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Naked and Angry and Other Videos of the Day

Dude Yells at Mom for Leaving Baby in Car

Commentator Loses It…

Dude VS Cement Truck…

Woman on Hood of Car – Flips


NAKED man Mail Eater

Weird Trailer Flip…

Sofa Transport

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Crackhead Walk and Other Videos of the Day

Crackhead Freaked Out at Popeyes

Your Dog Bit My Nuts

Woman VS Thief with Gun…

Woman Jumps in Underwear or Naked From Fire…

French Rugby Brawl

Gymnastic Coach Does Weird Save

Dude Escapes a Crazy Crash

Street Brawl

Two Old Men Whacking Each Other With Brooms

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11 am in Minneapolis and Other Videos of the Day

Little Kids in Brazil Kill a Store Clerk…

70 Year Old Gets Suckerpunched by Kids..

Turkish Psychologist at the Mall…

Chinese Couple Caught Cheating of the Day

Cha Cha the Chimp Video Upsets Me…

India TV Interview Win…

Interesting Final Destination Accident in India

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Men Eat Grapes of Co-Worker Tits in Asia and Other Videos of the Day

Good Morning Guatemala

Woman Fights Back During Robbery – LOSES

Chinese License Plate Change Technology

Kayaker – Meets Shark

Stupid on the Highway

Happy Woman’s Day

Breast Feeding Video of the Day

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Drunk Woman Strips in Store and Other Videos of the Day

Woman with No Underwear on In Intersection

Girl with Headphones On – Doesn’t Look Both Ways Behind Crossing the Tracks

Guy Accused of Touching a Girl on the Bus….Unleashes Pepper Spray

Shooting Range Fail…

Woman Hit with a Skateboard on Public Transit

Just a Man Catching Himself on Fire

Fucking with Mormons

Couple not Phased by Arm Robbery in a Bar

Dude in White Shirt Stabs a Guy who Was Mad He Peed on His Lawn

Little Kid Defending His Family from Inspectors…

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Upskirt Filming Pervert and Other Videos of the Day

Weird Fight Video of the Day

Thugs Tied Up and Forced to Run Down Street Naked

Old Dude and His Best Friend Dog

Dude Pours Boiling Water on Co-Worker

Brother Convinces Sister of Zombie Apocalypse

Road Rage in China Karma

Cat Gets Stuck in a Lamp…during a Girl’s Hair Tutorial Video…

Man and in a Bra…

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Naked Drunk Woman Wants Sex from Foreigner and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Shoots her Kids’ Cellphone – Due to Social Media being the Devil’s Work – When the Real Devil’s Work is that this Woman Reproduced

Man Breaks Into Burger Joint – makes a Burger

Cops VS Crazy Naked Man

Naked Man Gets Tased

Man Keeps Eating Subway Sandwich During Armed Robbery

Kid Knocks Himself Out with a Suplex

Little Boy Cause Truck to Roll

Woman Steals from Funeral Home…

Topless Woman Pretending to be Hit By Car

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Bottomless Woman Gets a Beatdown for being a Harlot and Other Videos of the Day

Crackhead Dick Suck

Turkish Building Collapse

Horse Falls into a Well

Lucky Guy

Weird Truck Driving…

Woman with AX Gets Shot

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Sex and at the Airport and Other Videos of the Day

Snake in Vagina Witchcraft…

Kid Gets Slammed on a Ride

Rat in McDonalds…Thailand..

12 Year Old Slammed by a Cop…

Angry Starbucks Girl….

Shark VS Jet Ski

The King of Smoking

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Sex Toy of the Day and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Driver Tries To Ram Motorcycle

Rich Woman at the Male Strip Club

Lynching of the Day

Wall of China Of the Day

Neck Kick Knock Out

Police Shooting from Body Cam of the Day

Police Chase in Detroit

Cop at Walmart

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Old Man Shoots Neighbor for Feeding Stray Cats in Florida and Other Videos of the Day


Foul Mouthed Parott

Bus Loses Brakes…

Thugs Take Security Man’s Vest, Then Shoot His Neck

Police Old Lady Takedown

Crazy Man in Toronto Stabbing Random People…

Dog VS Dwarf….

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Old Man Jerking Off…and Other Videos of the Day

Creepy Scarjo Sex Robot..

Naked Protesting Pharma Industry

California Highway Patrol Chihuahua Chase…

Don’t Gather Around a Fuel Truck After it Flips…

Husband Drops Wife..

Vegas Brawl

Don’t Fuck with a Bull

Fight at the 9.99 Chinese Buffet for a Dine and Dash….

Two Nerds Brawl at the Golf Course

Pressure Washing Video…

MMA Dude VS 3 Guys Who Try to Take Him Out

Scared Paratrooper (Volume Warning)

Small Kids – Armed Robbers

Fucked Up Accident of the Day

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Junkie in the Middle of the Street – Shows his Balls and Other Videos of the Day


Crazy Liberal…

Cop Plays Ho

Shoplifter of the DAy

Man Hole Cover Suicide

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Boy VS Soda Can…and Other Videos of the Day

Weird Footage of a Nursing School Blowjob in China

Man Hosing Out the Inside of His Van – Sketchy

Woman Shoots ATM – Vaccuums it Up

Moped Crash

Cop VS Handcuffed Man

Redneck Heated Pool

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Reporter Michele Fields Gets Assaulted by Trump’s Team of the Day

I don’t really cover news, even though I should, because it’s far easier to make fun of than just another girl in the same photoshoot, over and over again, to the point where they are all the fucking same photoshoot…with the same boring girl who is good to look at but has no personality…

Throw in some action with the tits, where Trump’s Campaign manager ASSAULTED her as she was getting up in TRUMP’s face and grabbing at him…

So the Michelle Fields goes and presses charges like a fucking baby, who needs to spend time doing some war correspondence because if you get in the way, you’re gonna get pushed…

I am not defending TRUMP or the comedy that is TRUMP getting this far, which is just a testament of where America is right now, thank’s to the lack of free education, in a system designed to keep the poor man poor, and make the rich man rich.

I read a quote the other day that “the richest man has likely never contributed to the poorest and hungriest man in America, but I can assure you that the poorest and hungriest man in America has contributed to the richest man”…it’s a little fucking backwards…

Here’s her bruises:

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 11.58.57 AM

I saw some hip bitch with way more bruises on her arms the other day in the coffee shop, but those were from sex and bitch wasn’t complaining about them, instead showing them off so we knew she liked to fuck..

I guess what it all comes dow to…is tits, and that Michelle Fields who clearly likes to draw attention to herself with her tits…is using this to become household.

We call it “the Erin Andrews”…

OMG am I victim blaming? I just think girls complain a lot about equality, but at the same time complain a lot about sexual assault and harassment. I’ve never accused a girl of raping me while I was drunk, even the ugly ones I know I couldn’t be accountable for…


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