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Racism at Euro Dance Parties with Girls in Bikinis of the Day



We can all agree that the world is a little overly sensitive about everything even remotely offensive these days….it’s just create as much conflict amongst ourselves…leaving very little room for making fun of each other or being racist…

But you have to be an idiot to go out of your way, as a European, to shit on Native Americans, who his people raped and killed to steal land to build this shithole I call home…back in 1492

That idiot is David Guetta, a 500 year old DJ….who runs an Ibiza party called Fuck Me I’m Famous, that has been going on for a really fucking long time….which should remind you all that 500 year old DJs are out of touch…probably has nothing to do with these outfits at his party, he’s 500 years old, playing shitty music to rooms full of 18 year old girls who fuck him while getting paid 100,000 dollars a gig, 5 nights a week…

That’s the real fucking creepy in all this….18 year old girls pay to see this dude play and even suck his dick while making him a millionaire multiple times over…so racist, misguided, idiot or not…he’s drawing attention to his party, making money and probably fucking your daughter while she’s on MDMA groupie-ing hard on him…and most importantly, has nothing to do with this..but may issue an apology to seem like a good guy to continue the gravy train…from thanksgiving…that he probably celebrates playing a vegas club for lots of money…while all you North Americans celebrate rape, torture and killing of natives…over turkey…you fucks.

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Titties Lookin’ For Change Outside Hooters and Other Videos of the Day

Dude with Confederate Flag Gets Beat in Front of his Bikini Clad Girl

Paraglider Accident in RIO

Brazil Street Justice

Naked Girl Escapes Apartment

Fight at a Paraguayan “Bikini” contest

Some Road Rage….

Canadian Road Rage

Drunk Canadian Peeing on the Train

Some Drunk Girls…

Throwback Lapdance…

People Collectively Life a Car to Save a Dude

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Girl Pees on Floor and Other Videos of the Day

Dog Waits for the Light to Turn Green

Fuck these Assholes With Circus Elephants…It Makes me Mad

Mexican Fist Fight…

I always take sides with the Bull

UFO Sighting of the Day

Naked Guy on PCP

Russian Taxi Driver Runs over an 11 Month Old in a PRAM and Doesn’t Stop

Mini Pig Trapped in a Door

Weird Old Dude Throws Himself into a Brawl

Lobster Fail

Elvis at a Confederate Flag Parade

What the Fuck…Shooting in a Businessman Rivalry is Fucked…

Drive By Shooting in D.C.

Cat Gets Revived

Dancing Seagull

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Public Cowboy Threesome in Calgary and Other Videos of the Day

UPS Driver Kicks Dog and pushes Owner

Driver VS Pedestrian

Woman Pulls Down Pants to Fight Off Cops

Naked Man and a Draw Bridge

Explosion in China

Catapult Ride Fail

Guy VS Audi in Russia…

Cat VS Dog

Shitting in a Box

Girl Freaks Out Because Battery Dies on Phone

Sleepy Dog

Circus Fail….Crazy…

Smile for the Camera!

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Sound Shark Advice and Other Videos of the Day

Homeless Guy Puts His Dick on Some SLeeping Girl’s Face

MDMA Cops at a Music Fest

Dude Get Slammed by Dirt Bike

Drug Addict of the Day

Concert Goers VS Bouncers…

Bull with Flaming Horns Gets Motherfucker Who Deserve To Be Killed for Fucking with Bull

Girl Gets Hit By Car During a St Louis Fight

Panera Bread Manager VS Employee

Drunk Couple Have Sex in a Restaurant

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Panera Bread Manager VS Employee of the Day

So apparently this happened at a Panera Bread:

Panera employee quit mid shift, just wasn’t having it today. Threw some bag of chips on the floor, yelled, etc NBD. Manager in white shirt basically threw her out the door, she came back, and then…..this

Which reminds us all that low paid, shitty low level management jobs in shitty fast food franchises, lead to despression and a little to pent up anger that makes you lose your fucking shit…when one of your employees quits on the spot…because this is a generation of entitled, lazy, materialistic fucks….but at least you can always eat your feelings with a bread soup bowl..or by beating up girls…what the fuck..

