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Hicks are Saying Sandy Hook was a Hoax of the Day

This is really fucking strange….

I know some people who have lost kids in the shooting and I am the first person who hates the media and don’t believe anything I am told by the media…it is population control and brainwashing…I believe a lot of the conspiracies….I mean Kim Kardashian proves that the general public buys into shit they see on TV everyday….but I am pretty sure kids were killed in the Sandy Hook shooting…whether planned, strategic, or whatever….They are saying it is to ban guns, for the democrats to win, they are even tying in GE cuz the killers dad was a VP there….

I don’t know what this is all about, I am only posting this cuz it confuses me and I want to hear what you people have to say and that dad, giggling, is just weird.

I believe there were victims…and I believe it is sad….tragic..horrible…etc..even if this dad looks like he’s acting…

Now, back to tits.

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I am Adam Lanza’s Mom

This is totally out of character for me, but I am actually very affected by the shooting that happened Friday, which is weird as I am normally the first to mock tragedy to get a rise out of people for no reason other than personal enjoyment, laughs and giggles….but the fact that they were kids, little fucking kids and is just too fucking twisted for there to be any spin on it…even “last day of school” jokes don’t make me laugh….the whole thing makes me fucking sick to my stomach.

That said, here’s an interesting article that I read earlier today – that in the wake of the events, I think is a good story, written by Liza Long, a blogger over at Anarchist Soccer Mom who will be getting a book deal now that this has gone viral…in what I think may be the first viral article…something I find relatively exciting…because it means people still read…you should read it…because guns aren’t the issue…violence behavior and mental health is….

Three days before 20 year-old Adam Lanza killed his mother, then opened fire on a classroom full of Connecticut kindergartners, my 13-year old son Michael (name changed) missed his bus because he was wearing the wrong color pants.

“I can wear these pants,” he said, his tone increasingly belligerent, the black-hole pupils of his eyes swallowing the blue irises.

“They are navy blue,” I told him. “Your school’s dress code says black or khaki pants only.”

“They told me I could wear these,” he insisted. “You’re a stupid bitch. I can wear whatever pants I want to. This is America. I have rights!”

“You can’t wear whatever pants you want to,” I said, my tone affable, reasonable. “And you definitely cannot call me a stupid bitch. You’re grounded from electronics for the rest of the day. Now get in the car, and I will take you to school.”

I live with a son who is mentally ill. I love my son. But he terrifies me.

A few weeks ago, Michael pulled a knife and threatened to kill me and then himself after I asked him to return his overdue library books. His 7 and 9 year old siblings knew the safety plan—they ran to the car and locked the doors before I even asked them to. I managed to get the knife from Michael, then methodically collected all the sharp objects in the house into a single Tupperware container that now travels with me. Through it all, he continued to scream insults at me and threaten to kill or hurt me.

That conflict ended with three burly police officers and a paramedic wrestling my son onto a gurney for an expensive ambulance ride to the local emergency room. The mental hospital didn’t have any beds that day, and Michael calmed down nicely in the ER, so they sent us home with a prescription for Zyprexa and a follow-up visit with a local pediatric psychiatrist.

We still don’t know what’s wrong with Michael. Autism spectrum, ADHD, Oppositional Defiant or Intermittent Explosive Disorder have all been tossed around at various meetings with probation officers and social workers and counselors and teachers and school administrators. He’s been on a slew of antipsychotic and mood altering pharmaceuticals, a Russian novel of behavioral plans. Nothing seems to work.

At the start of seventh grade, Michael was accepted to an accelerated program for highly gifted math and science students. His IQ is off the charts. When he’s in a good mood, he will gladly bend your ear on subjects ranging from Greek mythology to the differences between Einsteinian and Newtonian physics to Doctor Who. He’s in a good mood most of the time. But when he’s not, watch out. And it’s impossible to predict what will set him off.

