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Woman Slaps Cop / Cop Slaps Woman nd Other Videos of the Day

Asshole Motorcycle Gang

Bieber Crashes a Prom…

Dudes at a Festival Try to Put Up the Tent

Overdoesed Man Revived By State Trooper

Crackhead of the Day

Man VS Sex Toy….

Police Shooting of the Day

Wheelchair Fight of the Day


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Woman Accused of Stealing Ends Up Topless and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Posts Video of Her With Another Dude as Revenge…probably fake…

Kid starts fight by slapping girl on the ass…

Tazer Doesn’t Work…

Dude WHo Almost Loses His Head

Stingrays of the Day

Punch in the Face at the Ice Cream Shop

Public Sex of the Day

72 Year Old Beat By 3 Cops

Australian Gold Prospector Finds Gold…

Then shits himself…

Police VS Homeless Guy

Topless Protesters…

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Girl Pees Herself on LiveTV and Other Videos of the Day

Many Pacquiao’s Singing on Kimmel

Robert Downey Jr Walks Out of An Interview because Actors are Bitches

The Ukrainian Pop Star Suing Mila Kunis for Stealing her Chicken in the Ukraine 25 years ago….

Young Thug Films a Mom and Her Daughter Fighting

Don’t Give a Monkey the Finger

Busted Taking a Shit

Guy Yelling at 80 Year Old

Drunk Guy Crashing a Gay Mesican Dance

Plane Tries to Land No Landing Gear

Topless Protester of the Day

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Drunk Chick Back Flips in McDonalds and Other Videos of the Day

Man Drives Wheelchair off DC Metro Platform

Dude Throws Chairs at Restaurant

Off Duty Cop Beats a Kid Who Tried to Rob His Daughter

Soccer Player got Fired for this Video of him having sex with a girl…who wasn’t his girlfriend or the mother of his two kids….who wrote ““Have a bit of decency for the people it’s affected. Thank god my kids are too young to read. It’s disgusting. I bet their families are far from perfect.” when it was posted on Facebook

Dog VS Small Car

Mother and Daugther Arrested for Answering Sex Ad for 400 Dollars to Fuck a 14 Year Old…

Driver Smashes into a Store

Pervert Caught Taking Pics of Girls on his Phone

Two French Tourists Get Fined for Setting a Quokka on Fire…Why The Fuck Would they set a Quokka On Fire…Fuck These Pieces of Shit…named Thibaud Valette and Jean Batrikian…in case you know them and can kill them

Dude FUcks With Amazon Echo

Naked Girl at a Concert in Tampa

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Bikini Clad Grandma Gets a DUI of the Day

This video is pretty much the highlight of my day…a 49 year old bikini wearing grandma crashed into a car at an intersection, with her 10 year old grandson in tow…don’t let her being a bikini wearing grandma at 39, bleached hair from Flordia getting busted for a DUI deceive you, she is in fact white trash….and amazing…

Seriously, I generally don’t love grandmas, or anyone over 30….especially all leathery from florida..but this one is amazing…I am in love…I’ll have to find her prison details to pursue this love affair…

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Hot Motorbike Ride and Other Videos of the Day

LAPD Don’t Like Being Filmed

Cop Slaps a Dude

House Floats Down Main Street

Naked Protesters of the Day

Gas Station Mayhem

Grandmother’s Rant of the Day

Scooter VS Cyclist…WTF

Black Man Buying a Gun Experiment

Live TV Fence Jump Fail

Elephant Kills a Motherfucker….Becasuse Motherfuckers Fuck with Elephants and Deserve to be Killed

Footballer Caught in the Dug Out…

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Cop Doesn’t Want to Shoot a Suspect and Other Videos of the DAy

Hillbilly Fight in Appalachia…and Other Videos of the Day

Circus Workers Attack Animal Rights Protesters

Girl Flirts – then Robs

Baltimore Cop Breaks Suspects Spine…

Buffalo VS Chinese School

Idiot Gets Killed….Because He Doesn’t See Bus

Car Pile Up

Teacher Fights Female Student

COuple Gets Pretty Freaky on a Patio…in North Carolina…

Warren Sapp on His Hookers….Amazing

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Old Man Party Trick and Other Videos of the DAy

Western Man on a Taiwanese Train

Pug Takes a Bath…

A Couple of Drunks…

Couple Fucking inside Russian White House

Bad Bad Bad….Road Race

Police Catch a Naked Rapst…

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Dude’s First Time on TV and Other Videos of the Day

London Road Rage

School Dance Show Included Twerking…

Bad Luck…

Russians are Weird

Dude Risks Life to Save Someone WHo Fell in the Tracks

Polish Video of the DAy

Extreme Pitbull Fight.

Gisele’s “Last” Runway Show

I think I posted this the other day…but it’s handjob Karaoke in Japan that went viral…

Best Thing to Have Happen in a Court hearing

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Midget Public Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Australian Defends Arab Couple

Saw Mill Job of the Day

Sucker Punch of the Day

My Kind of TSA

Rape Suspect of the Day

Idiot of the Day….Dies for the Stupidest Prank….

Naked Man Near Expressway

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Topless Woman Talks About her Mastectomy…and Other Videos of the Day

FEMEN Protest

Bus Driver Knocks Out Passenger

Movie Theater Fight

Man Feeds His Leech

Old Man Driving his Pipe

The Hood Catches a Guy Who Robbed an Old Lady

Boyfriend Accuses Woman of SLeeping With the Wu Tang Clan

Robert Pattison dancing at Coachella

High School Girl Fight

Japanese Old Man VS Fireworks

Woman Gets Stripped for Sleeping With Another Woman’s Husband

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Drugged Up Naked Girl and Other Videos of the DAy

Saudi Airline Baggage Handlers

Robber Accidentally Robs a Store his Ex-Mother-In-Law Worked At….

Naked Malaysian Man

Police Chase of the Day

Dumb Runner Celebrates Too Early

How to Feed a Baby

Man Blasted With a Machine Gun…

German Teen Pushes WOman to the Ground

Man Catches his Girl in Bed with a Black Dude…

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Boyfriend Kids Girl Out Naked and Other Videos of the Day

“You Gonna Hurt Your Twat”…

Drunk Woman Abuses Cop at IHOP

MOM of the Day

They Say Chinese People Are Bad Drivers…

Cop Doesn’t Like Gang Tatoo- REALLY ROUGH TO WATCH

Teen Sucker Punches a Cop

Almost an Accident of the Day

Cyclist Hit by a Semi Truck

Kid Gets Kicked by a Camel

Knockout of the Day

Manhole Cover Explosion…

Central American Gang Mmeber Crying


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Two Hoes Fighting……and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Takes Pee in the Middle of the Street

Reporter Gets Interrupted!

Walter Scott Making a Run from the Cops…Before he was Shot Dead

Shot Gun Suicide…

Kid Falls Out of the Car

Police Beating in LA

Prisoner VS 4 Prison Guards

Men VS Corpse

Buggy VS Bush

Russian Getting a Head Transplant…

Man Carries Donkey with his Teeth

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Fat Woman Doesn’t Like When You Mess With Her Man and Other Videos of the Day

Chinese Food in Memphis

Just a Kid and her AK-47

Tree VS Chairlift

Robbery of the Day

Some Kids and Their Guns…on Instagram…

Impatient Driver of the Day

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