Cross Fit Asshole of the Day

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Lonely Man Loving Mannequin and Other Videos of the Day

Sexy Mexican in Handcuffs…

Truck’s Breaks Fail

Bikini Wearing Rickshaw Driver Fail

Thai Biker Babes doing Wheelies

Starbucks Suicide Bomber in Indo

Masturbating Monkey

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Old Man Takes a Pee in the Car and Other Videos of the Day

Armed Customer in Subway Packing Heat Refuses to Show his Permit – LOL At the Fat Cop

Waffle House Employees Treat Their Weaves in front of Diners…

Robber Helps Lady He Knocked Over Trying to Rob – Then Robs Her

Security Guards Stealing Money in an Orchestrated Scam at the ATM from People…

Teen Girls Beat an Old Man Up…

Birds on a Plane

Oregon Militia – Mad at the Dildos

Child Slips Through Cracks on the Subway Line

Car Hits a Bunch of People and Flees

Friends Lock Dude Out of Room Naked

Riding the Subway in Brazil is Pretty Wet

Intense Slap Fest

Weird Wedding Night Se or Rape in front of Everyone that I Don’t Understand…

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Scottish Skanks Go At It and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Performs Oral Sex on Man in India – In Public…

High School Tantrum in Texas

Man Hangs on Car During Fight With Brother

2 Kids Revolutionize Bikini for Poor People

Asian Dude VS Homeless Dude!

The Train Don’t Wait for Allah

Monk Gets Robbed – Doesn’t Tell a Soul… LOL

Car Drives Over Mechanic

Man VS Ice

RE RE REWIND – Man Steals Panties Off Clothes Line and Jerks Off In Them

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El Chapo Raid Video of the Day

Here’s 14 minutes of the El Chapo raid, which is straight out of a movie, possibly directed and produced by Sean Penn….that isn’t a movie at all…because El Chapo’s not a pussy actor, even if he hangs out with them…

I didn’t watch the whole thing, because Mexican billionaires make me mad, it’s like arent they supposed to be working the hotels and taco stands across america..what is this backwards shit…

The real reason I hate Mexican billionaires, is because as a Mexican, he makes me feel inadequate, and like a Vine Star or a Youtube star make me feel like I fucked up by not getting into Vine or Youtube in 2008 when it mattered…but instead just focused on barely writing posts that make sense here…either way…crazy video..


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Naked Crackhead Tranny Freaking Out in the Parking Lot…And Other Videos of the Day

Man Steals a Woman’s Panties and Jerks Off in It…

Ride at the Fair Undresses a Chick

Crazy Man in the Mall

Woman Gets Up and Walks After Being Hit By Bus

Guy Takes a Shit in Starbucks

Guy Pisses and Shits in Berlin Subway

Dude Punches a Woman on the Subway – (1.32 mark)

Kissing Snake Fail

WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS – Apparently her dad- but looks WRONG

Drunk Racist Customer


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