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Puppy Mill of the Day

I am a dog lover…more importantly a pug lover…and a pug puppy mill was busted in Arizona. They raided and pulled out / save over 120 PUGS…and a few other animals….in what must have been sad, horrible, but cute as fuck puppy mill raids ever.

If you don’t have a pug, or if you’ve never spent time with a pug, you probably won’t really understand how helpless, loyal, into people they are. They don’t feel like dogs, but rather majestic creatures from space, who I feel are in on the joke…disguised as some interpretation of a dog…


So in being pug obsessed, the kind of motherfucker who posts pug shirts, stories, and videos on my social media, because pugs are the only thing I really, truly love and enjoy…I figure it is important for me to get the world out that these 120 babies need homes and I figure at least one of you…since there are only one of you reading this…you can go out there and give them a forever home they deserve…you won’t regret it…it will change your fucking life…


I know the idea of a puppy mill isn’t really one you want to celebrate, but these dogs need homes. I know that a puppy mill is not something you want to call cute, but these dogs need homes. The low class, white trash, assholes with Craigslist, who realize that if they overbreed their two dogs…they are printing fucking money….because each of these puppies is worth 1,000 dollars…and 120 of them means 120,000 dollars…which is like 100 million dollars to trailer trash who do these terrible things to beautiful dogs…

Save a pug…


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Woman VS Gas Station and Otehr Videos of the Day

Bottomless Surfer

Man VS Security

Drunk VS Two Guys

Dogs Pulling a Woman

Weird Bus Accident

Road Rage of the Day

Capybara Drinking Beer with Campers

Truck Crashes Into Protesting Truck Drivers...

Tire Knockout

Driver Runs Over a Chick...She Lived...But What the Fuck

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Chinese Woman Stripped for Sleeping with a Woman’s Husband and Other Videos of the Day

Robber at the ATM

Sucker Punch Leaves Dude in Coma

Face Pounded at McDonalds

Attorney Gets Taken Out in San Luis Obispo – The Happiest Place in America

Man Stealing Purses in LA

Motorized Picnic Table!

Bar Owner Shot over Spilled Drink in Thailand…

I love FEMEN

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Topless Protesters and Other Videos of the Day

Creepy Shopper of the Day

Body Builder with Downs Syndrome

Naked Chicks in a Cat Fight

Weird ass Sniffer

The Beginning of the Shooting in Paris…

Woman Gets Stripped Naked in a Fight

TO See all the videos – click more. –


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What the Fuck is This…. and Other Videos of the Day

Videos, What the Fuck is This…. and Other Videos of the Day

Refugee I’d Adopt Complaining About Free Food….WHo I GUess Doesn’t Grasp Being a Refugee

Apparently, this is a dude masturbating so hard he sprays down a girl’s skirt…best commentary

Wife VS Mistress



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I Want to Have Sex with Every Angry Femen Lesbians and Other Videos of the Day

Camel Stuck in a Car

Guy at Walmart Fights with a Woman

Parents of the Day

Woman Feeds the Fish

Bus Driver of the Day

Bride and Groom in China have Sex in Front of Guests as Part of some Pervert Tradition

Baby Kangaroo Just Wants to Cuddle

Just a Guy with a Machete Shot by Police

Woman Taking a Shit on the Street

Apple Kicks Black Kids Out of their Store

Old Man VS Train

Sex at the Office

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Weirdo Church Video for the Red Cups and Other Videos of the Day

Student Beating

Two Year Old Driving Motorbike

Car Recovery Fail

How to Run a Roundabout

11 Year Old Shot After Attacking Israeli Security Guard…

Another Palestinian Attacks Soldier – Gets Shot

Slippery Roads

Church Worker Stealing..

Brazilian Prison Torture – Pepper Ass

Deer VS Dollar Store

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IP Cam Hack is Hilarious and Other Videos of the Day

Women Sexually Assualting a Dude…in a Convenience Store…in DC…

Some Dude in Philly apparently Shouting “I’ll Kill You”….while Shooting an Abandoned Builting..Twice..

Weirdo Accident

Kitchen Hand Destoys a Bus

Woman Rams the Police…..

Woman Reacts to Ramming the Police..