Several weeks into his new junior high school, Michael began exhibiting increasingly odd and threatening behaviors at school. We decided to transfer him to the district’s most restrictive behavioral program, a contained school environment where children who can’t function in normal classrooms can access their right to free public babysitting from 7:30-1:50 Monday through Friday until they turn 18.

The morning of the pants incident, Michael continued to argue with me on the drive. He would occasionally apologize and seem remorseful. Right before we turned into his school parking lot, he said, “Look, Mom, I’m really sorry. Can I have video games back today?”

“No way,” I told him. “You cannot act the way you acted this morning and think you can get your electronic privileges back that quickly.”

His face turned cold, and his eyes were full of calculated rage. “Then I’m going to kill myself,” he said. “I’m going to jump out of this car right now and kill myself.”

That was it. After the knife incident, I told him that if he ever said those words again, I would take him straight to the mental hospital, no ifs, ands, or buts. I did not respond, except to pull the car into the opposite lane, turning left instead of right.

“Where are you taking me?” he said, suddenly worried. “Where are we going?”

“You know where we are going,” I replied.

“No! You can’t do that to me! You’re sending me to hell! You’re sending me straight to hell!”

I pulled up in front of the hospital, frantically waiving for one of the clinicians who happened to be standing outside. “Call the police,” I said. “Hurry.”

Michael was in a full-blown fit by then, screaming and hitting. I hugged him close so he couldn’t escape from the car. He bit me several times and repeatedly jabbed his elbows into my rib cage. I’m still stronger than he is, but I won’t be for much longer.

The police came quickly and carried my son screaming and kicking into the bowels of the hospital. I started to shake, and tears filled my eyes as I filled out the paperwork—“Were there any difficulties with… at what age did your child… were there any problems with.. has your child ever experienced.. does your child have…”

At least we have health insurance now. I recently accepted a position with a local college, giving up my freelance career because when you have a kid like this, you need benefits. You’ll do anything for benefits. No individual insurance plan will cover this kind of thing.

For days, my son insisted that I was lying—that I made the whole thing up so that I could get rid of him. The first day, when I called to check up on him, he said, “I hate you. And I’m going to get my revenge as soon as I get out of here.”
By day three, he was my calm, sweet boy again, all apologies and promises to get better. I’ve heard those promises for years. I don’t believe them anymore.

On the intake form, under the question, “What are your expectations for treatment?” I wrote, “I need help.”

And I do. This problem is too big for me to handle on my own. Sometimes there are no good options. So you just pray for grace and trust that in hindsight, it will all make sense.

I am sharing this story because I am Adam Lanza’s mother. I am Dylan Klebold’s and Eric Harris’s mother. I am Jason Holmes’s mother. I am Jared Loughner’s mother. I am Seung-Hui Cho’s mother. And these boys—and their mothers—need help. In the wake of another horrific national tragedy, it’s easy to talk about guns. But it’s time to talk about mental illness.

According to Mother Jones, since 1982, 61 mass murders involving firearms have occurred throughout the country. Of these, 43 of the killers were white males, and only one was a woman. Mother Jones focused on whether the killers obtained their guns legally (most did). But this highly visible sign of mental illness should lead us to consider how many people in the U.S. live in fear, like I do.

When I asked my son’s social worker about my options, he said that the only thing I could do was to get Michael charged with a crime. “If he’s back in the system, they’ll create a paper trail,” he said. “That’s the only way you’re ever going to get anything done. No one will pay attention to you unless you’ve got charges.”

I don’t believe my son belongs in jail. The chaotic environment exacerbates Michael’s sensitivity to sensory stimuli and doesn’t deal with the underlying pathology. But it seems like the United States is using prison as the solution of choice for mentally ill people. According to Human Rights Watch, the number of mentally ill inmates in U.S. prisons quadrupled from 2000 to 2006, and it continues to rise—in fact, the rate of inmate mental illness is five times greater (56 percent) than in the non-incarcerated population.

