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Naked Man Destroys Car and Other Videos of the Day

The Weatherman Who Deals the Apocalyptic Temperatures

Pilot VS Wind

Tweeker Counting Change!

Woman in Store with Samurai Sword

This Will Freak You the Fuck Out…Woman Gives Birth in Wheel Chair on the Way to Delivery Room…Baby Falls Out of her Vagina and gets Run Over by Wheel Chair…

Texan Woman VS Muslims

Armed Man on Dutch TV

Cop Pepper Sprays People on the Sidewalk

Dude Breaks his Spine in an Air Bag Stunt

Cab Ride of the Day

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Naked Psychotic Man in GMC Dealership and Other Videos of the Day

Woman VS Moped Throttle…

Russian Ice Fishing

UPS Driver of the Day

Trucker Takes a Chick

Cops Shoot Teen

Guy’s Laugh of the Day

Ball Boy Gets Hit

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Oregon State University Library Porn Star of the Day

There is a story going around on the blogs about an Oregon State University webcam model with massive tits, who may or may not be trying to pay for her education, a lie most drug addicted strippers tell, but who is definitely putting on a public show…in the Library…whether she’s a student at OSU or not…people are fucking loving it…and probably because she’s got massive tits…

That said, I had no choice but to find the video of her finger banging herself, because this is the kind of scandal, or publicity stunt I endorse…

It’s like these aspiring pornstars realize they are interchangeable, that every girl does porn in some capacity, and that no one gives a fuck about who the girl is, so they better come with a scandal…whether it is being on Wall Street, a Feminist in an Ivy League, Muslim or a teen mom…it’s the only way to exist in porn…and I guess that is kind of sad…because all porn girls, even the most low level with no marketing hook or publicity stunt should be loved equally…

Anyway….watch the clip.

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Morning Road Rage and Other Videos of the Day

Robber Plays Dead!

Yesterday’s Weather from Canada’s Own Dogs and Wolves’ Frankie McDonald…

No, I can’t find the uncenspred Miss Beverly Hills Intentional Titty FLash

Man Trying to Shoot a Dog….WTF….

The Bronzed Asshole Video that Went Viral is Insane

Father VS Street Thugs…

Naked Female Band Playing Their Hit Song

Up Close Lion Roar

Handcuffed Woman Steal Cop Car…

Abused Baby Orangutan Budi Gets Saved….Yay!!

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Drunk Guy Sleep Walking and Other Videos of the Day

Patient and Doctor Fighting – Fall Down Elevator Shaft

Truck Accidents of the Day

Drunk British Pig

Chechen Guy Shooting Inside Living Room

7-11 is a Slice of Heaven

Naked Woman in a Gas Station

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High School Streams Blowjob and Other Videos of the Day

Pig Runs into a Restaurant Where they are Eating Pig

Driver Who Causes an Accident

The Man Who Likes to Spin

Worst Pole Dance Ever

1 Idiot – 2 Shotguns

Kid Beats Up Teacher for Taking His Phone

Naked Hooker of the Day

Shaq Disproving Deflate Gate

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Classy Half Naked Women in a Classy Fast Food Fight and Other Videos of the Day

The Most Boss Panty Flash Ever…

Gas Instead of the Break

Truck Carrying Dirt Crash

Interesting Fight…

Toddler VS Exploding Manhole Cover

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Naked Woman VS Gas Station and Other Videos of the Day

Femen in Davos for the World Economic Forum

Dude Doesn’t Like a Knife Pulled On Him

Texting Kid Gets Slammed By a Drunk Driver

Daycare Worker of the Day

Unhappy Girl of the Day

Epic Glass Door Fail

Page 3 is Back…

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Fat Chick Stuck in a Car and Other Videos of the Day

Pornstar Eva Long Sings You Are My Sunshine

Topless Brazilians Protesting Not Being Allowed to Be Topless On the Beach…

Failed Assassination Attempt

WTF Car Accident…

The Dildo Factory:

Drunk of the Day

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RIP Page 3 and their Glamour Models’ Girls of the Day

So the UK Sun, has decided with the rest of the world, that Glamour Models are a waste of fucking low quality time, and giving them attention is really just helping strippers expand their clientele, while increasing their hourly “Lap Dance Rate”…and occasionally landing an unwanted pregnancy, or high profile athlete husband…or even a Rolling Stone…right Katia Ivanova??!?

Today was the first day that Page 3 didn’t post topless Glamour models…

It’s been 44 years of topless Glamour models…a feature invented by Rupert Murdoch….that had hater feminists were fighting becasue women are more than just breasts, and Page 3 for the last 44 years didn’t agree…and I’m sure those uptight, nazi-like oppresssive censors are pretty happy to know they have won…because they have decided to end the feature, because I guess tits are old news, or maybe advertisers don’t like tits, or maybe we can find tits anywhere we look like the Internet…and there is no place for it in a newspaper…

It’s still fucking weak behavior…giving into the evil activists…

That said, we have been fans of the Page 3 girls for the last 10 years, or 25% of their existence, we even have an extensive 3 year archive in the stepFORUM ….

Cheesy or not, it’s the end of an era, we like tits, and here are some pics…to remember the good times…before these assholes backed down for the freedom they represented all for Ad Dollars…

So no more boobs in your paper….Boycott the UK SUN!!!!!….

Here’s a bunch of their tits, in some really shitty photoshoots…

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

Boycott the UK SUN!!!!!…

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Brazilian Beach Party and Other Videos of the Day

Fuel Station Idiot…

Dog Catchers Attacked with Chainsaws

Man Saves Cat from Subway

Porn Star Erik Everhard’s Interview

Worst Liquor Store Thief

95 Year Old Superman

Guy Asking Cop to Shoot Him

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Drunk Girl Bombing the Male Strip Club and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Ratchet Fight

Yonkers New York Car VS Ice

Pigeon Does Backflips

Redneck Ho Down

Karaoke Beat Down…

Bike Fail of the Day

PETA Protestors

Pickin’ Her Nose and Eating It

The Dude who Trashes His Underwear…

Flaming Vodka Fail

Insane Bike Getting Slammed By a Car Video…

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Pornstar Tells a Joke and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Femen Protestors Protesting Saudi Blogger Being Arrested

Weird Shootout in Turkey

Man VS Muslim Over a Parking Fight

Car Rolls Through Light and Hits Pedestrian

Weird Dude Being Interrogated About His Erection

Dog Who Pushes the Legless 86 Year Old

Robber Loses Pants

Protestors Against Charlie Hebdo in Pakistan

WTF Video of the Day

Pissing on the Bus

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Naked Mexican Lady Swimming in a Mexican Fountain and Other Videos of the Day

Rally Car Accident

Guy in BMW almost Runs Over Old Guy…Old Guy Gets Mad…Guy in BMW Gets Out and Kicks Dog….Old Guy Gets Mad

Thief Falls Through Ceiling

Drunk Driver Hits Cop that Pulled Over Other Drunk Drivers

Hockey Blooper of the Day

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The Coke Prank….Probably Made by Coke is a Fucking Win….and Other Videos of the Day

German Trash Micaela Schaefer Topless Fame Whoring

Asian Driver of the Day – Watch the Whole Thing…

Donkey VS Russian Cop

Idiots Hassle the Pizza Guy – By Giving him 20 Dollars in Singles for a 12 Dollar Pizza, Making Him Think It is a Tip only to Ask for Change…Assholes.

Drunk Piss / Vomit and Shit….Disgusting…

One-Legged Biker

Kentucky Cop – Shot Off His Finger…

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