Suicide Survivor of the Day

Police Camera Watches 2 Men Fight

On Duty Cop Kills Two People Because He Was Cheated On….

Man Dressed Like a RAbbi – Sexually Assaults Girl

Wrong Way Highway Driving

Chilean Shot Twice By Cops

Sex Caught on Tape…

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Guy Masturbates to a PS4 and Other Videos of the Day

Mean McDonald’s Employee Cock Teases Homless Guy with a Burger…

German Girl Hugging Refugees

Crazy Bus Accident –

87 Year Old Gets Punched in the Face

Dear VS Slippery Floor

Water Cooler Dump Fail

Fight in the Projects…

Public Street Strip

IHOP Sink Hole

Police Chase Ends with Dead Pedestrian

Naked Fat Man Dance

Palestinian Woman Tries to Stab Israeli Guard

78 Year Old Gets a Wedgie While Being Robbed

Possible Brazilian Falling Off His Caribbean Cruise


Weird Shoe Sniffer

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Naked Woman Fighting Neighbor and Other Videos of the Day

Cops Try To Rescue a Guy on Fire

Israeli Man Stabbed in the Ass

Drunks Fight

Naked Woman VS Fan

Dog Dressed Like an Emoji

Guy Gets Shot By Cops

Woman VS Motorbike

Woman Thinks She’s Racially Profiled by Asians

Robber in Armored Guard Uniform

Parking Lot Hood Fight

89 Year Old Does Stand Up for the First Time

Serena WIlliams VS Cellphone Thief

Recoil of the Day

CHina Fight

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Drone Flies Over Nude Beach….and Other Videos of the Day

Bride’s Breasts Get Played With at Wedding Party

Naked Girl Thrown by Car

Man Catches on Fire…

Man Feeding Bird

Man Masturbating in Elevator Gets Beat….

Weird Death of the Day

Boat Crash on Highway

African Arm…

Black Guys Beat White Guys with Confederate Flag on Truck Because Divide and Conquer

After School Fight in Memphis

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McDonald’s Drive Thru Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Sex on the Rock

Mother of the Day – Dropping her New Born Baby into the Trash…

Crack Whore and her Mouth Skills

Terrifying Sky Dive Video…

Dude Drinks Poison and Lights Himself on Fire

Bus Driver VS Passenger…

This is the Worst Thing You’ll Ever See…Naked Woman Stoned To Death and Caught on Fire in Africa…What the Fuck

Suicide Squirrel

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Girls Rockin’ Out in Burger King…and Other Videos of the Day

Bro Doesn’t Like Being Told to Fuck Off

Apparently, this is a dude who hijacked a family’s IP security cam….

Weird Video of Little Girl Puking….from too much Whipped Cream…vile..

Person Steals All The Candy from a Family who let a Sign that Read “Only a Handful”

Huge Joint Rip…

Student VS Teacher

Referee Gets a Surprise

Student attacks Teacher

Jew on Jew Stabbing

Eating Live Worms…

Orlando Twerk Contest…

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Weird Car Wash Video and Other Views of the Day

Couple Having Sex In a Car on a Guy’s Farm…

Shoplifter’s Hilarious Escape

Doctor Makes Fighter’s Wound Talk…

Party Grandpa at 6 am

Naked African Palestinian

Kazakhstan Teacher Punishing Kids

Halloween Brawl in Baltimore

Halloween Brawl in Orlando

Old Man Almost Hit By Axe

Man in NYC Shitting

Fight in the Computer Lab

Street Performer – VS Thief

SUV Vs Tanning Salon

Just Nice People on NYC Subway -0 Is this Goonies?

Short Thief

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Man Disguised as a Woman Prostitute Gets Arrested and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Blue Hair in NYC

Dude Kisses a Guy’s Girl in Front of Him…Gets Beat…

Daily Commute in Shanghai…

Man Gets Beat for Touching a 12 Year Old

New Zealand Cop of the Day

Dude Tries to Hang Himself in Public

Guy Makes Another Guy Apologize to His Wife For Makign Rude Comments

Orange Vendor VS Inspector

Robber Tries to Get Money from Clerk, Clerk Says No, Robber Takes Chips

Hangover in China

CCTV of the WACO Texas Shooting…

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