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Failed Hijacking and Other Videos of the Day

Construction Worker Doesn’t Like the Drone

Multi Car Accident

Grandma VS Rat

Rental Car VS Pole

Bouncers VS a Dude

Don’t Text and Drive…

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Cops Taze Naked Man in the Dick and Other Videos of the Day

Rough….Little kid gets tangled into a Kite…Falls to his Death

Cop in the Handicapped Spot

Cat Owner – Gets Instant Karma

Street Dance in India of the Day

Girl and her Brother Get Attacked by Some Girl named Nook who Has Twerk Videos online

Man In Parking Structure Takes an Explosive Shit

Wife Catches Husband and His Mistress at the Toll Booth

Prostitute Beating Up Dude Who Didn’t Pay

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Porn Star Sings Pina Coladas and Other Videos of the Day

Russian Tow Truck…

Traffic Cop Gets Taken Down

German Guy Jumps…

Smaller Kid Takes Out Bully..

Man Catches Girl Cheating

Couch Surfing….

Motor Cycle Cop Chases Through Shopping Center

Road Rage of the Day

These Saint Martin Plane Landings are Played Out…Every Drunk Vacationer things the Plane is Closer to the Beach than it has ever been…

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Naked Woman in South Korea and Other VIdeos of the Day

Kids Stealing for the Mom

Motorcycle in the Shopping Mall

Rescuers VS Suicide

Teen Fight in McDonald’s

Firefighters Rescue a Trapped Dog

Machete Weilding Thieves Pet Dog After Tying up People…

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Reporter Gets Mugged on TV and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man in the Mall

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy from LA

Fat Guy and Tiny Bike

Truck VS Toll Booth

Protester Gets Run the Fuck Over By a Horse I Assume She is Protesting

Today in Suicide…

Acrobat VS 4 Flights of Stairs

Cop VS Spring Break

Girl’s Helmet is On Wrong

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Cheerleading Knockout and Other Videos of the Day

Fuck Her Right in the Pussy Still Going

Stewardess Does Uptown Funk….and Should Get Fired

Soccer Kick of the Day

Bicycle Crash of the Day

Military Cop Holding Child in Gun Fight

Kids Pass a Blunt on CNN

Big Dude Doesn’t Like Woman Beater

Elephant Attacks

Woman Undresses Topless and Wrestles Police

COP Takes Down Two People

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Graffiti Artist in Toronto and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Squirrel

Indianna Jones Plane

Friendly Australian Car Accident

Road Rage in California

Wrong Place / Wrong Time

Shop Keeper Jump Kicks a Girl Out of His Store

Flip Flop Wearing Vandal

FHRITP Troll of the Day

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Coffee Table and Other Videos of the Day

Asian Driver of the Day

Golden Retriever Fail

Man Who Wants to Be Shot

Extreme Rock Paper Scissors

Drunken Burglar

Wedding Celebration Crash

Ghost Ride the Whip

Husband Catches his Wife Cheating

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Strippers Congratulate the Bushwackers of the Day


I never watched wrestling. Even as a young kid, I was more into playing with Barbies, washing their hair and telling them they were pretty girls, ass I rubbed their pussy mound and nippleless tits, as people around me would call me a little faggot, when really I was just practicing ripping off panties for when I was older..

I just thought dudes on dudes, especially coupled with bad acting was homoerotic and beneath me. I preferred my boners to come from inanimate objects..

But I do remember the Bushwackers, and apparently they were inducted into the Wrestling Hall of Fame, and in keeping things as classy as Wrestling, you know the lowest form of sport, loved by immigrants and white supremicists in their trailer parks alike…Rick’s Cabaret, a publicly traded strip club I would buy shares in just because investing in a strip club is funny to me, threw them a party…

Here are some of the pics…also funny to me…

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Woman Naked on the Bus and Other Videos of the Day

PETCO Employee Fired….

Cat Goes Running in the Washing Machine

It’s Raining Men!

Ram Attakcs Old Man on TV

Man VS Neighbor

Can’t Beat the Real Thing…

New York Subway Party

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Topless Protesters Against Zuckerberg and Other Videos of the Day

Girl in her Underwear Hanging Out of the Window of her Apartment that is on Fire

Store Clerk VS Robber

SOmeone Doesn’t Like How This guy is Talking to his Moms

Gas Station RObbery

Racist in a Pick-Up Truck

Surfing Yemeni Style

Woman Kicks the Fuck Out of Her Dog

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Naked Micaela Schaefer…and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man Escaping Buckingham Palace Hoax

Racist Kids….

Racist Neighbor in Florida

Drunk Thai Man

LA Cops Kill an Unarmed Homeless Man….

Sky Diver has a Seizure as a Publicity Stunt…

Ice Bucket Challenge that Ends in Pit Bull Attack…

Ritual of the Day

Insane Accident in China…Brother Drops Fire Cracker in Manhole…it Explosdes….Sister Falls in Manhole…and dies…

Bro Fight in Orlando…

Dude Kicks Girl for Fun…

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Topless Protestors and Other Videos of the Day

MOntreal Hockey Fan of the Day

Robber Squirts Lighter Fluid on Clerk…

Hero Almost Gets Shot in Brazil

Cop Kill Homeless Dud

Bitch Slapped By a Scarecrow

Dude Gets Robbed While Texting and Walking

Tuck VS Crowd of People

Drunk Driver of the Day

Drunk on a Motorcycle

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Pregnant Sword Swallower and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Party Girl

Shopkeeper Not Scared of Thieves with Guns

Customer Wants Refund After Seeing Mouse in Burger King

Slap of the DAy

African Truck of the DAy

Drunk Sisters Fighting..

Not So Handicapped – Handicapped Parker of the Day

Double Knock Out

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Hobo VS Bull Terrier and Other Videos of the Day

Will Smith Does Fresh Prince Theme Song on Ellen

Woman VS Gas Station

Person Ejected from Car in Ohio

Woman Almost Gets Slammed By Train

Topless Protestors Cuz We Like Tits with a Cause

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