With state-run treatment centers and hospitals shuttered, prison is now the last resort for the mentally ill—Rikers Island, the LA County Jail and Cook County Jail in Illinois housed the nation’s largest treatment centers in 2011.

No one wants to send a 13-year old genius who loves Harry Potter and his snuggle animal collection to jail. But our society, with its stigma on mental illness and its broken healthcare system, does not provide us with other options. Then another tortured soul shoots up a fast food restaurant. A mall. A kindergarten classroom. And we wring our hands and say, “Something must be done.”

I agree that something must be done. It’s time for a meaningful, nation-wide conversation about mental health. That’s the only way our nation can ever truly heal.

God help me. God help Michael. God help us all.

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Amazing Crazy Cat Lady of the Day

I just saw this on Facebook…and had no choice but to post it cuz shit is so fucking ridiculous…you know an interview you’d think the news wouldn’t have gone through with…because of her fucking eyebrows….that shit should probably be institutionalized….but at the same time…I give serious thanks that she exists…cuz life without people like this…is a life not worth living…

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Maine Zumba Hooker Popsicle Video of the Day

You probably already know this story….about the zumba class prostitution ring that is a pretty clever idea…if zumba was sexy….but maybe the fact that it isn’t sexy is what makes it so clever…I mean a stripper pole dance class prostitution ring would just be too fucking cliche….

If this is news to you…..here’s an update….

Alexis Wright, a 29-year-old Zumba instructor charged with running a prostitution ring out of her Zumba studio in Kennebunk, Maine, pleaded not guilty Tuesday. Wright is facing 106 counts of prostitution, violation of privacy, tax evasion and allegedly providing sex for money.

Well…apparently there’s videos of the leader fucking a popsicle…and I guess that’s all that really matters when it comes to prostitution rings…you know good old fashioned frozen treats in pussy on video…even if it has nothing to do with prostitution rings…but does have to do with a sexy, refreshing time.

Amazing video of a girl who has her priorities straight….

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Car Chase Suicide of the Day

I don’t know you, but this is crazy…..here’s a dude in a car chase being covered by the local news….shooting himself in the fucking head.

1 – I hate suicide and think all people who commit suicide should be shot, but since they’ve already done it, and we can’t do it again, I feel their death should not be respected as they didn’t respect their own life.

You see kids die of cancer everyday….none of them want to die….they want to be normal and playing with their friends….and here some cocksucker goes and disrespects their will to live by shitting on his own life….

I do it for the kids…

2- I hate putting death or gore videos on the site, cuz I like girls and babes and the nice side of life….and I also like hookers, addicts, poverty, white trash, retards and all other things I like laughing at…..but the reason I am posting it is cuz YOUTUBE did and so did FOX cuz the reporter’s reaction is fucking amazing….Live TV is the best.

I do it for the comedic aspect to all the darkness…ya heard.

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stepNEWS of the Day

I don’t know what is more amazing…the fact that some of the people who make up the stepNEWS exist…or the fact that one person bitched at me about slacking on the stepNEWS….because I am so used to getting hate…even though I love it….and like an abused wife….I was believing it was worthless and that I was crazy….but we’re back with the freaks motherfuckers…

Woman Breaks Into Homes To Clean Them
“The Cleaning Fairy” was busted for breaking into homes to clean the houses and leaving bills for her services.

Black Bear Disrupts Elementary School Graduation
A roaming black bear ran through the campus of a Bakersfield, California elementary school, disrupting the school’s graduation ceremony.

Caught On Tape: Truck Crashes Into Bar
A truck barreled through a wall, pinning customers to the bar in a Little Canada, Minnesota restaurant.

Wisconsin Man Arrested for DUI on Lawnmower
Charles Gray was arrested in Jackson, Wisconsin for driving a lawnmower on the street while intoxicated.

