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Cop in Florida Beats Up Cuffed Woman and Other Videos of the Day

Public Shit

Bus VS Scooter

Woman VS Predator

Horseback Riding Robbery

Noise in the White House…


Pilot Dad Surprises Army Son

Bikini Strips Farmer…

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Woman Flashes Tits on TV and Other Videos of the Day

Women Stripped Naked

Naked Man Running From the Police

Bike VS Drunk Driver

Man Tests Target’s Women’s Bathroom Policy

Hot Coffee To Face in Philly

Classy Brawl….

Illuminated Tits

TITS on PS4 Streaming

Bee VS Nail

Cop VS Man with a Gun

Prison Guard Pepper Sprays Restrained Inmate

Farmer Gets Stripped on Stage

Sausage of the Day

Dog Reunited with Owner

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Police Chase Ending in a Strip Full Footage and Other Videos of the Day

The Cherry Bomb Eater Challenge

Bike Thief in Broad Daylight

Escaping Death

Bully VS Ft Kid – Fat Kid Wins

School Bus OVER Barrier

Crazy Girl on an Australian Bus

Girl Gets Run Over by Taxi

Dog and a Little Girl

Building shedding it’s Skin in China – I Wonder Why…

Tits and Fighting…

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Twitch User Suspended for Showing Her Vagina of the Day

Her instagram name is @lea__may

She was once a TWITCH user…a platform I don’t fuck with because I don’t watch videogames or play videogames or watch people play videogames…not even hot chicks.. and if I did play videogames, I would not use twitch..not even for the pussy…I just can’t see it being a fetish…but then again, nerds fucking love hot chicks who have the same interests…it is nerd Spanish Fly…it is the nerd trap…and hot girls have milked how easy it is to exploit nerds…and I find that a whole level of bullying – the kind that turns nerds into rapists and pushes them further into their social awkwardness…

All this to say her TWITCH got deleted for 30 days because she flashed her pussy…and figured that’s enough of a reason to celebrate her and her most slutty instagram pics….

And in 30 days she’ll make 10 times the money..she die…VAGINA gets fame….She’s already done Playboy, so her famewhoring, vagina flashing, is all part of her marketing strategy…

So getting rich playing Videogames can happen.

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Couple in the Barcelona Train Station and Other Videos of the Day

Monk Fight

Surprise KO

Alabama Dead Body Transport

Cop Saves Bridge Jumper

Dukes of Hazard Jumping

Sexy Knife Fight

NYC Subway Brawl

Black Students Ask White Teacher About the New 20

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Prince Fans Dance in Colombia and Other Videos of the Day

Fat Kid Stands in Front of Car Making People Pay Him To Get Out of the Way

Don’t Mess with Grandpa

Bottomless Woman Breaks into Car

Taxi Runs Over a Dude

Man Sets Himself on Fire in Front of Courthouse

Man Streaks Olympic Swimming

Weird Street Brawl…

Subaru Loses Control

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Woman Strips Naked at the End of a Police Chase and Other Videos of the Day

Breast Groper on the Bus

Squeegee Woman Moons Car

Classy Denny’s Server has Fight

Jerking off on a German Highway

Weirdest Bride and Groom Entrance Ever

People Steal Water from a LOndon Marathon Drink Station

Food Fight at Chinese Restaurant

Young Kids Had Gun in Shorts…

3 Year Old Does Donuts

Turkish police make people they catch do squats…

Worst Sex Machine Ever

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Crazy Guy in Underwear on Drugs Needs Amberlance – Then Gets Hit By Car and Other Videos of the Day

Chinese Mall Security Romance

2 Month Old Baby in New Mexico Left in Car for 1.5 Hours – Was 101.7 Degrees and Dehydrated – WHAT THE FUCK

Teacher Goes At Student – Calls Him Motherfucker and Nigger

Latest Scandel – Girls crash Stolen Car in a Pond – Cops Let them Drown

Thai Police Disarm a Man

Russian Girl on Drugs and Her Mom Trying to Save her is Weird

Guy Hula Hoops a Tire

Woman REverses Car into River

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Man in Thailand Eats Out Girl During Songkran Fest and Other Videos of the Day

16 Day Old Baboon Rejected by Mother is So Cute

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy

Dude Cuts Down Tree – Finds Something Terrible

Clerk in San Jose California – Shot by These People –

Idiot Bikers

Mean Ladder Prank

Mall Roof Collapse During Rain

Cooking Gas Cylinder Blast in India

Weird Dust Devil in China….

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Topless Dude Kicked Out of Store for Free the Nipples and Other Videos of the Day

Professor Has Sex with Student in Meeting Room

Teacher Jumps in to Stop a Fight – Probably Gets Sued for Sexual Harassment

Sliding Down a Sky Scraper

Kids Beat Teacher

Sleeping Motorcycle Driver

Dad VR

The Mad Naked guy is Hilarious

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Naked and Angry and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Yells at Mom for Leaving Baby in Car

Commentator Loses It…

Dude VS Cement Truck…

Woman on Hood of Car – Flips


NAKED man Mail Eater

Weird Trailer Flip…

Sofa Transport

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Crackhead Walk and Other Videos of the Day

Crackhead Freaked Out at Popeyes

Your Dog Bit My Nuts

Woman VS Thief with Gun…

Woman Jumps in Underwear or Naked From Fire…

French Rugby Brawl

Gymnastic Coach Does Weird Save

Dude Escapes a Crazy Crash

Street Brawl

Two Old Men Whacking Each Other With Brooms

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11 am in Minneapolis and Other Videos of the Day

Little Kids in Brazil Kill a Store Clerk…

70 Year Old Gets Suckerpunched by Kids..

Turkish Psychologist at the Mall…

Chinese Couple Caught Cheating of the Day

Cha Cha the Chimp Video Upsets Me…

India TV Interview Win…

Interesting Final Destination Accident in India

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Men Eat Grapes of Co-Worker Tits in Asia and Other Videos of the Day

Good Morning Guatemala

Woman Fights Back During Robbery – LOSES

Chinese License Plate Change Technology

Kayaker – Meets Shark

Stupid on the Highway

Happy Woman’s Day

Breast Feeding Video of the Day

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Drunk Woman Strips in Store and Other Videos of the Day

Woman with No Underwear on In Intersection

Girl with Headphones On – Doesn’t Look Both Ways Behind Crossing the Tracks

Guy Accused of Touching a Girl on the Bus….Unleashes Pepper Spray

Shooting Range Fail…

Woman Hit with a Skateboard on Public Transit

Just a Man Catching Himself on Fire

Fucking with Mormons

Couple not Phased by Arm Robbery in a Bar

Dude in White Shirt Stabs a Guy who Was Mad He Peed on His Lawn

Little Kid Defending His Family from Inspectors…

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