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Girl Fights Another Girl Holding a baby….and Other Videos of the Day

Deaf Man Gets Kicked in the HEad on Train

The Most Terrifying Nails Ever

Business Owner Outsmarts Robbers…and Locks the Idiots Out

Police Kill on TV

The Fake Drone VS Plane Video

Tire Iron Fight…

Biker VS Car…

Prank of the Day

Drunk Naked Woman VS Police

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Girl Stripped for Sleeping with Another Woman’s Man and Other Videos of the Day

The Cat Who Hitched a Ride

Model Eats 10 Filet O Fish Burgers….

Fox & Friends Axe a Man…

Porn Movie Shown on Big Screen…in Public…

Tom Hanks VS Autistic Fan

Prosthetic Leg on a Flamingo

Police VS Man with a Knife

Two Old Men Fight…

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Drunk Guy Jumps on a Moose from a Boat….and Other Videos of the Day

The Worst Homeless Person Spreading her Ass…

Man Takes a Shit at the Slot Machine…

NYPD Gets Hit During Arrest…and This Is Why People Get Shot…

Don’t Take the Escalator

Circus Fail…

Getting Run the FUck Over and Living of the Day

6 People VS 1 Shoplifter

Smurfette is a Street Hooker

White Guy Killed By Cop of the Day

Cops Shot Another Non-Black Guy in Los Feliz as Homo ASpiring Actors Watch Brains…

Stunt Pilot Erotica Because She’s a Woman….and Women Doing anything is Erotica

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Police VS Naked Man…and Other Videos of the Day

Woman Gets Arrested – People React

Mugging of the DAy

Eagle Likes Being Petted…

Mexican Cop Fail…

Emu in a Kids Pool..

Plane on Fire

80 Year Old Two Wheel Scooter Rider

Muslim Man VS Bikini Chick…

SUV Rolls and Drives….

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Motorcycle Sex and Other Videos of the Day

Cop Kills 17 Year Old White Kid for No Reason – Riot Now

Man Robbing Store Fail

Scooter Driver of the Day

Brazilian Police Shooting Fail

Asshole who Sells Stolen iPHones

34 Baby Sharks….

Show Off of the Day

Dont Hang on Powerlines…

Man Dies at Work…

Truck Driver Trolls Immigrants Who Hitched a Ride with Him

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Dog Masturbating and Other VIdeos of the Day

Chainsaw Wake-Up

Shoplifter Caught Stealing..

Porsche Car Accident

Skytrain Passenger with a Shotgun in Vancouver..

Friends Fighting of the Day

Old Guy Schools Young Kids

Canadian and his Accents

Old Man and His Big Fish

Cops Find Guns

Crane VS Rain

Thugs Rob Old Man

Keep An Eye on the Blue Car Turning

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Model Eats Five Food Subway and Other Videos of the Day

Femen Protesters are Hilarious

Venezuelan News Presenters NAaked for Soccer

Gay Man of the Day

Crane Accident of the Day

High School Fight….Guy VS Girl

Police Cadet Blows Up

Free Nipple – Iceland

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Girls On Scooby Snacks and Other Videos of the Day

Naked Bike Ride…Toronto

Girl Peeing on a Bus…

Subway – Eat Fresh – Crazy Fight

Bush Punishment

Road Rage of the Day

Woman VS Man Who Tried to Stab Her

Man Smuggles Things into Prison Live on TV

Cop Shoot a Guy Attacking Him With a Flag Pole

Shoplifter Slapped By Store Owner…

Female Clerk VS Shoplifters…

Street Fight of the Day

Shit in a Sink of the Day

Weird Dude Slicing a Woman’s Throat…What?

Crazy Neighbor

5 Seconds of Summer Catches on Fire.

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Lebron’s Penis on TV and Other Videos of the Day

Loitering Man of Wal Mart

Crazy Weather Man in Clevland

WHite Trash Face Plant

ATM Thiefs of the Day

Austrian Sychronized Swimmers Do Everying Synchronized

Shitty scooter ride

Drunk Groom Dance…

Weed Shop Raid

Off Duty Cop Kills Robber in Front of His Daughter

Cops Shut Down Lemonade Stand

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Romantic Couple on the Streets of Madrid and Other Videos of the Day

Arabs Do Cars Better Than You

NRL Player Ben Ross – Breaks ARm Arm Wrestling on TV

Crossing the Street Badly

Pedestrian of the Day

Stump VS Car

Eye Witness of the Day

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Fat Woman VS Convenience Store and Other Videos of the Day

Clearwater Florida Chick Fight – I Wonder If They Went to the Dali Museum First

Classy Things Going Down Down South…

Girl Vendor Gets Beat

Truck VS Bridge

Naked man Fight

Couple Have Sex in a Restaurant

Hollywood Movie or RUssia

Road Bikers are Such Faggots

Ass Implant of the Day

Liquor Store Theif Gets Beat

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White Trash Walmart Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Mexican Hating Black WOman

Smoker of the Day

Lunatic in a Traffic Stop…

Deputy VS Drunk

Pitbull VS Cat in NYc

Naked Prophet Getting Beat on

Old Guy VS Drunk

Couple Sex Interrupted

Nudist Volleyball

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Cops VS Dallas Pool Party Black People Went To and Other Videos of the Day

Texas Gas Station Fight

Brazilian Spiderman Robber Fail of His Life

Man VS Motorcycle

Police Snatch Phone – Spray Dude

Little Kid Taken Away in a Bouncy Castle

Police Smash Car to Get Driver Out

Chinese Elevator Death of the Day

Sometimes It is Better to Lose the Shoe

Woman Gives Birth in Toilet…

Old Man VS Punk

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CHinese Wife Strips Husband’s Girlfriend in the Street and Other Videos of the Day

Pile of Worms Found in Texas…Possibly in Jessica Simpson’s Asshole

Truck Fail…

Cop KIll a White Guy Who Didn’t Put His Hands Up Because His Headphones were In….Where are the Riots?

Cops Drag Car Jacker Out of Wreckage

Swedish TV Host Went Live TO Air Without Knowing

Gas Station Fail

Mystery Creature in Taiwan

How To Fix your Car

Drunk Dude VS Street Sweeper

Parked Car Blows the Fuck Up

Redneck Lessons in How to be a Good Wife

Another Chinese Wife VS Girlfriend Strip

Bull Ride to Shit Music

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Horse Back Rider and Other Videos of the Day

Terrifying Video of a 16 Year Old Getting Stabbed by a Homeless dude in Target

Fight on the Subway

Drunk Guy VS Drone

Card Trick of the Day….

Drunk Pants Fire

Cop Shoots Robber

Father Shoots Armed Robber…

1989 High School Year Book Video…

Baby Coon and Deer are BFFs

Pigeon – Leaves Egg – in Frying Pan – Seems Fake….

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