Maryland Libraries Refuse To Carry 50 Shades of Grey
Libraries in Harford County, Maryland are defending their decision to not buy EL James’ Fifty Shades Trilogy,

Maryland Man Claims To Have Eaten Heart Of Roommate
Authorities say a Maryland man has been charged with first-degree murder after parts of a human body were found in his home. The Harford County Sheriff`s Office says 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua was arrested Wednesday, days after a man whom he lived with went missing. Police say they found the body parts while searching the townhome in Joppatowne. Police also found body parts in a nearby trash container.

Pregnant Houston Mother Found Passed Out Drunk At Tattoo Parlor
A pregnant mother faces charges of driving while intoxicated and child endangerment when she was found passed out behind the wheel of her car after being tuned away from tattoo shop.

Family Claims To See Jesus In Bathroom Mold
A Southeast Texas family believes that they have holy mold.

DETROIT: Two Bystanders Shot After Argument Over Kool-Aid

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stepNEWS of the Day

The world has gone nuts….seriously….from zombie face eating to gay porn stars killing people in video….it is the apocalypse…I hope you’ve been practicing your hand to hand combat….here are some other clips…

Man Rams Taco Bell Over Missing Tacos
Huber Heights, Ohio police say just after Midnight Michael Smith pulled into the drive-thru with his girlfriend and ordered a combo meal. “He was already peeling his tires, being cute whatever he was on, and came through got his food. We forgot a taco. We realized we forgot it,” said Kristen Winans. She says in minutes Smith came back for his $.99 taco and gave workers a verbal lashing. “He was very sarcastic and rude.” She says she was apologetic and tried to fix the order. “We’re sorry pull forward. We’ll get that to you. He peeled all the way through the drive-thru to our window and snatched his taco.” said Winans.


Teenager Abandoned By Father For Getting A Bad Grade
A Montgomery County A 16 year old was forced to pack her bag and get in the car. Her father, 47 year old Tuan Huynh was kicking her out of the house. All for getting a bad grade on a calculus test.

Houston man suing Wal-Mart for thinking he was a thief
Henry Daniels is suing a Houston area Wal-Mart for accusing him of being a thief when trying to return a vacuum cleaner.

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stepNEWS of the Day

The naked cannibal high on PCP and Bath Salts shit is just next fucking level crazy…the rest of the stepNEWS is prettyamazing too…..from 11 yera olds fallinng….to police being attacked…to polee dnacers and 80 year old Sky Divers Dying…the stepNEWS is amazing….

Pregnant Woman Crashes Car While Drunk
Police say a pregnant woman in Southfield, Michigan crashed her car while drunk. She had another child with her in the car at the time of the crash.

Officer accused of sending explicit videos to minors out of jail
A Gwinnett County police officer is accused of posting an explicit video on a website aimed towards minors.

Flasher on the Loose in Dayton, Ohio
Police in Dayton are searching for a flasher that has flashed multiple women around town.

80-Year-Old Falls Out Of Harness During Sky Dive
Laverne Everett went sky diving for her 80th birthday and fell out of her harness. Her instructor was able to hold onto her and she lived to tell about her experience.

Pole Dancers Pushing For Olympic Berth
Pole dancing supporters are hoping to raise public awareness and make it to the global stage.

Girl Falls From Rock Climbing Wall
A man used his cell phone to videotape his 11-year-old daughter rock climbing and on her way down from the top her harness broke.

Miami Police Take Down Naked Cannibal
Miami police took down a naked man found mauling another man, biting his face.

Caught on Tape: Robbery Suspect Attacks Police Officer
A robbery suspect attacked a Philadelphia police officer, attacking him with his own baton, , resulting in a shooting.

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stepNEWS of the Day

The stepNEWS is fucking amazing…I don’t care what the haters say…partially cuz I started this site to be hated…but also because I know good content when I see it…and for some reason the only joy I feel comes from local news…and Kumbaya remixes….so here’s the all american greatness….that should depress most of you….

