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Cop Beats a Guy For Harrassing a Dying Seal and Other Videos of the Day

Holy Fuck – These Assholes Steal Dogs and Sell Them to Restaurants in China – I hope they Die

Wing Suit Fly By Insanity

Machete Attack – Wtf.

One Dude Attacked by a Mob

Saved Life of the Day

Just Eating a Donkey Head

Funny Thief of the Day

Jamaican Car Fire…

San Diego is Wet – That Mexican WHore

The Driver who Drives Off the Side of the Mountain

Dude Got Shot for Carrying a Car Jack…

Mugger Breaks Cellphone he Tried to Steal and Gives it Back

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Girl With Fish Stuck in her Leg Porn and Other Videos of the Day

Dildo Retrieved from Body

Skinhead Gets an Exta 60 Days for Calling Judge a Nigger

Tommy Lee’s Hepatitis is More Fun than his Drum Roller Coster

Vegas Cop Kills a 23 Year Old – for Carrying a Cell Phone

This is Fucked – 3 Year Old Gets Left in Parking Lot after her Mom’s Car was Stolen hours Earlier – with her inside – What the Fuck…

The New Years Nodder

Bed Bugs in an NYC Hotel…SEXY

Naked And Drugged German

Wife Catches Husband and Mistress

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TWo Disturbing New Years Eve Broadcast Videos of the Day

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.42.50 PM

Katy Griffin, as Anderson Cooper says, may have a bit of a “rockin’ bod”…while the other dude said “nice rack”…all on CNN’s coverage of the New Year, because they are a NEWS channel…that provide NEWS….

But in reality, she’s a plastic surgery mess, probably in her 50s, even 60s, who has been offending everyone the last 2 decades….and I guess it’s only natural for her to continue that…walking around on CNN in a bra…it’s absurd…

Here’s another video of a Host Licking His Co-Host on NEw Years because it is the year of the dog…


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Victoria’s Secret Fat Chick Brawl and Other Videos of the Day

Couple Has Sex in the Park….

Teen Thugs Attack Mailman in Baton Rouge

Snow From Building Buries Pedestrian

Pizza Hut Employees get High On Work and Film it – SMART MINIMUM WAGE WORKERS!!

Football Fan Catches on Fire

Chinese Cops – Knock Out a Lady

Turkeys Knocking on Window

Weird Fight of the Day

Man and His Camel Pee

Concert Brawl

Two People – High as Fuck

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Carnival Cruise Holiday Dreams of the Day

Nothing like a Cruise Ship vacation to have a hellish outcome, considering everything about a Cruise Ship vacation, even if you’re the kind of person who thinks it is as good as life gets, you’re stuck on a trashy boat, with trashy people, doing trashy things, seeing the trashiest docking areas of places that aren’t all trashy….all while being unhygenic, full of disease and diarrhea, while being held fucking captive, all claustrophobic, and in this case covered in fucking blood from a worker crushed by the elevator…I hope this couple get their 150 dollar casino voucher to make it all ok…

Well this couple got

If you don’t like that – here’s a mom realizing her daughter is not taking her first shot…

Here’s the singing Church man in the Philipines singing on his hoverboard…

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Woman Attacks Man With Frozen Chicken and Other Videos of the Day

Girl and her Penis Cake

Teens With Weapons on the Attack

Escaping Death…

Police in Spain Throw Woman in Wheelchair

Beer Fetching Drone!

Rescue Fal on CNN

100 Dead Pigs….

Worm in the Eye

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Naked Bus Ride in Brazil and Other Videos of the Day

Racist Dude in Cleveland….

Prison Escape in Brazil

Dude Assaults Girl on her Donkey

Drunk Man in front of Lobster Restaurant with Two Knives

Woman Beats Pervert

Self Harming Shiites – Will Make YOu Throw the Fuck Up

Disturbing Video of a Woman Beat after Caught With Sleeping with ANother Woman’s Husband

Naked Guy Locked Out of Hotel Room

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Woman Walking Around New York with Tits Out And Other Videos of the Day

Masturbating on the Bike

Girl Throws Hot Pot at the Restaurant

Man Washing Veg in the Sewer

Weird Way to Make Dog Run

Penis Worms to Throw Up To

Homeless Man of the Day

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KILL THIS PUG THROWING WOMAN and Other Videos of the Day

During a heated argument with her boyfriend, a woman named Brandi Chin, throws her pug named Ben and it’s not the first time she’s done it…..which as a pug lover means, that’s grounds for hunting her down and murdering her in the most violent and painful drawn out way….including but not limited pulling out each of her teeth and making her perform mouth sex on sharp objects….I fucking love pugs, and anyone who hurts one must die. I am the pug avenger.

