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Livestreamer Burns Down His House and Other Videos of the Day

Ticking Irish Beard

Motorcycle VS Hummer in Vegas…

Just a Man at he Bus Station in Korea

Clerk VS Thief…

Cops Remove Tattoo..

American Airlines Pilot Dies Mid-Flight

Good Old Fashion Burglar Through Roof

Person Being Smuggled…

Backyard Boxing…

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Girl Masturbating on the Beach and Other Videos of the Day

Don’t be a Hillbilly Shamer

Body Shamer Gets it Of the Day

Woman Kids Thief in the Face

Guy Turns into a Pussy

Boyfriend Hires GOONs to Hack his GF

Street Fight of the Day

Cops Bunch a SO Cal Girl

Rumble at the Derby…

Spaghetti Loving Rat


Asleep in the Hood

Black VS McDonalds Workers

New York Noise…

Chimp VS Beer

Woman and her Pussy Smell

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Dude Takes Free Soda Day Seriously and Other Videos of the Day

Two Girls Go At It on the Train

Classy Girl VS Guy Fight

Couple Fucking With No Curtains

Stripper Fight…

Scooter Driver VS Car

The Sexual Predator Needs to be Caught

Shopkeeper Beat By Young People in Los Angeles…Because He Carded Them…

Stripper is High as Fuck…in 2007

Disturbing Video of the Day

Fox Hunter…Mimics Sex With Goose…

The Skip Rope Puppy!

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Bum Fight and Other Videos of the Day

Parents of the Day

Leopard’s Head Stuck in a Pot

Just a Dude in the Subway…

Cops Tase 9 at the Party…

People at the bus stop get plowed…

Jew Tries to Save a Parking Spot

Cop Doesn’t Want Dude to Film

Cops Kill Dogs…Always Makes me Sad

Dude Records his Motorcycle Accident

Baby Rescued from Sewer

Naked Guy Trying to Steal Cars..

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Dude Freaking Out and Stripping and Other Videos of the Day

Chubby College Girl Balancing Act People Freak Out Over Cuz They Are Basic…

Laundromat Brawl

Interesting Driver of the Day

Cops VS People THrowing Contraband into Prison

This Beheading of a Man’s Wife Actually Happened..

Seattle Police Shooting…

Cops Pull Woman Over for Weed…She Refuses to Comply…Because Cops are Racist…and Pulled Her Over Cuz She’s Black…and/or Because she had 2 bags of marijuana, 3 scales, waterbong and a Loaded gun….

Teen Wins at Life

Road Rage Knock Out

Idiot Slams His Head

Circus Fail

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NYC Booty Queen and Other Videos of the Day

Crazy Girl VS Car

Mother Visits Son in Jail…

Package Thief Gets Fucked

Girl Loses Bet and Runs Around Baseball Diamond Naked

Crackhead Spiritual Experience..

Shitty Day at the Gas Station

Maldives President’s Boat Blast

People are Loving Ronnie Pickering…

The most terrifying and Disgusting Video Ever

Psycho Black Guy Throws a White Guy’s Dog…in Today’s RACE War….

Crackhead Selling Used Condom…

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Highland Park Naked Walking Naked of the Day

Here’s a woman walking naked in Highland Park Michigan, because she’s just a naturist on an evening stroll…because she finds it liberating…that fucking Hippie…

Or maybe on drugs, or crazy, or a hooker….

Because Highland Park Michigan may be somewhere with beautiful scenery….expansive wealth and good living in turn of the century mansions…You know tract housing of the 1960s that benefitted by the booming car industry, in what represented suburban mall culture of the 60s …. what the American Dream was built on..where anything was possible…for good strong moral hard working people…

Or maybe… Highland Park is…ghetto as fuck….

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Crackhead Tries to Sell a Used Condom and Other Videos of the Day

Louisiana Pregnant Hood Brawl

Tennessee Family Video…

Blood Covered Vegans…

Cop Uses Taser on Dude Complying

83 Year Old Beat…

Women Fight to Death…With Knife…

Man Set Fire to Spider in Gas Station

Crackhead with a Voice of an Angel…

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Street Sweeper Protects Hooker Fight and Other Videos of the Day

July Footage of a Police Shooting….of a White Man…Let’s Riot…

Woman Bleeding from Her Neck Just Won’t Stop…

Flour Truck Crash

Idiot Drops 20,000 China Dollars…Woman Takes it

The Plane That Landed on a California Street…

Man Runs Over a Couple at the Police Headquarters in China

Jogger Escapes Serious Injury…

Crazy Bus Accident…

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Public Sex Fail and Other Videos of the Day

Motorcycle Accident…WHAT THE FUCK

Truck Break FAIL Slams Baby in Stroller…Everyone Lived…

Meth Head Goes Crazy

Drop Kick of the Day

Dog Runs Up Tree to Grab Frisbee

How To get a Hot Girl’s Car Out of the Way

K-9 Unit VS Cop Shooter at 2:30

Pregnant Dog Gets Saved

Woman Kills Tortoise…Thinking She’s Saving It…

THe Pussy DJ

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Mouse Tormenting Cat and Other Videos of the Day

Delaware Cop Shoots Man in Wheel Chair…He Was Rollin’ Up Fast

The News Used a Nazi Badge of Shame while Talking About Yom Kippur – NEXT LEVEL

Not Road Rage – Road Manners

Kids TRain Surfing…

Bully Beats Up Blind Kid…

Armadillo Fucks a Bitch…

Robbers VS Safe

Naked Hippie and Her Eggs…

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A Solid “Wife Strips Husband’s Girlfriend” and Other Videos of the Day

Basketball VS Drone

How to get a Tween Off Her Phone

I Love Insurance Scams

School Room Brawl

Get Naked in Fight…

Cop VS Student Fight in Classroom

Drunk Driver of the Day

CCTV Road Rage…

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Naked and On Drugs Looking for a Drink…and Other Videos of the Day

Woman With a Nice Ass Goes Crazy in a Grocery Store…

Lightning Strikes…

Woman…Falls off 8th Floor Drinking to Survive Fire…

Bike Theif….

Road Rage Between BMW and AMbulance

Bus Ride…of the Day

Kid Smokes Herbal Weed and Has Seizure

White Guy Vs Black Guy…

Wave of the Day

Raging Refugees is the Name of my Band

Woman Strips to Prove a Point

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Hot Couple Getting Hot and Other Videos of the Day

Raver Dies in Paris….

Apparently Thai Father Dared Son to Shoot Himself in the Head…

This is a Terrifying SUrprise…

Major Accident that Reminds me of my Life

The Man Who Hates Gay Ads….

People with knives fight Business inspectors…

Tain Conductor Vs Man Who Attacked a Woman

Just a Woman VS a Motorcycle

Amusement Park Fail….

Good Old Fashioned Girl Stripped for Sleeping with a Taken Man

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Cute Couple and Their Samurai Sword nd Other Videos of the Day

Old Man Beats on Girl for Not Giving Up Seat on Bus…

Ex Russian Boxer Gets Beat By Russian WOman

Drunk or Stroked Southwest Flight Attendent

Cop VS Schoolyard Brawl… (They are black)

WOman Strips…to Prove a Point…My Kind of Point…Proved

Teen Assaults a Bus Driver (he’s black but don’t tell the social justice warriors)

Off Duty Cop Kills Bandit

Weirdest Way TO Get a Bank Robber

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