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Walmart Employee Against Racism and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man Gets Arrested

Cop Pepper Sprays Handcuffed Kids


Asshole of the Day

EMT Volunteer VS Traffic

Hammer Guy Gets Shot

Weird Accident of the DAy

These Guys are Such Idiots

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Classy Lady VS Store and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Stripped Topless for Sleeping with Another Woman’s Dude

Truck Explosion in Russia

Rally Car Jump

This is Why You Need to Use Uber

102 Year Old Blowing Out Candles Can Probably Suck Good Dick

Failed Sneaky Asshole

Toronto Reporter Confronts FHRITP Dudes

Kids Dancing with Dead Cats…

Dude Mugs a 7 Year old…GOALS

Digusting Beard Shave…

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Crackhead Dance and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Gets Tased by US Border Patrol in Upstate New York and she’s not even Mexican….

Swedish Students Hit By Cops

Stage Collapse of the Day

Guy is Wiped Out Exploding Tire….

Nurse and Wheelchair Man Go Downhill

Kid Rides Toy

What the fuck is this….

NYPD Search Gets Dealt With in Record Time

13 Year Old Fights Off Sexual Predator…

Topless Homeless Chick….

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Man Has Sex with a Porsche and Other Videos of the Day

Here’s a Dude Fucking Car Exhaust

Burger King Dumping Hot Oil in Sewer

Young Thug Escapes Police

Racist Georgian School FOunder

Street Boxing that Ended in Death of 16 Year Old….

Driver VS Flood

Roof Ripped Off School in Tornado

Failed Suicide of the Day

Ambulance Drive of the Day

Crazy Lady of the Day

Motorbike Slams that Pussy

Granny Tormented By Laser Pointer

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Topless Homeless Lady Takes a Smoke Break and Other Videos of the Day

Holy Fuck – Insane Footage of a 13 Year Old Fighting Off a Sexual Predator

Wife Beater Gets Kicked in the Balls

Cops Stop to Play Baseball with Kids

Woman Finds Kittens in the Trash

Jamaican Cops Shoot Dude

Awkward Robbery of the Day

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Plane Crash and Other Videos of the Day


Hood Rat VS Liquor Store

Canadian Cops Misbehaving….

Blue Angel Stunt in Slow Motion

Shirtless Kid Pics a Fight

Kids VS Cars

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Hot Crazy Roommate…and Other Videos of the Day

Shoplifter Escape of the DAy

Awesome Driver

Dude Versus Neighbor Who Fucked His Wife

This Sea Worm Fucks me Up

Possible Suicide of the Day

Infected Penis of the Day

Indonesian Bird Smuggler Caught with Birds

Hypnotizing Sharks…

Koala VS Hospital

Elevator of the Day

Some Naked Boat Towing

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Public Date and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Girl Breaks Leg…

Naked and Tazed on the Highway

Next Level Suicide…

Guy Catches Drunk Who Pisses on his Steps…

Smoke Stack…

Naked Activist of the Day

Man Stuck in Basketball Hoop

Police Shoot Fan with a Rubber Bullet

PCP at Popeyes

Body Painted Street Brawl

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Texas Nursing Home Employee of the Month of the Day


Stories like this really warm my heart and make me laugh….only because 76 years old is old enough to appreciate a good fucking…

Ryan Otey, 27, was accused of sexually assaulting a woman 76-year-old woman at a senior home in Cedar Hill, Texas, authorities say.

A staffer at a Texas senior home was caught with his pants down in a 76-year-old woman’s bed, authorities said.

Ryan Otey, 27, sexually assaulted the elderly victim who has “limited mental faculties,” Cedar Hill police said.

A co-worker walked in on the disturbing scene on Thursday and called the cops, CBS DFW reported.

Detectives interviewed Otey and he “provided a statement detailing his activities with the resident” at Crescent Place Assisted Living and Memory Care, authorities said.

He was charged with sexual assault of an elderly/disabled person and held on $100,000 bond at Dallas County Jail, detention records show.

Police were investigating whether Otey had attacked any other residents at the facility in the southern suburbs of Dallas, authorities said.

I like how no one accuses her of her being a cougar….

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Topless Protesters Make Nazi Salute amd Other Videos of the Day

All the bass belongs to this guy….

15 Year Old Girl in a Police Car Chase

Boston Cop Shows Camera Toy Gun

School Kids VS Railing

Dump Truck of the DAy

Bully Gets a Beat Down

David Lynch Coffee of the DAy

Dude Catches Shark With his Hands

Parking Job of the Day

Cops US K-9 Against Man Who Had Hands Up

Girl Pissing on Side of Street

Pornstar Staredown of the DAY

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New Jersey Crackhead is Heartbroken and Other Videos of the Day

Beer truck Accident

Pissed Off Bull of the Day

Hood Fight…

Japanese Gameshow of the Day – How Far Can you Spread Your Legs

Naked Woman in Front of the Truck

TV Host Gets Naked for Ronaldo..

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McDonald’s Employee Knocks Out Drunk Customer and Other Videos of the Day

Mom Beats a Woman over a Parking Space

Sucide Prevention – Kick to the Chest…

Woman Sets a Guy’s Car on Fire

Fight in Houston – Ends with Gun Shots

Hit and Bury is the New Hit and Run

Classy BRawl

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Alligator Attack….and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Woman Takes Off Clothes on Dress

Naked Suicide….

Footage from Baltimore….

New Orleans Storm….

Speeding SUV Almost Slams Kids….

Crazy Hitman….

Brazilian Special Ops Vs Helicopter…

Out of Control Teens VS Cops….

Topless Girl

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Woman Slaps Cop / Cop Slaps Woman nd Other Videos of the Day

Asshole Motorcycle Gang

Bieber Crashes a Prom…

Dudes at a Festival Try to Put Up the Tent

Overdoesed Man Revived By State Trooper

Crackhead of the Day

Man VS Sex Toy….

Police Shooting of the Day

Wheelchair Fight of the Day


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Woman Accused of Stealing Ends Up Topless and Other Videos of the Day

Girl Posts Video of Her With Another Dude as Revenge…probably fake…

Kid starts fight by slapping girl on the ass…

Tazer Doesn’t Work…

Dude WHo Almost Loses His Head

Stingrays of the Day

Punch in the Face at the Ice Cream Shop

Public Sex of the Day

72 Year Old Beat By 3 Cops

Australian Gold Prospector Finds Gold…

Then shits himself…

Police VS Homeless Guy

Topless Protesters…

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