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Angry Woman at Taco Bell and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Hits Himself in the Face with a Latex Glove

Online Gaming Fight Leads to Throat Slice

Crazy Person – Upset Over Rmamdan

Garbage Truck Crash

Wheel CHair Criminal

Shopping in a G-String

Naked Guy on a Segway VS Cops ot a Grateful Dead Show

School Girl Beats a Dude Who Sexually Harassed Her

Road Rage

Little Kid Drinks a Guinness…

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Mother and Daughter Jumped in Popeyes and Other Videos of the Day

FSU QUarterback Punches a CHick

Car VS Runaway Tire

Dude Threatens to Kill batman in Toronto

Cop’s 1 Punch Knockout

Wendy’s Attack in Ohio

40 Black People Stomp Out 1 White Person…Because the Media is Making Us Racist…to Divide and Conquer…

Asian Restaurant Kitchen

Not Naked Enough PETA Protestors..

Girl Kicks an Old Man in the HEad

Sheep Acting Crazy

Traffic Cop Fail…

The Weirdest Drug Deal Ever…

Jared From Subway – Hard at Work….because he just got raided for Kiddie Porn Production…and if you’re at the point of being investigated for Kiddie Porn Producing, you are the worst pile of shit, scum of the earth, who deserves to be taken out back and raped by a sharp object before having their genitals mutilated….I never trusted an asshole who lost weight eating shitty sandwiches, before whoring his story to the sandwich company, only to whore underage kids, because he’s a fucking fat fucking creep…fuck this guy…






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Sex at the Beach and Other Videos of the Day

Just Some Pissing on the Street

Dude Jerks off in a Cashier’s Water Bottle

Worst Way to Wake Up

Babe on the Tain

Idiots on a Quad of the Day

Upset Guy in a Muisc Store

Cop Shooting of the Day

Woman Gives Birth in a Hospital

Music Festival Gate Crashers

Corn Eating American Pride

Monk Blesses Dude

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Are You Itchy? and Other Videos of the DAy

Don’t Look at His Cock

LCD Under Her Skirt

Dog VS Baby Head

I Love this Christian

I LOve this Video of a Man and a Mannequin

Guy Gets TASED

The Turtle Cam is Amazing

Public Hooker Sex

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Man Who Really Likes a Mannequin and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Throwing Rocks at Car Gets Fucked

Police Shooting of the Day

Little GIrl VS Anti-Gay Jesus Freak

Man Getting Arrested in New York for Nothing

Cops Shoot a Guy in Texas

Busted having Sex…

KO on the Slingshot

Just a Good Old Fashion Stripping

Drunk Swede in Japan

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Farmer Bites Dancer’s VULVA and Other VIdeos of the Day

Caught Having Sex…

Hot Tits Get Arrested on the Blue Line

Driver Jumps Draw Bridge

Girl in Crocodile Den

Streakers Preparation

Dude Farts in Court

Russian Rambo

Woman Illegally Parked in a Disabled Spot

Girl Jups off Building…

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Hooker Knife Fight And Other Videos of the Day

Passenger Assaulted on Phlly Bus

Weird Attempted Suicide of th Day

Gayest Cop Ever

Drunk Sewer Fight

Man’s Ass VS Explosive

Confederate Flag Parade…

Drunk DUde Fails Impressing Girl

Drunk Girls on the Bus

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Istanbul Gay Pride Nudity and Other Videos of the Day

Gay Pride VS Water Cannon

Semi Naked Tokyp Shoppers

Topless Asian

Dad Protects His Daughter…

Tough Guy is Not So TOugh

87 Year Old Driver of the Day

Dealer Drops His Gun

Dirt Biker VS Bear

Drunk Shopper Falls Down

Weird Girl Fight of the Day

Attack in Czech Subway…

Mumbai Train Derailed…

Beheading of the Day

Bird of the Day

Man Walks Into Van

Supermarket Fail

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Hot Girl Tries to Bribe Cops and Other Videos of the Day

Suspect Leaps Across Rooftops…

One Man Shocked Victim Trying to Help Guy Getting Shocked…

Dutch Driver Refuses To wear Burka…

Drunk Guy Gets Robbed…

Girl Fights Girl with Baby

Crazy Accident…

Road Rage Fail

China Stabbing – WTF…

Tourists Selfie Stick an Accident…

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