Pregnant Fight at Chevron

Shark Leaps out of Water

Drunk Trashy Women at a Taco Shop in Texas

Woman Threatens a Man on the Train with a Chisel…

Fat Woman Slaps a Guy on the Bus

Angry Man on the Bus

Man Tries Catching a Woman from the 11th Floor Jump…

Canadian Parking Spot Brawl

Terrible Sex on the Roof of a Building

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Is White Christmas Not PC Enough for College Campus and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Students Celebrate Christas Running Through Library

Santa Financing Gifts With this KFC Christmas Robbery

Nothing Says Xmas Like a Man High on Flakka Tased and Maced

Christmas FIJI Island Tourist Helicopter Crash

Porch Pirating is the Art of Stealing Packages on the Porches of Strangers

Chasing Evil Spirits on Christmas

Christmas Tree Man in Tokyo

In China Bride and Groom Fuck for the First Time in a Room of Spectators..

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Naked Woman Sprawled Out In Front of Store and Other Videos of the Day

Some Texas Girl Shoots Some “Throwing Shade”…Hate Video for her Rival – Including Her Naked Body…

Guy Catches a Woman Taking a Shit

Racist Guy at a Fast Food Restaurant in Australia…

Life Fucking Happened….for this Scooter Taken Out by a Coal Truck…Lucky Woman..

Santa’s Helper’s Great Round Ass

Stupid Skater Skates into a Car

Chinese Wife Fights Mistress

Indian Kid Tries Jumping from Building to Building and Dies

Crazy Cow Jumping Roof to Roof

Drone Almost Kills Skier

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Some Santa in Philly Exposing her Ass and Other Videos of the Day

Man Beats On Girl for Getting Period on the Floor

Miss World NZ does a War Dance

Space X Success….

13 Year Olds in Stolen Car – Try To Escape and Fail

Fireman on Fire Fails…

Mom Dog Saves her 4 Pups in a Flood in India

Pretty Shitty Accident

Chinese Cultural Police Patrol Street to Prevent Corrupt Capitalistic Culture from Polluting China – Like Sex in a Van

Guy Keeps Girl a Bitch on the Train

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Creeper Touches Woman’s Breast on Bus and Other Videos of the Day

Jealous Girl Pushes Hot Asian Dancers

Santa Parachute Fail

Solid Car Security System

Hero Saves a Kid’s Life

Accident on Live News

Man Gets Beat for his iPHone

Cop Shoots a Woman in Front of her Kid – While Trying to SHoot her Dog

Old Man Beating on a Woman

Guy Gets Beat at the Pool for Punching a Pregnant Woman

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FYI – Trump Owns 100% of Miss Universe Even if he Sold it of the Day

Everyone says Trump sold Miss Universe, but even if he did, his name is so engrained in Miss Universe that he is still Miss Universe and if you don’t believe me – just look at his hair…

That said, I am amazed people still have cable, I am amazed those who have cable watch miss universe, seriously, How is Miss Universe a thing… I just assumed Miss Universe didn’t exist anymore and all the cheesy bitches with their stupid poses turned pageants into instagram modeling…..

I am amazed those who watch miss universe don’t know the runner up is always named first….I am amazed people care even if the wrong person is named…

Who watches these cheesy Sofia Vergara looking bitches with too much make-up and tacky dresses, looking like they are going to shitty prom, while doing silly bikini wearing walks and poses that make me want to punch a bitch in the face, but remember she’s probably paid for by drug Cartels…I’m talking to you Colombia…

What i am most amazed by is that you all forget Trump owns miss universe, 100 percent of miss universe, it was dropped by NBC in September, and he is using steve Harvey as a “Watch miss universe go viral.”

To believe this was a fuck up, to share it and laugh about it is to support and talk about Trump and his ventures….not that I care if you support Trump or not, he’s hilarious…

Just don’t believe the Internet or tv…every fame whore fighting for attention…some fame whores for presidency…naming the wrong winner is such an easy play…make the black guy do your dirty work.

Trump is miss universe…even if he says he isn’t…and if Trump is involved you know it’s a sensationalized way to get in the media…and people buy into it…MEANING…if you’re this easy to manipulate

I guess I am missing the point, and that is seeing girls who think they are hot, get that torn out of their hands, or in this case off their heads…and it’s so good…I am just sad it didn’t start a riot…from the Colombian camp….they’re a passionate people….

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Naked Couple Hanging Out of Building and Other Videos of the Day

Christmas Shopper of the Day

Cop Punching a Student

Fuck Everything in That Direction…is the name of this video

Motorcycle Through Front Door

100 MPH Apple to the Face

This will Depress You…Happened in Argentina…

Delorean Hovercraft…

Thug in Philly….Can’t Hit Shit When Shooting…

Dog VS Robber

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