Woman Claims She Was Fired For Being Sexy
A New York woman claims she was fired for the way she looks and dresses.

Caught on Tape: Parents Put Toddler in Washing Machine
A mother and father thought it would be funny to put their toddler in a front loading washing machine at a laundromat, but soon realized that the child was in danger when the door locked and the washer filled with water.

Texas Constable Accused Of Forcing Coworker To Motorboat Her
There’s another development in the X-rated sexual harassment lawsuit against Galveston County’s top female cop. A former reserve deputy has come forward saying Constable Pam Matranga forced him to resign, too.

Paper Cup Blamed For Crash
A paper cup shattered truck’s window and caused the driver to crash. The accident nearly killed someone.

California Strip Clubs Could Be Facing New Taxes
A possible new tax could increase cover charges for Southern California strip clubs, legislators believe that the state could raise $35 million for sexual assault programs.

Dallas High School Fight Caught on Video
11 people were charged in participating in the fight, but the mother of one victim claims it was all in self defense.

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Reporter Upskirt Blooper is Amazing of the Day

This made me laugh and I never laugh. Partially because I don’t find anything funny, I’m a bitter, cynical, joke snob… but more importantly people who laugh looked like fucking retards….

But seeing some reporter, who spent years getting herself on TV, caught with her skirt up, and blaming technical difficulities, is just my kind of humor….laughing at people for fucking up when they’ve spent so much energy being perfect and who I know act like celebrities when out for drinks after work…cuz bitch is on TV…is serious fucking jokes.

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stepNEWS of the Day

Sure the stepNEWS may not be as exciting as the Trayvon Martin gun targets for hick racist rednecks who believe strongly in shooting people in hoods so long as they are black and not mom’s out for a jog…or white….But it’s pretty fucking close….

NY Hot Dog Prostitute Mom Returns To Work
Catherine Scalia went back to work after pleading guilty to prostitution and ran into trouble when she parked her hot dog truck on private property and left before serving customers that had already paid.

Cooling Bra Introduced In Japan
The Super Cool Bra, made of cooling pads, fans, and mints, has been released in Japan to keep ladies cool in the summertime.

Police Sent To Recover Library Book From 4-Year-Old
A four-year-old in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania was visited by police who instructed her to return “Sleeping Beauty” to the library because it was overdue and face charges if it wasn’t returned.

Teacher Fired After Forcing Student To Wear Dog Collar
A Florida teacher is out of a job after forcing students to wear the ‘Cone of Shame.’

Man Throws Coffee On Clerk After Payment Dispute
A man threw a cup of hot coffee on a donut store clerk after a dispute over whether he paid or not.

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stepNEWS of the Day

I am amazed that I have not been on the local news yet. I have done countless stupid things, like some of these retards, but I guess I’ve never been caught….It kinda makes me happy, but at the same time, having the world mock and laugh at you collectively for your stupidity, is something that I’d like to experience…we are all allowed to have dreams….

NY Hot Dog Vendor Charged With Prostitution
Catherine Scalia, who operates a hot dog business by day and strips at night, was arrested by an undercover cop for offering her body in prostitution and pleaded guilty to the charges.

Peeping Tom Arrested At Maryland College
A Peeping Tom was arrested for hiding the women’s restroom at Baltimore County Community College.

Drunk Driver Busted For Doing Laps Around Horse Racing Track
A drunk driver in New Mexico led police on a chase around a horse racing track in his pickup truck.

Caught on Tape: Teens Slammed By Sedan
A surveillance camera caught a sedan speeding into a group of teenagers in Buffalo, New York, sending bodies flying.

Sex Offender Caught Watching Porn at Georgia McDonald’s
A registered sex offender, Brent Kellogg, was reported to police when a customer saw him watching porn on a computer at a Georgia McDonald’s.

