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Scooter Rider’s Short Skirt in the Wind and Other Videos of the Day

Kids Film Their Mom Getting Fucked

Man Throws a Truck Load of Watermelons Outside Courthouse

Metal Work of the Day

Asian Woman Driver of the DAy

Naked Sasquatch Behind Walmart

Woman Steals Pizza Delivery Truck

Man Shoots Girlfriend, Uses Her Body as Shield from Cops

Mom Shoots Heroin In Front of her Kid

Man VS Panhandler

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Butterfly TAttoo can Fly and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Pulls Hair from Performer

Just a Horse Running a Bike Race

Commuters Push Train off Trapped Passengers

Cops Beating a Homie

News People Have Moment of Silence for a Cat

Cop Saves Suicidal Girl

Zombie in Germany

Mother Strips Down when Beating her Son….Or Something Asian

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Lady Rubs Pussy with Cash BEfore Giving it to Bus Driver and Other Videos of the Day

I’ve seen this one before – Girls Loses Bathing Suit on Bull

News Reporter Forgets Lines

When Losers ATtack

Out of Control Equipment

Making Cheese Out of Breast Milk

Bike VS Car

Drunk Bike…

The Woman and her 3D Printed Vagina Canoe

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Sex in the Ocean and Other videos of the Day

Booty on Fire…

Naked Guy Riding a Scooter

Lice on the Train

Crazy Woman on a Motorcycle

Perv on the Train

Journalist Gets Punched on Live TV

Dancing Woman of the Day

Man Gets Attacked by Teens on the Train

Proposal Gone Wrong

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Man Shits On Bus and Other Videos of the Day

Trashy Chicks Kicked Off a PLane

Opening a Beer the Dumbest Way

Perv Ass Grabber

Better Perv on the Train

Dumb Street Performer

Suicide of the Day

Naked Rapist Caught in Bathroom

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Car Sex Busted by Moral Police and Other Videos of the Day

TRUMP Ignores Disabled Boy..>The DEVIL

Guest KOed at the Florida Valet

Woman Pepper Sprays Teen on Subway

A Couple of Guys Flogging Each Other

PERV on the BUS

Car Diving Olympics

Croc EATS Shark

Guy Tased While Restraimed by Strapped into Chair by Cops

Guy Harassing Woman Gets Smacked

Drunk Bike Rider

Zombie MODE….

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UBER Driver Gets Head While Passenger Films And Other Videos of the Day

Girls Stuck on Waterslide get Slammed

Woman Avoiding Getting Sprayed by Water Jet – Gets Hit By Car

Police Shoot Thief Running Out of the Store

Poor Puppy Gets Saved Struggling in the Water

Michael Wenzel Filmed Himself Killing a Shark TOwing it Behind His Boat….Let’s Hope He Gets Charged and Killed….

Husband Kills Cheating Wife

Proposal Fail – He Dropped the Ring Down the Waterfall

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Couple Have Sex on the Bridge and Other Videos of the Day

Topless Women for Free Abortions

Topless on the Motorbike

Crazy Target Practice

Girl Launched by Car

Apparently – this Woman GOt Stuck to a Dog While Fucking It

Drunk Drivers Snapchat their Death….

Carnival Ride Fail of the Day

Bus Driver Fighting Dude

Dancing Granny

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Just a Woman Breast Feeding a Dog and Other Videos of the Day

Drunk Guy of the Day

Dad Abandons Baby in a Parking Lot

Dude Getting Covered in Cinnamon Catches on Fire

Kid Gets Taken Out by a Bottle

Dude Chooses a Weird Place to Pee

Man Performs Citizen Arrest

Failed Criminal of the Day

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Couple in the Phone Booth and Other Videos of the Day

McDonalds Stabbing

A Girl and Her Cake

ZIp Line Fail

Dude Punches Woman in the Face

Cop tackle Flower Lady

Naked Beer thief

The Dude Who Cut His Own Penis Off..

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Woman Masturbates in the Middle of the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Couple Caught Fucking

Girl Bumps Tits into Bar Assassin

Flies on a Homeless Man’s Ass…

Civilian Takes Down an Armed Robber

Worker Spills Gas….5 Minutes Later Accidentally Burns Down Car Dealership

Cops VS Flower Vendor

Public Jerker of the Day

Man Dances with Sex Doll at the Beach

Cow Licks Reporters Tits

Walmart Shopper Steals the Scooter

Weird Attempted Robbery at McDonalds

Car Drops….Off Lift….Onto Workers…

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Shits on Scooter To Avoid Confiscation and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Man on the Streets

Unskirt Filmer

Insane Accident of the Day

Criminal Gets Caught Fast

5 Teens Watch a Dude Drown…

Dude of the Day – Drinking and Driving on Clearwater Beach on FB live

Asshole Dog Tea Bag

Tree VS Girls

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Pussy Beer Opener… and Other Videos of the Day

Fatt Ass Bitch Takes Out Abuser in Store

Dude Stabs Girl Randomly

Tattoed Guy Kidnaps a Girl

Smash and Grab Robbery Fail

Naked Weirdo – One SOck

Woman Stripped TOpless

Asians Find Pocket Pussy – Think It’s a Mushroom – LEGENDARY

Naked WOman Sawed off Her Genitals

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Jerk on the Beach and Other Videos of the Day

Asian Guy with all the Tricks

Dude at Comicon – Arrested with Loaded Guns – After Threatening to Kill Power Rangers Star – NERD ALERT

CRAZY Motorcycle Accident

Dog Gets Penis Stuck in a Duck

Small Bear vs House

Couple Use Baby To Rob Old Man

Exorcism Gone Wrong

Goat Breaks Into Office

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Pervert on Woman’s Ass with Elbow and Other Videos of the Day

Nicely Timed Armed Robbery

Healthy Man of the Day

Wedding Guest Shoots Little Girl By Accident

Bobcat VS Man and Dog in a Residential Area

Big Rig Driver of the Day

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