Fake Skype account costs teacher his job
A teacher who was wrongly accused of having an improper relationship with a student is still going to lose his job, even though the charges were dropped.

Six-Year-Old Suspended For Singing LMFAO Song
A Colorado six-year-old was suspended from school for singing the LMFAO song “I’m Sexy And I Know It.”

Woman Mauled By Cheetahs, Husband Just Photographs it
A tourist was attacked by cheetahs at a South African game preserve and it was all photographed by the woman’s husband, who decided to document the attack rather than help.

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Ridiculous Power Tripping Cop Who Almost Killed Someone By Not Doing his Job of the Day

I saw this yesterday and it made me mad…and it will probably make you mad too.

The story is simple, some power tripping cop who was manning the 911 phones decided to not do his fucking job, but instead take on the role of school teacher because a girl said “fuck” during a crisis….forcing her to run to the police station to get an ambulance as her dad was in seizure on the kitchen floor, because asshole refused to serve her like a disgruntled cashier at a retail store, instead of like an emergency respondent….

I fucking hate people like this, who don’t realize their place in the world, who preach at inappropriate times, when bitch was just using the system in place to save her dying father….

To make things even more insane, he arrested her under fake charges.

I think we sould all email the Police Chief Thomas Karnes and tell him that his employee shouldn’t just be suspended or fired but in fact arrested for putting lives at risk….Assshole…

His email is tkarnes@citylp.com

DrunkenStepfather.com – always saving the world….

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stepNEWS of the Day

The stepNEWS changes lives for both the viewer and the person implicated in the shit….it inspires us to be idiots…or to not be idiots…it genius…and it is stupidity….is the future…

Police: Son torched mom’s house
Aldwin Caceres-Marrero, a Tampa man, set fire to his mother’s home in an argument that started over a cell phone after assaulting her the day before.

Detroit “Super Hero” Busted by Police
He calls himself “Bee Sting,” a crime fighter … but police in one city call him a costumed criminal.

Child’s eye drops replaced with bleach
Prosecutors have accused a Washington state woman of repeatedly putting bleach into her daughter’s eyes, causing permanent vision loss in the toddler’s right eye.

NJ Tanning Mom Faces Judge
Patricia Krentcil claims that her daughter’s sunburn came from playing outside and not from a tanning booth and pleaded not guilty to second-degree child endangerment, but did admit that she has a tanning problem herself.

OH Man Mows Lawn With Helmet After Hawk Attacks
A man from Westlake, Ohio has to mow his lawn wearing a helmet since a hawk has been attacking the homeowner.

Woman Accuses Parole Agent Of Sexual Blackmail In Hidden Camera Sting
A California parole agent was arrested for inappropriate behavior with a parolee, demanding that she make a naked video of herself. The victim does have a checkered past, including heroin use and shoplifting.

Caught on Tape: Truck Rams Gas Station Twice
A pickup truck was video taped ramming the front of a Converse, Texas gas station convenience store and the driver casually walked away immediately after.

Georgia Man Spanks Toddler For Trying To Grab His Cat
Russel Baughcum of Fulton County, Georgia allegedly spanked a Four-year-old who tried to grab his cat at the vet’s office and now faces assault charges.

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Montreal Taxi Hit and Run of the Day

This is just fucking crazy….A Montreal taxi ran over a dude, who was likely drunk after after some kind of confrontation went down this past Saturday night…..now I hate drunk people as much as the next guy….even though I am always drunk…maybe especailly cuz I am a drunk….and I hate seeing people get fucked with by drunk idiots….unless I am the drunk idiot and the people getting fucked are hot pussy….you know the taxiis just trying to make a fucking living and these cocksuckers are fucking with him….jumping on his car that he probably doesn’t own…damages he’ll have to pay for….I’d probably run over one of them if I was in his position too….self defense like dude Trayvon…..only unlike Trayvon this motherufucker is gonna live.

Here’s the other angle – far more graphic and disgusting

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